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Soloman and Permelia Coil
and family
Eliza Jane top 2nd from right

Family Line Photos

Father: Elijah Coil (1806-1862)
Mother: Lucinda Lail (1809-1886)
Father: Mark Renfro
Mother: Nancy ?

Dau: ? Coil
Son: Elijah Ninon Coil (1854-?) (m Elizabeth Jane Palmer)
Dau: Lucinda Coil (1856-?)
Dau: Eliza Jane Coil (1857-?) (m1876 Beverly Allen Bishop)
Son: William H Coil (1858-?)
Son: James Bushnell Coil (1861-1951) (m Elizabeth McCord (1860-1937))
Dau: Martha Ann Coil (1863-1955) (m1 David A Bishop, m2 James Riley Coil)
Dau: Mary W Coil (1870-?)
Dau: ? Coil

Soloman Coil (1831-1915) married Permelia (Renfro) (1827-1914) on 19 February 1852. Soloman was born on 12 September 1831. Permelia was born 20 January 1827. They lived in Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri. Both Soloman and Permelia are buried at Liberty Christian Church Cemetery in Shamrock.

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Obituary Solomon Coil, Shamrock, Missouri, 07 Nov 1915
Obituary Permelia (Renfro) Coil, Shamrock, Missouri, 18 Jan 1914
Cemetery Liberty Christian Church, (northwest of) Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri
Notes Margaret Jean (Bishop) Fullerton - Fresno, California
Notes Bishop-Coil Family Connections - Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri

Family Notes

Liberty Christian Church Cemetery, Callaway County, Shamrock, Missouri
Solomon Coil        12 Sep 1831 - ?
Permelia Coil       20 Jan 1827 - 18 Jan 1914, his wife

1860 (17 Aug) MO Census Callaway, District #18, PO Williamsburg p927 #990 Coil, Solomon (C400) M 28 KY [b1831 Solomon Coil m Permelia (Renfro)] farmer Permelia F 32 MO [b1827 Permelia (Renfro)] Elijah N M 8 MO [b1854 Elijah Ninon Coil] Lucy F 6 MO [b1856 Lucinda Coil] Eliza J F 4 MO [b1857 Eliza Jane Coil] William H M 3 MO [b1858 William H Coil]
1870 (3 Sep) MO Census Callaway, Nine Mile Prairie Twp p430 #482 Coil, Solomon (C400) M 37 KY [b1831 Solomon Coil m Permelia (Renfro)] farmer Permelia F 42 MO [b1827 Permelia (Renfro)] Elijah N M 16 MO [b1854 Elijah Ninon Coil] Lucinda F 14 MO [b1856 Lucinda Coil] Eliza A F 13 MO [b1857 Eliza Jane Coil] Wm H M 10 MO [b1858 William H Coil] Jas B M 9 MO [b1861 James B Coil] Martha F 7 MO [b1864 Martha Ann Coil] Mary W F 4/12 MO [b1870 Mary W Coil]
1880 MO Census Callaway, Nine Mile Prairie Twp 5,34,8,26 Coil, Solomon (C400) M 49 KY [b1831 Solomon Coil m Permelia (Renfro)] Permelia W 52 MO [b1827 Permelia (Renfro)] Lucinda D 26 MO [b1854 Lucinda Coil] William S 22 MO [b1858 William Coil] James S 19 MO [b1861 James B Coil] Martha D 16 MO [b1864 Martha Ann Coil] Betty D 10 MO [b1870 Betty Coil]
1900 MO Census Callaway, Shamrock Twp 14,34,5,5 Coil, Solomon (C400) M 68 KY Sep 1831 [b1831 Solomon Coil m Permelia (Renfro)] Permelia W 73 MO Jan 1827 [b1827 Permelia (Renfro)] Lula GD 15 MO Nov 1894 [b1894 Lula Coil]