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Picture taken in 1912 of
Angie, Samuel, David, Imogene
at Peytonia School (T48N R06W S08)
(East side of Loutre Creek bridge up high on
hill on north side of Old Williamsburg
Road in Montgomery county, MO)
Father: Samuel Calvin Bishop
Mother: Alice Hayden

Dau: Angie Ruth Bishop (1900-1977) (m Beabout, New Hartford, MO)
Son: Samuel Valentine Bishop (1902-1991) (m Ruth Virginia Luckett, Mineola, MO)
Son: David Hearst Bishop (1904-1966)
Dau: Imogene L Bishop (1907-1987) (m Harry M Coleman, Jonesburg, MO)
Son: George Addison Bishop (1911-1986) (West Palm Beach, FL)
Son: Charles Eliud Bishop (1915-1960) (Nashville, TN)

Eliude Adolphus Bishop (1874-1923) married Sarah Willie "Sallie" Hudson (1878-1953) on 25 January 1899. They had four sons and two daughters. The family lived near New Providence and the children went to school at Peytonia School. Eliude and Sallie are buried in Bethel Cemetery, Montgomery County.

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Obituary Elieud Adolphus Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 28 Jun 1923
Obituary Samuel Valentine Bishop, Mineola, Missouri, 6 Feb 1991
Obituary David Hearst Bishop, ?, ?, 29 Mar 1966
Obituary Imogene L (Bishop) Coleman, Jonesburg, Missouri, 8 Mar 1987
Obituary George Addison Bishop, West Palm Beach, Florida, 26 Feb 1986
Obituary Charles Eliud Bishop, Nashville, Tennessee, 4 Jul 1960
Obituary James Donald Bishop, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 10 Jun 1957
Obituary Susan (Wynn) Bishop, Lumberton, Lamar, Mississippi, 16 Aug 2001
Cemetery Montgomery City, Montgomery County, Missouri
Cemetery Bethel - 1966, Montgomery County, Missouri
Notes Sam William Bishop - Lumberton, Mississippi
Notes Eliude Adolphus and Sarah Willie (Hudson) Bishop Family
Wedding Samuel Valentine Bishop - Ruth Virginia Luckett, Montgomery Cith, Mo, 6 Jun 1929
Bishop "boys" Flew During WWII, Montgomery County, Missouri
Charles, David, George Bishop: 3-Man Brother Team Amasses Remarkable Ferrying Records

Family Notes

Montgomery County Missouri Marriages, 1898-1901
    Bishop, Elmer Adolphus & Hudson, Sallie Willie, 25 Jan 1899

1910 Missouri Census Index Montgomery, 70, 107, 82 Bishop, Elliot H 36 MO S Willie W 30 MO Angie R D 10 MO Samuel V S 8 MO David P S 6 MO Amagene D 3 MO Baby S NR MO
1920 Missouri Census Index Montgomery, 70, 119, 1, 61 Bishop, Elliott A H 45 MO Sally W W 41 MO Angie R D 20 MO Samuel V S 18 MO David H S 15 MO Gene L D 13 MO George A S 9 10/12 MO Charles E S 4 2/12 MO
From: Bessie (Sailor) Weeks Date: February 14, 2001 Peytonia School was in T48 R6 West section 8. I lived a 1/2 mile from there and went to school there which makes it north-west of Mineola. The schoolhouse is gone now. The Bishop family lived near New Providence and went to school at Peytonia. I knew Willi Hudson Bishop. Bessie Weeks