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  Father: Shelton Alben Oliver
Mother: Sarah Virginia Bishop
Father: George Washington Bosley
Mother: Verona Elizabeth Huffman

Dau: Frances Willard Oliver
Dau: Winnie Davis Oliver (m ? Mudd, Sun City, CA)
Son: Edward Lee Oliver
Son: William Samuel Oliver (1904-1987) (m1930 Allevia Gooch, Mexico, MO)
Son: Raymond Oliver (New Florence, MO)

Edwin Shelton Oliver (1869-1935) married Sarah Josephine Bosley (1867-1960) on 3 March 1897. The Thomas Bishop Day Book passed down thru this family.

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Obituary William Samuel Oliver, Mexico, Missouri, 15 Dec 1987
Cemetery Oliver - 1969 & 1932, Montgomery County, Missouri
Olivers in England, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri - Oliver W Lienhard
Thomas Bishop Day Book (1729-1774 & 1804)

Family Notes

From: Eileen Colgan
To: Nancy (Hale) Stuart; William F Bishop;
Shirley (Bishop) Keller; Chester True;
Beverly Robinson
Cc: David Paulley; Bonnie Paulley
Subject: Fw: genealogy  attn; Eileen Colgan
Date: Monday, February 05, 2001 7:18 PM

Hello Cousins,
  I have located a few more members of the Bosley side of the family. Bessie Ellen
Bosley was married to Byron Rosewell Paulley. She is one of the daughters of George
Washington Bosley & Verona Huffman from Montgomery County Missouri.
  I have sent this CC: to Don and David Paulley so that you can say hello.
Regards, Eileen

For Don & Dave,
Beverly wrote;
"But...I did read more carefully the information you had sent to Bill Bishop, and your
family has another tie to my husband, Larry Robinson.  The BOSLEY name caught my eye
as I knew our Great Aunt Nannie Powell married James Russell Bosley in Montgomery City
on 26 Jan 1905.  They had the following children:  Bessie Orlee, Orva Alliene, Carrie
Louise, Nellie Maureen, and James Jr., (who died at birth, as did his mother a few
days later).  I am showing Verona Elizabeth "Huffman " Bosley, death date as 6 June,
1921.  Once again we find just how small the world really is.  Doing genealogy is
never dull.  What information are you wanting on the Graham's?
Beverly in Montgomery County, MO"
  The Bishop family is related to Sarah Josephine Bosley and Edward Shelton Oliver and
Chester True is the step-father of a descendant of Walter Case Bosley. I don't know if
the children of Nanny Powell and James Russell Bosley married or had children.

----- Original Message -----
From: Bonnie Paulley
Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2001 2:32 PM
Subject: genealogy attn; Eileen Colgan

Re:  Your inquiry about  Byron Roswell Paulley posted 11/1/2000.
I am the son of Byron, my mother was Besse Ellen Bosley.
They were married 11/1/21 in Casper, Wyoming.  They had 2 sons.  I have one of their
marriage announcements and also have many pictures.  I  could scan some of this and
send to you if you are interested.
  It is great to see someone else searching our line.   My mother was deeply into
geneaology, she would have loved the computer age.
Sincerely,  Don Bosley Paulley  bpaulley@vcn.c

David Paulley reply from the Genforum;
He (Byron) was my Grandfather...He started an oil company in Casper Wyoming(Polly Oil
Co) around 1923. He and his brother Gordon came to Casper as young men in their early
twenties. They also had a sister Mabel. Gordon had several children(One of whom has
the same name as I, and is an accomplished western artist), but I don't remember if
Mabel had any children.
  Byron had two sons:
Byron Jr. yob 1925
Don Bosley dob 07/09/29

  My Grandfather lived to be about 92, and was born January 24, 1896. He died in Tucson
AZ in 1988(If I remember correctly). The oil company he founded in Casper is
still in business now as Quality Petroleum.
  Although Bessie died ten days before I was born, I remember stories of her that she
was a very loving and caring person as well as being a very gifted artist. Bessie also
received accomodation from President Truman for her service in WWII.
  Byron Jr. Lives in Tucson AZ(has two daughters Sandy and Gloria)
  Don Bosley Paulley has several sons and daughters (in order of birth):
Donna Marie 4/11/53
Denise Ellen(has 3 children) 1/19/55
Don Bosley Jr. 9/27/56
Dennis William(has 3 children)4/25/58
David Byron--me (has 1 child) 1/18/63
Dale Lee(has 2 children) 12/5/65
  Don also adopted two children:
Dorothy Jo(has 3 children) 1/17/54
Daniel Charles(has two children)1/21/58
  My Grandfather's Father was Robert Paulley.
  I have the bible issued to Byron when he enlisted in WWI.
  That's about all I can remember with out having to go back home to WY to look though
the archives. Hope that helps.    David