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Notes about Families - California
Samuel A Bishop, '49er Bishop Gave The Town Its Name, INYO 1866-1966, p8-9
Samuel Addison Bishop - '49er, Adventurer, Indian Fighter, Cattleman
Information from George S Bishop Jr, Cottonwood, CA 1984
Obituary George Samuel Bishop, Palo Alto, California, 14 May 1976
Obituary Jennie Josephine Bishop, San Jose, California, 3 Oct 1937
Samuel A Bishop, Painting Of One Of City's Pioneers Goes To Statehouse Museum, Oct 1954
Samuel Bishop, Kin of town's founder to be honored, Bishop, California, 12 Aug 1961
Samuel Addison Bishop (1825-1893) - Virginia to Missouri to California

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Tracks, Tires & Wires, Public Transportation in California's Santa Clara Valley by Charles S McCaleb, 1981