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Frank and Lena Poindexter
(submitted by Rosalie Wertz)
Father: Edward Carter Poindexter
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Oliver
Father: Andrew Jackson Wright Mitchell
Mother: Etta Agnes Gibson

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Dau: Alice Hudson Poindexter (05Aug1912-19Nov2004) (m Albert V Strube)
Son: Hubert Graves Poindexter (23Nov1914-20Jan1981) (m Pauline Robinson)
Son: Karl Garth Poindexter (30Aug1916-02Jan1989) (m Neva Boicourt)
Son: Samuel Marland Poindexter (19Aug1918-?) (m Ruth Helen Frye)
Son: Donald Franklin Poindexter (15Jul1920-11May1981) (m Elnora Boicourt)
Son: Joseph Richard Poindexter (20Apr1927-29May1991) (m Margaret Siebold)

Frank Graves Poindexter (09Jun1887-14Sep1975) married Lena Alma Mitchell (06Aug1893-22May1955) on 26 October 1910 in Montgomery City, Missouri. Frank and Lena lived in Montgomery county. They had one daughter and five sons.

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Notes Edward Carter and Mary Elizabeth (Oliver) Poindexter Family
Cemetery Bethel - 1966, Montgomery County, Missouri

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