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Sienna Grace Atkisson (age 5 1/2 months) 23 Mar 08
Father: Jack Noyer
Mother: Christine Sue Bales

Son: Gage Joseph Atkisson (2002-)
Dau: Sienna Grace Atkisson (2007-)

William Joseph Atkisson (1978-) and Sara Elizabeth Noyer (1982-) live in Eldon, Missouri. They have two children: son Gage Joseph Atkisson born 04 April 2002 at Lake Ozark, Missouri and daughter Sienna Grace Atkisson born 08 October 2007 at Lake Ozark, Missouri. Bill works as a sheet metal installer and Sara is raising the children at home. Bill and Sara plan an October 2008 wedding at Lake Ozark, Missouri.

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Notes Christine Sue (Bales) Noyer - Lake Ozark, Missouri

Family Notes

From: Christine Noyer Sent: March 26, 2008
Subject: William Joseph and Sara Elizabeth (Noyer) Atkisson Family
    i'm guessing Bill and Sara (along with Gage and Sienna) live in Lake
Ozark, Missouri...actual residence is in Eldon, MO
    what is Gage's full name (in particular his middle name) and what is
his birth date?... middle name is Joseph April 4, 2002
    what is William Joseph Atkisson's birthday and what line of work is
he in?...Oct 5, 1978 sheet metal installer
    were both Gage and Sienna born at Lake Ozark?...yes
    if not a stay-at-home mom what work does Sara do?...home now

From: Christine Noyer Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:51 PM
Subject: Fw: new addition to family
Sienna Grace now weighs in at 8# 12oz, has gained 12 oz since birth 10/08/2007.
Sienna is my daughter Sara's newest, Gage's sister.

Sara Elizabeth Noyer DOB 2/2/82