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Father: Jonathan Gottlieb Wyss
Mother: Caroline (Goretz)
Father: Sinclair Jefferson Bishop
Mother: Emma Cordelia (Lyle)
Dau: Minnie Cordelia Wyss (1910-1976) (m John Albus, Laddonia, MO)
Dau: Nadine Katherine Wyss (1912-1978) (m William Bradley, Mexico, MO)
Dau: Nettie Marie Wyss (1915-1985) (m Forrest Brown, Mexico, MO)

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Bill and Nettie Wyss 1909 Wedding

Marie, Katherine and Minnie Wyss
in their farm frontyard, Laddonia, MO, 1939
(submitted by James Bradley)

Bill and Nettie Wyss 50 years in 1959
William B "Bill" Wyss (1888-1966) was born in Halstead, Kansas, of Mennonite parents. At at early age he was placed in an orphanage but ran away. He took a train which eventually came to Mexico, Missouri, where Bill got off and decided to stay. When getting off the train he looked around and saw a sign that said Peterson Coal Company and decided to take the name of Peterson which he used for a number of years. He married Nettie Bishop (1890-1989) the 23 December 1909 in Rush Hill, Mexico, Missouri. Bill and Nettie Wyss raised three daughters. Both Bill and Nettie are buried in the East Lawn Cemetery, Mexico, Missouri. [Submitted by James W Bradley]

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Obituary William B Wyss, Auxvasse, Missouri, 2 Apr 1966
Obituary Nettie (Bishop) Wyss, Mexico, Missouri, 28 Jul 1989
Obituary Minnie Cordelia (Wyss) Albus, Shelbina, Missouri, 20 Jun 1996
Obituary Nadine Katherine (Wyss) Bradley, Mexico, Missouri, ?? Sep 1978
Obituary Nettie Marie (Wyss) Brown, Mexico, Missouri, ?? Nov 1985
East Lawn Cemetery, Mexico, Audrain, Missouri
Descendants of Gottlieb and Karleina (Goertz) Wyss

Family Notes

Uncle Bill was born in a Mennonite family near Halstead, KS.
While still young he was placed in an orphange home.  "They
spanked the children once a week whether they needed it or not."
So he ran away.  He got on a train.  When he got off the train he
was in Mexico, MO.  There was a Peterson Coal Company there
so he took the last name of Peterson and settled in Mexico, MO.
Later he married Aunt Nettie and operated a farm near Laddonia,
MO.  He died in 1967 in Audrain County hospital in Mexico after
a short illness. - William Frank Bishop Jr.

Visit with Nettie (Bishop) Wyss, 28 July 1983 Samuel D Bishop, brother of Sinclair J Bishop, died Sept 6, 1899, aged 54 years, 8 mon, 4 days. Had three daughters; married once. Went to California when he was young. Visited with Emma C (Lyle) and Sinclair J Bishop when Nettie was 8 or 9 years old. Ruth Bishop 1m Lewis Wilingham, 2m ? Robbins, 3m Marion Coe. Maude Bishop married James Wills. They had daughter Emma Frances Wills. Emma 1m Jesse Owns (had son J.W. Owens), 2m Edgar Dry, 3m Wills Yowells. Elizabeth Bishop was daughter of Fountain Bishop. She lived in Dearborn, Michigan. Nettie visited them in 1969. Had a daughter. Married to Roy Webster.
Visit with Nettie (Bishop) Wyss, 9 August 1983 Aunt Nettie's house in Mexico, Missouri. Nettie and Minnie were there. Maria Ann Powers John Albus - father Henry Albus married Harriet (Byers). Elsie (Anderson) Chicago, Illinois? Son of Clara O Anderson Nellie married Roy Saxs, Vandalia, Hannibal Leona got married William Anna B Moore maybe a Pease before marriage. Mrs Pease some kin to Clara's mother. Katheryn (Waller) Lyle burried in Macon, Mo area. Uncle Bill [Wyss] folks buried in northeast corner of cemetery in Halstead, Kansas. James Bradley Mary Edna Long father is Herbert Long mother is Lillian (Levert) James Wray Bradley Joseph Earl Bradley Jeffrey Daniel Bradley Lonnie [Bradley] married Velma Poole who had been married before. Aunt Betty's children: Susan, Peggy, Paul, Scott, Mathew. Visited Elmwood Cemetery, west part of Mexico, Missouri Lyle, Martin J., 23 Nov 1871 - 14 Apr 1948 Lyle, Flora M., 05 Oct 1882 - 29 Apr 1971 Lyle, Elizabeth, 1919 - 1922 Lyle Nova William 24 Sep 1906 - 21 Apr 1973 Pvt US Army