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Glenwood Bishop (about 1896)
Father: John Andrew Bishop
Mother: Melvina E Newlee
Father: James Riley Coil
Mother: Martha Ann Coil-Bishop

Son: Glenwood R Jr Bishop (1913-1913)
Son: Albert Lee Bishop (1916-1985)

Glenwood R Bishop (1890-1965) married Nora Elizabeth (Coil) (1890-1980). Glenwood and Nora lived in Wellsville, Missouri and had two sons. Glenwood, Nora and sons Glenwood Jr and Albert are buried in Liberty Church Cemetery northwest of Shamrock, Missouri. [Photo submitted by Shirley (Bishop) Keller]

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Obituary Glenwood R Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri 23 Sep 1965
Obituary Nora Elizabeth (Coil) Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 4 Jun 1980
Obituary Albert Lee Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 17 Oct 1985
Cemetery Bethel - 1966, Montgomery County, Missouri
Notes Bishop-Coil Family Connections - Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri

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