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  Father: John Peery
Mother: Nancey Martin
Father: George Peery
Mother: Martha Davidson

Son: Andrew Peery (1821-1832)
Son: James Edward Peery (1824-1886)
Dau: Martha J Peery (1825-)
Dau: Nancy K Peery (1827)
Son: George Peery (1828-1897) (m1853 Elizabeth Smith)
Dau: Catherine Peery (1830/1-1923)

Jonathan Peery (1791-1844) married Elizabeth Peery (1794-1842) on 27 July 1820 in Tazewell County, Virginia. In 1840 Jonathan and Elizabeth brought their family to and lived on a farm in the southeast section of Audrain County that was later the village of Martinsburg. Jonathan and Elizabeth are buried in the family Cemetery Peery-Haislip which is southeast of Martinsburg. Their daughter Catherine Peery (married in 1850 to David Yarnell and again in 1868 to James E Peery) is also buried in the cemetery.

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Notes Jonathan and Elizabeth (Peery) Peery Family
Peery Cemetery, Montgomery County, (2 miles East on Rte CC) Wellsville, Missouri
Cemetery Peery-Haislip, Montgomery County, (1 mile east on Hwy 19, then south of) Martinsburg, Missouri
James Peery, Audrain Co, Mo, Pioneer Families of Missouri, 1876, Bryan & Rose
Catharine Peery, Old Pioneers, Martinsburg Historical Sketches, Audrain Co, MO
Peery - Missouri Newspaper Death Index

Family Notes

Husband's Name
 Jonathan PEERY (AFN:G12J-HJ)
 Born:  6 Sep 1791  Place:  , Tazewell, Va
 Died:  20 Sep 1844  Place:  , Montgomery, Mo
 Married:  27 Jul 1820  Place:  , Tazewell, Va
 Father:  John PEERY (AFN:BCD8-NV)
 Mother:  Nancey MARTIN (AFN:BCD8-P2)
Wife's Name
 Elizabeth PEERY (AFN:G12J-60)
 Born:  2 Feb 1794  Place:  Abb's Valley, Tazewell, Va
 Died:  20 Jul 1842  Place:  , Montgomery, Mo
 Married:  27 Jul 1820  Place:  , Tazewell, Va
 Father:  George PEERY (AFN:G12G-N4)
 Mother:  Martha DAVIDSON (AFN:G12H-V9)
1.  Sex  Name
 M  Andrew PEERY (AFN:G12J-JP)
 Born:  27 Aug 1821   Place:  , Tazewell, Va
 Died:  27 May 1832   Place:
2.  Sex  Name
 M  James Edward PEERY (AFN:G12J-KV)
 Born:  10 Feb 1824   Place:  , Tazewell, Va
 Died:  Aug 1886   Place:  Callaway, Missouri
3.  Sex  Name
 F  Martha J. PEERY (AFN:G12J-L2)
 Born:  28 Jul 1825   Place:  , Tazewell, Va
4.  Sex  Name
 M  Nancy K. PEERY (AFN:G12J-M7)
 Born:  5 Jul 1827   Place:  , Tazewell, Va
5.  Sex  Name
 F  Nancy K. PEERY (AFN:QZJV-8C)
 Born:  5 Jul 1827   Place:  , Tazewell, Va
 Died:  1888   Place:
6.  Sex  Name
 M  George PEERY (AFN:G12J-ND)
 Born:  27 Dec 1828   Place:  , Tazewell, Va
 Died:  22 Feb 1897   Place:  , Callaway, Mo
7.  Sex  Name
 F  Catherine PEERY (AFN:G12J-PK)
 Born:  15 Aug 1831   Place:  , Tazewell, Va

IGI Catherine PEERY (AFN: G12J-PK) Sex: F Event(s): Birth: 15 Aug 1831 , Tazewell, Va Parents: Father: Jonathan PEERY (AFN: G12J-HJ) Mother: Elizabeth PEERY (AFN: G12J-60) Marriage(s): Spouse: David YARNALL (AFN: G14B-GQ) Marriage: 5 Jan 1850 Spouse: James Edward PEERY (AFN: 1F08-JR) Marriage: 15 Mar 1868 Audrain, Adrian, Missouri
IGI Jonathan PEERY (AFN: G12J-HJ) Sex: M Event(s): Birth: 6 Sep 1791 , Tazewell, Va Death: 20 Sep 1844 , Montgomery, Mo Parents: Father: John PEERY (AFN: BCD8-NV) Mother: Nancey MARTIN (AFN: BCD8-P2) Marriage(s): Spouse: Elizabeth PEERY (AFN: G12J-60) Marriage: 27 Jul 1820 , Tazewell, Va Spouse: Sarah GIBSON (AFN: QCVW-T7) Marriage: 13 Sep 1843 , , Mo Spouse: Sallie GIBSON (AFN: 229M-B5H) Marriage: 13 Sep 1843 , , Virginia