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Father: Reuben Howell
Mother: Rebecca Muirheid

Son: Thomas Jefferson Bishop (1814-?)
Dau: Elizabeth Bishop (1817-?)
Dau: John M Bishop (1819-?)
Son: William Greene Bishop (1824-?)
Son: James M Bishop (1827-?)
Son: Edward Bishop (1831-?)
Son: Henry Bishop (1832-?)
Son: Alfred H Bishop (1833-?)
Dau: Virginia Bishop (1836-?)

Rezin Laury Bishop (c1770s-?) was born in Maryland. By c1805 he lived in Frederick County, Virginia and by 1807 was living south of Nashville in Middle, Tennessee, which became Maury County in 1807. On 1 March 1811 he married Rebecca A (Howell) whose parents were from Loudoun County, Virginia. By 1817 Rezin and Rebecca were living in the Saint Genevieve District, Upper LA, in what is now Perry County, Missouri. [Contact descendant Pat Bishop Obrist at email address - wfb]

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Bishop names taken from "Gone To Missouri"

Family Notes

Subject: Re: Rezin BISHOP, Perry Co, MO  Date: 14 Jan 1998
From: Pat Bishop Obrist

Hi, Bill! Thanks for your reply.  My Rezin Laury BISHOP was b. betw. 1770-1780,
in Maryland.  By 1800-1805 he resided in Fred. Co, VA (had land delivered(?)
from Jacob SCOTT in 1805). By 1807 in is living in Middle TN, south of
Nashville, which became in 1807 Maury Co.  He was bondsman for a James OLIPHANT
and Sally HENDERSON in 1807.  On March 1, 1811 he married Rebecca A. HOWELL, d/o
Reuben HOWELL (prob. of Loudoun Co, VA) and Rebecca MUIRHEID, (b. NJ c1770 d.
c1796 in Loudoun Co, VA.)  John MUIRHEID was the bondsman in 1811. Their eldest
son, Thomas Jefferson was b. in 1814 in TN, then by 1817 they were living in the
Ste. Genevieve Dist., Upper LA, in what is now Perry Co.  They settled there and
had: Elizabeth, b. 1817, John M., b. 1819, William Greene BISHOP, b. 1824 (my
anc.), James M., b. 1827, Edward, b. 1831, Henry, b. 1832, Alfred H. b. 1833,
and Virginia, 1836. Alfred was blind and Virginia took care of him. Neither
married.  Thomas had a large family as did Elizabeth and William. John m. 2x,
dsp. The other sons died in their youth.
        Other than the possible kin of the Greenbury BISHOP, s/o Joshua, in
Fred. Co, I don't see a connection to Montgomery Co BISHOPS.  The Levin
BISHOP in Boone Co was also from Maryland, but I haven't found a link there either.
[Too bad for us that the famous Ira BISHOP did not have much on the VA or MD
BISHOPS. ...MAYBE with the Internet we will be able to work them out!] Would be
good if we could find whether the Greenberrys(Greenbury)are the same indiv. or
kin, and if... how. BTW my BISHOPS did not have a church affiliation, but
eventually Rebecca joined the Bois Brule Baptist Church, but later had some of
her sick sons baptized at St. Mary's of the Barrens Catholic Church. William
married a Maryland Catholic, but did not convert.  Thomas became a Catholic at
age 32.  Best regards, Pat Bishop Obrist, St. Charles, MO
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Subject: Rezin Laury Bishop  Date: 20 Jan 1998
From: Pat Bishop Obrist

Bill, I have data including the will and see a typo for:
1820 Census of Ky.      Barren Co., Ky. (Glasgow)
Lonry Bishop pg 2       <<< typo

This individual is Loury BISHOP.  I have wondered if he was related to my Rezin
Laury BISHOP.  They would be peers.  I would be able to quote the will if at
some time there is a cite for this.   Pat

Subject: Perry Co, MO Bishops from Censuses  Date: 1 Feb 1998
From: Patricia Bishop Obrist

                Missouri Census Index - by county and household

Bill, for Perry Co, you already have Rezon L. BISHOP for 1830, and Rebecca A.
BISHOP, (wid) for 1840. ( Numbers after 1850-60 are HH#, pages not available
on my transcribed copy)

1850                1860                1870               County
Bishop:             Bishop:             Bishop:             Perry
William G. #13      Sarah #104          Lawrence p.22       Perry
Sarah #13           Laurina #104        Alfred p. 22        Perry
Lorina #13          Laura #104          William p. 22       Perry
John M. #16         Resin L. #104       Elizabeth p. 22     Perry
Catherine #16       Alfred M. #104      Virginia p. 22      Perry
Rebecca #184        William G. #104     Alfred p. 22        Perry
Alfred #184         Thomas #659         Matilda p. 22       Perry
Jane #184           Matilda #659        Matilda p. 22       Perry
John #184           Matilda A. #659     Sarah p. 22         Perry
Thomas #185         Elizabeth #659      Mary p. 22          Perry
Matilda #185        Sarah #659          Thomas p. 22        Perry
Narcissa #185       Catharine #659      Alice p.22          Perry
                    Alfred #659         Lavina p.22         Perry
                    Alice #659                              Perry
                    Rebecca #1452                           Perry
                    Virginia #1452                          Perry

Submitted by Patricia Bishop Obrist, St. Charles, MO
[All of these Bishops are related and I have more information if interested!]

Subject: BISHOPS // new address//  Date: 17 Mar 1998
From: Pat Bishop Obrist

Dear Bill, Could you please make a note of my new address (
It is very much like my old one (  Earliest BISHOP Ancestor:
Rezin Laury BISHOP, c1778-1839 MD>VA>TN>Perry Co, MO
Thanks,  Pat Bishop Obrist, St. Charles, MO