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Elizabeth (Lail) Coil

Father: Jacob Coil (1768-1828)
Mother: Elizabeth Spears (abt1774-1848)
Father: John Lail
Mother: Susan Williams

Son: John Coil
Dau: Susan Coil
(m1845 Sinclair Wilburn, Audrain Co, MO)
Dau: Elizabeth Ann Coil
Son: Jacob Y Coil
Dau: Margaret Coil
Son: William Coil
Dau: Martha Elmira Coil
Son: Noah Jr Coil
Son: James P Coil

Zensus and Martha 1858
Noah Coil (1801-1843) married Elizabeth (Lail) (1813-abt1900). Noah was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and moved to Callaway County, Missouri, in 1825. Elizabeth later married A Hall.

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St Clair Wilburn, History of Audrain County, Missouri (1884)
Notes Bishop-Coil Family Connections - Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri
Jacob and Elizabeth Coil from Ireland - History of Callaway County, Missouri, 1884
John and Susan (Williams) Lail of Kentucky - History of Callaway County, Missouri, 1884

Family Notes

From: Carol Pattison
To: William F Bishop
Subject: Opps - maybe a mistake on website
Date: Sunday, February 04, 2001

I sent the picture of Elizabeth Lail Coil to Pam Rooney.  She has her as
mother of Sinclair Coil.  Now, unless one of her children had the name as
a middle name, she didn't have a child by the name of Sinclair.  Sinclair
Wilburn is the brother-in-law of Martha Coil.  Martha is the daughter of
Elizabeth Lail.  Perhaps Pam was mistaken because I sent a picture of
him also as I thought someone might be interested [ie Pam Rooney has
incorrectly captioned the picture - wfb].

Elizabeth Lail and Noah Coil had children, John, Susan, Elizabeth, Jacob Y,
Margaret, William, Martha (my husband's great grandmother), Noah, and James.

I am working on a project about them for a certification class I am taking in
Family History and Genealogy.  It's through the University of Washington so
this is "serious" project as my kids would say.  Do you know if Jane Pope
Lail and Elizabeth's brothers fought in the Civil War?  I have been told by
Elizabeth's great-grandson who is 85 yrs old that Martha Coil (son of
Elizabeth) had brothers who fought on different sides of the War.  I was
wondering if it was that way on the Lail side or, if they were Confederate
through and through. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Carol Pattison

I am the one who submitted the picture of Elizabeth Lail Coil and I have
a few others.  Is anyone interested in pictures of some of Elizabeth's
children?  Carol

From: William F Bishop To: Carol Pattison Subject: Noah and Elizabeth (Lail) Coil Family - Children and Pictures Date: Monday, February 05, 2001 9:36 AM Carol, ... Just out of curiosity I noticed last night on the Internet a website The Lail Family at which includes information "About a quarter of a mile from the Lail house is the graveyard which was put in perfect condition by Dr. Paul Lail about two years before his death. The six gravestones give the names and dates of the following: George Lail and wife, Margaret; their son, John Lail and his wife, Susan Williams, their son, John Lail Jr., and his wife, Burzilla Brown; their son Charles Francis and hiwife, Sara Alice." and info about the capture by Indians and the adventures connected with Lail folks... this John Lail and his wife, Susan Williams, would be the parents Elizabeth (Lail) Coil wife of Noah (1801-1843) as I understand...