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Sinclair Wilburn (courtesy
of Beverly Robinson)

Father: John Wilburn
Mother: Mary Curtis
Father: Noah Coil (1801-1843)
Mother: Elizabeth Lail (1813-abt1900)

Son: Robert Wilburn (1846-?) (Texas)
Son: Noah Wilburn (1849-?) (m Lucy A ?)
Son: John Wilburn (1852-?)
Son: William Wilburn (1853-?)
Dau: Margaret A Wilburn (1855-?)
Son: George Otho Wilburn (1857-?)
Son: Charles Wilburn (1859-?)
Son: James Wilburn
Son: Chesley T Wilburn (1865-?)
Dau: Mary Wilburn )1867-?)
Son: Edgar Wilburn )1879-?)
Dau: Bertha Wilburn (1871-?)
Son: Banks Wilburn (1874-?)
Dau: Caroline Wilburn (1876-?)

Sinclair Wilburn (1820-?) married Susan (Coil) (1831-1880), a daughter of Noah Coil, of Shamrock, on 30 July 1845 in Callaway County, Missouri. Sinclair was born while his parents lived in Boone county, on his father's farm, eight miles north of Columbia, on 27 December 1820. In 1841, then having attained his majority, he entered the land across the county line in Audrain County. Sinclair was primarily a stock raiser on his 400 acre farm. John and Susan had a family of fourteen children. Susan died 7 March 1880.

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Obituary Sinclair Wilburn, Martinsburg, Missouri, 13 Aug 1884
Obituary Susan (Coil) Wilburn, Martinsburg, Missouri, 7 Mar 1880
Obituary Millie Wilburn, Martinsburg, Missouri, ? Apr 1878
Will John Wilburn, Callaway County, Missouri, 25 Sep 1849
St Clair Wilburn, History of Audrain County, Missouri (1884)
Notes Bishop-Coil Family Connections - Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri

Family Notes

1850 Mo Census  Audrain County, 4th District        p176, #319
Wilborn, St Clair   29 M MO [b1820 Sinclair Wilborn m1845 Susan (Coil)]
  Susan             19 F MO [b1831 Susan (Coil)]
  Robert             4 M MO [b1846 Robert Wilburn]
  Noah               1 M MO [b1849 Noah Wilburn]
Wm Coil             12 M MO

1860 Mo Census Audrain County #27 Wilburn, S 34 M MO [b1820 Sinclair Wilborn m1845 Susan (Coil)] Susan 28 F MO [b1831 Susan (Coil)] Robt 13 M MO [b1846 Robert Wilburn] Noah 11 M MO [b1849 Noah Wilburn] John 8 M MO [b1852 John Wilburn] Wm 7 M MO [b1853 William Wilburn] Margaret 5 F MO [b1855 Margaret Wilburn] Otho 3 M MO [b1857 Otho Wilburn] Chas 5/12 M MO [b1859 Charles Wilburn]
Audrain County Missouri Atlas, 1877 Township 50 North, Range 07 West St Clair Wilburn 320 acres Section 27 (SW of Martinsburg) St Clair Wilburn 80 acres Section 21 ( W of Martinsburg) N Wilburn 78 acres Section 19 ( W of Martinsburg) N Wilburn 20 acres Section 30 (SW of Martinsburg)
1880 (5 Jun) MO Census Audrain County, Loutre Twp p40 #82 Wilburn, St Clair 59 M MO [b1820 Sinclair Wilborn m1845 Susan (Coil)] framer Wm 27 S MO [b1853 William Wilburn] Maggie 24 D MO [b1855 Margaret Wilburn] Otie 22 S MO [b1857 Otho Wilburn] Chas 20 S MO [b1859 Charles Wilburn] Chessly 15 S MO [b1865 Chesley T Wilburn] Mary 13 D MO [b1867 Mary Wilburn] Edgar 11 S MO [b1879 Edgar Wilburn] Berta 9 D MO [b1871 Berta Wilburn] Banks 6 S MO [b1874 Banks Wilburn] Carrie 4 4 MO [b1876 Caroline Wilburn]