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Shamrock Area Map

James and Elizabeth (Penn) Bishop Family [Albemarle County, Virginia]
Jacob and Elizabeth (Spears) Coil Family [Bourbon County, Kentucky]
George and Martha (Davidson) Peery Family [Tazewell County, Virginia]

First Generation (Pioneer Parents)

Samuel A and Sarah (Via) Bishop Family (Mongtomery: from Virginia in 1835)
Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement Family (Montgomery: VA early 1860s)
Wesley and Mary Ann (Bybee) Bishop Family (Callaway: from Kentucky about 1857)
Greenberry and Zerelda Emeline (Castlio) Bishop Family (Audrain: from Kentucky about 1847)
Levin and Judith (Booth) Bishop Family (Boone: from Kentucky about 1830)
Galen E Bishop Family (Buchanan: from Kentucky in 1843)
Charles and Mary C (Masters) Bishop Family (Saline: from Kentucky in 1840)
Massey Bishop Family (Maries: from Tennessee)
William and Bettie (Kaer) Bishop Family (Saline: from Kentucky in 1858)
John Kelly and Susan (Mayse) Bishop Family (Saline: from Kentucky before 1881)
Rezin Laury and Rebecca A (Howell) Bishop Family (Perry: from Tennessee)
Henry Bishop Family (Scott: before 1830)
Frederick K and Nancy Ann (Homesley) Bishop Family (Lincoln: from Virginia before 1838)
John and ? (?) Bishop Family (Callaway: before 1901)
John A and Elizabeth (Doan) Bishop Family (Audrain: before 1846)
Abner and Sarah (?) Bishop Family (Cape Girardeau: from Tennessee before 1858)
John Granville and Martha Ann (Hanlin) Bishop Family (Adair: before 1870)
John and Jane Pope (Lail) Spears Family (Montgomery: from Kentucky in 1830)
John R and Sophronia (Hunter) Bishop Family (Lincoln?)
Gustavus Adolphus and Patience Monroe (Bishop) Parsons Family (Cole: from Virginia in 1835)
Pitman and Hannah (?) Bishop Family (Warren: from Virginia before 1865)
John and Mary (Curtis) Wilburn Family (Boone: from Tennessee before 1816)
Noah and Elizabeth (Lail) Coil Family (Callaway: from Bourbon Co, KY in 1825)
Elijah and Lucinda (Lail) Coil Family (Callaway: from Bourbon Co, KY in ?)
Joseph Davidson and Sarah Elizabeth (Hall) Peery Family (Montgomery: from Tazewell Co, VA bef 1846
Robert and Anna (unknown) Blackshaw Family (Montgomery: from England in 1849)
Joshua and Catherine (Templeton) Bishop Family (Pike: from York Co, SC about 1812)

Second Generation

David J and Harriet (McCormack) Bishop Family (Montgomery)
Shelton Alben and Sarah Virginia (Bishop) Oliver Family (Montgomery)
Granville Addison and Mary Ann (Spears) Bishop Family (Montgomery)
Albert George and Mary Elizabeth (Bishop) Peery Family (Montgomery, Callaway)
Tyra D and Rebecca (Wilburn) Bishop Family (Callaway)
Samuel Addison and Frances Ella (Young) Bishop Family (San Jose, CA)
John and Virginia (Garner) Armstrong Family (Callaway)
Solomon and Permelia (Renfro) Coil Family (Callaway)
Jacob and Lydia Elizabeth (Helms) Coil Family (Callaway)
Elmer Peirce and Watoga Pocahontus (Bishop) Johnson Family (Audrain, Montgomery)
Napoleon and Martha (Young) Bishop Family (Warren)
John Daniel and Nannie A (Moore) Bishop Family (Howell)
Shelby R and Martha (Young-Bishop) Bishop Family (Audrain, St Charles)
Richard and Catherine (Waller) Lyle Family (Macon)
John Granville and Zora Cornelia (Devine) Bishop Family (Dade)
Thaddeus K and Nancy (Carico) Bishop Family (Montgomery?)
John Richard and Ellen (Sheets) Bishop Family (Montgomery)
Douglas E and Drucilla May (Gray) White Family (Audrain)
? and Lydia (?) Bishop Family (Montgomery)
Jefferson H and Sarah J (Rodgers) Bishop Family (Audrain, Callaway)
Jerret Thomas and Mary (Wilburn) Harris Family (Callaway)
Sinclair and Susan (Coil) Wilburn Family (Audrain)
Seaton Henry and Mary (?) Palmer Family
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Peery) Peery Family (Audrain: from Tazewell Co, VA in 1840)
John Robert and Mary Ann (Peery) Nation Family
David Gordon and Elizabeth (Blackshaw) Peery Family
Joseph Samuel and Mary Catherine (Williams) Peery Family
Charles William and Martha Caroline (Beckham) Peery Family
Albert Leslie and Hannah (Blackshaw) Nation Family
George Washington and Verona Elizabeth (Huffman) Bosley Family

Third Generation

John R and Mary Jane (Bishop) Hassler Family
Samuel D and Viola M (Mallory) Bishop Family
Fountain W and Anna P (Armstrong) Bishop Family
Tyra D Jr and Nancy K (Peery) Bishop Family
Sinclair Jefferson and Emma Cordelia (Lyle) Bishop Family
Samuel Calvin and Alice (Hayden) Bishop Family
Jonathan Gottlieb and Caroline (Goretz) Wyss Family
William Samuel and Lucy Mildred (Ward) Oliver Family
Edwin Shelton and Sarah Josephine (Bosley) Oliver Family
Finley Bishop and Jessie Henrietta (Scott) Johnson Family
Granville Addison and Russie Effie (Elgin) Bishop Family
Robert G and Sarah Virginia (Bishop) Turk Family
David A and Martha Ann (Coil) Bishop Family
Beverly Allen and Eliza Jane (Coil) Bishop Family
Elijah Ninon and Elizabeth Jane (Palmer) Coil Family
William Thomas and ? (?) Palmer Family
John Andrew and Amanda (McCormack) Bishop Family
Harry G and Virginia (Bishop) Brown Family
William Addison and Eliza (?) Bishop Family
Martin Jude and Flora (Balfour) Lyle Family
Thomas Jefferson and Laura Ellen (Taylor) Bishop Family
Benjamin F and Mary Elizabeth (Havener) Bishop Family
George W and Annie Sarah (Stevens) Bishop Family
William Henry and Effie Elizabeth (White) Anderson Family
John William and Lula (Lail) Bishop Family (Audrain)
Noah and Lucy A (?) Wilburn Family
James Bushnell and Elizabeth (McCord) Coil Family
Fielding and Eliza Jane (Peery) Hays Family
Granville Addison and Sarah (Blackshaw) Peery Family
James Pleasant and Lucy (Lail) Covington Family
Henry Ota and Anna R (Hart) Peery Family
James S and Harriet Eveline (Hendrix) Woodson Family
Shelton and Margaret A (Scholl) Armstrong Family
Edward Carter and Mary Elizabeth (Oliver) Poindexter Family

Fourth Generation

Frank Lyle and Clara Odessa (Anderson) Bishop Family
William B and Nettie (Bishop) Wyss Family
Roy Cleveland and Lela May (Eames) Bishop Family
Clarence Cleveland and Mattie Iola (Oliver) Powell Family
William Samuel and Allevia (Gooch) Oliver Family
William Price and Ruth Ann (Johnson) Hale Family
Wilford Granville and Mary Virginia (Oliver) Bishop Family
Harry Stanley and Eunice Alvia (Clement) Bishop Family
Addison and Susan Marie (Pemberton) Bishop Family
John DeWitte and Lottie Bell (Brown) Bishop Family
Eliude Adolphus and Sarah Willie (Hudson) Bishop Family
Samuel Clarence and Susan (Maxey) Bishop Family
Howell and Minnie Frances (Harris) Bishop Family
James Morton and Marelene Margaret (Dowling) Bishop Family
Everett E and Mattie (Bishop) Perkins Family
Bertley Edward and Daisy Lee (Hendricks) Bishop Family
Beverly Granville and Mary (Wilkerson) Bishop Family
Alonzo Solomon and Leta (Covington) Bishop Family
John R and Nettie Ellen (Bishop) Bishop Family
Glenwood R and Nora Elizabeth (Coil) Bishop Family
Leslie E and Ethel C (Walker) Bishop Family
Samuel A and Althea Jane (Peery) Bishop Family
C J and Mary Viola (Hassler) Muster Family
N Robert and Margaret Caroline (Hassler) Burt Family
? and Lucile Virginia (Wilburn) Robinson Family
James Lee and Maude (Bishop) Wills Family
Marion and Ruth (Bishop) Coe Family
Jesse S and Mary Etta (Bishop) Woodson Family
Charles and Eathel Edna (May) Leverett Family
William A and Lena Frances (Bishop) Schulse Family
William Shelton and Ethel (Lail) Armstrong Family
George W Jr and Phyllis Jane (Dunn) Bishop Family
Frank G and Lena Alma (Mitchell) Poindexter Family
Archibald Gaston and Iva Victoria (Baggott) Baker Family

Fifth Generation

William Frank and Marjorie Frances (Baker) Bishop Family
Philip and Margaret Jean (Bishop) Fullerton Family
William Alonza and Nadine Katherine (Wyss) Bradley Family
John William and Minnie Cordelia (Wyss) Albus Family
J Forrest and Nettie Marie (Wyss) Brown Family
Gail William and Allie Lucile (Powell) Robinson Family
Gale Eugene Stuart and Nancy Lee (Hale) Family
Harry Samuel and Mary Belle (Groby) Bishop Family
William Byron and Mary Frances (Bishop) Bales Family
John William and Eathel Edna (Leverett) Bishop Family
Claude Paul Clinton and Viola Lovel (Bishop) Keele Family
John T and Lillian Francis (Davis) Bishop Family
Melvin Roy and Ruby Ann (Sims) Bishop Family
Robert Emerson and Emma Rose Marie (Bishop) Edler Family
Albert Frederick and Elizabeth Ruth (Bishop) Peters Family
Ben and Leona Jane (Bishop) Matthews Family
Adolph Wallace and Alberta Olive (Bishop) Brashear Family
Arthur Warren and Lois Eleanor (Bishop) Allison Family
Clark Wilson and Lucille (Graham) Bishop Family
Wendell Marvin and Dorothy Lucille (Reagan) Bishop Family
Herbert and Lillian Loreen (Leverett) Long Family
Otis R and Iva Leota (Smith) Woodson Family
Christopher and Phyllis Rae (Bishop) Barnett Family

Sixth Generation

William Frank Jr and Patricia Ann (Mulholland) Bishop Family
James William and Mary Edna (Long) Bradley Family
Larry and Beverly (Sublette) Robinson Family
David Stanhope and Carolyn Sue (Timmerberg) Bishop Family
Jack and Christine Sue (Bales) Noyer Family
Thomas and Sharon Ruth (Bishop-Lipscomb) Davis Family
Donald Lee and Janice Carol (Burnett) Bishop Family
Robert Leroy and Darlene Kay (Burson) Bishop Family
John Gilbert and Mary Kathleen (Jones) Bishop Family
Bud and Rebecca (Register) Bishop Family
James Robert and Rose (unknown) Bishop Family
Kenneth Lyle and Lorraine (unknown) Bishop Family
David and Linda Kay (Bishop) Phillips Family
Barry and Deborah Sue (Bishop) Fitzgerald Family
Erik and Cynthia Lucille (Bales) Landrum Family

Seventh Generation

Robert Leroy Jr Bishop and Christy Lynn Craig Family
Richard Leon and Lori Lynn (Chapman) Bishop Family
Joshua Brian and Holly Ann (Bishop) Crane Family
Todd Lee and Lora (Upton) Odom Family
Brad Lee and Chrisha (McGill) Odom Family
Frank and Jennifer Diane (Bishop) Masterson Family
William Joseph and Sara Elizabeth (Noyer) Atkisson Family