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Father: Joseph Bishop (1766-1825) (Charlottesville, Albemarle County, VA)
Mother: Jane Terrell (1774-?)

Son: Moseby Monroe Parsons (1823-1865) (m1850 Mary (Wells), Jefferson City, MO)
Dau: Mary Ann Parsons (1824-1844) (m1840 Merriweather Lewis Jefferson - grandson
    of President Thomas Jefferson)
Dau: Eliza Jane Parsons (1826-1849) (m1845 Rev John G Fackler, Jefferson City, MO)
Dau: Francis Jackson Parsons (1828-1849) (Jefferson City, MO)
Dau: Virginia T Parsons (1831-1892) (m1855 Green C Berry, Jefferson City, MO)
Dau: Sarah Mildred Parsons (1833-1919) (m Austin M Standish, Jefferson City, MO)
Dau: Julia M Parsons (1837-aft1884) (m1857 E L Trickey, Lincoln, NB)
Dau: Missouri P Parsons (1840-1890) (m1868 Dr Stephen D Turner, Jefferson City, MO)
Son: Gustavus Adolphus Parsons (1845-1865) (Jefferson City, MO)

Gustavus Adolphus Parsons (1801-1882) was born 15 June 1801 in Henrico County, Virginia. On 10 May 1821 in Charlottesville, Virginia, he married Patience Monroe (Bishop) (1802-1884) who was born at Charlottesville on 25 November 1802. They had nine children: two sons and seven daughters. In 1835 Gustavus and Patience moved the family to Cooper County, Missouri, but two years later in 1837 they again moved to Jefferson City in Cole County, Missouri, where they lived for the rest of their life. In 1839 Gustavus was appointed as deputy clerk; then in 1841 he became clerk of the circuit and county court. In 1844 Gustavus Parsons was appointed Adjutant General of the State of Missouri by Govenor John C Edwards. Gustavus worked as County Clerk for thirty plus years and died on 15 January 1882. Patience died on 30 January 1884. Both are buried in the Woodland Cemetery in Jefferson City along with other family members.

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Obituary Gustavus Adolphus Parsons, Jefferson City, Missouri, 15 Jan 1882
Obituary Patience Monroe (Bishop) Parsons, Jefferson City, Missouri, 30 Jan 1884
Obituary Mosby Monroe Parsons, Camargo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 15 Aug 1865
Obituary Mary (Wells) Parsons, Jefferson City, Missouri, 8 Jul 1853
Obituary Stephen Kearney Parsons, Jefferson City, Missouri, 24 Jan 1889
Obituary Virginia T (Parsons) Berry, Jefferson City, Missouri, 22 Aug 1892
Obituary Mary Ann (Parsons) Jefferson, Jefferson City, Missouri, 8 Jul 1844
Obituary Missouri (Parsons) Turner, Jefferson City, Missouri, 9 Sep 1890
Obituary Sarah Mildred (Parsons) Standish, St Louis, Missouri, 23 May 1919
Obituary Richard A Standish, Jefferson City, Missouri, 4 Oct 1844
Notes Gustavus Adolphus and Patience Monroe (Bishop) Parsons Family

Family Notes

Marriage Records Cole County Missouri, 1821-1900
Parsons, Christopher & Catharine Martin,                04 Jun 1840
Jefferson, Merewither L & Mary Parsons,                 22 Oct 1840
  (Mr Jefferson was grandson of Pres Thomas Jefferson)
Fackler, John G of Osage Co MO & Eliza J Parsons,       10 Aug 1845
Parsons, Mosby M & Mary Wells,                      18 Sep 1850
Berry, Green C & Virginia I Parsons,                    20 Dec 1855
Trickey, E L & Julia M Parsons,                     22 Oct 1857
Turner, Dr Stephen D & Missouri P Parsons,              18 Oct 1868
Gordon, Doc J of Nevada Mo & Cornelia Parsons,          19 Feb 1890
Dorton, Charles H & Eliza B Parsons,                    31 Dec 1890
Ferguson, Andrew J of Bates Co MO & Louisa A Parsons        13 Sep 1891
  of Callaway Co, MO,
Berry, Robert L & Lulu V Glover,                    18 Oct 1893
Parsons, Charles & Maggie Coleman,                  09 Mar 1898

Woodland Cemetery and (Old) City Cemetery, 1000-1022 East McCarty St, Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri Woodland Cemetery, Row 1-a, Lot 64 14) Berry, J V Julia Virginia Berry Nov 9, 1874 Jun 30, 1900 Berry, G C Green C Berry Sept 9, 1831 Dec 18, 1881 Berry, V P Virginia P Berry Jan 22, 1831 Aug 22, 1892 Berry, E P Edward P Berry Jun 11, 1857 Aug 13, 1876 Berry, F E Fannie E Berry Jun 1, 1859 Jun 29, 1866 Berry, C Clay Berry Feb 16, 1872 Apr 2, 1874 a) Berry, F Little Fannie Berry, Daughter of Green & Virginia Berry Aged 2 years, 6 mo. 15) Standish, R A Richard A Standish Dec 6, 1857 Oct 3, 1884 Standish, M P Mildred Parsons Standish Sep 14, 1833 May 23, 1919 Standish, M P Monroe P Standish Jan 24, 1862 Apr 1, 1890 Standish, A D Austin D'Arcy Standish Oct 31, 1859 Nov 18, 1890 Woodland Cemetery, Row 1-a, Lot 59 5) Jefferson, M A Mary Ann Jefferson Consort of M L Jefferson Born June 5th 1824 Died July 8th 1844 In the 21st year of her life 6) Fackler, E J Mrs. Eliza J Fackler Consort of Jno G Fackler She was born in Albemarle County Va on the 11th of Oct 1826 Died in the City of Jefferson Mo July 8th 1849 Aged 22 years & (?) months 7) Parsons, F J Frances J Parsons Born in Albemarle Co Va Oct 17 1828 Departed her life at Jefferson City July 24 1849 Aged 20 years 9 mos & 7 ds 8) Parsons, G A Father Gustavus A Parsons Born in Va June 15 1801 Died Jan 1 1882 Parsons, P M Mother Patience Monroe Parsons Born in Va Nov 25 1802 Died Jan 30 1884 9) Turner, M P Missouri Parsons Turner Born Oct 8 1840 Died Sept 9 1890 Woodland Cemetery, Row 1-b, Lot 58 3) Berry, R L Robert Lee Berry 1863-1928 Woodland Cemetery, Row 6-b, Lot 12 6) Parsons, M Mary The wife of M M Parsons Born Oct 18 1830 Died July 8 1853 Parsons, J Josephine the daughter of M M Parsons Born May 30 1853 Died Aug 3 1853 7) Parsons, S K Stephen Kearney Parsons Born Aug 16 1851 Died Jan 24 1889 Woodland Cemetery, Row 7-c, Lot 90 13) Fackler, J G John Geo Fackler Born Feb 6, 1822 Died Jan 28, 1892 Marker "J.G.F." Fackler, C D Catherine Dorris wife of J G Fackler Born Apr 19, 1823 Died Nov 8, 1914 Marker "C.D.F."
Some References to Confederate Brigidier General Mosby Monroe Parsons at Missouri State Historical Society, Columbia, Missouri: "Bloodless invasion of Jefferson City in 1861". Jefferson City Post-Tribune, June 21, 1961. Contains picture of General Parsons family home in Jefferson City. [Vertical File: Jefferson City, MO - History] "The Jefferson City Story" by Myrene Houchim Hobbs, published by Cole County Historical Society, Jefferson City, Mo. states that "... The Grace Episcopal Church ... served as a hospital in 1849 during a cholera epidemic ...". [Two of Mosby Parsons sisters died in 1849 possibly of cholera-wfb] "Generals In Gray" by Ezra J Warner, pages 228-229 "Missouri, Day by Day" by Floyd C. Shoemaker, Editor, Vol I, p349 "Medical Histories of Confederate Generals" by Jack D Welsh MD, p163-164. "General Mosby M Parsons: Missouri Secessionist" by Robert E. Miller in Missouri Historical Review, October 1885, p 33-57, Vol 80. [has extensive description of Civil War years up to his death] "Shelby's Expedition to Mexico" by John N Edwards. Missouri Historical Review, April 1921, p553-558, Vol 15. [describes capture and execution of Mosby Parsons and several others by bandits in Mexico]
1840 ---: MO Census, Cole County Years M F Comments 00-05 0 1 05-10 0 2 10-15 1 2 15-20 0 1 20-30 0 0 30-40 1 1 [b1801 Gustavus A Parsons m1821 b1802 Patience M (Bishop)]
1844 Sep 19: Jefferson City Jefferson Inquirer, Cole County, Missouri M. M. Parsons, Attorney at Law, Jefferson City, Mo. Will practice in the Circuit Courts of Osage, Morgan, Miller, Cole, Camden, and Pulaski. Office in the Court House above the Clerk's Office. September 19, 1944.
1850 ---: MO Census, Cole County Gustavus A Bishop 49 M VA [b1801 Gustavus A m1821 Patience M (Bishop)] Patience M 48 F VA [b1802 Patience Monroe (Bishop)] Moseby M 27 M VA [b1823 Moseby Monroe m1850 Mary (Wells)] Virginia T 18 F VA [b1831 Virginia T m1855 Green C Berry] Sarah M 16 F VA [b1833 Sarah Mildred m? Austin M Standish] Julia M 13 F MO [b1837 Julia M m 1857 E L Trickey] Missouri 8 F MO [b1840 Missouri m1868 Dr Stephen D Turner] Gustaavus 5 M MO [b1845 Gustavvus Adolphus] John G Fackler 28 M VA Thomas M Dearmon 18 M MO M L Jefferson 35 M VA Ephraim L Ewing 19 M MO