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Ancestors and Relatives


Ryan, Alana, Alyssa, & Noah

In hopes of keeping our ancestors in our memory:
This is dedicated to those who brought us here,
For those that continue on.....
'Cousins' and Guests are invited and encouraged to contact me for exchange of information. Thanks are given to all that have contributed, and especially to my cousin, Peggy, that got me started.
Under constant construction  check back for updates and changes.

Site opened 10/15/99 -- Last updated: 6/20/07
I keep changing the site. (       )
I hope this will be informative and easy to navigate.


It's 2007+... Do you know where your-Gr-Gr-Grandparents are?

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Alana,Alyssa & Noah have separate individual trees from Ryan as they are descended from two different wives I've had. I've used many various sources to gather info. I try to be as accurate as possible, but this is a project for my 'kids', and I make no claim to complete accuracy. This is a 'working' file.
So Many Ancestors...........................SO LITTLE TIME!
Click on a 'tree' below to be taken to the flowing pedigree chart for that person.
'Connnections of Interest' are individual pages still being added.

Names list

Mutual Relatives of Ryan, Alana, Alyssa, & Noah

Connections of Interest:

Carlson     This is actually one of my main first lines, since I was really born a Carlson. This line was first researched by cousin Peggy, and later, her niece visited Sweden.
    These lines are documentated back to colonial Virginia (mostly Brunswick county). Most that left, went straight to western Tennessee, and my Braswells went into northern Mississippi, and then most to south-central Arkansas.
Details here about a new book on the Braswells of Brunswick county, Virginia.
There is controvery above Jesse in Brunwick co, Va.
Holt     A very distant connection to the Clantons of OK Corral fame.
George Washington
    For a good joke, check out our connection.
Tigner / Tignor
    These are well documented lines, but our exact connections still elude me.

My ancestors must be in a witness protection program!


Relatives Unique to Alana, Alyssa & Noah

Connections of Interest:

    A distant connection to Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind
    A real French connection. Includes 'passports' needed to enter Indian lands.
Walker     Lost connections to Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Mary, Queen of Scots, and her parents Mary of Guise and James V of Scotland
Hale     'Southern line', from Virginia, not directly related to 'the' Nathan Hale of fame, but still certainly a most proud heritage in the formation of America.
This Hale line was believed to be traced back to 1400 in England and Scotland by relative Josephine Sellers, but her notes has been lost for some 20+ years.
Leal     This line came from Spain through the Canary islands, and by decree of the King of Spain, were given the title of 'Hildago', the equivalent to English 'Knight', and sent to settle the area of now San Antonio, Texas.
Lee     One, or more, link is needed to connect our Robert Washington Lee to Henry 'Light Horse Harry' Lee, and his son Gen. Robert E Lee
Here are copies of a letter showing the relationship.
I'm not stuck, I'm ancestrally challenged.


Relatives Unique to Ryan

Connections of Interest:

Littlefield     Relation to George Washington Littlefield, Confederate Major, cattle baron, and founder of Littlefield, Texas.
Boykin     Through the Gwaltney line the connection is made back to Royalty of Europe, and the reign of Charlemange. This line includes Marcus Antonius (Cleopatra's Mark Antony) and beyond to some 91 generations. This 'tree' is for fun and not to be considered absolute accurate at this time.
Sansom     The Sansom families have been patriots in several wars, Texas Independance, and as Texas Rangers.
A family reunion is an effective form of birth control!


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