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Beverly, Eliza, Bert, Lon Lon and Bert (about 1888)
Eliza Jane "Janie"
Family Line Photos
Father: Granville Addison Bishop
Mother: Mary Ann Spears
Father: Solomon Coil
Mother: Permelia Renfro

Dau: infant Bishop
Son: Bertley Edmond Bishop (1880-1973)
   (m1899 Daisy Lee Hendricks, Jefferson City, MO)
Son: Alonzo Solomon Bishop (1884-1968)
   (m1910 Leta Covington, Shamrock, MO)
Dau: infant Bishop (1898-1898)
Son: Beverley Granville "Jack" Bishop (1901-1971)
   (m Mary Wilkerson, Wellsville, MO)

Beverly Allen and Eliza Jane (Coil) Bishop home
(about 1915). "Jack" (maybe 15 years old; in front
yard with Tillie Byers) lived here with his wife, Mary
(Wilkerson), until his mother, Eliza Jane, died in 1945.

Beverly Allen Bishop (1852-1914) married Eliza Jane "Janie" (Coil) (1855-1945) on 27 April 1876. Their house was located on the Callaway - Montgomery County line (northwest corner on Route B) east of Shamrock. Beverly and Janie are buried in the Liberty Church Cemetery northwest of Shamrock. [Photos submitted by Shirley (Bishop) Keller.]

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Obituary Beverley Allen Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 8 Dec 1914
Obituary Eliza Jane (Coil) Bishop, Callaway County, Missouri, 29 Jun 1945
Obituary Bertley Edmond Bishop, Callaway County, Missouri, 27 Nov 1973
Obituary Alonzo Solomon Bishop, Shamrock, Missouri, 5 Dec 1968
Obituary Beverly Granville Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 17 Mar 1971
Cemetery Liberty Christian Church, (northwest of) Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri
Notes Margaret Jean (Bishop) Fullerton - Fresno, California
Notes Bishop-Coil Family Connections - Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri
Coil-Bishop Annual Reunion, Martinsburg, 16 Sept 1928 - Audrain County, Missouri

Family Notes

1876 Montgomery County MO Census  p 297
Bishop, B A     23 M [b1852 Beverly Allen Bishop m1876 Eliza Jane (Coil)]
  E J           22 F [b1855 Eliza Jane (Coil)]
Smith, J        18 M
Bishop, G W     10 M [b1866 George W Clement]           [census surname?-wfb]
  C              5 M [b1871 Charles Edward Clement]
Clements, M A   42 F [b1828 Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop)]
Bishop, A J      7 F [b1868 Permelia Jane Clement]      [census surname?-wfb]
  Ellen          3 F [b1873 Ellen Bell Clement]

1880 MO Census Montgomery County 24,112,38,37 Bishop, Beverly A 27 M MO [b1852 Beverly Allen Bishop m1876 Eliza Jane (Coil)] Eliza J 24 W MO [b1855 Eliza Jane (Coil)] Edmond D 1/12 S MO [b1880 Edmond D Bishop]