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John Bishop in navy
uniform about 1944-45

Lillian Davis
at age 15

John and Lillian with Shirley, Nancy
and Donald Bishop (about 1944)
Father: Bertley Edmond Bishop
Mother: Daisy Lee Hendricks
Father: William Gilpin Davis
Mother: Martha Belle (Horton)

Dau: Shirley Dean Bishop (1934-) (m Herb Keller)
Son: Donald Ray Bishop (1935-) (m Joyce Sehl)
Dau: Nancy Jane Bishop (1941-) (m Don Graham)
Dau: Mary Ellen Bishop (1958-) (m Don Glidewell)

John T[single initial only] Bishop (1913-2000) married Lillian Francis (Davis) (1916-1979) in 1934. John and Lillian lived on a farm south of Martinsburg, Missouri, in the Shamrock area of northeast Callaway County. They had four children. Daughter Shirley attended school in Montgomery City for grades 4 thru 8. At the farm children Don, Nancy and Mary attended the country Fair Oak School. John was in the navy in the mid-1940s. John married Margaret L (Elam) Dorn in 1980. John and Lillian are buried in the Libery Church Cemetery. [Photos submitted by Shirley (Bishop) Keller]

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Obituary John T Bishop, Shamrock, Callaway, Missouri, 22 Dec 1999
Eulogy John T Bishop (read by grandchildren), Callaway County, Missouri, 22 Dec 1999
Obituary Lillian Francis (Davis) Bishop, Callaway County, Missouri, 02 Jul 1979
Obituary Margaret L (Elam-Dorn) Bishop, Shamrock, Callaway, Missouri, 12 Sep 2001

Family Notes

From: Shirley (Bishop) Keller
To: William F Bishop
Subject: Bishop genealogy  Date: Saturday, August 26, 2000 10:52 AM

I hope this reaches you.  We read your website all of the time and this
week it was gone.  I called Tranquility here in Columbia and they had no record
of you.  Got this address from Nancy Hale Lee Stuart.

Let me introduce myself.  - Shirley Bishop Keller
GGGrandfather - Granville Addison, m. Mary Ann Spears
     GGrandfather - Beverly Allen Bishop, m Eliza Jane Coil
        Grandfather - Bertley Bishop, m. Daisy Hendricks
            Father - John T. Bishop, m. Lillian Davis
                children -
                   Shirley Dean Bishop, b. 1934, m. Herb Keller
                   Donald Ray Bishop, b. 1935, m. Joyce Sehl
                   Nancy Jane Bishop, b.1941,m. Don Graham
                   Mary Ellen Bishop, b. 1958,m. Don Glidewell
My father died this year and we have fallen heir to pictures from my Aunt
Viola Keele.  Have enjoyed going through them, trying to place who is who.
I think we have enough pictures to do a page or so of pictures on the
Beverley Allen line.  How would one go about it?  One of our more unusual pictures
is a large house with a lady out front and a black person in the background.
We wondered if it might be Rebecca (Wilburn) of Tyra and Rebecca.

I grew up in Montgomery City, Shamrock area.  Went to school in Montgomery
and graduated from William Woods in Fulton.  Lived most of my adult life in
Chicago, but moved back to Columbia about three years ago.  My sister-in-
law, Joyce Bishop, has been working on our family genealogy for years and has
found your website so helpful.  We both enjoy reading all that people have
put in about the Bishops.  Thanks a million for your efforts.

I have a friend here in Columbia, Laverne Covington (Hildebrand from Benton
City and Wellsville).  She was telling me about old-time Bishop things the
other day and mentioned an Alice Bishop , whose father's name was Addison,
that had grown up in her husband's family.  She went on, finally saying
that they had attended a funeral of her daughter Loretta in St. Peters and gone
to a reception afterward held by her boys.  When she said St. Peters, I got
goosebumps on my arm and told her I thought I had read something about that
in the many pages that I have read from your site.  Sure enough, I found
notes from Marcia Gail Haferkamp to you about that very thing.  The
Covingtons will be so glad to read them...  Sincerely,  Shirley Bishop Keller