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  Father: John Richard Bishop
Mother: Ellen Sheets

Son: John R Bishop (1897-1974) (m Nettie Ellen Bishop, Montgomery City, MO)
Dau: ? Bishop (m Charles Twelback, St Louis, MO)
Dau: ? Bishop (m Charles Mashmeyer, St Louis, MO)
Dau: ? Bishop (m Hugh Jeans, St Louis, MO)
Dau: Frances Bishop (St Louis, MO)

Benjamin F Bishop (1866-1921) married Mary Elizabeth (Havener) (1872-1919) on 26 February 1890.

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Obituary Benjamin F Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 9 Feb 1921
Obituary Mary Elizabeth (Havener) Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 26 Dec 1919
Obituary John R Bishop, Bellflower, Missouri, 11 Apr 1974
Cemetery Montgomery City, Montgomery County, Missouri
Notes Frederick K and Nancy Ann (Homesley) Bishop Family Lines - Lincoln & Warren Co, MO

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