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Dau: Linnie Covington (1890-1974) (m Harry Noel)
Dau: Leta Covington (1887-1971) (m1910 Alonzo Bishop)
Dau: Luna Covington (m Walter Hale)
Dau: Lutie Covington (m ? McMurtry)
Dau: Ruth Covington (m Lester Peery)
Dau: Mary Covington (m ? Yaeger)
Son: Forrest Covington

James Pleasant Covington married Lucy Lail. They had six daughters and one son. James and Lucy lived in Shamrock, Callaway, Missouri.

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Obituary Leta (Covington) Bishop, Shamrock, Missouri, 30 Apr 1971

Family Notes

From: Shirley (Bishop) Keller Hkeller5@aol.com  Date: Sunday, March 18, 2001 7:09 PM
Bill - I was just reading through the Shamrock site...  Along with Ethel Lail
Armstrong and Ruth Lavendar Hale, the Covington girls were comtemporaries of
theirs.  They were the daughters of James and Lucy Lail Covington.  They had
6 daughters and 1 son and they owned a great deal of the land around the area.
I have a picture of the 6 of them and it is a great picture - along with their
mother.  They were:
                     l.  Linnie Covington Noelle (sp?)
                     2.  Leta Covington Bishop - Lon Bishop
                     3.  Luna Covington Hale - Walter Hale
                     4.  Lutie Covington MacMurtry
                     5.  Ruth Covington Peery - Lester Peery
                     6.  Mary Covington Yaeger
                     7.  Forrest Covington
Lutie MacMurtry's daughter-in-law sent me the picture when I was looking for
a photo of Lon and Leta for their Bishop page.    Shirley K

From: Shirley (Bishop) Keller Hkeller5@aol.com  Date: Monday, March 19, 2001 7:13 AM
Bill - When I come home I will get information from the two daughters-in-law
that I know are still around Mexico and Wellsville re. the Covington page.
Lon and Leta Bishop had no children.  "Jack" and Mary Bishop had no children.
Of the Covington girls Ruth Peery and Lester had no children.  I don't
believe the Hales (Luna and Walter) had any children and Mary Yaeger had no

http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~schmblss/home/History/PioneerFamilies/Calaway/Families-A-B.htm ARNOLD.-- William Arnold, of Eastern Virginia, married ELIZABETH NOWELL, and they had Robert, William, Pleasant, Polly and Susan. The three latter removed to Tennessee with their parents. Robert and William were both in the war of 1812, and the latter died of measles while in the army. Robert settled in Shelby Co., KY., and was married in 1816 to ELIZABETH MARION, by whom he had William, Nancy and Pleasant. In 1820 he removed to MO., and settled in St. Charles Co., where he was employed two years as overseer for NICHOLAS KOUNTZ. He then removed to Montgomery Co., where he lost his wife in 1823. He soon after married PIERCY HAMLIN, daughter of JOHN HAMLIN AND BERTHA ARNOLD, of Va., and settled in Callaway Co., in 1825. His children by his 2nd wife were George H., Bertha A., John W., Mary E., Robert and Martha C. His eldest son, William, married LOUISA SCHOLL, and died without issue. Pleasant married CAROLINE SCHOLL, and died, leaving a widow and 9 children. He was an excellent man and a good citizen. Nancy married HENRY COVINGTON. George H. married MELISSA JOHNSON, of KY. Bertha A. married BENJAMIN F. COVINGTON. John W. married MARY S. LAIL. Mary E. was married first to JAMES O JOHNSON, of Scotland, and after his death she married JAMES R. COVINGTON. Robert married ELVIRA ALLEN. Martha C. married THOMAS W. HIGGINBOTHAM
http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/IGI/individual_record.asp?recid=101581254&ldsnn=12 James P. COVINGTON Sex: M Marriage(s): Spouse: Missouri C. ALLEN Marriage: 05 Apr 1870 Callaway, Missouri
http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/af/family_group_record.asp?familyid=8519558 Husband's Name Henry COVINGTON (AFN:171N-MW7) Born: 1816 Place: Of, , Montgomery, Missouri Married: 14 Nov 1839 Place: , Calloway, Missouri Father: Mother: Wife's Name Nancy ARNOLD (AFN:171N-MXF) Born: 1819 Place: Of, , Montgomery, Missouri Married: 14 Nov 1839 Place: , Calloway, Missouri Father: Mother: Children M Robert COVINGTON (AFN:171N-MZM) Born: 1841 Place: , Montgomery, Missouri 2. Sex Name M James COVINGTON (AFN:171N-N0S) Born: 1843 Place: , Montgomery, Missouri 3. Sex Name F Syntha COVINGTON (AFN:171N-N11) Born: 1845 Place: , Montgomery, Missouri 4. Sex Name F Susan COVINGTON (AFN:171N-N27) Born: 1847 Place: , Montgomery, Missouri