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  Father: Samuel Calvin Bishop
Mother: Alice Hayden
Father: Carter W Covington
Mother: Jennie ?
Father: William Pemberton
Mother: Angie Gardner

... Frances ...
Dau: Alice Jeanette Bishop (1913-1948) (m Joseph Tomek, Hawk Point, MO)
... Susan Marie...
Dau: Welma Pearl Bishop (1921-1983) (m Delmont Lichtenberg, Marthasville, MO)
Dau: Infant daughter

Addison Bishop (1883-1931) was married to Frances "Fannie" E (Covington) (1881-1913) on 15 November 1911. Addison and Fannie had one dauther, Alice Jeanette Bishop. When Fannie died in 1913 she was buried in the old Covington family burial ground near Mineola, Missouri. Addison was married second to Susan Marie "Susie" (Pemberton) (1884-1973) on 7 March 1918. Addison and Susie had daughter, Welma Pearl Bishop, and one infant daughter. Addison's early life was spent in farming near Mineola, and in 1910 he purchased a farm near New Florence, Missouri, which continued to be his home until his death. Both Addison and Susie are buried in the New Florence Cemetery.

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Obituary Addison Bishop, New Florence, Missouri, 13 May 1931
Obituary Frances E (Covington) Bishop, New Florence, Missouri, 18 Sep 1913
Obituary Susan Marie (Pemberton) Bishop, New Florence, Missouri, 10 Dec 1973
Obituary Alice Jeanette (Bishop) Tomek, Hawk Point, Missouri, 8 Jul 1948
Obituary Welma Pearl (Bishop) Lichtenberg, Marthasville, Missouri, 1 Sep 1983
Letter Loretta Fay (Tomek) Clem - St Peters, Missouri, 3 May 1995

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