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Wilford Granville

Mary Virginia
Father: Samuel Calvin Bishop
Mother: Alice Hayden
Father: James H Oliver
Mother: Camilla Virginia Maupin
Father: Robert Paulus
Mother: Florence Wilson

... Mary Virginia ...
Dau: Leola Bishop (1898-1985) (Seminole, FL)
Son: Wilford Granville Jr Bishop (1903-1983)
   (m Margaret Uptegrove, Montgomery City, MO)
Dau: "infant daughter" Bishop
Dau: "infant daughter" Bishop
Son: Harry Samuel Bishop
    (1907-1982) (m Mary Belle Groby, Montgomery City, MO)
Dau: Alma Bishop (1909-1980) (m Garrett, Liberty, KY)
Son: Floyd Calvin Bishop (m Virginia Dee Jones, Vandalia, MO)
Dau: Floy Bishop (m Harold Reisch, Afton, MO)
Dau: Mary Virginia Bishop (?-1991) (m Wilbur Seitz, Falls Church, VA)
Son: Wendell Marvin Bishop
   (m1937 Dorothy Lucille Reagan, Montgomery City, MO)
Dau: Alice Camilla Bishop (m Jack Fryer, Little Rock, AR)

Photos probably taken when married or early 1900s. Wilford Granville "Bill" Bishop (1876-1957) married Mary Virginia Oliver (1876-1939) on 15 September 1897 in Montgomery County, Missouri. After Mary Virginia's death Wilford married Sadie Imogene (Paulus) (1903-1950). [Photo submitted by David S Bishop]

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Obituary Wilford Granville Bishop, St Louis, Missouri, 12 Sep 1957
Obituary Mary Virginia (Oliver) Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 4 June 1939
Obituary Sadie Imogene (Paulus) Bishop, Greenville, Missouri, 26 Jul 1950
Obituary Leola Bishop, Seminole, Florida, 28 Oct 1985
Obituary Harry Samuel Bishop, Jonesburg, Missouri, 4 Feb 1982
Obituary Alma (Bishop) Garrett, Liberty, Kentucky, 14 Nov 1980
Obituary Wilford Granville Jr Bishop, Montgomery City, Missouri, 22 Feb 1983
Obituary Floyd Calvin Bishop, Vandalia, Missouri, 12 Sep 2000
Cemetery Oliver - 1969 & 1932, Montgomery County, Missouri
Cemetery Montgomery City, Montgomery County, Missouri
Olivers in England, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri - Oliver W Lienhard
Floyd Ray and Patti Bishop, History of Audrain County, Mo - Update 1936-1986
Letter from Leola Bishop, Seminole, Florida, 4 Sept 1984
Wilford Granville Bishop - Loving Memory 1876-1976
Notes Helen F (Bishop) Jansen - St Louis, Missouri

Family Notes

From: William F Bishop
To: Joann Reagan
Cc: Shirley (Bishop) Keller; Margaret (Bishop) Fullerton; William F Bishop
Subject: Re: Oliver Genealogy - Montgomery County, Missouri
Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 7:57 AM

JoAnn,  I think you may have missed the point of the email...  :-)...
because "Page 26 lists Wilford Granville and Mary Virginia (Oliver) Bishop
and children." which information you may not have ever seen before...
goes all the way down to a woman named Dorothy (Regan) Bishop...  who
just might be related to you...  :-)...  had never seen the "The Olivers"
document before a couple of days ago, but guess it's well known among
local genealogists...
    Will keep an eye out for an email from the someone that you mention...
where was it that you said you live now?...  Bill Bishop
    -----Original Message-----
    From: JO REAGAN
    To: William F Bishop
    Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 10:03 PM
    Subject: Re: Oliver Genealogy - Montgomery County, Missouri

    Hi, Bill.  I'm not looking for Olivers; I was looking for Oliver
Mitchell.  However, I was going to contact you.  You might get an email
from Gloria Sargent Reagan/Ron Reagan regarding a gentleman that Ron
helped last week with his wrecker service.  The gentleman said he was a
nephew or great nephew of Harry Bishop.  It was unclear which Harry but
he told Ron that he knew he had relatives in Montgomery City.

    Thanks for the info re the Olivers, though.  I probably should
investigate the possiblity that Oliver Mitchell's mother or grandmother
might have been an Oliver.  I'm not doing this for myself but for
someone in Iowa who wrote to the Genealogical Society.
        -----Original Message-----
        From: William F Bishop
        To: Joann Reagan
        Cc: William F Bishop
        Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 9:07 PM
        Subject: Re: Oliver Genealogy - Montgomery County, Missouri

        Joann,  FYI...  also note page 26 of "Olivers in England,
Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri - Oliver W Lienhard"
if you haven't seen this before...    Bill Bishop

From: JO REAGAN To: William F Bishop Subject: Re: Reply to hint Date: Monday, February 05, 2001 9:56 PM More from the Reagans. Just got off the phone with cousin Vince Reagan. He definitely knew Wilford "Bill" Bishop and said he thought he knew your dad. Cousin Bill Reagan is sure he knew your dad, too. Both of them thought I was corresponding with a much older man and Vince said he thought Bill Bishop was dead. I told them that you were my age and Vince wasn't sure who you were. Hope this helps. I am sure that Bill Reagan would correspond with you if you want. Vince is pretty far away but he will be in Missouri this spring if all goes as he plans. Vince remembered about Wilford marrying Leola's friend and fellow teacher after Mary Virginia Oliver Bishop died. He told me the story before I read it on your website. You Bishops are interesting people. The Reagans seem to rarely marry twice after a spouse dies. Jo Ann Reagan From: JO REAGAN To: William F Bishop Date: Friday, February 02, 2001 12:34 PM Subject: Re: Reply to hint I think my cousin Bill (born 1931) probably knew your dad. I had heard my father speak of Melvin Bishop as being in the armed forces with a career. My cousin Vince most certainly knew them. Vince lives in Washington state and is currently the oldest member of the family. Thanks for the info and happy genealogy hunting! You have a great website. Jo Ann Reagan From: William F Bishop To: JoAnn Reagan Date: Friday, February 02, 2001 10:32 AM Subject: Re: Reply to hint JoAnn, most likely I [William Frank Jr and Patricia Ann (Mulholland) Bishop Family] (1944-) have never met your cousin Bill Reagan... guess it's possible tho he may have known my father William Frank Bishop (1921-1978) [William Frank and Marjorie Frances (Baker) Bishop Family] years ago... dad (and his brother Melvin Roy Bishop [Melvin Roy and Ruby Ann (Sims) Bishop Family]) was born and raised in Mexico, Audrain, Missouri, and went to the Mexico High School there about 1935-39... both dad and Melvin were in the Army National Guard in Mexico after high school and when their unit was activated during WW II both went to England then to France and Germany to fight... Dad got out of the Army about July 1945, came back to Mexico and settled near Laddonia to farm with his uncle Bill and Nettie (Bishop) Wyss while Melvin went on to a full 20 year career in the Army... in 1949 dad bought a 240 farm in western Audrain county which he sold in 1964 moving to Centralia, Boone, Missouri, where he built a house... I was raised on the farm in the 1950s and early 1960s... went to Friendship Country School 2nd thru 8th grade then to Centralia High School 1958-61... then to the University of Missouri 1961-1966 and into the US Air Force in March 1966 - September 1969... from then on lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Wichita, Kansas, to Melbourne, Florida... laided off in January 1991 and moved to Columbia, Missouri... then went to Kalamazoo, Michigan, from January 1994 till June 1996 and came back to Columbia, Missouri, which is where I'm at now... it's also possible that your cousin may have known another William/Bill Bishop but don't know who that might have been at this time... ttyl... Bill Bishop From: JO REAGAN To: William F Bishop Date: Friday, February 02, 2001 9:23 AM Subject: Re: Reply to hint My cousin Bill Reagan was visiting yesterday and he thinks he might know you? Did you grow up in Missouri? Who is your dad? Have a good day, Jo Ann Reagan From: William F Bishop To: Joann Reagan Date: Thursday, February 01, 2001 8:56 PM Subject: Re: Reply to hint JoAnn, based on what you are saying then looks like Dave and Charles Bishop are the sons of Harry Samuel and Mary Belle (Groby) Bishop Family as I note that Dave Stanhope Bishop Senior (Jonesburg, MO) has a brother Charles Arthur Bishop (High Hill, MO)... haven't conversed with Dave in a good many months and recently when I tried to use his Ktis email address it didn't seem to work... I have no knowledge really of who knows who or who is friends with whom among our Bishop line... about all I know is what I can guess based on what I have in the Friends of Bishop Genealogy website and what I might read from an obituary... :-)... in actually fact I'm pretty much an outsider in our general Bishop klan... From: JO REAGAN To: William F Bishop Date: Thursday, February 01, 2001 8:06 PM : Re: Reply to hint I really don't know which son goes with which father (David and Charles Bishop). Gail Robinson is indeed Larry's dad. The Bill Reagan is J. Dave Reagan's oldest son and Dorothy's second cousin. I thought you were corresponding with David Bishop? If you are, that is the same one who was a casketbearer. Charles is the same age as Helen Fay Bishop Jansen, Dorothy's daughter. He grew up in Jonesburg area, if that helps. I think Carl Porter is Dorothy's cousin on Alma's side. There were two Carls, as I recall, and I couldn't tell you which one was the casketbearer. Hope this helps. Jo Ann From: William F Bishop To: Joann Reagan Date: Thursday, February 01, 2001 6:01 PM Subject: Re: Reply to hint Reference: Wendell Marvin and Dorothy Lucille (Reagan) Bishop Family JoAnn, mostly wanted to make sure I had the two children (Robert Wendell Bishop and Helen Fay (Bishop) Jansen) correct in name and number on the family webpage... don't want to get too deep into detail... have added your email in the Family Notes and based on it made a few minor changes to the upper body of the family webpage... In Dorothy's obituary it's stated "Casketbearers include Carl Porter, Calvin Bishop, Dave Bishop, Charles Bishop, John Simpson and Don Cuno. Honorary casketbearers include Bill Reagan, Gail Robinson, Donald Truitt, Bob River and Dewitt Whylie."... I think I know who Calvin Bishop would be... but who are the parents of Dave Bishop and Charles Bishop?... I'm guessing Gail Robinson might be related to Beverly (Sublette) Robinson's husband Larry (maybe his father) but don't know for sure... Thanks for your input... Bill Bishop From: JO REAGAN To: William F Bishop Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 3:42 PM Subject: Reply to hint >Hi, Bill. Do you want info re John Michael Reagan, Jr., father of Dorothy >Lucille Reagan Bishop? Or re his father? By the way, Robert Wendell >Bishop, son of Dorothy Lucille Reagan Bishop and Wendell Bishop, married >Holly Horner. Their children are Tyler Warren and Libby Bishop. Robert >Wendell Bishop was born in 1951, as I have it. I don't have Holly's info, >other than her maiden name. > >John Michael Reagan, Jr. was the son of John Michael Reagan, Sr. and >Josephine Callahan. John Michael Reagan, Sr. was the son of Michael M. >Regan and Theresia Boegel. (John, Sr., Joseph, and Willliam, sons of >Theresia and Michael, changed the spelling to Reagan.) The Family History >will soon be printed and available. I am working on the final proofs. >JoAnn Reagan