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Copes from Clinch Mountain

This website is devoted to the Cope, Brewer, Wolfe and King families who lived in bottom of the Clinch Mountains in Hawkins County, Tennessee in the early 1800's and to the sons and daughters who later migrated into Kentucky. To the Wards and Shorts of who lived in Jackson County Kentucky. To the Hessons and Higdons who farmed along the Ohio in Kentucky and Indiana. These are the families of my ancestry.
  ~ Thomas Cope 

Stories: On John Ward
Cope/Ward Burial Site: Short Cemetery Jackson County, KY

My ancestry:


Married Wife

James Cope
(b. 1784 VA) 

Elizabeth Hammonds
(b. 1777)

Andrew Cope 
(1804 TN) 1st  Generation

Hawkins Co, TN
abt 1823

Mary 'Polly' King
(1808 TN)

Thomas Cope
(1838 TN-1887 KY) 2nd Generation

Jackson Co, KY

Hannah Mary Ward
(1846 KY-1925 KY)

John Andrew Cope
(1871 KY-1954 IN) 3rd Generation

Jackson Co, KY

Millie Wolfe
(1882 KY)

Wendell Thomas Cope
(1915 KY-1992 OR) 4th Generation

Cincinnati, OH

Lillian Pauline Hesson
(1917 KY-2001 OR)


James Cope (b. 1784 VA) married Elizabeth Hammonds (b. 1777).   It appears that James is one of three Cope brothers born to William Cope and Sarah Holland of Grayson Co. VA. His  brothers were William Cope (b. 1779) and Andrew Cope (b. 1781).

James and Elizabeth Cope lived in Hawkins Co., TN, which later became Hancock Co, TN.  They had the following children:

  1. Andrew Cope (b. 1804 TN) married Mary (Polly) King (b. 1808 TN)
  2. John Cope (b. 1807 TN) married Jane Pendleton (b. 1806 TN)
  3. William Cope (b. 1809 TN) married Lydia Wilder (b. 1808)
  4. Micajah Cope (b. 1814 TN d. 1887 Jackson Co. KY) married Mary (Polly) Brewer
  5. Jane Cope (b. 1815 TN) married _____ Rollin
  6. Susan Cope (b. 1816 TN) married Ambrose Brewer Jr.
  7. Daniel Cope (b. 1817 TN) married Elizabeth ________
  8. Reuben Cope (b. 1820 TN) married Jane Brock (b. 1823 TN)
  9. Rita Cope (b. 1820 TN) married Frederick Seals
  10. Tempe Cope (b. 1824 TN) married Alfred Stokes


Andrew Cope (b. 1804 TN) married Mary (Polly) King (b. 1808 TN). They lived at the foot of Clinch Mountain in Hawkins Co, TN. Their children were:

  1. Alsey Cope (b. 1825)
  2. William Alvis Cope (b. 1829, d. 1904) married Mary Marrien who later married Riley Amyx Sr.
    Served in Co. E, 8th TN Cav, 1st Sargt.
  3. Alford Cope (b. 1831, Civil War Vet Union) married Nancy (b. 1837)
    Pvt. Co. A, 47th KY Inf
  4. Matilda Cope (b. 1834) married Hugh Wilder (b. 1838)
  5. Lawrence Cope (b. 1836) married Sarah Hays (b. 1839)
  6. Thomas Cope (b. 1838 TN d. 1887 KY, Civil War Vet Union) married Hannah Mary Ward
    Pvt. 24th KY Inf. Co. H.
  7. Daniel Cope (b. 1840, d. 1862 disappeared in the battle of Richmond, KY) married Sarah Cope (b. 1843)
  8. Elizabeth Cope (b. 1842) married ______ Dalton 
  9. William Cope (b. 1846) married Amanda 
  10. Mahala Cope (b. 1847) married Alsberry Simmons
  11. John P. Cope (b. 1850) married Mary
  12. LaVesta (Vestie) Cope (b. 1852) married Harmon M. Hayes

Thomas Cope (b. 1838 TN, d. 1887 KY) married Hannah Mary Ward (b. 1846 TN, d. 1925 KY).  Thomas Cope was born in Hawkins Co., TN where he lived with family at the foot of Clinch Mountain. To avoid being taken into the Confederate Army once the Civil War broke out, Thomas hid in the mountains by day and then by night came down the to his parents farm to eat. Having enough of this, he headed for KY, traveling only by night. He reached his uncle Micajah Cope's farm in Chinquepin Rough, Jackson Co. KY in 1860. Micajah had moved there just before the Civil War, taking Thomas's brother, Daniel Cope, with him. There he met Hannah Mary Ward, who was a friend of the family's and the daughter of Rev. John Ward. Soon after his arrival, Thomas joined the 24th KY Inf., Company H of the Union Army. He was mustered out of the army 9/6/1865.  He return to TN briefly after the war, then return to KY and married Hannah Mary Ward in 1870.

Thomas Cope and Hannah Mary Ward had the following childern:

  1. John Andrew Cope (b. 10/17/1881 in Jackson County KY) married Millie Wolfe. John Andrew Cope was named after his motherís father, John Ward, and his fatherís father, Andrew Cope (born 1805 in Hawkins County TN).  He went by the name Andrew most of his life. 
  2. Daniel Mitchell Cope (b. 1874, d. 1874) Daniel was most likely named after his motherís brother Daniel Mitchell Ward, a Baptist preacher. Also, he may have been named after Thomas Copeís bother, Daniel Cope who disappeared in the Battle of Richmond during the Civil War. 
  3. William Albert Cope (b. 1874, d. 1957) married Montana Morgan Lawrence William may have been named after his great, great grandfather William Cope (born 1779 Mont. County VA), and his uncle Albert Ward. He went by Will most of his life.
  4. Camilla Elizabeth Cope (b. 8/8/1882, Spice Hollow, Maulden, Jackson Co. KY; d. 1/23/1971, Madison Co. KY) married Charley Ferguson, 1/25/1919. Camilla was named after her mother's mother Camilla Ward (McHone) and her father's mother Elizabeth (Hammond)

John Andrew Cope (b. 10/17/1881 in Jackson County KY) married Millie Wolfe:

  1. Merritt Wolfe (b. 1900 KY) married Emily Farmer
  2. Pearl Wolfe (b. 1908, d. 2001) m1 John Hays, m2 George Lowry
  3. Mary Montana Cope (b. 1911) married Clyde Bowman
  4. Ernest Cope (b. 1913, d. 1949) married Dorothy Shawewbarger
  5. Wendell Thomas Cope (b. 8/28/1915 KY, d. 1992 OR) married Lillian Pauline Hesson (b. 6/3/1917 KY, d. 2001 OR)
  6. William Ray Cope (b. 1918 KY) married Audrey Mae Jones (b. 1923)
  7. Daisy Mae Cope (b. 1920 KY) married Chester Lynch in 1935
  8. David Herschel Cope married Ruth McDaniel