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Dau: Hellen Bishop (1866-1955) (1m1885 John Sayers, 2m Leroy Woolrich, Jonesburg, MO)
Dau: Nancy Bishop (1867-?)
Dau: Dona Bishop (1869-1941) (m1897 James Ricks, Jonesburg, MO)
Son: Shap Bishop (1871-1949) (m1902 Minnie Otie, Jonesburg, MO)
Dau: Mary Bishop (1873-?)
Dau: Minnie Bishop (1875-?)
Son/Dau: ?
Son/Dau: ?
Son/Dau: ?
Son/Dau: ?
Son/Dau: ?
Son/Dau: ?

Pitman Bishop (1820-?) born in Virginia married Hannah (?) (1832-?) born in Missouri. Together they had twelve children. Pitman and Hannah lived in the Jonesburg area first in Warren County then in Montgomery County. [Note: Black family line-wfb]

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Obituary Helen (Bishop-Sayers) Woolrich, St Louis, Missouri, 2 May 1955
Obituary Shap Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 5 Jan 1949
Obituary Dona (Bishop) Ricks, Jonesburg, Missouri, 8 Feb 1941

Family Notes

1880 MO Census, Montgomery County, Bear Creek Twp, 24,108,22,24 [Black family]
Pitman Bishop   60 M VA [b1820 Pitman Bishop m? Hannah (?)]
  Fannie        48 F MO [b1834 Hannah (?)]
  Hellen        15 F MO [b1866 Hellen Bishop 1m John Sayers, 2m Leroy Woolrich]
  Nancy         13 F MO [b1867 Nancy Bishop]
  Donnie        11 F MO [b1869 Dona Bishop]
  Schapley       9 M MO [b1871 Shap Bishop m1902 Minnie (Otis)]
  Mary           7 F MO [b1873 Mary Bishop]
  Minnie         5 F MO [b1875 Minnie Bishop]

Montgomery County Missouri Marriages, 1881-1888 Sayers, John R. & Helen Bishop, Jan 1885. Montgomery County Missouri Marriages, 1898-1901 Ricks, James & Bishop, D., 1897.
1900 MO Census, Warren County 78-4B [Black family] Bishop, P M 80 Va Jan 1820 [b1820 Pitman Bishop m? Hannah (?)] farmer Hannah F 65 MO Dec 1834 [b1834 Hannah (?)] Mary J (Camp) F 85 KY 1815 mother-in-law Thompson M 21 KY Jun 1879 adopted son
1910 MO Census, Montgomery County, Jonesburg Twp, 70,99,38 [Black family] Pitman Bishop 85 M VA [b1820 Pitman Bishop m? Hannah (?)] Anna 72 F MO [b1834 Hannah (?)]