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Melvin and Ruby
John, Bud, Jim and Ken Bishop, Debbie
Fitzgerald, Linda Phillips Aug 2000
Father: Frank Lyle Bishop
Mother: Clara Odessa Anderson
Father: Robert Rudolph Sims
Mother: Ruth Anna Day

Son: John Gilbert Bishop (1944-)
   (m1 Karen Loyd, m2 Kathy Jones, Mustang, OK)
Son: Bud Bishop (1946-)
   (m Becky ?, Oklahoma City, OK)
Son: James Robert Bishop
   (1947-) (m Rose ?, Edmond, OK)
Son: Kenneth Lyle Bishop
   (1949-) (m1 Lorraine ?, m2 Jeana ?, Columbia, MO)
Dau: Linda Kay Bishop (1954-)
   (m1 Fred Ortiz, m2 David Phillips, Oklahoma City, OK)
Dau: Deborah Sue Bishop (1958-)
   (m Barry Fitzgerald, Lawton, OK)

Melvin Roy Bishop (1923-1964) was married to Ruby Ann (Sims) (1927-2000) in Kansas City, Missouri, on 28 March 1946. Melvin was born in Mexico, Missouri, on 29 July 1923. He went to the Mexico schools joining the Army National Guard in 1940. After Pearl Harbor his guard unit was activated into the Regular Army leading to his Army career of 22 years. Melvin served in the European theater, Korea and Okinawa. Melvin and Ruby raised six children during his Army career. After retiring from the Army the family lived in Lawton, Oklahoma, where Melvin died in 1964. Later Ruby attended Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, and graduated in 1980, getting her business degree. She later moved to Oklahoma City where she was near her children and their families. Melvin and Ruby are buried at Old Post Cemetery, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

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Obituary Melvin Roy Bishop, Lawton, Oklahoma, 14 Jul 1964
Obituary Ruby Ann (Sims) Bishop, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 04 Aug 2000
Obituary Ruth Anna (Day) Sims, Mexico, Missouri, 21 May 1955
Sims-Day-Bishop Ancestors []
Notes Melvin Roy and Ruby Ann (Sims) Bishop Family
Sgt Melvin R Bishop - What Is A Soldier, 11 Aug 1961, Fort Sill Newsletter, Fort Sill, OK
Notes John G Bishop - father Melvin R Bishop's Family and Military Career, 08 Oct 2000

Family Notes

From: John and Kathy Bishop
To: Sharon (Sims) Dale
Cc: William F Bishop
Subject: relationships	Date: Friday, January 19, 2001 6:15 PM

Bill Bishop info'd some email re our relationship on the Sims side.  I
scanned your Sims listing but no bells rang.  I'll look closer when I get a
few minutes.

For info, my genealogy on the Sims side is --
my mother  - Ruby Ann Sims Bishop, 13Apr1927 Mexico, MO - 04Aug2000 Mustang, OK
her father - Robert Rudolph Sims, 24Jan1889 Santa Fe, MO - 19May70 Mexico, MO
his father - James Washington Sims, 26Mar1850 Santa Fe, MO - 19Dec1930 Mexico, MO

Robert Rudolph Sims (my maternal grandfather) had three brothers, Charlie,
Churchill and Edwin.  I'm not sure of the birth order.... something (memory
is not a great recorder of fact) makes me believe the order is as I've
listed them.

//I believe Charlie's wife was Annabel and they had a son,
Charles Edwin Sims.  I believe Charlie had a second wife and had daughters,
Lorraine and Connie.

//I believe Churchill's wife was Allie Sue and that
they had two children, Joyce and James Lewis.

//I believe Edwin's wife was
Armelia and they had a son, Howard.

/x/x//  Other than the first sentence in this paragraph, I'm not certain of
fact.  Sadly, that's about all I have.  Hopefully, I will discipline myself
to put together all I have and seek more information before much more time
passes.  The older I get (and I haven't figured out WHY I'm this old and
where the time has gone), the more I feel this information is important to
pass on to my children and grandchildren. James Washington SIMS Compact Disc #16 Pin #697016 Sex: M Event(s): Birth: abt 1850 Place: Boone/Monroe Co., Missouri Parents: Father: James Level SIMS Disc #16 Pin #697013 Mother: George Ann (Georgianna) ROGERS Disc #16 Pin #697014 Marriage(s): Spouse: Lizzie CANTERBERRY Disc #16 Pin #697020 Marriage: 24 Nov 1872 Place: Audrain Co., Missouri James Level SIMS Compact Disc #16 Pin #697013 Sex: M Event(s): Birth: abt 1822 Place: Christian Co., Kentucky Death: 1854 Place: Boone/Monroe Co., Missouri Parents: Father: William Delaney Sims Disc #16 Pin #697033 Mother: Mildred Hayden Sims Disc #16 Pin #697034 Marriage(s): Spouse: George Ann (Georgianna) ROGERS Disc #16 Pin #697014 Marriage: 9 Feb 1847 Place: Boone Co., Missouri Other Event(s): Probate: 25 Oct 1854 Place: Boone Co., Missouri William Delaney Sims Compact Disc #16 Pin #697033 Sex: M Event(s): Birth: 25 Dec 1786 Place: Culpeper Co., Virginia Death: 24 Mar 1825 Place: Christian/Todd Co., Kentucky Parents: Marriage(s): Spouse: Mildred Hayden Sims Disc #16 Pin #697034 Marriage: 19 Dec 1809 Place: Madison Co., Virginia
Currently Held SIMS, et al. GEDCOMS and Family Trees -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First & Last Name: William Delaney Sims First & Last Name: WILLIAM DELANEY 1784 VA SIMS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Symes' of Poundsford, Somerset, England and Sims' of Culpeper County, VA The descendants of William Symes born circa 1646 and who migrated to New Kent County, VA. William is the progenitor of more than 8,000 descendants who are detailed in this extraordinary genealogy submitted by Roger Sims. This work builds upon Albert Simms' Book on the Culpeper Co., VA Sims and other sources which are detailed in the notes of the heads of family for the major descendancies, so look in the top of the line for his sources. While Roger has done quite a bit of primary research, much of his research is from the IGI, LDS and WFT CD-ROMs in addition to published Sims resources (most available via Interlibrary loan from your Public Library.) He's a great information aggregator. Because of its size (1.4 MB) the GEDCOM is zipped and I've extracted the Sims descendants from this GEDCOM, provided vital statistics for each name where available and identified parents. Note: I've done some work on this family myself now and have updated Roger's GEDCOM with my own info which will be reflected in the GEDCOM. 8,468 Individuals. 2,122 Sims Individuals. Roger's email address is (Roger Sims) The First Seven Generations Download GEDCOM (264K) Go to Name List The Royal Connection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sims William Dulaney 25 Dec 1786 Culpeper County, Virginia 24 Mar 1825 Kentucky Sims, George Wilson , Sr. & Dulaney, Sarah Susanna