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Howell and Minnie Frances (Harris) Bishop Family

                    Harris/Maupin Cemetery - 1969

Located southeast quarter Section 17, twnsp 49, range 6 on farm owned by
Walter Higginsbotham Sr.  About 33 graves, many spaces, several sunken
spots.  Nearly all of stones are on ground.  On the west side, cemetery
is bounded by a low wall of slabstones; in one or two places on the east
side, a similar row of stones is evident.  Footstones are at the east end
of graves.  Copied Dec 4, 1969 by Mrs. Woodrow Johnson, Mrs. Walter Higginbotham Sr,
and Mrs. Frederick Bohl Sr.

BROWN, Mary Ann, wife of B.D. Brown, died Jan 28, 1868
	aged 41 y 7 m 29 d (in small letters at base of stone:
	Rosebrough Sons, St. Louis)

HARRIS, Catherine, B., born March 11, 18_0 died May 6, 1869

OLIVER, George M., died Ma'y/r'? 12, 1861, 33 y 6 m 2 d

HARRIS, Joel, died ____27, 18__ 	(remainder indecipherable)

BROWN, Mary H., dau of B.D. and M.A. Brown, died July 31, 1864
	aged 1 y 3 m 8 d

MAUPIN, A.T., died April 27, 1880, aged 68 y 9 m 27 d

MAUPIN, Mary B. died Dec 7, 1872	(nee Harris)

HARRIS, Mary V., dau of J.T. and M.M. 	(Mary Marie Wilburn)
	Harris, died April 26, 1864 aged 16 y __ m __ d

MAUPIN, Nimrod, born in Albemarle Co., Va., Jan 8, 1811
	died April 14, 1872, aged 61 y 8 m 11 d

MAUPIN, Susan E., wife of Nimrod Maupin, born June 13, 1815
	died Aug 8, 186'9'?

BROWN, Linn Roy, son of B.__ & __ __ Brown, died Feb 5, 186'5'?

HARRIS, C.W. born Feb 15, 1822, died April 23, 1858

HARRIS, Mary H., dau of C.W. and A?M? Harris, born Sept 15, 1851

BROWN, Sallie F., dau of B.D. and M.A. Brown born May 16, 1856,
	died Nov 16, 1857

HARRIS, Anne, died Aug 27, 1862, aged 86 y 3 m 11 d

HARRIS, Jarrot, born May 7, 17'8'1?, died Dec 11, 18'57'?

HARRIS, Jane, consort of Jarrot Harris, born Sept 28, 1786
	died Sept 2, 1859		(nee Ramsey)

HARRIS, Thomas, born July 6, 1790, died Dec 25, 18'55'?

HARRIS, William, born in Albemarle Co., Va., Jan 25, 1796
	died in Montgomery Co., Mo., Jan 25, 1870

BROWN, Lucy F. ('wife o'?r dau) of _.D. Brown, died Dec 24, 1863
	aged 18 y 18 d

MAUPIN, Martha A?, wife of D.A. Maupin, died March 29, 1859
	aged 24 y 4 m 14 d

OLIVER, Howel D., son of C. (or G.) W. and S.L. Oliver,
	died July 21, 1863, aged 2 y 2 d

Harris/Maupin Cemetery - 1932 Record of all burials as copied from gravestones in the Harris Cemetery, Montgomery County, Missouri. Located in the South one half of the NW of the NE of Section 20, Township 49 North, Range 6 West. This record belongs to the Western Historical Manuscript Collection, 23 Ellis Library, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65201. Copied July, 1932, by H. B. Dickey Joel Harris, died September 27th, aged 70 yrs, 2 mos, 25 days George M. Oliver, died May 12th, 1864, aged 33 yrs, 6 mos, 2 days C. W. Harris, born Feb. 15th, 1822, died April 23rd, 1858 May H. Daughter of C W and A M Harris, born Sept. 15th, 1854, died April 12th, 1857 Lucy E. daughter of _______ and S.D. Brown died Dec. 24th, 1863 aged 13 yrs and 18 days Martha A. wife od D A Maupin, died March 29th, 1859, aged 24 yrs 4 months and 14 days Anna Harris, died Aug. 27th, 1862. No age given Sallie daughter of B D and M A Brown, born May 16th, 1856, died Nov. 16, 1857 Jarrot Harris, born May 7th, 1781, died Dec. 11th, 1858 Jane, consort of Jarrot Harris, born Sept. 28th, 1786, died Sept. 2nd, 1858 Howeld, son of C M and S L Oliver, died July 21st, 1863 aged 7 years, 2 months and 3 days Susan A wife of A D Moore, died Sept. 16th, 1867 aged about 43 years Linn Roy, son of B D and Mary A Brown, died Feb. 5th, 1865, aged 11 years, 10 months and 11 days Catherine B. Harris, born May 11th, 1820, died May 16th, 1869 Mary Ann, wife of B D Brown, died Jan. 28th, 1868, aged 41 years, 7 months and 29 days Mary V. daughter of J T and M M Harris, died April 26th, 1864 aged 16 years and 4 months William Harris, born in Albemarle Co. Va. Jan. 25th, 1786, died in Montgomery Co. Mo., Jan 27th, 1870
Albemarle County Virginia Marriages, 1780-1853
Harris, Jarrol [Jarrot] & Jane Ramsey, 19 Nov 1810 bond- Andrew Ramsey, Dau- William Ramsey who gives consent wit- John Mills & Andrew Ramsey
Turke [Turk], William W & Sarah H Harris, 14 Dec 1812 dau- Thomas Harris, who gives consent wit- William W Brown & Jarrot Harris bond- William W Brown

Subject: Re: Harris Cemetery.... Date: 4 Feb 1998 From: David S Bishop Sr To: William F Bishop, JoAnn Whitaker

Jarrot Harris (1781-1857)

Jane (Ramsey) Harris (1786-1859)

>JoAnn Whitaker wrote:
>> I was given the address of your web site by a friend, Gail Haferkamp,
because I was looking for a Bishop in Lincoln Co., grandmother's
third husband.  I didn't find him...but I DID find something else that was a
> Margaret Jean (Bishop) Fullerton of Fresno, California, will be
>delighted to talk to you...  her father is Roy Cleveland Bishop a
>brother of Howell Bishop...  Margaret is online (see cc: above)...
>Margaret will have Barbara (Bishop) Fort's snail mail address...
>Barbara is Howell's daughter and lives in Wellsville, Montgomery County,
>Missouri...  I suspect Barbara would love to snail mail converse with
>you...  :-)...
> If you check our website I think would will find lots of interesting
>information about your "new found cousins"...  :-)...  do email Margaret
>as she has been working for a couple three years on placing Bishop and
>related family genealogy information into her PAF database...
> Btw take a look at the "Harris Cemetery" list on the Montgomery County
>GenWeb website...  I have a link to the MCGenWeb site at the bottom of
>the "Sources & References - Missouri" page...  the Harris Cemetery folk
>are your folk..  I'm thinking that Jarrot Harris is buried there...
>Margaret will know for sure...  and she will want ALL your Harris and
>other information!!!  :-)...  and welcome home...  there are a few more
>of your new found cousins that are online too...

My name is David S Bishop.  My family & I cleaned The Harris/Maupin
Cemetery about 20 years ago.  I am including pictures taken at the time.
Several stones were buried under several inches of debris (including Jane's
and to a lessor degree, Jarrot's).  We found them by pushing a probe into
the ground.  I fear that the cemetery may be in a poor state as the owners
of the property had been allowing their cows to pasture among the stones
(many stones were broken and trampled).  I don't know for sure about its
present condition as I've not been there in many years.  Perhaps Bill or
others might know.  I have other pictures taken that day.

>> I am a Harris family descendant...and Howell Bishop shows up in my files.
I don't have anything on HIM, but his wife, Minnie Frances Harris is in my
line.  Her father, Jarrot Harris, was married first to Ida Price, after she
died abt. 1889, he married Effie (ADELAIDE) Harris.  I don't have Effie's
parents, but my info says her grandfather was Alanson Harris.  Looks like
they may have been distant cousins.  Anyway, I have Minnie's siblings if you
want them...  also her father Jarrot's parents and
>> JoAnn Whitaker

Subject: Re: Harris Cemetery....  Date: 6 Feb 1998
From: "David S. Bishop Sr."
To: "JoAnn Whitaker"

Hi David....

I can't thank you enough for the pictures!!  It's amazing that these stones
survived at all, given the conditions you described.  They are surely gone
by now.

You said you have other pictures taken that day?  If you have photos of the
other Harris stones located there, I'd love to have those as well...they are
all my family.  If you can scan and send by email, as you did these, that
would be great.  I have a very good printer and can print on glossy paper
with excellent results.  Let me know.

Thanks again....your family's efforts that day, 20 years ago, are truly
appreciated!	Jo

    Thanks for the note.  I'm away from MO for a few days, but will review
my pictures when I return late next week and will send any that I feel you
may be interested in.  We so wish we had done more... like erecting a fence
to keep the cows out!  We were impressed at the time that so many of the
people buried there were children and young adults (0 - 18 yrs).  Many
stones stated that they died of "Consumption".
No doubt many could have been saved with today's medical knowledge.  Just
surviving must have been hard for them.  Unfortunately, we didn't take as
many pictures as we should have.  Looking back, I wish we would have
photographed every stone.  How valuable would a few dollars spent on
developing expense be at this point?  We did make some written  notes from
some of the stones... will transcribe and send as time permits.  While we
were there at the cemetery, we could only imagine the many challenges faced
by our pioneer ancesters.  Feelings of solumn gratitude and respect engulfed
each of us.
    Perhaps a few interested members of the family can return once again to
the cemetery this summer to evaluate and formulate a plan for its
restoration and preservation.      Will stay in touch,
David Stanhope Bishop, Sr.  131 Old Bishop Road   Jonesburg, MO 63351

Subject: Re: Harris Cemetery....  Date: 07 Feb 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)
To: "David S. Bishop Sr."

Hello, I am sending this to both you and Bill, since I know he is great
about seeing that everyone gets the messages... I believe the Harris
Cemetery land now belongs to one of the Montgomery County Genealogical
Society members. She expressed interest to me one day at who the people
buried on her land might have been. I haven't seen her to tell her that
Martha Maupin is the first wife of my great great grandfather and get
permission to go back to it. I expect to see her Tuesday at our meeting. I
will broach the subject then and I expect Beverly Robinson and myself will
venture over there one decent day soon..... Another thing I wanted to
mention is that this past week at Western Historical Manuscripts, a part of
Ellis Library in Columbia I ran across Harris and Oliver Cemetery records
compiled in 1932 by H. B. Dickey. I will type these off and get them to
Bill as soon as I can. I trust you, Bill, will share with all interested
family members. If you use these recoords you must give credit to Western
Historical Manuscripts. I feel there may be differences between what was
readable in 1932 versus the more recent versions.
I hope you are all as excited as I am at finding these.
	Nancy Hale Lee

Subject: Cemeteries  Date: 07 Feb 98  From: (Nancy L. Lee)

I got busy and typed this all up. I am sorry to have neglected the Bishop
lines the last couple of weeks. I have new contacts on Ohio ancestors of
my children on their Cramblit and Eichor lines. So I have been frantically
gathering up dates and pictures to send off....  Another find at Western
Historical Manuscripts last week was the Shamrock-Wellsville Telephone
Company records...  included Clements and Bishops...  If I remember correctly
the time frame was 1905 on forward. I didn't copy any of it.  Mostly who
paid for phone poles and membership dues.  Here are the cemeteries...enjoy!....
Now SOMEBODY connect Greenberry Bishop to you guys!!!!
	Nancy Hale Lee

Subject: Harris/Maupin Cemetery Pictures  Date: 16 Feb 1998
From: "David S. Bishop Sr."
To: "JoAnn Whitaker"
CC: "Beverly Robinson", "Nancy L Lee",
"William F Bishop"

AT Maupin (1880-1948),
Mary B (Harris) Maupin (?-1872)

Cemetery After Cleanup

I promised to send more pictures of the Harris/Maupin Cemetery.  As
mentioned before these were taken about 20 years ago when our family
attempted to clean-up the area.  Those pictured include my brother, Charles
and his sons Matt and Philip, plus my family... self and Sue (wife), sons
David and Dan.

No doubt you've visited the Harris/Maupin Cemetery article on the Bill's web
site detailing information from each stone recorded in 1969.  Hopefully you
have found the desired info there.  Also see recent updates provided by
Nancy Lee concerning information collected earlier from the cemetery
(1930's)...  Bill has placed on the net... see February Updates.

The pictures attached show the cemetery before, during and after our
efforts.  We had a great time that day as a family and could only imagine
the countless varied experiences shared by our ancestors there on the farm.

We are hoping to get an update soon on the cemetery's present condition from
family and friends still located in the area.

These pictures will occupy lots of storage memory... delete or save to disk
as desired after viewing.  I hope they may be of interest.

			[Includes pictures of
		Harris-Maupin Cemetery before clean-up.
		Harris-Maupin Cemetery after clean-up.  [photo above]
		Harris Cemetery Kids & Stones.
		Matt & Charlie w-complete Jane Harris Stone.
		A T & Mary Maupin broken stones.        [photo above]
		Finding Jane Harris Stone.
		Taking equip & lunch to cemetery plot. - wfb]