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John and Kathy Bishop taken June 1996.

Thomas Andrew, James Kenneth and Roy Carnes Bishop taken in 1998 (top LtoR: Jim, Tom, Roy taken 1972) now live in the greater Tumwater, Washington, area.

Father: Melvin Roy Bishop
Mother: Ruby Ann Sims
Father: John Edward Jones
Mother: Dorothy Louise Kubala

...Karen Louise (Loyd) Bishop...
Son: Roy Carnes Bishop (1965-) (m Genice Brown)
Son: Thomas Andrew Bishop (1967-) (m1 Amy unknown,
   m2 Eileen unknown, m3 Kristi Hughes)
Son: James Kenneth Bishop (1970-)

...Alice Mae (Reynolds) Bishop...
Dau: Victoria Anne Bishop (1976-)

Taken in Sept 1993 Victoria Anne 'Tori' Bishop
born in 1976 lives in Sacramento, California.

Left to right, Jamie Michelle Courtney nee Rinehart (born 28 May 1968), Natalie Paige Litchfield nee Morphis (born 8 March 1977), Kari Dawn Sowter nee Rinehart (born 12 June 1969), and William Michael Rinehart (born 25 February 1971). Photo was taken 1 June 1996 on Natalie's wedding day.

John Gilbert Bishop (1944-), born 16 May 1944 in St Louis, Missouri, was married to Karen Louise (Loyd) (1946-) on 6 February 1965 at Ft Sill, Oklahoma. John joined the Air Force in 196? and later switched to the Army retiring after 20 years in the military. John and Karen lived in Wichita Falls, Texas, for a number of years while he was stationed at Shepard Air Force Base. John and Karen had three sons. John married Alice Mae Reynolds (1953-) in October 1975 in St Charles, Missouri, but separated in 1981 and divorced. John and Alice had one daughter. John married Mary Kathleen "Kathy" (Jones) (1949-) on 16 May 1985 in Midwest City, Oklahoma. John and Kathy now live in Mustang, Oklahoma.

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Obituary Kyra Dawn Sowter, Shawnee, Oklahoma, 4 Jun 2008
Notes John G Bishop - father Melvin R Bishop's Family and Military Career, 08 Oct 2000

Family Notes

Kyra lived at home with her mother (Kari), step-father Wesley Don Tison,
step-sister Nicole Dawn (whom Kari is in the process of adopting), and
her brother Tyler.  They moved from Mustang (Canadian County) to Shawnee
(Pottawattomie County) about a year ago, perhaps a little more, and Kari
and Wesley were married last October in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  John G
Bishop (19 Jun 2008)

These are four of my most precious gifts.  Left to right, Jamie Michelle
Courtney nee Rinehart, born May 28, 1968; Natalie Paige Litchfield nee
Morphis, born March 8, 1977; Kari Dawn Sowter nee Rinehart, born June 12,
1969; and William Michael Rinehart, born February 25, 1971.  The photo
was taken June 1, 1996, on Natalie's wedding day.  I'll update this
later.	John G Bishop (7 Oct 2000)

Jamie was married to Floyd Aaron Courtney, ____.  She and Aaron had two
children together -  a son, Lyndon Courtney born Feb 16, 1988, and a
daughter, Maia Che'lynn Courtney, born Mar 20, 1992.  They divorced several
years ago.

Jamie lives with Jose Gerardo Solis they have a son, Marco Antonio Solis,
born Dec 12, 1996.

Kari married David Allen Sowter, born Dec 12, 1969, in 1987.  They had two
children - a daughter, Kyra Dawn Sowter, born Oct 27, 1987, and a son, Tyler
Allen Sowter, born Dec 19, 1988.  They divorced soon after.

Kari's significant other is Leroy Burgert, born Nov 11, 1966.  They've been
together since 1991 and, in addition to Kyra and Tyler, have another son and
daughter, Toni Burgert, born Jul 29, 1985, and Glenn Burgert, born May 19,

Bill married Amy ______, ________, born Jun 22, 1971.  They have three sons,
John Cameron Michael Rinehart, born May 12, 1993; Tanner ___Michael
Rinehart, born April 9, 1991; and Cody ___ Michael Rinehart, born April 19,
1995.  Bill is currently a SFC in the USArmy.

Natalie married Mark Allen Litchfield (born Dec 11, 1975) on June 1, 1996.
They have one son, Hunter Allen Litchfield, born Jan 21, 1999.

Whew, what have I missed....	John G Bishop (8 Oct 2000)

Photo is John and Kathy Bishop, taken June 1996....both of us were, and are
well fed.  Mary Kathleen nee Jones and I were married May 16, 1985, in
Midwest City, Oklahoma.  Mary Kathleen is known by most as Kathy.  She was
born Feb 2, 1949, in El Reno, Oklahoma.  She was the first born of John
Edward Jones, born Jan 27, 1927, and Dorothy Louise Jones nee Kubala, born
Oct 31, 1927.  Both of us had been previously married twice.  I was married
to Karen Louise Loyd, born Jun 25, 1946, on Feb 6, 1965, at Ft Sill, OK.
Karen and I had three children.	John G Bishop (8 Oct 2000)

Attached photo - top l to r, Jim Tom, Roy, taken 1972, methinks.  bottom l
to r, Tom, Jim, Roy, taken 1998.  These are my children born of Karen Louise
Bishop nee Loyd during our marriage.

Roy Carnes Bishop was born Dec 5, 1965, at Sheppard AFB, Texas.  Roy was
married to Genice Brown, born Nov 4, 1965, and they have three sons -  Roy
Carnes Bishop Jr., born January 26, 1991; Christopher Aaron Bishop, born Nov
5, 1992; and Kaylub James Bishop, born Jul 17, 1995.  Roy and Genice

Thomas Andrew Bishop was born Dec 5 (just like his brother), 1967, at Fort
Leavenworth, Kansas.  Tom married Amy in Aug 1987, they divorced.  Tom
married Eileen, date not immediately available, he and Eileen had a son,
Conor Malachi Bishop, on Sep 23, 1993.  They divorced but have what has
proven to be a very cooperative joint custody of Conor.  Tom married Kristi
Hughes, born Mar 26, 1968, on Jul 11, 1998.

James Kenneth Bishop was born Jul 27, 1970, at Fort Lewis, Washington.  Jim
is our special needs child and is remarkable in many ways.  He needs to
march to the tune of his own drummer....don't try to match him in mental
math calculations or country music trivia.

All three of these joys and their prodigy live in the greater Tumwater,
Washington, area.	John G Bishop (9 Oct 2000)

This photo (taken Sept 1993) is Victoria Anne Bishop, born Oct 13, 1976,
at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

I married Alice Mae Reynolds, born March 24, 1953, in October 1975 in St
Charles, Missouri.  We separated in 1981 and divorced.  Tori lived with
Kathy and me until the California Court awarded custody to Alice in 1984.

Tori lives in Sacramento, California, with her significant other,  Philip
Blottie.  Tori and Philip have two children, Aaron Philip Blottie, born June
1, 1996, and Nathan Joseph Blottie, born December 15, 1998.
					John G Bishop (9 Oct 2000)