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Westlake & Walker

This section focuses on the relationships within, and collateral to, one WALKER family.  The primary progenitors on the maternal side are of surnames WESTLAKE and KUMPF, 19th-century immigrants from England and Hessen, respectively. Those on the paternal side are of surnames WALKER and SPENCER, from England, Ireland and Hessen, but with members in the United States since the early 1600s. 

Kumpfs from Beerfelden, Odenwaldkreis

This section is an expanded subset of my main database, above, and focuses on the Kumpfs of Beerfelden who emigrated to the United States, with emphasis on the ancestors and descendants of two of my great grandparents—Karl Eberhard Kumpf of New York City and New Jersey, my mother's paternal grandfather, and his brother, Johann Peter Kumpf; and Katharina Kumpf of Buffalo, New York, my mother's maternal grandmother, and her siblings of New York City, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Cleveland.