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David Bishop
Anna Bishop [submitted by Rosalie Wertz]
Father: Samuel A Bishop (1786-1864)
Mother: Sarah Via (1788-1840)

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Son: Robert W Bishop (1847-1877)
Dau: Sarah Elizabeth Bishop (1849-1909) (m John Smith)
Dau: Margaret Jane Bishop (1849-1914) (m1892 Edward Dickey, m1904 James W Clement?)
Son: William S Bishop (1850-1873)
Dau: Anna H Bishop (1857-1923) (unmarried)
Dau: Mary Bishop (1858-1906) (unmarried)
Dau: Ida Bishop (1862-1905) (unmarried)

Son: Orrin O Bishop (1866-1950) (m1898 Alpharetta Hancock)
Photo probably 1870-1880s. David J Bishop (1820-1902) came to Missouri with his father's family in 1835 from Albemarle County, Virginia. David married Harriet (McCormack) (1827-1875) in 1846 and they had eleven children. The family lived in the Montgomery and Callaway County area. David, Harriet, Robert W, William S, Anna H, Mary, Ida are buried in New Providence Baptist Church Cemetery, Montgomery County. Orrin and Sarah Elizabeth are buried in Bethel Church Cemetery in Montgomery County. The oldest children Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" and Margaret "Maggie" were twins.

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Obituary David J Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 26 Feb 1902
Obituary Harriet (McCormack) Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 23 Nov 1875
Obituary Sarah Elizabeth (Bishop) Smith, Montgomery County, Missouri, 19 Dec 1909
Obituary Margaret Jane (Bishop-Dickey) Clement, Wellsville, Missouri, 22 Jan 1914
Obituary Orin O Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 3 Oct 1950
Obituary Alpharetta (Hancock) Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 16 Dec 1944
Obituary Mary Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 14 Sep 1906
Obituary Anna H Bishop, Wellsville, Missouri, 28 Mar 1923
Obituary Miss Ida Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 23 Oct 1905
Cemetery New Providence Baptist Church, Montgomery County, Missouri
Cemetery Bethel - 1966, Montgomery County, Missouri

Family Notes

1850 (7 Oct) MO Census      Callaway County, 12th District, #1273
Bishop,David    29 M VA [b1820 David J Bishop m1846 Harriet (McCormack)] farmer
  Harriet       23 F MO [b1827 Harriet (McCormack)]
  Robert W       3 M MO [b1847 Robert W Bishop]
  Sarah E        2 F MO [b1849 Sarah Elizabeth Bishop]
  Margaret I     2 F MO [b1849 Margaret Jane Bishop]

Montgomery County Missouri Marriages 1880-1899 13 August 1892, Miss Maggie Bishop & Mr. Edward Dickey. Montgomery County Missouri Marriages 1898-1901 Bishop, Orin O & Hancock, Alpharetta, 23 February 1898