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  Father: Tyra D Bishop (1816-1905)
Mother: Rebecca Wilburn (1816-1899)

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Son: Samuel A Bishop (1877-?)
Dau: Maude M Bishop (1879-?)
Son: Artie Bishop (1885-1890)

William Addison "Add" Bishop (1850-?) married Eliza "Lizzie" (?) (1856-?). The couple lived in Oregon and in Spokane, Washington. In 1890 Add and Lizzie with their son, Artie, visited Add's parents in Callaway County this being the first visit there since 1872, eighteen years earlier. During the visit Artie died and was buried in Liberty Church Cemetery. Add and Lizzie also have a son, Samuel A Bishop, born in Oregon in 1877 and a daughter, Maude M Bishop born in Oregon in 1879. Lizzie's parents were from France and Lizzie was also born in France according to the 1880 Washington Census.

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Obituary Artie Bishop, Callaway County, Missouri, 29 Nov 1890

Family Notes

Patentee Name: William A Bishop, Doc # 1524, Issue Date: 26 May 1888
1  SW  26/  19-N  41-E  No  WILLAMETTE  WA  WHITMAN  160 acres

1880 Washington Census (Whitman, 367, 3rd District, 8/9 June 1880) person father mother Bishop, Wm A. 30 M MO VA TN farmer Eliza 24 F France France France Samuel A. 3 M Oregon MO France Maude M. 1 F Oregon MO France