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Goodmorning -
	Thanks for sending Bishop material - Still reading through it -
was quite a coincidence that I had asked about Bernice P. Bishop Museum
in Honolulu & the answer was in material you sent -
	Am sending some material that may be duplicates of material you have
but thought you might like to file it with S.A. Bishop & George S. Bishop.
	I have a cousin who works at the San Jose Mercury Newspaper - She
retrieved this info from their files - She could find nothing on William A.
Barstow except notation he died 10-16-1960.  Notation was probably done by
Pat Loomis, local San Jose historian.  The photo of paintings (negatives?)
was missing from files -  end of line -
						George S Bishop Jr
						R 2 Box 424
						Cottonwood, Cal. 96022

Samuel Addison and Frances Ella (Young) Bishop Family