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Samuel A Bishop
(submitted by Rosalie Wertz)
Father: James Bishop (1744-1833)
Mother: Elizabeth Penn (c1753-c1833)
Father: William Via
Mother: Mary Craig

Son: Tyra D Bishop (1816-1905)
   (m1838 Rebecca Wilburn, Shamrock, MO)
Dau: Mary Elizabeth Bishop (1818-1902)
   (m1839 Albert George Peery, Wellsville, MO)
Son: David J Bishop (1820-1902)
   (m1846 Harriet McCormack, west Montgomery County, MO)
Son: Granville Addison Bishop (1822-1861)
   (m1847 Mary Ann Spears, west Montgomery County, MO)
Son: Beverly A Bishop (1824-1844)
Son: Samuel Addison Bishop (1825-1893)
   (m1856 Frances Ella Young, San Jose, CA)
Dau: Sarah Virginia Bishop (1827-1904)
   (m1850 Shelton Alben Oliver, west Montgomery County, MO)
Son: William C Bishop (1829-1873)
Son: Frank Bishop (1831-?)
Son: Edwin L Bishop (1833-?)
Dau: Ardena F Bishop (1835-?)

Samuel A Bishop (1786-1864) was born in Albemarle County, Virginia. On 19 February 1816 in Albemarle county he married Sarah "Sally" Via (1788-1840). All of their children seem to have been born in Albemarle County before in 1835 (19 years later) they moved to Montgomery County, Missouri. Samuel's father and mother, James and Elizabeth Bishop, having moved to Albemarle County from Burlington County, New Jersey, in 1782, had lived the remaining years there before their death in 1833. Samuel's sister, Rebecca, also came to Montgomery County apparently with the family. Her tombstone (buried with Samuel, Sarah and Beverley) shows her name to be Rebecca Counts.

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Obituary Tyra D Bishop, Callaway County, Missouri, 13 Oct 1905
Obituary David J Bishop, Montgomery County, Missouri, 26 Feb 1902
Obituary Samuel Addison Bishop, Santa Clara County, California, 3 Jun 1893
Obituary Sarah Virginia (Bishop) Oliver, Callaway County, Missouri, 17 Jun 1904
Cemetery Samuel/Sarah/Beverly/Rebecca Bishop, 1840-74
Cemetery Granville Addison Bishop Gravestones, 1858-61
Cemetery Liberty Christian Church, (northwest of) Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri
Cemetery Peery, Montgomery County, (2 miles East on Rte CC) Wellsville, Missouri
Thomas Bishop Day Book (1729-1774 & 1804)
James Bishop, Will Bk 11, p210, Albemarle Co, VA (26 Jun 1821) Proved 6 May 1833
Marriage Bond, Samuel Bishop & Sarah Via, Albemarle, VA, 19 Feb 1816
James Bishop, Pioneer Families of Missouri by Bryan & Rose
Counts, Rebecca, sister of Sam'l Bishop, born June 3, 1793, died Aug 9, 1874, MO
Some Bishop Ancestory - from Leola Bishop, 1982
Grantor: Samuel Bishop Heirs, Grantee: Dan'l C. Hays, 9 Nov 1866, Callaway County, Missouri
Land Sales - Recorders Office, Callaway County, Missouri
Uncle Tyra Bishop of Shamrock, Auxvasse Review, Auxvasse, Mo, 25 August 1904
William Via III Will, Albemarle, Virginia, August 1836
Via Family History

Family Notes

Source:  Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Page
Genealogy  Report: Descendants of John Garrison

1835: Robert Garrison may have moved to Missouri along with Samuel Bishop,
husband of Sarah Via.

Dec. 14, 1850: Robert Garrison given power of attorney to represent a
Missouri family in a Albemarle County estate settlement. Samuel A. Bishop
of Callaway County, Missouri, granted Garrison, of Rockingham County, power
to act on the behalf of Tyra Bishop; Albert Perry and his wife Mary, the
late Mary S. Bishop; David Bishop; Granville Bishop; and Sarah N. Bishop
to collect monies due them from the estate of William and Mary Via.
(Callaway County is due west of St. Louis.) William Via had died about
Aug. 1, 1836, and left everything to his wife, Mary. Upon her death, his
estate passed to their children, daughters Sally, Nancy Craig, Anna,
Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca Craig and Eliza Gaine. Mary Via died about 1850,
leaving property valued at $388.26 to be distributed among the heirs. Husband's Name William VIA (AFN:M282-QN) Born: 1761 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Died: 27 Jun 1836 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Married: 7 Dec 1784 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Father: William VIA (AFN:M283-BQ) Mother: Sarah (AFN:M282-M5) Wife's Name Mary CRAIG (AFN:M282-RT) Born: 1768 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Died: Bef 3 1849 Dec Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Married: 7 Dec 1784 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Father: Thomas CRAIG (AFN:M28V-8K) Mother: Jane JAMESON (AFN:M28V-9Q) Children 1. Sex Name M David VIA (AFN:M282-T6) Born: Abt 1790 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Died: 25 Apr 1857 Place: , Augusta, Virginia 2. Sex Name F Sarah VIA (AFN:M282-WJ) Born: Abt 1795 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Died: Bef 3 1849 Dec Place: 3. Sex Name F Nancy Craig VIA (AFN:M283-01) Born: Abt 1801 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 4. Sex Name F Anna VIA (AFN:M283-16) Born: Abt 1803 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 5. Sex Name F Elizabeth VIA (AFN:M283-2C) Born: Abt 1805 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 6. Sex Name M Thomas Craig VIA (AFN:M282-S1) Born: 1785 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Died: 9 Sep 1875 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 7. Sex Name M Reuben VIA (AFN:M282-ZV) Born: 1799 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Died: 1872 Place: , , Va 8. Sex Name M Tarlton VIA (AFN:M283-3J) Born: 1800 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 9. Sex Name F Rebecca Craig VIA (AFN:M283-5V) Born: 1810 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 10. Sex Name F Eliza Jane VIA (AFN:M283-62) Born: 1811 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 11. Sex Name M Thompson VIA (AFN:M283-4P) Born: 1806 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 12. Sex Name M William VIA (AFN:M282-XP) Born: 1798 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 13. Sex Name F Mary Jameson VIA (AFN:M283-77) Born: 1813 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia 14. Sex Name M Jonathan VIA (AFN:M282-VC) Born: 28 Sep 1797 Place: , Albemarle, Virginia Died: 11 Feb 1888 Place:
1850 (7 Oct) MO Census Callaway County, 12th District, #1274 Bishop Sam'l 63 M VA farmer Virginia 22 F VA Rebecca 58 F VA
1860 (26 Jul) MO Census Montgomery, Upper Loutre Twp, PO Wellsville #716 Oliver, Shelton 38 M KY farmer Virginia 32 F VA William S 5 M MO Mary E 2 F MO Bishop, Saml 75 M VA Counts, Rebecca 64 F VA