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James and Harriet Woodson family
[photo from Otis R Woodson]

James and Harriet Woodson, later years
[photo from Otis R Woodson]
Father: David H Woodson
Mother: Mary Ann Canterberry
Father: Rudy Hendrix
Mother: Cecelia P Reed

Dau: Olivia "Ollie" Woodson (1871-) (m John D Judy, Auxvasse, MO)
Son: William A Woodson (1872-) (m Susan E Paden, Bachelor, MO)
Dau: Mary Viola Woodson (1873-) (m Harp Dudley, El Monte, CA)
Son: James Lewis Woodson (1875-) (m Eva Mumford, Shamrock, MO)
Son: David Rudy Woodson (1877-) (m Lena Gertrude Meador, Bachelor, MO)
Dau: Eunice Woodson (1878-) (m Ernest R Meador, Mexico, MO)
Dau: Cecelia "Celia" Woodson (1881-) (m ? Griffin, El Monte, CA)
Son: Jesse S Woodson (1884-1929) (m Mary Etta Bishop, Shamrock, MO)
Son: John Woodson (1885-) (m Ethel Boswell, CA)
Dau: Nannie "Nina" Woodson (1887-) (m Leslie G Boswell, Moberly, MO)
Dau: Susan "Susie" Woodson (1891-) (m George Miller, Belverdear Garden, CA)
James Sloane Woodson (1849-1935) married Harriet Eveline Hendrix (1849-1919) on 28 April 1870 in Audrain County, Missouri. James was born 28 March 1849 at Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri, but was a resident of northeast Callaway County the greater part of his life. He was a long time member of the Masonic lodge at Shamrock. James and wife Harriet raised six daughters and five sons. Harriet died in 1919 and James died 18 June 1935. They are buried at Augusta Presbyterian Church cemetery southwest of Shamrock.

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Family Notes
 Sex:  M
 Spouse:  Harriet E. HENDRIX
 Marriage:  28 Apr 1870  Audrain, Missouri

From: Bishop, Ken To: 'William F Bishop' Date: Monday, July 02, 2001 12:23 PM Subject: RE: Jesse S Woodson, Hannibal, Missouri, died 29? March 1929 in Fulton, Missouri Yes Jesse S. Woodson was a brother to my great-grandfather. I have often heard my grandmother speak of Uncle Jesse Woodson. FYI, my great-grandfather, James Lewis Woodson, often had his name misspelled as Louis. The name Lewis is another Woodson family name that has been passed down for generations (since the 1600s). The Woodsons were related to the Lewis's in England and both families settled in Jamestown about 1619. The Lewis's and Woodsons married into the families of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and were directly related to Banastre Tarleton. Tarleton also is a family name passed down for generations (as was Jesse). FYI, I have the lineage that shows how my family is related to our most famous Woodson (Jesse Woodson James). I believe that Virginia Payton was Jesse's daughter, and was my grandmother's first cousin. They used to write and call each other all the time. In fact Virginia's mother was a Bishop, and she was kin to my grandfather as well. When I last saw Virginia, she had a plant that has been passed down for many generations of Bishops and she actually even gave me a shoot off of it. I had it for years, but it died while I was on an extended trip. She (Virginia) also has some Bishop family recipes (including the Bishop Cured Ham recipe) that have been passed down for generations. Sounds like we are going to be cousins for sure! Ken L. Bishop
From: Bishop, Ken To: 'William F Bishop' Date: Monday, July 02, 2001 11:24 AM Subject: RE: Jesse S Woodson, Hannibal, Missouri, died 29? March 1929 in Fulton, Missouri I have a huge amount of research into the Woodson family, and I think it includes all the linkages. I actually went to Virginia and visited the plantation where Dr. John Woodson lived in the early 1600s. A friend of mine in Fulton, Don Woodson, is also from the Shadrach Woodson lineage. Also, Ann Royal, of Texas is probably the most aggressive Woodson historian in the country... I haven't emailed her for a while, but we used to communicate often. Ken L. Bishop