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Lena (Bishop) Shulse in 1920s
[photo from Otis R Woodson]

Lena with Violet Mae, 1930s
[photo from Otis R Woodson]
Father: John M Shulse
Mother: Nancy Ann George
Father: Tyra D Jr Bishop
Mother: Nancy K Peery

...William and D M...
Dau: Mary Nancy Shulse (1913-1916)
Dau: Lulu B Shulse (1916-1916)
Dau: Margaret Shulse
Dau: Nellie Shulse
   (m ? Bauman, Hannibal/St Louis, MO)
Dau: Ida Shulse
...William and Lena...
Dau: Violet Mae Shulse (abt1921-?)
   (Hannibal/St Louis, MO; Galveston, TX)
Lena Frances Bishop (1884-1936) was born 29 November 1884 in Shamrock, Callaway, Missouri. Her father, Tyra Jr, moved his family to Hannibal, Missouri, in 1909 (soon after son, Carl, was born and his mother Nannie died within one day) where Tyra was employed in the Burlington RR Shops. Lena grew up in Hannibal and would have attended local schools. At age 35 Lena married William A Shulse (1884-1923) on 7 August 1920 at South Side Christian Church in Hannibal, Missouri. William worked at the Burlington RR Shops as a painter and Lena worked at the White Star Laundry. He caught pneumonia and died on 23 January 1923 and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Hannibal. At the time of William's death there were four daughters, Margaret, Nellie, Ida and Violet Mae. Margaret, Nellie, Ida (and Mary Nancy and Lulu B) were apparently William's daughters from a previous marriage to D M unknown.

Soon after William's death she married his brother, John M Jr Shulse. By 1925 John and Lena with Violet Mae had moved to St Louis, Missouri. Lena died (found beaten on floor in her home - questionable circumstances?) in St Louis on 1 May 1936 and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in St Louis, Missouri. Eventually John M Jr Shulse remarried and along with his new wife and Violet Mae Shulse later moved to Galveston, Texas.

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Obituary William A Shulse, Hannibal, Marion, Missouri, 23 Jan 1923
Obituary Lena Frances (Bishop-Shulse) Shulse, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, 01 May 1936
Obituary Mary Nancy Shulse, Hannibal, Marion, Missouri, 04 Mar 1916
Obituary Nancy Ann (George) Shulse, Hannibal, Marion, Missouri, 24 Nov 1925

Family Notes

Riverside Cemetery, Highway 79 South, Hannibal, Marion, Missouri
Shulse, Dr. Arben    1877 - 1901  buried Bozeman, Montana
  Athaliah           1875 - 1894  buried Jacksonville, Oregon
  Ella J             1872 - 1881  buried Parsons, KS
  Emma Frances       12 Nov 1881 - 04 Sep 1903  d/o John  died Parsons, KS
  Ida M              1872 - 1894  buried Salem, Oregon
  Elder John M       1850 - 1940  [03 Nov 1940]
  Nancy M            1853 - 1925  [23 Nov 1925]
  William A          1884 - 1923  [27 Jan 1923]
  Mary Nancy         12 Jan 1913 - 04 Mar 1916  d/o WA & DM
  Lulu B             19 Jan 1916 - 24 Feb 1916  bronchitis John M. SHULSE Sex: M Marriage(s): Spouse: Nancy Ann GEORGE Marriage: 10 Feb 1870 Marion, Missouri
1900 MO Census Callaway, Shamrock Twp 14,34,11,2 Bishop, Tyre D H May 1852 48 MO Nancy C W Feb 1859 41 MO Lina G D Nov 1883 16 MO Mary E D Feb 1886 14 MO Mattie P D Aug 1894 5 MO
1910 (20Apr) MO Census Marion, Hannibal (704 O'Fallon) 65,109,235 (p164) Bishop, Tyra ? 58 MO [Woodson] Jesse H 26 MO Mary W 26 MO Mannie D 4 MO Bishop, Lena 26 MO Border Mattie 25 MO Border
1920 (13Jan) MO Census Marion, Hannibal (704 O'Fallon) 66,108,14,2 (p446) Woodson, Jessie S H 36 MO Mary E W 33 MO Mannie D 13 MO Virginia D 4 6/12 MO Matalene D 1 8/12 OK Bishop, Lena S/L 36 MO
[Statement of Otis R Woodson, 24 July 2001] Palmyra Court House Marion County Missouri Lena Bishop oldest daughter of Tyra D and Nannie Peery Bishop born Nov 29 1884 married William B Shulse at the South Side Christian Church, Hannibal, Mo. by James Q. Moore on Aug 7, 1920. ----- Otis stated that the last time he had any information about Violet Mae Shulse was years later when his mother Mary Bishop Woodson received a letter from Mrs John Shulse living in Galveston, Texas, asking about the circumstances of Lena Shulse's death in 1936.