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Joseph and Mary Ann Clement
Father: Robert Clement
Mother: Elizabeth Thomas
Father: John Spears (?-1835)
Mother: Jane Pope Lail (1828-1919)

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Dau: Laura Clement (1864-1865)
Son: George W Clement (1866-1933)
Dau: Permelia Jane Clement (1868-1963) (m Emery Milton Brower)
Son: Charles Edward Clement (1871-1958)
Dau: Ellen Bell Clement (1873-1961)

Joseph Jones Clement (1812-1902) was born in Fluvanna County, Virginia and died at age 90 in Callaway County, Missouri. He was married first to Catherine Smith in Virginia and second to Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) (1828-1919) widow of Granville Addison Bishop. Joseph and Mary Clement are buried at High Point Cemetery in Callaway County. [Photo submitted by Gail Haferkamp]

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Obituary Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement, Callaway County, Missouri, 31 Jan 1919
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Obituary Emery Milton Brower, Wellsville, Missouri, 15 Feb 1942
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Descendants of Joseph Jones Clement & Mary Ann (Spears) Bishop, Callaway County, MO
Letter from Joseph W Clement, Wellsville, MO, Jan 1985
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