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  Father: Samuel A Bishop (1786-1864)
Mother: Sarah Via (1788-1840)
Father: John Spears (?-1835)
Mother: Jane Pope Lail (1828-1919)

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Dau: Sarah Virginia "Jennie" Bishop (1846-1926) (m1864 Robert G Turk, Harwood, MO)
Son: Samuel Calvin Bishop (1849-1931) (m1872 Alice Hayden)
Son: Beverley Allen Bishop (1852-1914) (m1876 Eliza Jane Coil)
Son: John Andrew "Jack" Bishop (1855-1951) (m Amanda McCormack;
    m1883 Melvina E Newlee; m Orpha Cash Newlee)
Son: David A Bishop (1858-1883) (m Martha Ann Coil)
Son: "infant son" Bishop
Son: Granville Addison Bishop (1860-1956) (m Russie Effie Elgin)

Granville Addison Bishop (1822-1861) was born in Virginia but came to Missouri at the age of 13 years with his father's family in 1835. He married Mary Ann (Spears) (1828-1919) about 1847 and lived in Montgomery County. Granville had strong feelings for the cause of the south as the Civil War years approached. This resulted in his death in July 1861 by Union soldiers at his farm five miles west of Montgomery City. His wife and a slave buried him in the dark of the night on the farm. Mary later married Joseph Jones Clement and had five more children. Mary and Joseph Clement are buried at High Point Cemetery in Callaway County.

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