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"Al" and "Betty" Peters
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Father: Frank Lyle Bishop
Mother: Clara Odessa Anderson

Dau: Susan Peters (1951-) (m1 Jerry Birkey; m2 John Hogan)
Son: Phil Peters (1955-1957)
Dau: Peggy Peters (1983-) (m Richard Sandberg, Fresno, CA)
Son: Edward Peters (1958-)
Son: Paul Peters (1959-)
Son: Matthew W Peters (1967-)

Elizabeth Ruth "Betty" Bishop (1928-1978) was born in Mexico, Missouri, on 24 July 1928. She married Albert Frederick Peters on 13 January 1951 at Ft Dodge, Iowa. They lived in Mason, Iowa. "Betty" is buried at the Catholic Cemetery.

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Family Notes

Sept 1997 [Matt Sandberg]
My mom came to live in Fresno because she likes the coast and city life.
She would have moved to Los Angeles if it wasn't for my dads job. Her
sister Sue Hogan lives in Newport Beach which is 30 miles south of L.A.
my mom is a CRNA at a place called University Medical Center. my dad
does work at Crop Care Inc. He is an agronimest. I don't know a lot
about his job so I'll have him E-mail you. My dad was born in turlock
which is about 100 miles from here. His parents live in a small town
called Twain Heart which is a two hour drive from here.