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Sinclair and Emma Bishop
Father: Tyra D Bishop(1816-1905)
Mother: Rebecca Wilburn(1816-1899)
Father: Richard Lyle(?-1902)
Mother: Catherine Waller(1844-1913)

   Family Line Photos
   Family Line Photos

Dau: Nettie Bishop (1890-1989) (m William Wyss, Laddonia, MO)
Dau: Maude Bishop (1891-1956) (m James Lee Wills, Mexico,MO)
Dau: Ruth Bishop (1896-1965) (m1 Willingham, m2 Robbins, m3 Marion Coe, Springfield, IL)
Son: Frank Lyle Bishop (1899-1962) (m Clara Odessa Anderson, Mexico, MO)

Photo take probably around 1900-1910. Sinclair Jefferson "Sink" Bishop (1861-1918) married Emma Cordelia "Nanel" Lyle (1866-1957) on 16 November 1887 in Shamrock, Missouri. Sinclair Bishop was from Callaway County and Emma Lyle was from Macon County, Missouri. Both are buried in the Liberty Church Cemetery in Callaway County.

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Obituary Sinclair Jefferson Bishop, Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri, 17 Sep 1918
Obituary Emma Cordelia (Lyle) Bishop, Laddonia, Missouri, 16 May 1957
Obituary Nettie (Bishop) Wyss, Mexico, Missouri, 28 Jul 1989
Obituary Frank Lyle Bishop, St Charles, Missouri, 21 Aug 1962
Obituary Maude (Bishop) Wills, Mexico, Missouri, 18 Nov 1956
Obituary Ruth (Bishop-Willingham-Robbins) Coe, Springfield, Illinois, 25 Nov 1965
Students of Hazel Dell School House, Callaway County, 24 March 1877

Family Notes

Fulton Callaway Weekly Gazette, Callaway County, Missouri, 25 November 1887
    Married Nov 16th by Elder Magee, Sinclair J. Bishop of Shamrock &
Miss Emma O Lyle of near Martinsburg.

Montomery City Montgomery Standard, Montgomery County, MO, 9 December 1887
    Audrain Co, MO at bride's home at Martinsburg, Sinclair J. Bishop of
Shamrock and Miss Emma O. Lyle by Elder Samuel Magee of Martinsburg.

1910 MO Census Audrain County 3,4,9 Bishop, Sink J H 49 MO Emma C W 44 MO Mod D 18 Wash Ruth D 15 MO Frank L S 10 MO