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Samuel, young James Bishop, Alice
Mid L2R: Howell, Roy and Harry
Rear L2R: Addison, Eliud, Samuel, Wilford and John

Sam and Alice Bishop

Father: Granville Addison Bishop
Mother: Mary Ann Spears
Father: Wilford Hayden
Mother: Seine Powers

Son: Eliude Adolphus Bishop
Son: Wilford Granville Bishop
Son: Samuel Clarence Bishop
Son: John DeWitte Bishop
Son: Addison Bishop
Son: Roy Cleveland Bishop
Son: Harry Stanley Bishop
Son: Howell Bishop (1891-1991)
    (m Minnie Frances Harris, Wellsville, MO)
Son: "infant son" Bishop
Son: James Morton Bishop (1898-1937)
    (m Marlene Dowling, Montgomery City, MO)

Alice Bishop
Wilford and Scena (Powers) Hayden
Family photo is of "The Bishop Family - Prize Winning Family" (Family with the most boys) taken in the Montgomery City, MO Street Fair, 1898. Samuel Calvin Bishop (1849-1931) married Alice Hayden (1855-1950) on the 24 December 1872 in Montgomery County, Missouri. Together they raised nine sons to adulthood. Sam and Alice are buried in the Bethel Cemetery west of Montgomery City near the Callaway County line. [Photos submitted by Margaret J Fullerton and Gail Hartman.]

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Obituary Samuel Calvin Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 24 Jul 1931
Obituary Alice (Hayden) Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 12 Dec 1950
Obituary Elieud Adolphus Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 28 Jun 1923
Obituary Wilford Granville Bishop, St Louis, Missouri, 12 Sep 1957
Obituary John DeWitte "Jack" Bishop, Montgomery City, Missouri, 31 Dec 1965
Obituary Addison Bishop, New Florence, Missouri, 13 May 1931
Obituary Roy Cleveland Bishop, St Petersburg, Florida, 1 Dec 1988
Obituary Harry Stanley Bishop, Middletown, Missouri, 17 Sep 1964
Obituary Howell Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 8 Apr 1991
Obituary James Morton Bishop, Montgomery City, Missouri, 20 Sep 1973
Cemetery Bethel - 1966, Montgomery County, Missouri
Cemetery Montgomery City, Montgomery County, Missouri
How It Was In Days Gone By, Wellsville, Missouri, 11 Aug 1982
Seine Powers Hayden - Great-Grandmother of Leola Bishop, 1982
Some Bishop Ancestory - from Leola Bishop, 1982
Bethel 1869-1969, Methodist Episcopal Church, Montgomery County, Missouri
Bishop Reunion, Montgomery City, 3 June 1995 - Montgomery County, Missouri
Birthday Celebration Alice (Hayden) Bishop, St Petersburg, Florida, 28 Mar 1941
Notes Wilford and Scena (Powers) Hayden Family
Alice (Hayden) Bishop Line - Descendants of John Powers

Family Notes
Samuel Calvin BISHOP
 Sex:  M
 Spouse:  Alice HAYDEN
 Marriage:  24 Dec 1872
  Of, San Jose, Santa Clara, California