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Family Photo's 01

family01.jpg (45096 bytes) Edward Frederick Westerman on his Excelsior Motorcycle in the 1920's.
family03.jpg (34133 bytes) Edward Frederick Westerman (top row third from right) holding my uncle Edward and Anna Laura Westerman-Burch (top row second from right).
October 08, 1915
family04.jpg (34693 bytes) Edward Frederick Westerman sporting the latest in fashion somewhere in Colorado.
August 1913
family05.jpg (30945 bytes) Edward Frederick Westerman and his dog at the Schmid homestead.
family06.jpg (32432 bytes) The first home of Charles Edward Schmid at 2013 10th Street, Louisville, Ky.
family02.jpg (24963 bytes) Edward Frederick Westerman with Anna Laura Burch
family15.jpg (11378 bytes)

  According to the history of Bernard Henry Westermann sent by the Archdiocese of Louisville: He was bom in the village of Harsewinkle, Germany April 23, 1852. Prepatory studies were conducted in Germany and then entered the American College, Louvain. Cardinal Catani, the papal nuncio of Brussels, ordained him in his private chapel, March 27, 1875, for the diocese of Louisville. He arrived in Kentucky in November, 1875.

  In November, 1891, he was appointed pastor of the church of the Immaculate Conception (St. Mary's, 8th St.). He held this office until he died in June 19, 1932. Funeral was in Immaculate Conception and burial was at the Sisters of Loretto, in Marion County. St. Mary's Church no longer exists it was closed in the fall of 1935 and destroyed in 1938.

family14.jpg (76241 bytes) A painting by Bernadette Greenwell of Louisville (descendant of Walter Burch), and shows the old Burch home just outside of New Haven (it is still standing) -the way it might have looked in the early 1800's.  Picture courtesy of the Burch Family Association

family07.jpg (30118 bytes) Robert Leo Wilson s/o James Wilson and Eliz. Ann Hayden, and AnnaBelle Hobbs d/o Joseph Hobbs and Mary E. Redford.  M/Oct 1900.  Children:  Leslie, Vodra, Everett, Ewing, Mabel, Sr. Ann Leo, Sr. Judith Ann, Paul, Maria.
family08.jpg (28843 bytes) 50th Wedding anniversary of Joseph Leslie Wilson s/o Robert Leo Wilson and AnnaBelle Hobbs, and Beatrice Cissell d/o Joseph Benjamin Cissell and Hettie Jane Hayden.  M/9 Nov 1921.   Children: Joseph, Cloyd, Harold, Charles, James, Philip, Sr. Dorothy, Rose, Shirley, Ruth.
family09.jpg (60224 bytes) Joseph Benjamin Cissell and Hettie Jane Hayden family.  Back row - L to R:  Alice, Felmer, Artie, Edwin, Annie.  Middle row: Beatrice, Joseph Benjamin, Hettie Jane, Martha, Celestine.  Front row: Theresa, Bernard, Cecelia on Hettie's lap.
family10.jpg (30000 bytes) Joseph Leslie Wilson s/o Robert Leo Wilson and AnnaBelle Hobbs, and Beatrice Cissell d/o Joe Ben Cissell and Hettie J. Hayden.  M/9 Nov 1921.
family12.jpg (64052 bytes) Wilson reunion, fiftieth wedding anniversary of Robert Leo Wilson and AnnaBelle Hobbs, 1950.
family11.jpg (19813 bytes) Robert Leo Wilson and AnnaBelle Hobbs.  M/Oct 1900.
family13.jpg (48884 bytes) Joseph Leslie and Beatrice Cissell Wilson and family, seated, L to R: Rose, Joseph Leslie, Beatrice, Shirley.  Standing:  James, Charles, Harold, Sr. Dorothy,  Philip, Ruth, Joseph, Cloyd.