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The Jones Family

Walter Frederick Jones 2/16/1887 - 9/14/1947 married 7/4/1911 Lelia Gertrude Marshall 10/8/1887 - 6/24/1940
and they had
    Hilda Jones married Clarence Parrot

    Viola V Jones 7/1/1903 - 10/23/1941 marriedGeorgeMilton Greenwood 1/24/1902 - 9/9/1961

    Henrietta (Rhetta ) Elizabeth Jones 4/28/1912 - 10/31/1997, married, Richard Faulkner6/8/1906 - 12/2/1993

    James Wesley Jones 2/26/1910 - 4/18/1990,married 6/22/1932, Mary Virginia Royer  6/23/1916 - 5/27/1996
    and they had
        Lelia Ann Jones 1/5/1933 - 7/15/1988, married Louis Arbeene11/24/1924 - 8/1993

        Mary Elizabeth(Beth) Jones 9/14/1936 -12/1/2006 married Robert(Bob) Clough

            Mary Elizabeth(Beth) Jones married 9/13/1997 William(Bill) Howard Walls 7/28/1943

        Emma Mae Jones 9/10/1937- 2/9/2004,married 11/4/1953, Thomas(Tommy) Middleton

        James(Jimmy) Wilson Jones 10/3/1940 ,married 11/30/1962, Cherie Ann Rankin 3/12/1943
        and they had
           Steven James Jones married Georgina(Gina) Delp 8/24/1985
           and they had Lauren Sara Jones 4/24/1989 and Austin James Jones 5/30/1995

            Debra(Debbie) Ann Jones

        Henrietta Amelia Jones 4/20/1942 - 8/17/2010 married Robert(Bob) Calhhoun Howlanddied 1990

            Henrietta Amelia Jones married 7/2/1976, Norman Martin Smith8/26/1939-12/29/2002

        Carolyn Marie Jones 8/15/1943, married 11/10/1963, Kenneth(Kennny) Carson Swain5/13/1941, author of
        "Daddy's Gone" and "Mary's Babies" written for his wife, who shared these poems with the rest of the family.
        These poems helped, and still help, our family through difficult times. Our family will be forever in his debt,
        Thank you so very much.

        Wayne Frederick Jones 8/24/1944 marriedPatricia Evelyn Lednum  2/24/1950
         and they had
           Wayne Frederick Jones Jr. 9/27/19-- , married 3/17/1985, Elizabeth Ann Morrison 3/16/1965
           and they had Crystal Ann Jones 7/9/1984, married 3/27/04, Joshua Gilmore
                and she had Matthew Thomas (b. Jones) Gilmore 9/15/2002 at 5:45 am, 6lbs 14oz  20 & 1/2"

            and Lorna Marie Jones 12/25/1985 and Gary Fisher

                    Wayne Frederick Jones Jr. , married 7/3/1992, Kathy Emery 9/18/19--
           and they had Carl Allen Jones 7/18/19--

           Wesley Wendell Jones 3/12/1969 Created this website or check me out on facebook or myspace

           Wayne Frederick Jones Sr.  married Betty Sue Pinderand they had no children
           Wayne Frederick Jones Sr.  married Janice Elizabeth James and they had no children

        Wesley Royer Jones 1/3/1950,married 9/9/1972, Ruth Porter 4/11/1953
        and they had
           Betty Jones 1/31/1975, married 5/25/1996, Craig Strong

            Kathy Elizabeth Jones 5/9/1977
                had Sara Rose 8/13/1999

                Kathy Elizabeth Jones, married 5/1/2004. Danny Kaye Sawyer II
              Kathy Elizabeth Jones, married Shannon Poor

    Walter Jones married Louise ??
    and they had
        Charles Jones

        Eunice Jones

        Walter Jones Jr.

    Marion W Jones Sr. 7/12/1917 - 8/18/1989,marriedDorthy(Dot)Ewing7/19/1921 - 6/9/1984
    and they had
        Billy Jones

        Jonny Jones married Mary Pomatary
        and they had Michelle Jones

        Alvin Jones

        David Jones married Sandy Blades
        and they had Michael Jones

        Anna Jones married William Horst

    Thomas Jones 3/26/1921 - 2/1988, married 11/5/1936 Anna V. Ewing 06/17/1914 - 12/08/2007
    and they had
        Francais Jones

        Barbara Jones

        Dottie Jones

        Tom Jones

        Hilda Jones

        Virginia"Ginny" Lee Jones