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  Father: Frederick K Bishop
Mother: Nancy Ann Homesley
Father: Ben Sheets
Mother: Mary ?

Son: Benjamin F Bishop (1866-1921) (m Mary Elizabeth Havener, Montgomery City, MO)
Son: Charles Bishop (1870-aft1924) (St Louis, MO)
Son: Rufus W Bishop (1872-aft1924) (m Bertha ?, St Charles, MO)
Son: ? Bishop (?-bef 1919)
Son: Jefferson Bishop (1874-aft1954) (St Charles, MO)
Son: John Bishop (1874-aft1954) (St Charles, MO)
Son: Oscar Bishop (1878-1924) (St Louis, MO)
Son: Lafayette Bishop (1879-1951) (m Emma Fisher, Montgomery City & Wellsville, MO)
Son: Frederick C Bishop (1881-1927) (m Carrie Gresley, St Louis, MO)
Son: Lancester Bishop (1881-aft1954) (St Louis, MO)
Son: Omer A Bishop (1885-1891) (Montgomery City, MO)
Dau: Mabel Bishop (1886-aft1954) (m Charles F Werges, Bellflower & Vandalia, MO)

John Richard Bishop (1849-1924) married Ellen (Sheets) (1848-1919) on 3 June 1866. John was born the youngest of five children in Warren County, Missouri. Ellen was born at the home of her parents near Hawk Point, Lincoln County, Missouri. John and Ellen lived her last 9 years in Montgomery City and the previous 15 years in St Charles. John and Ellen had twelve children (eleven sons and one daughter), two of them preceding Ellen in death. John and Ellen are buried in the Montgomery City Cemetery.

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Obituary John Richard Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 17 Mar 1924
Obituary Ellen S (Sheets) Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 30 Jan 1919
Obituary Oscar Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 20 Dec 1924
Obituary Fred C Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 17 Sep 1927
Obituary Omer A Bishop, Montgomery City, Missouri, 12 Feb 1891
Obituary Benjamin F Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 9 Feb 1921
Obituary Lafayette Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 25 May 1951
Obituary Bonnie Sue Bishop, Mexico, Missouri, 22 Feb 1944
Montgomery City Cemetery, Montgomery County, Missouri

Family Notes

1880 Mo Census      Lincoln County, Prairie Twp 20,94,16,48
Bishop, John        H 31 MO
  Ellen             W 31 MO     [family living with
  Benjamin          M 12 MO         Randolph Gibson]
  Charlie           M 10 MO
  Rufus             M  8 MO
  Jefferson         M  7 MO
  John              M  6 MO
  Oscar             M  2 MO
  Lefayett          M 4/12 MO

1900 MO Census St Charles, St Charles Twp 80,119,38,34 Bishop, John R H Apr 1849 51 MO Ellen W Nov 1848 51 MO Jefferson S Mar 1874 26 MO Lafayette S Feb 1879 21 MO Frederick S Apr 1881 19 MO Lancaster S Oct 1881 18 MO Mabel D Feb 1886 14 MO Rufus W S Apr 1872 28 MO Bertha DL Apr 1879 21 MO Edgar R GS Oct 1899 8/12 MO 1900 MO Census St Charles, St Charles Twp 80,119,40,64 Bishop, John R ? H Nov 1877 23 MO Rosalie ? W Feb 1878 22 MO Ellen E ? D Feb 1898 2 MO Alvine D Mar 1908 7/12 MO
1910 MO Census St Charles, St Charles 85,164,166 Bishop, Rufus H 39 MO Birtie W 31 MO Edgar S 10 MO Elmer S 9 MO Viola D 6 MO Ethel D 4 MO Marvin S 3 MO Melvin S NR MO 1910 MO Census St Charles 85,161,127 Bishop, John R H 34 MO Rosalie W 32 MO Ellen D 12 MO Alvai D 10 MO Omar S 7 MO Irene D 5 MO Gilbert S 2 MO 1910 MO Census Warren County 128,172,70 Bishop, Lot H 31 MO Emma W 31 MO Ida D 2 MO Raymond S 1 MO Fischer, August FL 70 Grmy Prwr