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Mattie and Lena Bishop
[photo from James W Bradley]
Father: Tyra D Bishop (1816-1905)
Mother: Rebecca Wilburn (1816-1899)
Father: George Peery (1828-1897)
Mother: Elizabeth Smith (1831-1890)

   Family Line Photos
   Family Line Photos

Dau: Lena Frances Bishop (1884-1936)
    (m1920 William A Shulse, Hannibal, MO; m2 John M Jr Shulse, St Louis, MO)
Dau: Mary Etta Bishop (1886-1957)
    (m1 Jesse S Woodson; m2 W D Long, Hannibal, MO; m3 Louis A Peterson, Hannibal, MO)
Dau: Mattie P Bishop (1894-1918) (m1915 Everett E Perkins, Hannibal, MO)
Son: Carl R Bishop (1904-1909) (Hannibal, MO)

Tyra D Bishop Jr (1852-1918) married Nancy "Nannie" Peery (1859-1904) on 17 February 1883 in Mexico, Missouri. Nannie died just after giving birth to son, Carl, when they lived in Shamrock, Callaway County. Carl died in 1909 of scarlet fever in Hannibal. In 1910 Lena and Mattie were living in Hannibal with their father. Mary was also living with them along with her husband, Jesse Woodson, and their daughter Nannie. In 1920 Lena was living with her sister, Mary Woodson, tho their father, Tyra, had died in 1918. Tyra, Nannie, Mary, and Mattie are buried in Liberty Church Cemetery in Callaway County. Carl is buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Hannibal. Lena is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in St Louis.

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Obituary Tyra D Jr Bishop, Hannibal, Missouri, 16 Nov 1918
Obituary Nancy (Peery) Bishop, Shamrock, Missouri, 2 Feb 1904
Obituary Lena Frances (Bishop-Shulse) Shulse, St Louis, Missouri, 01 May 1936
Obituary Mary Etta (Bishop-Woodson) Peterson, Hannibal, Missouri, 20 Nov 1957
Obituary Mattie (Bishop) Perkins, Kansas City, Missouri, 21 Oct 1918
Obituary Carl R Bishop, Hannibal, Marion, Missouri, 31 March 1909
Cemetery Liberty Christian Church, (northwest of) Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri
Peery - Missouri Newspaper Death Index

Family Notes

Liberty Church Cemetery, Callaway County, Shamrock, Missouri.
Bishop, Tyra D Jr   17 May 1852 - 16 Nov 1918
Bishop, Nancy       10 Feb 1859 -  2 Feb 1904 (wife/Tyra Bishop)
Peterson, Mary      24 Feb 1886 - 20 Nov 1957
Perkins, Mattie     1894-1918 (wife/EE Perkins)

List of Deaths in Hannibal, Missouri, 1880-1910
Bishop, Carl R.  Born:  Callaway County.  Father:  Tyre Bishop.
    5 years 2 month, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hannibal
    20 March 1909 of Scarlet Fever

[statement of Otis R Woodson, 24 July 2001]
According to the monument in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, [1800 Fulton Ave
South Side] Hannibal, Missouri
Carl R Bishop	Born Feb 1, 1904	Died Mar 31, 1909

IGI Nannie PEERY (AFN: G14B-6C) Sex: F Event(s): Birth: 9 Feb 1859 , Tazewell, Va Parents: Father: George PEERY (AFN: G12J-ND) Mother: Elizabeth SMITH (AFN: G14B-3T) Marriage(s): Spouse: Tyray BISHOP (AFN: G14B-C7) Marriage:
Fulton Callaway Weekly Gazette, Callaway Co, Missouri, 5 March 1886 3/5 Born to the wife of Tyra D Bishop Jr on Tuesday, February 23, a nine pound girl. [Mary Etta Bishop-wfb]
1900 MO Census Callaway, Shamrock Twp 14,34,11,2 Bishop, Tyre D H May 1852 48 MO Nancy C W Feb 1859 41 MO Lina G D Nov 1883 16 MO Mary E D Feb 1886 14 MO Mattie P D Aug 1894 5 MO
1910 (20Apr) MO Census Marion, Hannibal (704 O'Fallon) 65,109,235 (p164) Bishop, Tyra ? 58 MO [Woodson] Jesse H 26 MO Mary W 26 MO Mannie D 4 MO Bishop, Lena 26 MO Border Mattie 25 MO Border
1920 (13Jan) MO Census Marion, Hannibal (704 O'Fallon) 66,108,14,2 (p446) Woodson, Jessie S H 36 MO Mary E W 33 MO Mannie D 13 MO Virginia D 4 6/12 MO Matalene D 1 8/12 OK Bishop, Lena S/L 36 MO
Hannibal City Directory 1920 Bishop Miss Lena wks White Star Ldy r 704 Vine Perkins Everett wks Burl r 723 Bird (Burlington RR Shops) Shulse John M (Nancy A) r 1804 Hope Ave Shulse John M Jr (Ida) contr 1918 Hope Ave Shulse Wm A wks Cement r 1804 Hope Ave Woodson Jesse S (Mary) wks Burl r 1503 Park Ave
Hannibal City Directory 1923 Shulse John M (Nancy A) r 1804 Hope Ave Shulse Lena wid Wm A emp White Star Ldy r 2006 Spruce Perkins Everette E (Violet) r 712 Center Woodson Jesse S (Mary) lab r 1503 Park Ave
Hannibal City Directory 1931 Perkins Everett E (Violet; 3) emp Intl Shoe Co h3226 James Gravel Rd Woodson Mary r 223 S4th