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William Ernest McKenzie
my ancestors and some of their many descendents

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***, Mary (marriage to James Baldock) (i2070), b.1799-




*, Mary (marriage to Richard Riley) (i112), b.1764-




, Wearmoutt (marriage to Elizabeth Breckinfield) (i1029)




-, Alice A (marriage to Allan Crathorne) (i30257), b.1844-
-, Mary Ann (marriage to Oliver Claridge) (i30250)




??, Harriett (marriage to ?? Pilmore) (i1311), b.1841-
??, Mary Anne (marriage to Thomas Raine) (i479), b.1819-d.1886
??, Sarah Ann (marriage to Joseph Hildersley) (i1572)




???, Elizabeth (marriage to John Rain) (i402)




[PICKEN], Hannah (marriage to William Picken) (i243), b.1841-




Ada (marriage to Frederick James Ashley) (i2068), b.1861-




ADAMS, Janet (i2776) (still alive)
ADAMS, Susan (i2493) (still alive)
ADAMS, xx (i2492)




ADDIS, Emma (marriage to James Bickle) (i1277), b.1859-d.1891




Adelaide (marriage to Thomas Barker) (i1649), b.1860-
Agnes (marriage to Richard C Gillow) (i2174), b.1845-




ALDERSON, Mary (marriage to Allan Crathorne) (i30246)




ALDRED, Phyllis M (marriage to Arthur Edward Cunnington) (i1505)




ALFORD, Violet May (marriage to Harry Walter Charles Robinson) (i954), b.1917-d.1990




Alfred R Robinson (i950), b.1916-




ALLDER, Dorothy Hildersley (i1982), b.1891-
ALLDER, Henry Charles (i1054), b.1857-
ALLDER, Henry Charles (marriage to Emma Alice Hildersley) (i1054), b.1857-
ALLDER, Leonard Hildersley (i2657), b.1897-d.1897
ALLDER, Winifred (i1983), b.1891-




ALLEN, Ann (marriage to Jonathan Raine) (i396)
ALLEN, Sarah Ann (i784), b.1864-
ALLEN, Sarah Ann (marriage to Walter Hildersley) (i784), b.1864-
ALLEN, William (i869)




ALMOND, Amos (i626)
ALMOND, Amos (marriage to Elizabeth Ellen Losh) (i626)




ANDERSON, David (marriage to Helen Moffat) (i2469), d.1860
ANDERSON, Ian (i2104) (still alive)
ANDERSON, Jared Blair (i1190) (living status unknown)
ANDERSON, Jasmine (i1191) (living status unknown)
ANDERSON, Marcus (i1189) (living status unknown)
ANDERSON, xxx (i2103)
ANDERSON, xxx (marriage to child of Matilda Hildersley Virtue) (i2103)




Ann (marriage to William Raine) (i473), b.1804-d.1882
Ann W (marriage to George J Blake) (i2213), b.1852-
Anne (marriage to William Allen) (i2218)
Annie (marriage to Henry Lister) (i2368), b.1848-




ANTHONY, Ivor (i30200) (living status unknown)
ANTHONY, Ivor (marriage to Patricia Freeman) (i30200) (living status unknown)
ANTHONY, Jayne (i30203), d.1985
ANTHONY, Karen (i30201) (still alive)
ANTHONY, Susan (i30202) (still alive)




APPLEBY, female (i1904)
APPLEBY, female (marriage to male Moor) (i1904)
APPLEBY, John Dryden (i324), b.1861-
APPLEBY, John Dryden (i1907), b.1878-
APPLEBY, John Dryden (marriage to Helen Fannie McKenzie) (i324), b.1861-
APPLEBY, Jonathan (i325), d.1866
APPLEBY, Mary Ann (i1902), b.1852-
APPLEBY, Matilda Mills (i1901), b.1850-
APPLEBY, Robert Mills (i1900), b.1846-




ASHLEY, Albert (i1618), b.1879-
ASHLEY, Benjamin (i1615), b.1851-
ASHLEY, Edith (i1108), b.1864-
ASHLEY, Emily (i1105), b.1855-
ASHLEY, Florence (i1617), b.1877-
ASHLEY, Frederick James (i1106), b.1857-
ASHLEY, Frederick Thomas (i1104), b.1822-
ASHLEY, Frederick Thomas (marriage to Emma Priscilla Hildersley) (i1104), b.1822-
ASHLEY, James (i1613)
ASHLEY, Katherine (i1107), b.1860-
ASHLEY, Richard (i2069), b.1895-
ASHLEY, William (i1619), b.1880-




ATKINSON, Amy Dorothy (marriage to George Taylor McKenzie) (i349), b.1902-d.1965




BACKHAM, Susan (marriage to John Timby) (i1917)




BAGGS, Minnie Bessie (marriage to Arthur Walter Hildersley) (i1532), b.1904-d.1994




BAINBRIDGE, Ann (i505)
BAINBRIDGE, Ann (marriage to Edward Raine) (i505)
BAINBRIDGE, Ann (marriage to Robert Raine) (i519)
BAINBRIDGE, Sarah (marriage to Valentine Raine) (i486), b.1837-d.1896
BAINBRIDGE, Thomas (i513), d.1736
BAINBRIDGE, Thomas (marriage to Margaret Gastell) (i513), d.1736




BAKER, Albert Percy (i30251)
BAKER, Cyril Albert (i30220) (living status unknown)
BAKER, Neil Martin (i30221) (still alive)
BAKER, Paul James (i30222) (still alive)




BALDOCK, Eliza (i2653), b.1834-
BALDOCK, Florence (i2670), b.1867-
BALDOCK, James (i1005)
BALDOCK, Jane (i2651), b.1820-
BALDOCK, Mary Ann (i991), b.1819-d.1898
BALDOCK, Mary Ann (i2669), b.1855-
BALDOCK, Mary Ann (marriage to Samuel Dickinson) (i991), b.1819-d.1898
BALDOCK, Robert (i2652), b.1831-




BALDWIN, James (i1023), b.1887-
BALDWIN, Margaret (i1895), b.1890-
BALDWIN, Thomas (i1869), b.1852-
BALDWIN, Thomas (i1896), b.1895-
BALDWIN, Thomas (marriage to Ann Younger) (i1869), b.1852-




BALL, Edward (i1927), b.1873-
BALL, Ernest (i1772), b.1890-
BALL, Harriet (i1099), b.1855-d.1932
BALL, Harriet (marriage to George William Thomas Hildersley) (i1099), b.1855-d.1932
BALL, James Frederick (i703), b.1862-
BALL, James Frederick (marriage to Julia Hildersley) (i703), b.1862-
BALL, James Weaver (i710), b.1828-
BALL, Julia (i1771), b.1888-
BALL, Laura (i1774), b.1894-
BALL, Phyllis (i1773), b.1893-
BALL, Reginald (i1775), b.1896-
BALL, Sidney (i1776), b.1898-
BALL, xxx (i1995)




BARKAS, George (i2382)
BARKAS, Margaret (i2381), b.1767-
BARKAS, Margaret (marriage to William Jackson) (i2381), b.1767-




BARKER, Ada Alice (i1650), b.1871-d.1950
BARKER, Ada Alice (marriage to John Criddle) (i1650), b.1871-d.1950
BARKER, Elizabeth (i1647), b.1880-
BARKER, Frederick (i1646), b.1879-
BARKER, Frederick Arthur (i1644), b.1859-
BARKER, Henry Charles (i1643), b.1881-
BARKER, Thomas (i1648), b.1858-
BARKER, William Robert (i723), b.1821-
BARKER, William Robert (marriage to Mary Ann Hildersley) (i723), b.1821-
BARKER, William Shepherd (i919), b.1856-




BARNES, Emily (i1997), b.1870-




BARNS, Jane (i273), b.1746-
BARNS, Jane (marriage to William Losh) (i273), b.1746-
BARNS, Joseph (i2441)




BARRAS, May (marriage to Alexander Losh) (i616)




BATEMAN, Brian (i657) (living status unknown)
BATEMAN, Josie Amanda (i1286) (still alive)
BATEMAN, Leon (i658) (still alive)
BATEMAN, Sarah (i659) (living status unknown)




BATT, Denise (i10) (living status unknown)
BATT, J K (i1299) (living status unknown)




BAYFORD, Sarah Ann (marriage to Robert Cunnington) (i1451), b.1841-d.1890




BEARD, Annie Rebecca (i2282), b.1874-
BEARD, Annie Rebecca (marriage to Alfred Ringe) (i2282), b.1874-
BEARD, Arthur (i2292), b.1871-
BEARD, Elijah (i2290), b.1843-
BEARD, Emily A (i2293), b.1876-




BEASELEY, (i2676)




BEASLEY, Joan (i1402) (still alive)




Beatrice (marriage to Amos Bridge) (i1942), b.1863-




BEAUMONT, Mary (marriage to William Charge) (i30363), b.1766-




BELL, Ann (i2207), b.1895-
BELL, Isabella (i2206), b.1892-
BELL, James (i2204), b.1887-
BELL, Mary (marriage to William Losh) (i277)
BELL, Ralph (i2205), b.1888-
BELL, xxx (i2203)
BELL, xxx (marriage to Isabella Younger) (i2203)




BELLAS, Ann (i2334), b.1842-
BELLAS, Ann (marriage to John Dent Breckinfield) (i2334), b.1842-
BELLAS, William (i2430)




Bessie (marriage to Campbell MacKay) (i2016), b.1852-




BEST, Richarh (marriage to Alfreda Josephine Hildesley) (i30844)




BICKLE, Alice (i1952), b.1882-
BICKLE, Charles James (i1641), b.1901-
BICKLE, Charles Walter (i758), b.1876-
BICKLE, Edith (i755), b.1864-
BICKLE, Edward (i2604), b.1823-
BICKLE, Emma M L (i1278), b.1877-
BICKLE, Henry (i756), b.1866-
BICKLE, James (i726), b.1831-
BICKLE, James (i759), b.1854-
BICKLE, James (marriage to Rosina Hildersley) (i726), b.1831-
BICKLE, John (i753), b.1859-
BICKLE, John (i2602), b.1797-
BICKLE, John Edward (i1956), b.1891-
BICKLE, Maria (i757), b.1870-
BICKLE, Matilda Thamozen (marriage to Francis Hildersley) (i728), b.1828-d.1895
BICKLE, Nellie (i1951), b.1901-
BICKLE, Reginald Walter (i1957), b.1899-
BICKLE, William (i754), b.1862-
BICKLE, William (i1955), b.1889-




BILLHAM, Louise (marriage to Alfred Herbert Hildesley) (i1682)




BIRT, Mary Florence (marriage to John Rowland Claridge) (i30234), d.1947




BLACKMORE, Ernest Alfred (i929), b.1901-d.1976
BLACKMORE, Ernest Alfred (marriage to Ruby Jessie Robinson) (i929), b.1901-d.1976
BLACKMORE, Katherine Jane (i2851) (still alive)
BLACKMORE, NIcola Ann (i2853) (still alive)
BLACKMORE, Peter Stewart (i930), b.1942-




BLAIR, Amanda Grace (i1197) (living status unknown)
BLAIR, Hugh (i1182), b.1866-
BLAIR, Hugh (marriage to Elizabeth Condy) (i1182), b.1866-
BLAIR, John Alexander (i898) (still alive)
BLAIR, John Condy (i894), b.1899-d.1961
BLAIR, John Condy (marriage to Lilian Grace Hildersley) (i894), b.1899-d.1961
BLAIR, Julia Grace (i895) (still alive)
BLAIR, Lorna Elizabeth (i897), b.1933-d.1982
BLAIR, Michael (i1196) (living status unknown)
BLAIR, Robert (i1195) (living status unknown)
BLAIR, Sheila Victoria Caroline (i896), b.1930-d.2002
BLAIR, Susan Judith (i1188) (living status unknown)
BLAIR, Susan Judith (marriage to Frank Morisin) (i1188) (living status unknown)




BLAKE, Elizabeth Ann (i2215), b.1880-
BLAKE, Florence Annie (i1509), b.1877-
BLAKE, Florence Annie (marriage to Thomas Walter Dickinson) (i1509), b.1877-
BLAKE, George J (i1668), b.1853-
BLAKE, Henry W (i2214), b.1878-




BLANDFORD, Mary Ann (marriage to Robert Baldock) (i2668), b.1827-




BLAYGROVE, Andrew Michael (i2131) (living status unknown)
BLAYGROVE, Michael Thomas (i2128) (living status unknown)
BLAYGROVE, Michael Thomas (marriage to June Audrey Hildersley) (i2128) (living status unknown)
BLAYGROVE, Nicola Linda (i2134) (living status unknown)
BLAYGROVE, Richard Joy (i2133) (living status unknown)
BLAYGROVE, Sharon June (i2135) (living status unknown)
BLAYGROVE, Sharon June (marriage to Roger Fern) (i2135) (living status unknown)




BLOCKSBRIDGE, Sarah Jane (marriage to James Price Lee) (i2681), b.1856-d.1935




BOAKS, Alice Ellen (marriage to Frederick Mumford) (i2714), b.1873-
BOAKS, Doreen Ellen (i1395), b.1921-d.2002
BOAKS, George William Archibald (i2678), b.1900-d.1972




BOLAND, Charlotte (i30528) (still alive)
BOLAND, Daniel (i30530) (still alive)
BOLAND, Emily (i30529) (still alive)
BOLAND, Stephen (i30527) (still alive)




BOND, "Joan" Jessie Dorothy (i158), b.1921-d.1999
BOND, Catherine (i2833)
BOND, Charles (i159), d.1972
BOND, Charles (marriage to "Nellie" Helen Dorothy Freeman) (i159), d.1972
BOND, Colin (i2477)
BOND, Roger (i2476)




BOON, Frank (i2413), b.1888-
BOON, Frank Montague (i2412), b.1864-
BOON, Frank Montague (marriage to Mary Ann S Dickinson) (i2412), b.1864-




BOULBY, Elizabeth (marriage to Dickens Haslewood) (i30490), b.1759-




BOWEN, Phyllis (marriage to Harold F Cunnington) (i1476), b.1910-d.1998




BOX, girl 1 (i2704) (living status unknown)
BOX, girl 2 (i2705) (living status unknown)
BOX, John (i2703)




BOYD, Ann (marriage to William G Younger) (i970), b.1832-




BOYLAN, Mary (marriage to Albert Edward Hildersley) (i1844), b.1881-d.1946




BRAITHWAITE, Mary (marriage to Joseph Losh) (i275), d.1826




BREACH, Emma Martin or Emily (marriage to Ernest Charles Hildersley) (i30348)




BRECKINFIELD, Elizabeth (i1028), b.1856-
BRECKINFIELD, Elizabeth (i2444), b.1826-d.1900
BRECKINFIELD, Francis (i1026), b.1820-d.1902
BRECKINFIELD, John (i1027), b.1786-d.1854
BRECKINFIELD, John (marriage to Elizabeth Dent) (i1027), b.1786-d.1854
BRECKINFIELD, John Dent (i1024), b.1828-d.1886
BRECKINFIELD, John Dent (marriage to Ann Bellas) (i1024), b.1828-d.1886
BRECKINFIELD, Joseph (i2443), b.1823-d.1899
BRECKINFIELD, Joseph (i2606), b.1778-d.1855
BRECKINFIELD, Margaret Isabel (i2445), b.1829-d.1906
BRECKINFIELD, Mary (i2446), b.1838-
BRECKINFIELD, Thomas (i2608), b.1820-d.1841




BRESLIN, Andrew (marriage to Anna [aka Annie] Allan Hildersley) (i1839)




BRETT, Ellen Martha (i2304), b.1864-
BRETT, Ellen Martha (marriage to Samuel Charge) (i2304), b.1864-
BRETT, John (i2857), b.1831-
BRETT, Joseph (i30355), b.1854-
BRETT, Mary (i2864), b.1862-
BRETT, Mary (marriage to Aaron Charge) (i2864), b.1862-
BRETT, William (i2859), b.1866-




BREWER, Brenda (i30824) (living status unknown)
BREWER, David (i30823) (living status unknown)
BREWER, Malcolm (i30822) (living status unknown)
BREWER, Ronald (i30821), b.1920-
BREWER, Ronald (marriage to Edna Mansbridge) (i30821), b.1920-




BRICE, Alice (i1058), b.1875-
BRICE, Alice (marriage to William George Hildersley) (i1058), b.1875-
BRICE, George (i1938), b.1846-




BRIDGE, Amos (i1941), b.1858-
BRIDGE, Amos (i2609)
BRIDGE, Amos H (i1522), b.1886-
BRIDGE, Amos H (marriage to Frances Bryson Hildersley) (i1522), b.1886-
BRIDGE, Charles (i1947), b.1851-
BRIDGE, Daisy (i1943), b.1886-
BRIDGE, George (i1944), b.1890-
BRIDGE, Jesse (i1945), b.1819-
BRIDGE, Jesse (marriage to Alice Smith) (i1945), b.1819-




BRIND, Margaret (marriage to Percival Montague Dickinson) (i1372)




BRISTOW, Edward (i1770) (still alive)
BRISTOW, Robert Nicholas (i27) (still alive)
BRISTOW, Rosemary Clare Margaret (i26) (still alive)
BRISTOW, Thomas Francis Edward (i33) (still alive)
BRISTOW, xxx (i1769)




BROOKS, Colin Nigel (i2129) (living status unknown)
BROOKS, Stanley George (i2127) (living status unknown)
BROOKS, Stanley George (marriage to June Audrey Hildersley) (i2127) (living status unknown)




BROWETT, Sarah (marriage to William Picken) (i317)




BROWN, George (i430), b.1785-
BROWN, George (marriage to Kathleen L Nott Freeman) (i1430)
BROWN, George (marriage to Louisa Elizabeth James) (i1629)
BROWN, Hannah (marriage to John Hildersley) (i867), b.1792-d.1886
BROWN, James (i427), b.1754-
BROWN, James (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Butler) (i427), b.1754-
BROWN, Janet (i264), b.1780-d.1859
BROWN, Janet (marriage to William McKenzie) (i264), b.1780-d.1859
BROWN, Jean (i432), b.1791-
BROWN, John (i431), b.1788-
BROWN, John (i2165)
BROWN, Margaret (i429), b.1782-
BROWN, Ursula (i2162), b.1750-
BROWN, Ursula (marriage to Thomas Carse) (i2162), b.1750-




BRYSON, Agnes (i1994), b.1856-
BRYSON, Mary Ann (i747), b.1853-
BRYSON, Mary Ann (marriage to William Hildersley) (i747), b.1853-
BRYSON, William (i1993), b.1821-
BRYSON, xxx (i1999)




BULL, Peter Francis (marriage to Marian Francis Hildersley) (i2648)




BULMER), Dora Richardson (or Hannah (marriage to Joseph Frost Younger) (i2333)




BULPETT, Peter (i30849) (living status unknown)




BUNYAN, Agnes (i2219), b.1878-
BUNYAN, Florence Harriet Mary (i1443), b.1893-
BUNYAN, Florence Harriet Mary (marriage to Harold George Dickinson) (i1443), b.1893-
BUNYAN, Joseph (i2220), b.1897-
BUNYAN, Thomas (i1662)




BURDEN, Ben (i30721) (living status unknown)
BURDEN, Gary (i30718) (living status unknown)
BURDEN, George (i30719) (living status unknown)
BURDEN, Jessica (i30720) (living status unknown)




BURROWS, Barbara (i30713) (living status unknown)
BURROWS, George Robert William (i2744), b.1898-d.1948
BURROWS, Patricia Ellen Winifred (i2324), b.1939-
BURROWS, Rosemary (i30710) (living status unknown)




BURT, Bertha Amelia (marriage to George Albert Victor Hildersley) (i2797)
BURT, Bertha Amelia (marriage to George Albert Victor Hildersley) (i30843)




BUSH, Danielle (i30716) (living status unknown)




BUTLER, Agnes (i1131), b.1750-
BUTLER, Margaret "Peggy" (i428), b.1748-
BUTLER, Margaret "Peggy" (marriage to James Brown) (i428), b.1748-
BUTLER, William (i1129)
BUTLER, William (marriage to Agnes Watson) (i1129)




CAMPBELL, boy (i2692) (living status unknown)
CAMPBELL, Brian (i2691)
CAMPBELL, girl (i2693) (living status unknown)




CANNING, Sarah Marie (i30533) (still alive)




CANTLEY, Reginald Burton (marriage to Hilda Kathleen Hildersley) (i900), b.1905-




Caroline M (marriage to Robert C Saunders) (i2661), b.1850-




CARR, James (i1140)
CARR, James Edward (i1701), b.1880-
CARR, James Edward (marriage to Ethel Younger) (i1701), b.1880-
CARR, Marion Lydia (marriage to Ernest John Criddle) (i2489)




CARSE, Jane (i218), b.1787-
CARSE, Jane (marriage to Henry Younger) (i218), b.1787-
CARSE, Mary (i2166), b.1785-
CARSE, Thomas (i2071)
CARSE, Thomas (i2167), b.1782-
CARSE, Thomas (marriage to Ursula Brown) (i2071)




CARUTHERS, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Losh) (i570), b.1824-d.1868




CASTLE, Henry (marriage to Matilda Thamozen Bickle Hildersley) (i1959)




Catherine (marriage to Hugh Ramsay) (i1961), b.1845-
Catherine (marriage to Joseph C Walker) (i2724), b.1831-




CAUDLE, John (i121)
CAUDLE, Susannah (i113), b.1801-
CAUDLE, Susannah (marriage to Thomas Freeman) (i113), b.1801-




CAUSTON, (i1014) (still alive)
CAUSTON, Cameron Brooke (i1016) (still alive)
CAUSTON, Cory Tyler (i1013) (still alive)
CAUSTON, Ian Walter (i1012)
CAUSTON, Kirsten Nicole (i1015) (still alive)




CHALLIS, ? (marriage to Eliza Field) (i1096)




CHAMBERS, Margaret (marriage to Thomas Fenney Younger) (i961), b.1868-d.1914




CHAN, Tamara Arabella (i30901) (still alive)




CHAPMAN, Audrey (i1624), b.1880-
CHAPMAN, Charles (i1620), b.1854-
CHAPMAN, Charles (marriage to Amy Maria James) (i1620), b.1854-
CHAPMAN, Charlotte (i1428) (still alive)
CHAPMAN, Derek (i1426)
CHAPMAN, Evelyn Charles (i1621), b.1876-
CHAPMAN, Florence (i1623), b.1878-
CHAPMAN, George (i2107)
CHAPMAN, Henry Arthur (i1622), b.1877-
CHAPMAN, Jane (i2363)
CHAPMAN, Jane (marriage to Robert Hutchinson) (i2363)
CHAPMAN, Ryan (i1427) (still alive)
CHAPMAN, xxx (i2594)




CHARGE, Aaron (i2312), b.1861-
CHARGE, Aaron (marriage to Mary Brett) (i2312), b.1861-
CHARGE, Abraham (i30370), b.1833-
CHARGE, Bertie John (i2307), b.1899-
CHARGE, Bertram Edward (i2846) (still alive)
CHARGE, Chloe Rebecca (i2875) (still alive)
CHARGE, Constance (i2229), b.1900-
CHARGE, Elizabeth (i30381), b.1768-
CHARGE, Elizabeth (i30399), b.1720-
CHARGE, Elizabeth (i30405), b.1739-
CHARGE, Emma (i30372), b.1838-
CHARGE, Eric (i2210) (still alive)
CHARGE, Ernest Alfred (i824), b.1930-d.1999
CHARGE, Ethel Mary (i2308), b.1892-
CHARGE, Florence (i2225), b.1874-
CHARGE, Florence (i2865), b.1885-
CHARGE, Frank (i2228), b.1895-
CHARGE, Frederick (i2227), b.1894-
CHARGE, Frederick Samuel (i2305), b.1894-
CHARGE, George (i2311), b.1858-
CHARGE, George (i30373), b.1841-d.1903
CHARGE, Gertrude Letitia (i2306), b.1898-
CHARGE, Harvey Frederick (i2223), b.1850-
CHARGE, Herman Henson (i2221), b.1872-d.1945
CHARGE, Hester (i30403), b.1731-
CHARGE, Jack William (i2876) (still alive)
CHARGE, James (i30358), b.1856-
CHARGE, James (i30375), b.1843-
CHARGE, Jane (i30400), b.1722-d.1728
CHARGE, Jane (i30402), b.1729-
CHARGE, John (i2309), b.1828-
CHARGE, John (i2860), b.1865-
CHARGE, John (i30360), b.1798-d.1878
CHARGE, John (i30377), b.1736-d.1815
CHARGE, John (i30382), b.1763-
CHARGE, John (i30397)
CHARGE, John (marriage to Joice Osborne) (i30360), b.1798-d.1878
CHARGE, Joice (i30376), b.1836-
CHARGE, Jose Patricia (i806) (still alive)
CHARGE, Leonard (i821), b.1897-
CHARGE, Leonard (i2302), b.1895-d.1943
CHARGE, Leonard (marriage to Violet Ann Ringe) (i2302), b.1895-d.1943
CHARGE, Linda J (i2226), b.1877-
CHARGE, Lucy (i2866), b.1884-
CHARGE, Lucy Elizabeth (i2869) (still alive)
CHARGE, Martha (i30369), b.1830-d.1903
CHARGE, Mary (i2848) (still alive)
CHARGE, Mary (i30366), b.1824-d.1824
CHARGE, Mary (i30401), b.1725-
CHARGE, Nathan (i2861), b.1871-d.1899
CHARGE, Pamela (i30263) (still alive)
CHARGE, Ronald (i823) (still alive)
CHARGE, Samuel (i2303), b.1863-
CHARGE, Samuel (marriage to Ellen Martha Brett) (i2303), b.1863-
CHARGE, Sarah (i30357), b.1868-d.1876
CHARGE, Sarah (i30380), b.1761-
CHARGE, Sarah (i30404), b.1733-
CHARGE, Shirley (i2209) (still alive)
CHARGE, Simon Edward (i2868) (still alive)
CHARGE, Stephen (i2211) (still alive)
CHARGE, Sydney (i2862), b.1874-
CHARGE, William (i2230), b.1900-
CHARGE, William (i30362), b.1765-d.1832
CHARGE, William (i30367), b.1826-




Charlotte (marriage to Albert Raine) (i469), b.1834-




CHEAL, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to John Victor Kissell) (i190), b.1870-




CHRISTIE, Sophia McCain (marriage to Thomas Younger) (i2168), b.1853-




Clara (marriage to James Bickle) (i1953), b.1865-




CLARIDGE, Frank Frederick (i30227), b.1920-d.1942
CLARIDGE, Gorden (i30226) (still alive)
CLARIDGE, Harry Stanley (i30224), b.1922-d.1985
CLARIDGE, Jeffrey Oliver (i30240) (living status unknown)
CLARIDGE, Jennifer Ann (i30239) (living status unknown)
CLARIDGE, John Oliver (i30218), b.1888-
CLARIDGE, John Oliver (marriage to Lillian May Foster) (i30218), b.1888-
CLARIDGE, John Rowland (i30233), b.1913-d.1992
CLARIDGE, Lillian Mary (i30219) (still alive)
CLARIDGE, Oliver (i30249)
CLARIDGE, Roderick Frank (i30236) (living status unknown)
CLARIDGE, Rowland James (i30238) (living status unknown)
CLARIDGE, Terence John (i30235) (living status unknown)
CLARIDGE, Winifred Ellen (i30228), b.1918-d.1990
CLARIDGE, Winifred Ellen (marriage to Geoffrey Ward) (i30228), b.1918-d.1990




CLARK, Elizabeth (marriage to Frederick Hildersley) (i855), b.1826-d.1873




CLARKE, Ann (marriage to William Osbourne) (i30384)




CLIFF, George (i1940), b.1866-
CLIFF, Maria (marriage to George Brice) (i1939), b.1839-




CLOSE, Isabella (i605), b.1892-d.1948
CLOSE, Isabella (marriage to William Losh) (i605), b.1892-d.1948
CLOSE, Ralph (i606)




COCKS, Alice (marriage to Alfred Herbert Hildesley) (i873), b.1859-d.1935




COLEMAN, Marcella M (marriage to Edward Albert S Hildersley) (i1542)




COLLINS, Elizabeth Ann (i591), b.1865-d.1941
COLLINS, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to John Gibson Losh) (i591), b.1865-d.1941
COLLINS, Florence (i30470), b.1896-
COLLINS, George (i30462), b.1868-d.1910
COLLINS, George (i30463)
COLLINS, George (marriage to Hannah Jane Liney) (i30462), b.1868-d.1910
COLLINS, Hannah Jane (i30469), b.1894-
COLLINS, John (i592)
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth Ellen (i30465), b.1892-d.1987
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth Ellen (marriage to Adolphe Carolus Van Lody) (i30465), b.1892-d.1987
COLLINS, Maud (i30471), b.1899-




COLLINSON, Stephen (i30851) (living status unknown)




COMRIE, Alexander (i2731), d.1923
COMRIE, Jeanie Owen (i1848), b.1894-d.1923
COMRIE, Jeanie Owen (marriage to George McKenzie Weir) (i1848), b.1894-d.1923




CONDON, Susannah Teresa (marriage to George William Hildersley) (i769), b.1824-d.1914




CONDY, ? (i1184)
CONDY, Elizabeth (i1183), b.1871-d.1945
CONDY, Elizabeth (marriage to Hugh Blair) (i1183), b.1871-d.1945




COOK, Eleanor (i1655), b.1825-
COOK, Joseph (i1653)
COOK, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Jackson) (i1653)
COOK, Margaret (i215), b.1823-d.1890
COOK, Margaret (marriage to Robert Kyle Dawson) (i215), b.1823-d.1890
COOK, William (i1656), b.1826-




COOMBES, Edwin (marriage to Eliza Jane Hildersley) (i1966), b.1877-




COOPER, Doris Ethel (i2747), b.1913-d.1982
COOPER, Doris Ethel (marriage to David William Long) (i2747), b.1913-d.1982
COOPER, James Ashbury (i2645), b.1880-
COOPER, James Ashbury (marriage to Alice Maud Victoria Hildersley) (i2645), b.1880-




COPELAND, Eliza (i1255), b.1852-
COPELAND, Eliza (marriage to George Eynon) (i1255), b.1852-
COPELAND, Fanny (i1876), b.1852-
COPELAND, xxx (i1875)




COTTEE, Cornelius (marriage to Susanna Ringe) (i2300), b.1834-




COWMAN, Isabella (marriage to Thomas Losh) (i534)




COX, Alison (i30232) (living status unknown)
COX, Fanny Emma Elizabeth (marriage to Harry Henry Robinson) (i927), b.1888-d.1983
COX, Florence J (marriage to Norman Herbert Hildersley) (i1552)
COX, Michael (i30231)




CRATHORNE, Allan (i1912), b.1797-
CRATHORNE, Allan (i30253), b.1836-
CRATHORNE, Eleanor (i2832), b.1847-
CRATHORNE, Elizabeth (i30259), b.1839-
CRATHORNE, Georg A (i30258), b.1870-
CRATHORNE, George (i30260), b.1837-
CRATHORNE, Hannah (i30261)
CRATHORNE, male2 (i1913)
CRATHORNE, Margaret (i30254)
CRATHORNE, Mary (i1914), b.1872-
CRATHORNE, Mary (i30256), b.1874-
CRATHORNE, Mary Ann (i1911), b.1835-
CRATHORNE, Mary Ann (marriage to Thomas Forster) (i1911), b.1835-




CRAWFORD, Dorothy Hunter (i2323), b.1904-
CRAWFORD, Jane (i2195), b.1864-
CRAWFORD, Samuel (i2190), b.1879-
CRAWFORD, Samuel (marriage to Margaret Jane Younger) (i2190), b.1879-
CRAWFORD, Thomas (i2193), b.1839-d.1902




CRISP, Hilda Victoria (marriage to William Morris Hildersley) (i1566), b.1907-d.1992




CROW, Ann (i30876)




CROWE, Emily (marriage to John George Hildersley) (i1053), b.1863-




CRUDDAS, Sarah (marriage to William Raine) (i374), b.1798-d.1863




CRUZ, Manuel David Seccombe (i2754) (living status unknown)
CRUZ, Manuel Thomas Dudley (i2753) (living status unknown)




CULMORE, Ann Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Hildersley) (i766)




CUMMINGS, Philip Hildersley (i2254), b.1891-
CUMMINGS, Richard (i2255), b.1857-




CUNNINGTON, Arthur Edward (i1477), b.1918-
CUNNINGTON, Betty Georgina (i1498) (living status unknown)
CUNNINGTON, David Jeremy (i1494) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Emma Jane (i1486) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Ethel Marjorie (i1472) (living status unknown)
CUNNINGTON, Gladys Lilian (i1457), b.1906-d.1906
CUNNINGTON, Grace Elizabeth (i1496) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Harold F (i1475), b.1916-d.2001
CUNNINGTON, Helen Jill (i1462) (living status unknown)
CUNNINGTON, Herbert William (i1448), b.1875-d.1939
CUNNINGTON, Herbert William (marriage to Adelaide Hildersley Dickinson) (i1448), b.1875-d.1939
CUNNINGTON, Hilda Ellen (i1474), b.1914-d.1915
CUNNINGTON, Joanna Susan (i1492) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Jonathan Ralph (i1484) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Marion Adelaide (i1470), b.1911-
CUNNINGTON, Mary (i1458), b.1907-d.1907
CUNNINGTON, Matthew Ian (i1467) (living status unknown)
CUNNINGTON, Michael William (i1491) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Nathan Peter (i1466) (living status unknown)
CUNNINGTON, Paul Stanley (i1489) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Peter Stanley (i1464) (living status unknown)
CUNNINGTON, Ralph Matthew (i1487) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Ralph Montague (i1482), b.1920-d.1964
CUNNINGTON, Robert (i1450), b.1840-d.1905
CUNNINGTON, Robert William (i1459), b.1907-d.1907
CUNNINGTON, Sam Robert (i1497) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Stanley Herbert (i1460), b.1909-d.1998
CUNNINGTON, Steven Daniel (i1493) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, Susan Gwyneth (i1468) (living status unknown)
CUNNINGTON, Victoria Louise (i1488) (still alive)
CUNNINGTON, William (i1453), b.1798-d.1878




DALEY, Annie (i1918), b.1870-
DALEY, Caroline (i1633), b.1862-
DALEY, Edward (i1630)
DALEY, Elizabeth Francis (i1632), b.1861-




DALLEY, Alfred (i1919), b.1896-
DALLEY, Edward George (i1069), b.1858-
DALLEY, Edward George (marriage to Jessie Hildersley) (i1069), b.1858-
DALLEY, Francis (i1920), b.1898-




DANK, Joseph (marriage to Ann Losh) (i529)




DARTNELL, Hannah Elizabeth (marriage to Walter Augustus Neves) (i2260)




DAUNT, Arthur Hildersley (i2246), b.1852-
DAUNT, William Hughes (i2271)




DAVIES, Andrew Peter (i30531) (still alive)
DAVIES, Llewlynn Victor (i30522), b.1891-
DAVIES, Llewlynn Victor (marriage to Beatrice Hooker) (i30522), b.1891-
DAVIES, Peter (i30524) (still alive)
DAVIES, Robert (i30523)
DAVIES, Sharon Elizabeth (i30526) (still alive)
DAVIES, Wendy (i30534) (living status unknown)




DAWSON, Dorothy Hunter (i213), b.1857-d.1930
DAWSON, Dorothy Hunter (marriage to Ralph William Younger) (i213), b.1857-d.1930
DAWSON, Elizabeth (i2364), b.1846-
DAWSON, Jane (i2360), b.1821-
DAWSON, Mary (i2366), b.1850-
DAWSON, Ralph (i2358), b.1795-
DAWSON, Ralph (i2361), b.1823-
DAWSON, Ralph (i2365), b.1848-
DAWSON, Ralph (marriage to Mary Hutchinson) (i2358), b.1795-
DAWSON, Robert Kyle (i214), b.1817-
DAWSON, Robert Kyle (marriage to Margaret Cook) (i214), b.1817-
DAWSON, Thomas William (i216), b.1861-




DEAN, (i30300)
DEAN, Leanne Jane (i30299) (living status unknown)
DEAN, Lesley Ann (i30302) (living status unknown)




DEANS, John Andrew M (i2654), b.1871-d.1898
DEANS, John Andrew M (marriage to Isabella Losh McKenzie) (i2654), b.1871-d.1898
DEANS, William (i2655), b.1814-




DEEKS, Sarah Ann (marriage to Frederick Arthur Barker) (i1645), b.1862-




DEGENHARDT, Callum John (i30275) (still alive)
DEGENHARDT, David Richard (i2125) (still alive)
DEGENHARDT, Lauren Louise (i2126) (living status unknown)




DENHAM, Abigail (marriage to Andrew Raine) (i389)




DENT, Elizabeth (i2454), b.1798-d.1857
DENT, Elizabeth (marriage to John Breckinfield) (i2454), b.1798-d.1857
DENT, John (i2605)




DESIDERIO, A J (i30205) (living status unknown)
DESIDERIO, Frank (i30204)
DESIDERIO, J A (i30206) (living status unknown)




DEVINE, Sarah Fraser (marriage to Albert Edward Hildersley) (i1845)




DICKENS, Ann (i30877), b.1795-
DICKENS, Anna Maria (i30485), b.1723-
DICKENS, Catherine (i30487), b.1726-
DICKENS, Catherine (marriage to Thomas Haslewood) (i30487), b.1726-
DICKENS, Charles (i30483), b.1719-d.1793
DICKENS, Isaac (i30565)
DICKENS, Joseph-Francis (i30561)
DICKENS, Marcia (i30878), b.1794-
DICKENS, Mark Hildesley (i30875)
DICKENS, Mary (i30486), b.1725-
DICKENS, Mary Jane (marriage to William Hughes Daunt) (i2272)
DICKENS, Richard Mark (i30496), b.1764-d.1808
DICKENS, Samuel (i30481), b.1691-
DICKENS, Samuel (i30482), b.1717-d.1791
DICKENS, Samuel (marriage to Mary Hildesley) (i30481), b.1691-
DICKENS, Thomas Mark (i30484), b.1721-d.1789




DICKINSON, (i2601)
DICKINSON, [Mrs] (marriage to Harold Thomas Dickinson) (i2778), d.1996
DICKINSON, Adelaide Hildersley (i156), b.1881-d.1967
DICKINSON, Adelaide Hildersley (marriage to Herbert William Cunnington) (i156), b.1881-d.1967
DICKINSON, Amelia (i2416), b.1866-
DICKINSON, Caroline (i2418), b.1870-
DICKINSON, Elizabeth (i2407), b.1804-d.1805
DICKINSON, Ellen (i2417), b.1868-
DICKINSON, Ernest Walter Samuel (i5), b.1890-d.1962
DICKINSON, Ernest Walter Samuel (marriage to Laura Marguerite Freeman) (i5), b.1890-d.1962
DICKINSON, George (i2406), b.1806-
DICKINSON, Harold George (i179), b.1888-d.1950
DICKINSON, Harold George (marriage to Alma Florence D Jenner) (i179), b.1888-d.1950
DICKINSON, Harold George (marriage to Florence Harriet Mary Bunyan) (i179), b.1888-d.1950
DICKINSON, Harold Thomas (i1555), b.1923-d.1996
DICKINSON, Harriet (i2420), b.1878-
DICKINSON, Henry (i2410), b.1846-
DICKINSON, Kathleen (i30873), b.1917-
DICKINSON, Lilian (i58), b.1896-
DICKINSON, Lilian (marriage to Edward George Hatwell) (i58), b.1896-
DICKINSON, Mary Ann S (i2411), b.1858-
DICKINSON, Mary Ann S (marriage to Frank Montague Boon) (i2411), b.1858-
DICKINSON, Mary L (i1556), b.1925-
DICKINSON, Montague Reuben (i155), b.1897-
DICKINSON, Percival Montague (i31), b.1916-d.1994
DICKINSON, Percival Montague (marriage to Moraig Nancy Isabel MacLauchlan) (i31), b.1916-d.1994
DICKINSON, Phyllis Kathleen (i2), b.1915-d.1998
DICKINSON, Phyllis Kathleen (marriage to Ralph William Younger McKenzie) (i2), b.1915-d.1998
DICKINSON, Richard (i9) (living status unknown)
DICKINSON, Rose Annie (i154), b.1893-
DICKINSON, Rose Annie (marriage to Tom Hamilton Sharples) (i154), b.1893-
DICKINSON, Samuel (i230), b.1812-d.1864
DICKINSON, Samuel (i2408), b.1811-d.1812
DICKINSON, Samuel (marriage to Mary Ann Baldock) (i230), b.1812-d.1864
DICKINSON, Samuel Robert (i992), b.1851-
DICKINSON, Sidney Ernest (i8), b.1913-d.1971
DICKINSON, Sidney Ernest (marriage to Beatrice May Jenkins) (i8), b.1913-d.1971
DICKINSON, Thomas (i102), b.1848-d.1917
DICKINSON, Thomas (marriage to Adelaide Hildersley) (i102), b.1848-d.1917
DICKINSON, Thomas Walter (i57), b.1883-
DICKINSON, Thomas Walter (marriage to Florence Annie Blake) (i57), b.1883-
DICKINSON, William (i1002)
DICKINSON, William (i2419), b.1873-
DICKINSON, William (i30350), b.1811-d.1812
DICKINSON, William (i30351), b.1806-d.1811
DICKINSON, William G (i2409), b.1842-




DISTON, Harriet Matilda (marriage to Henry James Hildersley) (i734), b.1847-




DIXON, George (marriage to Nanny Raine) (i503)




DOBSON, Isabelle (i30217)
DOBSON, Jessie (i30216)
DOBSON, Robert (i30215)
DOBSON, Robert (marriage to Eva Valentine Foster) (i30215)




DOCKWRA, Alice (i977), b.1738-
DOCKWRA, Alice (marriage to John Girton) (i977), b.1738-
DOCKWRA, Ann (i983), b.1726-
DOCKWRA, Elizabeth (i987), b.1746-
DOCKWRA, Joseph (i984), b.1733-
DOCKWRA, Sarah (i986), b.1749-
DOCKWRA, Thomas (i985), b.1742-
DOCKWRA, William (i980)
DOCKWRA, William (i982), b.1731-




DORBON, Grace Courtney (i2575) (still alive)
DORBON, Michael John (i811) (still alive)
DORBON, Paul Anthony (i812) (still alive)
DORBON, Stuart Andrew (i813) (still alive)




Dorothy (marriage to George Barkas) (i2383)
Dorothy (marriage to John Raine) (i483), b.1835-d.1912
Dorothy (marriage to Mark Hildesley) (i30884)




DOWNS, Arthur Henry (marriage to Jessie Maud Mary Hildersley) (i1382), b.1874-




DRYDEN, Agnes (i1899), b.1866-
DRYDEN, William (i1898), b.1818-




DUNKELD, Isabella (i345), b.1876-d.1935
DUNKELD, Isabella (marriage to Norman Stanley McKenzie) (i345), b.1876-d.1935
DUNKELD, John (i346), b.1852-
DUNKELD, Margaret (i2217), b.1880-




DURRANT, Albert (i30768)
DURRANT, Caroline Ann (i2326)
DURRANT, John (i1086), d.1909
DURRANT, William (i2428)
DURRANT, Willie John (i30767), b.1863-




DUTTON, Annie Kate (marriage to Herman Henson Charge) (i2222), b.1866-




DYER, Eleanor (marriage to Edward Roe) (i2243)
DYER, Mary Ann (marriage to William Hildersley) (i692), b.1801-d.1853




EARL, Alice Maud (marriage to Gilbert Edwards Hildersley) (i1111), b.1883-




EASTMAN, Eva Mary (i30827), b.1910-
EASTMAN, Eva Mary (marriage to Kenneth Victor Mansbridge) (i30827), b.1910-




EASTWICK, Ricky (i2147)




EATON, Mary Ann (i30446), b.1829-
EATON, Mary Ann (marriage to Frederick Liney) (i30446), b.1829-
EATON, Samuel (i30450)




EDGAR, Sarah (marriage to James Patterson) (i441)




EDWARDS, Elizabeth Sarah (i1052), b.1858-d.1909
EDWARDS, Elizabeth Sarah (marriage to Henry Joseph Hildersley) (i1052), b.1858-d.1909
EDWARDS, Joseph (i1634)




EGAN, Caroline Bridget (i888), b.1871-d.1951
EGAN, Caroline Bridget (marriage to Alexander Hildersley) (i888), b.1871-d.1951
EGAN, James (i1180)




EGLINGTON, Lilian Gladys (marriage to Robert Randolph Freeman) (i1607)




Eliza (marriage to xxx Field) (i1098), b.1812-
Elizabeth (marriage to Adam Weir) (i1725), b.1844-
Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Daley) (i1631)
Elizabeth (marriage to Edwin Maisey) (i2349), b.1846-d.1901
Elizabeth (marriage to Henry Younger) (i2447)
Elizabeth (marriage to John Bickle) (i2603), b.1795-
Elizabeth (marriage to John Gibson) (i494)
Elizabeth (marriage to John William Younger) (i2199), b.1869-
Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Humphrey) (i2719), b.1851-
Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Revell) (i30407)
Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Younger) (i2186), b.1824-
Elizabeth (marriage to William Bryson) (i1996), b.1826-d.1901
Elizabeth (marriage to William Eynon) (i1853)
Elizabeth (marriage to William Gray) (i2164)
Elizabeth (marriage to William Losh) (i524), d.1731
Elizabeth (marriage to William Watson) (i2090), b.1870-
Elizabeth (marriage to xx Simmons) (i2006), b.1823-
Elizabeth (marriage to xxx Ball) (i1101), b.1827-
Elizabeth J (marriage to William Deans) (i2656), b.1837-




ELLINGWORTH, Anne (marriage to James William Stephen Hildersley) (i1785), b.1871-




ELLIOTT, Alexander (i249), b.1809-d.1873
ELLIOTT, Alexander (i254), b.1848-
ELLIOTT, Alexander (i30271), b.1769-
ELLIOTT, Alexander (marriage to Mary Sophia Storey) (i249), b.1809-d.1873
ELLIOTT, Andrew (i307), b.1851-
ELLIOTT, Andrew (i30273), b.1812-
ELLIOTT, Charles (i312), b.1877-
ELLIOTT, Ellen (i206), b.1836-d.1883
ELLIOTT, Ellen (marriage to William Losh McKenzie) (i206), b.1836-d.1883
ELLIOTT, Frances (i251), b.1839-
ELLIOTT, Frances A (i310), b.1872-
ELLIOTT, Frances Annie (i257), b.1870-
ELLIOTT, Frederick (i1815), b.1887-
ELLIOTT, George A (i311), b.1875-
ELLIOTT, James (i253), b.1846-
ELLIOTT, James (i30274), b.1809-
ELLIOTT, James Henry (i258), b.1873-
ELLIOTT, Margaret (i30344), b.1855-
ELLIOTT, Margaret Emily (i313), b.1880-
ELLIOTT, Mary (i30345), b.1853-
ELLIOTT, Mary Ellen (i259), b.1874-d.1953
ELLIOTT, Mary Ellen (marriage to George Moffat) (i259), b.1874-d.1953
ELLIOTT, Ralph (i260), b.1877-
ELLIOTT, Sophia (i252), b.1842-
ELLIOTT, Sophia (marriage to James Watson) (i252), b.1842-
ELLIOTT, Walter (i2002), b.1891-
ELLIOTT, William (i306), b.1849-
ELLIOTT, William Alexander (i256), b.1868-
ELLIOTT, William Alexander (i309), b.1871-




ELLIS, Albert Arthur (i628)
ELLIS, Albert Arthur (marriage to Phyllis Georgina Keatings) (i628)
ELLIS, Ann Stuart (i629) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Anthea Stuart (i633) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Anthea Stuart (marriage to Clive Gaynor) (i633) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Anthony Arthur (i631) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Ashley Stuart (i632) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Averill Stuart (i634) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Ivan (i677) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Leah Marie (i673) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Samantha Marilyn (i672) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Samantha Marilyn (marriage to Darren Paul Rednall) (i672) (living status unknown)
ELLIS, Stuart Miles (i671) (living status unknown)




ELSBURY, Andrew (i1400) (still alive)
ELSBURY, Mark (i1399) (still alive)
ELSBURY, Michael (i1398) (still alive)




ELTRINGHAM, Margaret (i815) (still alive)




EMERY, Henry Thomas (marriage to Ada Alice Barker) (i2494), b.1868-




Emily (marriage to Albert Maisey) (i2356)
Emily (marriage to Henry William Robinson) (i2841), b.1870-




ETRIDGE, Mary (marriage to John Brett) (i2863), b.1833-




Euphemia (marriage to Frank Hildersley) (i1737)




EVANS, Lydia (marriage to Henry John Hill Hildersley) (i1949)




EWENS, George (marriage to G (Molly) Simpson) (i1354)




EYNON, Elizabeth (i1851)
EYNON, Ellen (i988), b.1852-
EYNON, Ellen (marriage to William Thomas Timby) (i988), b.1852-
EYNON, George (i115), b.1822-d.1873
EYNON, George (i177), b.1856-
EYNON, George (marriage to Eliza Copeland) (i177), b.1856-
EYNON, George (marriage to Jane Morgan) (i115), b.1822-d.1873
EYNON, John (i1852)
EYNON, Laura (i804), b.1854-
EYNON, Mary (i989), b.1851-
EYNON, Mary (i1850)
EYNON, Mary (marriage to Richard Robson) (i989), b.1851-
EYNON, Sarah Ann (i101), b.1862-d.1905
EYNON, Sarah Ann (marriage to William John Allan Nott Freeman) (i101), b.1862-d.1905
EYNON, William (i178), b.1859-
EYNON, William (i994)
EYNON, William (i1854)




EZRA, Dean (i1388) (still alive)
EZRA, Eric William (i1383) (living status unknown)
EZRA, Hayley Joy (i1389) (still alive)
EZRA, Janis (i1385) (still alive)
EZRA, Martin Graham (i1386) (still alive)
EZRA, Steven (i1384) (still alive)




FAIRCLOUGH, Ethel Victoria (marriage to Albert Joseph William Hildersley) (i1530), b.1897-d.1978




Faith (marriage to William Hyldesley) (i2328), b.1835-




FARDON, Arthur Edward (i2774)
FARDON, Arthur Henry (i1056), b.1871-
FARDON, Arthur Henry (marriage to Pamela Hildersley) (i1056), b.1871-
FARDON, Edgar Howard (i1639), b.1901-
FARDON, Leonard Vincent (i2775), b.1904-




FARRELL, [boy] (i650) (living status unknown)
FARRELL, [girl] (i649) (living status unknown)
FARRELL, Stephen (i648) (living status unknown)
FARRELL, William (i647)




FAULKNER, Joseph (i30210)
FAULKNER, Rose Elizabeth (i1303), b.1905-d.1987
FAULKNER, Rose Elizabeth (marriage to Cecil Eynon Freeman) (i1303), b.1905-d.1987




FENNEY, Margaret (marriage to Ralph Younger) (i195), b.1837-d.1895




FERN, Daniel Michael (i2139) (living status unknown)
FERN, Lee Michael (i2138) (living status unknown)
FERN, Roger (i2136)
FERN, Scott Michael (i2137) (living status unknown)




FERRY, Jane (marriage to William Losh) (i561), b.1804-d.1873




FIELD, Eliza (i1088), b.1833-d.1898
FIELD, xxx (i1097)




FIELDER, Cecil Buckler (i30441), b.1888-d.1916
FIELDER, George Buckler (i1625), b.1843-
FIELDER, George Buckler (marriage to Henrietta Peever MacKay) (i1625), b.1843-
FIELDER, Gertrude (i30444), b.1896-
FIELDER, Reginald Farrer (i30442), b.1892-




FIELDS, Daniel (i30209) (still alive)
FIELDS, Michael (i30208) (still alive)
FIELDS, Robert (i30207) (living status unknown)




FITZGERALD, Doris E (marriage to Eric John Bentley Hobrow) (i2762)




FITZPATRICK, Ellen (marriage to George Collins) (i30464)




FLACK, Tamar (marriage to Elijah Beard) (i2291), b.1852-




FLETCHER, Graham (i30837) (living status unknown)
FLETCHER, Ronald (i30836) (still alive)




FLOOD, Emily M (marriage to Frederick Hildersley) (i916), b.1845-d.1915




Florence (marriage to Charles William Freeman) (i1410)




FORD, Winifred M (marriage to Walter Stanley Hildersley) (i1444)




FORDHAM, (marriage to Hannah Jane Liney) (i30461)
FORDHAM, Eva Lily Grace (i2873) (still alive)
FORDHAM, Joe Harry (i2871) (still alive)
FORDHAM, Michael Lee (i2870)
FORDHAM, Will Oliver (i2872) (still alive)




FORRESTER, Nellie (marriage to Septimus McKenzie Raine) (i301), b.1883-d.1972




FORSTER, Alfred (i30247)
FORSTER, Thomas (i327), b.1833-
FORSTER, Thomas (marriage to Mary Ann Crathorne) (i327), b.1833-
FORSTER, xxxx (i1879)




FOSTER, Alfred (i30212)
FOSTER, Alfred Crathorne (i326), b.1861-
FOSTER, Alfred Crathorne (marriage to Isabella McKenzie) (i326), b.1861-
FOSTER, Eleanor H (i1884), b.1874-
FOSTER, Ellen (i30243), b.1900-
FOSTER, Eva Valentine (i2830), b.1887-
FOSTER, Eva Valentine (marriage to Robert Dobson) (i2830), b.1887-
FOSTER, Harry Crathorne (i2829), b.1885-
FOSTER, James R (i1890), b.1886-
FOSTER, Jane (i1915), b.1854-
FOSTER, Jane L (i1885), b.1875-
FOSTER, John G (i1892), b.1891-
FOSTER, Lillian May (i30214), b.1892-d.1967
FOSTER, Lillian May (marriage to John Oliver Claridge) (i30214), b.1892-d.1967
FOSTER, Mabel Maude (i2831), b.1890-
FOSTER, Margaret (i1891), b.1889-
FOSTER, Mary (i1889), b.1883-
FOSTER, Thomas (i201), b.1894-
FOSTER, Thomas (i30213), b.1895-
FOSTER, Thomas R (i1886), b.1877-
FOSTER, Thomas William (marriage to Florence Embury Hildersley) (i1840)
FOSTER, unknown (i30245) (living status unknown)
FOSTER, Wheatley (i1880), b.1850-
FOSTER, Wheatley (i1887), b.1880-
FOSTER, William (i1883), b.1872-
FOSTER, William (i30244)




FOTHERINGHAME, David (i1205) (still alive)
FOTHERINGHAME, John Anderson (i1203) (living status unknown)
FOTHERINGHAME, Megan (i1206) (still alive)




FOX, Bessie (marriage to William Alexander MacKay) (i1626), b.1874-
FOX, Roy (i30848) (living status unknown)




FRAME, (marriage to Hildersley) (i30309)




FRANCESCHI, Lorenzo (marriage to Agnes Elizabeth Hildersley) (i2816), b.1888-




FREEMAN, "Nellie" Helen Dorothy (i149), b.1893-d.1959
FREEMAN, "Nellie" Helen Dorothy (marriage to Charles Bond) (i149), b.1893-d.1959
FREEMAN, Alan (i144), b.1915-d.1995
FREEMAN, Andrew Simon (i1604) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Ann (i125), b.1806-
FREEMAN, Annie May (i50), b.1897-
FREEMAN, Annie May (marriage to Charles Freeman) (i50), b.1897-
FREEMAN, Anthony Robert (i1602) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Caroline Elizabeth (i1597) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Cecil Eynon (i153), b.1902-
FREEMAN, Cecil Eynon (marriage to Rose Elizabeth Faulkner) (i153), b.1902-
FREEMAN, Charles (i1406)
FREEMAN, Charles (marriage to Annie May Freeman) (i1406)
FREEMAN, Charles Edward (i133), b.1876-
FREEMAN, Charles Frederick W (i104), b.1903-
FREEMAN, Charles William (i1407), b.1916-d.1979
FREEMAN, Dorothy (i1420) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Dorothy Ethel (i147), b.1923-d.1924
FREEMAN, Douglas (i1585) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Edgar Elliott H (i1435), b.1878-
FREEMAN, Edna (i1409), b.1916-d.1986
FREEMAN, Edna (marriage to John Gard) (i1409), b.1916-d.1986
FREEMAN, Edward (i119), b.1840-
FREEMAN, Eleanor (i127), b.1811-d.1811
FREEMAN, Elizabeth M (i1253), b.1876-
FREEMAN, Emily Jane (i1596) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Esther (i1588), b.1901-
FREEMAN, Esther (marriage to xx Slatter) (i1588), b.1901-
FREEMAN, Geoffrey Eynon (i1598) (still alive)
FREEMAN, George (i129), b.1819-
FREEMAN, George William (i142), b.1890-d.1969
FREEMAN, George William (marriage to Evelyn May Unwin) (i142), b.1890-d.1969
FREEMAN, Henry (i130), b.1821-
FREEMAN, John (i109), b.1782-
FREEMAN, John (i126), b.1809-
FREEMAN, John (marriage to Mary Riley) (i109), b.1782-
FREEMAN, John Caudle (i118), b.1836-d.1898
FREEMAN, Josephine (i1305), b.1933-
FREEMAN, Kathleen L Nott (i54), b.1912-
FREEMAN, Kathleen L Nott (marriage to Leslie Victor Sidnell) (i54), b.1912-
FREEMAN, Laura Marguerite (i6), b.1892-d.1969
FREEMAN, Laura Marguerite (marriage to Ernest Walter Samuel Dickinson) (i6), b.1892-d.1969
FREEMAN, Leslie Ernest Eynon (i148), b.1913-d.2005
FREEMAN, Lilian Maude (i42), b.1894-d.1994
FREEMAN, Louisa M (i1251), b.1878-
FREEMAN, Margaret Sarah (i136), b.1873-
FREEMAN, Maria (i128), b.1816-
FREEMAN, Mary (i124), b.1804-
FREEMAN, Patricia (i1304), b.1931-
FREEMAN, Richard (i146) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Robert Randolph (i145), b.1920-d.1995
FREEMAN, Sally (i1413) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Stanley Nott (i51), b.1904-d.1968
FREEMAN, Stella (i1359)
FREEMAN, Thomas (i108), b.1813-
FREEMAN, Thomas (i120), b.1842-
FREEMAN, Thomas (marriage to Susannah Caudle) (i108), b.1813-
FREEMAN, Thomas Caudle (i1252), b.1872-
FREEMAN, Thomas P (i135), b.1869-
FREEMAN, Tracy (i1414) (still alive)
FREEMAN, Violet Harper (i44), b.1898-d.1982
FREEMAN, Violet Harper (marriage to John Joseph Lee) (i44), b.1898-d.1982
FREEMAN, William (i105), b.1838-
FREEMAN, William (i123), b.1801-
FREEMAN, William (i1358)
FREEMAN, William (marriage to Margaret Sarah Nott) (i105), b.1838-
FREEMAN, William John Allan Nott (i1434), b.1866-d.1939
FREEMAN, William John Allan Nott (marriage to Sarah Ann Eynon) (i1434), b.1866-d.1939




FRENCH, Edith (marriage to John Nell) (i637)




FRITIAS, D S de (marriage to Dora Florence Mignon) (i2633)




FRY, Henrietta Emily (marriage to Walter Sidney Hildesley) (i1846), b.1867-




GACA, Adam James (i451) (still alive)
GACA, Aoife Mary (i1228) (still alive)
GACA, Finn James (i2397) (still alive)
GACA, Jan Gerard (i448) (living status unknown)
GACA, Jennifer Mary (i449) (living status unknown)




GALLEY, Anthony (i30242)
GALLEY, Edith (i30270), b.1895-
GALLEY, Emily (i30268), b.1890-
GALLEY, Mary A (i30269), b.1892-




GARD, Ann (i1419) (living status unknown)
GARD, John (i1418)
GARD, John (marriage to Edna Freeman) (i1418)




GASGOIGNE, Jade (i2675) (still alive)
GASGOIGNE, Lee (i2674)




GASH, Robert (marriage to Helen Moffat) (i2470)




GASTELL, Henry (i515) (living status unknown)
GASTELL, Margaret (i514), b.1690-
GASTELL, Margaret (marriage to Thomas Bainbridge) (i514), b.1690-




GAYNOR, Clive (i678)
GAYNOR, Karen (i680) (living status unknown)
GAYNOR, Susan (i679) (living status unknown)




GEDDES, James Mitchell (marriage to Jane Ann Morley Hildersley) (i1841)




Gemima (marriage to George Charge) (i30374)




GENTU), possible Numa Henri Genter (or (marriage to Eleanor Sarah Hildersley) (i2647)




Geoffrey (marriage to Edna Freeman) (i1417)




GERBER, Joseph Garnham OR Edward Max (marriage to Eva Augusta James) (i1628), b.1863-




GERRARD, John William (marriage to Helena Emily Hildersley) (i2314)




Gertrude (marriage to Richard Cummings) (i2256), b.1863-




GIBSON, Barbara (i492), b.1747-
GIBSON, Barbara (marriage to William Raine) (i492), b.1747-
GIBSON, John (i493)




GILLOW, Ethel (i2185), b.1876-
GILLOW, George (i2182), b.1875-
GILLOW, Maud (i2184), b.1872-
GILLOW, Richard C (i2173), b.1846-
GILLOW, Walter J (i2183), b.1880-




GIRTON, John (i975), d.1772
GIRTON, John (marriage to Alice Dockwra) (i975), d.1772
GIRTON, Joseph (i979), b.1770-
GIRTON, Martha (i790), b.1765-d.1842
GIRTON, Martha (marriage to Francis Hildersley) (i790), b.1765-d.1842
GIRTON, Thomas (i978), b.1767-




GOLDING, (marriage to Hildersley) (i30305)




GOODWIN, (i30664) (living status unknown)
GOODWIN, Bert (marriage to "Joan" Jessie Dorothy Bond) (i2474)
GOODWIN, Hannah Amelia (marriage to James Weaver Ball) (i1926), b.1828-




GOULD, - (marriage to Violet Ann Ringe) (i30874)
GOULD, Mary (marriage to Edward Hildersley Quayle) (i2270)




Grace (marriage to Charles Frederick W Freeman) (i1307)




GRANGE, Isabel (marriage to Adam Weir) (i1729)




GRAY, Alan (i643), b.1925-d.1998
GRAY, Alisdair (i661) (living status unknown)
GRAY, Barbara (i646) (living status unknown)
GRAY, Carol (i644) (living status unknown)
GRAY, Dorothy (i217), b.1810-d.1849
GRAY, Dorothy (marriage to Thomas Younger) (i217), b.1810-d.1849
GRAY, Iain (i662) (living status unknown)
GRAY, James (i1217) (living status unknown)
GRAY, Jimmy (i1216)
GRAY, Kevin John (i645) (living status unknown)
GRAY, Lindsay (i1218) (living status unknown)
GRAY, Louise (i1219) (living status unknown)
GRAY, William (i2073), b.1779-
GRAY, William (i2075), b.1808-
GRAY, William (i2163)




GRAYSON, William (marriage to Mary Ann Losh) (i558)




GREENSHIELD, Alfred E (i2023), b.1873-
GREENSHIELD, Henry (i2019), b.1840-
GREENSHIELD, Henry G (i2021), b.1868-
GREENSHIELD, Robert L (i2022), b.1879-




GREENSHIELDS, Caroline Ann (marriage to John Durrant) (i1085), b.1839-
GREENSHIELDS, Eliza Ellen (marriage to Walter Webster) (i1094), b.1873-
GREENSHIELDS, Ellen Eliza (marriage to George Robert William Burrows) (i2091), b.1901-d.1983
GREENSHIELDS, James (i30659) (living status unknown)
GREENSHIELDS, James (marriage to Rosina Mary Smith) (i1093), b.1874-
GREENSHIELDS, Janet (i30663) (living status unknown)
GREENSHIELDS, Jennifer M (i30661) (living status unknown)
GREENSHIELDS, John (marriage to Eliza Field) (i1087), b.1835-
GREENSHIELDS, William (marriage to Caroline Martha Jane Hildersley) (i782), b.1813-d.1897




GREGORY, Ethel May (marriage to Frederick William Robinson) (i924), b.1882-




GREY, Henry George (marriage to Caroline Jane Hildersley) (i1984), b.1844-




GRIFFITHS, David Davies or Jacob (marriage to Margaret Emily Elliott) (i2003)




GRIGG, Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Freeman) (i1250), b.1844-




GUNNING, Harriet (marriage to Henry Unwin) (i2233)




GUYATT, George (i1036)
GUYATT, Rosemary Ann (i1032) (living status unknown)
GUYATT, Walter (i1031) (living status unknown)
GUYATT, Walter (marriage to Lilian Maud McKenzie) (i1031) (living status unknown)




HAH, Guo Yuen (i172) (still alive)
HAH, Kee Choon (i77) (still alive)
HAH, Yan Yuen (i173) (still alive)




HALE, Alfred Shephard (i30515), b.1838-
HALE, Emily (i30516), b.1841-
HALE, Fanny (i30517), b.1844-
HALE, Sarah (i30518), b.1832-
HALE, Shephard William (i30519), b.1834-
HALE, William (i30520), b.1827-
HALE, William Shephard (i2421), b.1798-
HALE, William Shephard (marriage to Sarah Hildersley) (i2421), b.1798-




HALL, Charles Lewis Edwin (marriage to Isabella Losh Raine) (i433), b.1874-




HAMILTON, Gorden (i1213)
HAMILTON, Janet (marriage to William Muir) (i2473)
HAMILTON, Ross William (i1214) (living status unknown)




HAMMOND, Winifred Elizabeth (marriage to Ralph Montague Cunnington) (i1483), b.1920-d.1986




Hannah (marriage to John Heap) (i2239)




HANNANT, Nicola Jane (i1392) (still alive)
HANNANT, Richard (i1390) (still alive)
HANNANT, Samantha Louise (i1391) (still alive)




HANSELL, Norah (marriage to Cyril Wheeler) (i653)




HARDING, Irene Maud (marriage to Norman Stanley McKenzie) (i355)




HARLEY, James (marriage to Catherine Ramsay) (i1843)




HARRIS, Mary (marriage to John Charge) (i30356), b.1834-




HARRISON, David William (i365) (still alive)
HARRISON, Michael Ryan (i415) (living status unknown)
HARRISON, Patricia J (i364), b.1940-d.2003
HARRISON, Rachel Lee (i2826) (still alive)
HARRISON, Riley Robert (i2827) (still alive)
HARRISON, Robert Michael (i366) (living status unknown)
HARRISON, Robyn Mae (i2828) (still alive)
HARRISON, Ryan Michael (i2825) (still alive)
HARRISON, Wesley John (i414) (still alive)
HARRISON, William Ryan (i361), b.1917-d.1998




HART, Ann (marriage to William Dockwra) (i981)




HARVEY, Amber Louise (i29) (still alive)
HARVEY, Arthur Elijah (marriage to Florence Hildersley) (i1447), b.1882-
HARVEY, Ian Timothy (i30) (still alive)
HARVEY, Timothy (i28) (still alive)




HASLEWOOD, Dickens (i30489), b.1760-d.1821
HASLEWOOD, Thomas (i30488)
HASLEWOOD, Thomas (marriage to Catherine Dickens) (i30488)




HATFIELD, Alfred Andrew A (i1922), b.1883-
HATFIELD, Archibald Ayres J (i742), b.1873-
HATFIELD, Beatrice (i744), b.1877-
HATFIELD, Daisy (i1933), b.1901-
HATFIELD, Emma K (i740), b.1868-
HATFIELD, Henry J (i738), b.1844-d.1910
HATFIELD, Henry J (marriage to Rosanna Sarah Hildersley) (i738), b.1844-d.1910
HATFIELD, Henry John G A (i741), b.1871-
HATFIELD, Jasper (i1921), b.1881-
HATFIELD, Rose Eleanor (i739), b.1866-
HATFIELD, Victoria (i745), b.1880-
HATFIELD, Wallace Leopold (i743), b.1875-
HATFIELD, William (marriage to Anne Hildersley) (i1059)




HATWELL, Charles (i2039), b.1881-
HATWELL, Edith (i2041), b.1887-
HATWELL, Edward George (i1441), b.1893-
HATWELL, Edward George (marriage to Lilian Dickinson) (i1441), b.1893-
HATWELL, Eric Edward (i1442), b.1922-d.2000
HATWELL, Joseph (i2037), b.1856-
HATWELL, Maude (i2042), b.1890-
HATWELL, Mildred (i2040), b.1884-




HAWKES, (i2736)
HAWKES, Francis R (i1519)
HAWKES, Francis R (marriage to Sydney Ernest Charles Hildersley) (i1519)




HAWKINS, Alice Eliza (marriage to Henry Dickinson) (i2414), b.1857-




HAZELL, (marriage to May Alice Hildersley) (i2822)




HEAP, John (i2238)
HEAP, Margaret (i2237), b.1795-d.1868
HEAP, Margaret (marriage to John Norman) (i2237), b.1795-d.1868




HENDERSON, Isabel (i2046), b.1775-d.1807
HENDERSON, Isabel (marriage to William McKenzie) (i2046), b.1775-d.1807
HENDERSON, Thomas (i2047)




HENDERSONE, Isobel (marriage to James Watson) (i1133)




HENRY, Philip (marriage to Sophia Hildersley) (i2820), b.1893-




HENSON, Emily Lou (marriage to Harvey Frederick Charge) (i2224), b.1851-




Hester (marriage to John Charge) (i30398)




HICKS, Alick Edward (marriage to Emma Rose Wade Hildesley) (i1259), b.1875-




HILDELSEY, - (i30871), d.1851
HILDELSEY, Rose Ethel (i30864), b.1888-d.1991




HILDERLEY, Mary Elizabeth (i1288), b.1808-




HILDERSLEY, (i30304)
HILDERSLEY, (i30308)
HILDERSLEY, (i30317)
HILDERSLEY, (marriage to Dean) (i30301)
HILDERSLEY, (marriage to Leigh) (i30321)
HILDERSLEY, (marriage to Lewis) (i30325)
HILDERSLEY, (marriage to Wilton) (i30312)
HILDERSLEY, aaa (i2582)
HILDERSLEY, Adamson Ramsey (i1157), b.1896-d.1940
HILDERSLEY, Adelaide (i55), b.1856-d.1943
HILDERSLEY, Adelaide (marriage to Thomas Dickinson) (i55), b.1856-d.1943
HILDERSLEY, Agnes (i695), b.1852-
HILDERSLEY, Agnes (marriage to Robert Peever MacKay) (i695), b.1852-
HILDERSLEY, Agnes Bryden (i1151), b.1893-
HILDERSLEY, Agnes Elizabeth (i1935), b.1885-
HILDERSLEY, Agnes Taylor[Smith] (i1163), b.1876-d.1876
HILDERSLEY, Aimee Ruth (i30303) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, Alan (i2119) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Albert (i1878), b.1885-
HILDERSLEY, Albert (i2610), b.1891-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Arthur (i708), b.1872-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Arthur (marriage to Julia Eliza Perkins) (i708), b.1872-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Charles (i239), b.1879-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Daniel Edward (i1781), b.1899-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Edward (i906), b.1861-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Edward (i1115), b.1883-d.1946
HILDERSLEY, Albert Edward (i1159), b.1885-d.1885
HILDERSLEY, Albert Edward (i1161), b.1894-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Edward (marriage to Annie Elizabeth Pilmor) (i906), b.1861-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Joseph William (i907), b.1896-
HILDERSLEY, Albert Ronald (i2480), b.1924-d.2004
HILDERSLEY, Albert William (i2757), b.1884-
HILDERSLEY, Alexander (i797), b.1867-d.1945
HILDERSLEY, Alexander (marriage to Caroline Bridget Egan) (i797), b.1867-d.1945
HILDERSLEY, Alexander Hedley (i889), b.1895-d.1916
HILDERSLEY, Alexandra (i2521) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Alice (i2786), b.1880-
HILDERSLEY, Alice Daisy (i1685), b.1905-
HILDERSLEY, Alice Louisa (i856), b.1873-
HILDERSLEY, Alice Maud (i240), b.1880-
HILDERSLEY, Alice Maud (i1046), b.1860-d.1908
HILDERSLEY, Alice Maud (i2321), b.1917-d.1998
HILDERSLEY, Alice Maud (marriage to Walter Augustus Neves) (i1046), b.1860-d.1908
HILDERSLEY, Alice Maud Victoria (i715), b.1879-
HILDERSLEY, Alice Maud Victoria (marriage to James Ashbury Cooper) (i715), b.1879-
HILDERSLEY, Alice Thomson (i1275), b.1892-
HILDERSLEY, Amelia Eleanor (i1580), b.1898-
HILDERSLEY, Amy Georgina T (i1100), b.1881-
HILDERSLEY, Amy Harriet Ann (i773), b.1851-d.1898
HILDERSLEY, Amy Jane (i2784), b.1878-d.1878
HILDERSLEY, Andrew Walter (i2755), b.1877-d.1879
HILDERSLEY, Ann (i767), b.1813-
HILDERSLEY, Ann (i795), b.1803-
HILDERSLEY, Ann (i1156), b.1890-d.1890
HILDERSLEY, Ann Eleanor Rosa (i874), b.1848-
HILDERSLEY, Ann Eleanor Rosa (marriage to Ferdinand Emiel Mogensen) (i874), b.1848-
HILDERSLEY, Ann Herkis R (i1276), b.1900-
HILDERSLEY, Anna [aka Annie] Allan (i1064), b.1886-
HILDERSLEY, Anna S (i2088) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Anne (i704), b.1858-
HILDERSLEY, Anne (i1202) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Anne (i2616) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Anne M (i2581) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Annie (i1573), b.1870-
HILDERSLEY, Annie (i2598), b.1852-d.1867
HILDERSLEY, Annie Maude (i2782), b.1892-
HILDERSLEY, Annie Rebecca (i1948), b.1882-
HILDERSLEY, Arthur (i736), b.1860-d.1877
HILDERSLEY, Arthur (i1990), b.1900-
HILDERSLEY, Arthur Edward (i2596), b.1865-d.1865
HILDERSLEY, Arthur Walter (i1531), b.1900-
HILDERSLEY, Arthur William Allen (i1242), b.1887-d.1960
HILDERSLEY, Audrey Alice (i2788), b.1909-
HILDERSLEY, Bertha Louisa F (i1677), b.1903-
HILDERSLEY, Blanche (i2790), b.1881-
HILDERSLEY, Brenda T (i1510), b.1925-
HILDERSLEY, Brian John (i2482) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Caroline (i235), b.1866-
HILDERSLEY, Caroline (marriage to George Simmons) (i235), b.1866-
HILDERSLEY, Caroline Doris (i890), b.1897-
HILDERSLEY, Caroline Jane (i866), b.1867-
HILDERSLEY, Caroline Martha Jane (i781), b.1810-d.1887
HILDERSLEY, Catherine Mary (i30281) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, ccc (i2796)
HILDERSLEY, ccd (i2592)
HILDERSLEY, Charles (i918), b.1840-d.1843
HILDERSLEY, Charles (i30434)
HILDERSLEY, Charles B (i2527) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Charles Bryden (i1148), b.1881-d.1939
HILDERSLEY, Charles Thomas John (i1041), b.1851-d.1901
HILDERSLEY, Charles William (i1950), b.1876-d.1876
HILDERSLEY, Christine Taylor (i1165), b.1882-d.1882
HILDERSLEY, Christine Taylor (i1166), b.1883-d.1884
HILDERSLEY, Christine Taylor (i1171), b.1913-d.1913
HILDERSLEY, Christine Taylor (i1274), b.1897-d.1985
HILDERSLEY, Christopher Herbert (i1779), b.1884-
HILDERSLEY, Christopher Herbert (marriage to Agnes Elizabeth Swan) (i1779), b.1884-
HILDERSLEY, Christopher James (i1248) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Claire Louise (i2124) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Clara (i735), b.1862-
HILDERSLEY, Clara (marriage to Frank Hooker) (i735), b.1862-
HILDERSLEY, Clara Ellen (i1047), b.1860-d.1901
HILDERSLEY, Clive William Maurice (i2077) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Constance Helena Maria (i771), b.1856-d.1919
HILDERSLEY, Constance M (i1669), b.1913-
HILDERSLEY, Cornelius (i1987), d.1851
HILDERSLEY, Daniel (i877), b.1859-d.1953
HILDERSLEY, Daniel (marriage to Louisa Amelia Roof) (i877), b.1859-d.1953
HILDERSLEY, Danielle Sarah (i30306) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, daughter 1 (i2619) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, daughter 2 (i2620) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Dennis Richard (i1563), b.1926-d.1994
HILDERSLEY, Derrick Richard (i2143) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Doris (i2556) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Doris M (i1567), b.1928-
HILDERSLEY, Doris W (i1269), b.1893-
HILDERSLEY, Doris Winifred (i1582), b.1898-
HILDERSLEY, Dorothy Blanche (i1525), b.1891-
HILDERSLEY, Dorothy Louisa M (i1679), b.1909-
HILDERSLEY, Dorothy Violet Syer (i1523), b.1892-d.1930
HILDERSLEY, Dorothy Violet Syer (marriage to Eric John Bentley Hobrow) (i1523), b.1892-d.1930
HILDERSLEY, Edith Eliza M (i1782), b.1897-d.1960
HILDERSLEY, Edith Elizabeth (i236), b.1877-d.1896
HILDERSLEY, Edward Albert S (i1541), b.1901-
HILDERSLEY, Edward William (i801), b.1820-d.1873
HILDERSLEY, Eileen M (i1558), b.1925-
HILDERSLEY, Eleanor Sarah (i712), b.1882-
HILDERSLEY, Eliza Jane (i858), b.1877-
HILDERSLEY, Elizabeth (i737), b.1835-d.1895
HILDERSLEY, Elizabeth (i783), b.1833-d.1920
HILDERSLEY, Elizabeth (i1265), b.1872-
HILDERSLEY, Elizabeth (marriage to James Plumbly) (i737), b.1835-d.1895
HILDERSLEY, Elizabeth Amelia (i1330), b.1873-d.1876
HILDERSLEY, Elizabeth Embury (i1065), b.1889-
HILDERSLEY, Emily (i1279), b.1872-d.1872
HILDERSLEY, Emma (i803), b.1849-
HILDERSLEY, Emma Alice (i865), b.1863-
HILDERSLEY, Emma Alice (marriage to Henry Charles Allder) (i865), b.1863-
HILDERSLEY, Emma Louise (i2508) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Emma Priscilla (i777), b.1823-
HILDERSLEY, Emma Priscilla (marriage to Frederick Thomas Ashley) (i777), b.1823-
HILDERSLEY, Emma Susannah Ann (i772), b.1845-
HILDERSLEY, Ernest Charles (i749), b.1875-
HILDERSLEY, Euphemia M Black (i1828), b.1922-d.1922
HILDERSLEY, Ferdinand Emile (i1051), b.1876-d.1901
HILDERSLEY, Florence (i859), b.1879-
HILDERSLEY, Florence Alice Ann (i774), b.1847-d.1866
HILDERSLEY, Florence Edwards (i1980), b.1887-
HILDERSLEY, Florence Embury (i1160), b.1893-
HILDERSLEY, Florence Ethel (i1578), b.1897-
HILDERSLEY, Frances (i1215) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Frances (i2597), b.1867-d.1867
HILDERSLEY, Frances Bryson (i1521), b.1882-
HILDERSLEY, Frances Bryson (marriage to Amos H Bridge) (i1521), b.1882-
HILDERSLEY, Francis (i727), b.1827-d.1871
HILDERSLEY, Francis (i729), b.1852-d.1927
HILDERSLEY, Francis (i764), b.1762-d.1828
HILDERSLEY, Francis (i793), b.1792-
HILDERSLEY, Francis (i912), b.1874-d.1904
HILDERSLEY, Francis (marriage to Isabella Millar) (i729), b.1852-d.1927
HILDERSLEY, Francis (marriage to Martha Girton) (i764), b.1762-d.1828
HILDERSLEY, Francis Henry (i1267), b.1883-d.1883
HILDERSLEY, Frank (i1062), b.1882-
HILDERSLEY, Frank (i1175), b.1900-d.1918
HILDERSLEY, Frank (i1179), b.1890-d.1892
HILDERSLEY, Frank (i1258), b.1900-
HILDERSLEY, Frank (i2524) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Frank H Alexander (i1154), b.1886-
HILDERSLEY, Frederick (i854), b.1840-d.1915
HILDERSLEY, Garry Michael (i30307) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, George Albert Victor (i1126), b.1882-
HILDERSLEY, George James (i733), b.1880-d.1881
HILDERSLEY, George John (i2802), b.1878-d.1878
HILDERSLEY, George William (i768), b.1816-d.1889
HILDERSLEY, George William (i30283) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, George William Thomas (i770), b.1848-d.1912
HILDERSLEY, George William Thomas (marriage to Harriet Ball) (i770), b.1848-d.1912
HILDERSLEY, Gerald (i2478), b.1911-
HILDERSLEY, Gerald F (i2803), b.1912-
HILDERSLEY, Gilbert Edwards (i1110), b.1885-d.1917
HILDERSLEY, Gladys (i1671), b.1890-
HILDERSLEY, Gladys M (i1562), b.1932-
HILDERSLEY, Harold (i1575), b.1896-d.1896
HILDERSLEY, Harold George (i1109), b.1897-d.1919
HILDERSLEY, Harold Harrison (i892), b.1901-d.1941
HILDERSLEY, Harold Percy (i2319), b.1911-d.1990
HILDERSLEY, Harriet Jane (i775), b.1819-
HILDERSLEY, Harriet Jane (marriage to Charles Robertson) (i775), b.1819-
HILDERSLEY, Harriet Rosina (i718), b.1872-
HILDERSLEY, Helena Emily (i2313)
HILDERSLEY, Henry Eleazer (i860), b.1833-d.1898
HILDERSLEY, Henry Eleazer (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Rayner) (i860), b.1833-d.1898
HILDERSLEY, Henry Francis (i779), b.1828-
HILDERSLEY, Henry James (i693), b.1844-d.1885
HILDERSLEY, Henry James (i913), b.1880-d.1942
HILDERSLEY, Henry James (i1155), b.1888-
HILDERSLEY, Henry James (i1738), b.1912-d.1945
HILDERSLEY, Henry James [aka Harry] (i887), b.1859-d.1933
HILDERSLEY, Henry John Hill (i717), b.1871-
HILDERSLEY, Henry Joseph (i862), b.1857-
HILDERSLEY, Henry Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Sarah Edwards) (i862), b.1857-
HILDERSLEY, Herbert (i238), b.1878-
HILDERSLEY, Hilda Kathleen (i899), b.1904-d.1993
HILDERSLEY, husband 1 of Anne (i2617) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, Isabella Alice (i1113), b.1889-d.1953
HILDERSLEY, Isabella Alice (marriage to xx Steele) (i1113), b.1889-d.1953
HILDERSLEY, Isabella Jeanie (i1271), b.1899-
HILDERSLEY, Isabella Lumsden (i1153), b.1882-
HILDERSLEY, James (i705), b.1846-d.1898
HILDERSLEY, James Alexander (i1167), b.1886-
HILDERSLEY, James Henry (i1533), b.1894-
HILDERSLEY, James Jesse (i875), b.1836-d.1910
HILDERSLEY, James Richard (i1528), b.1898-
HILDERSLEY, James Robertson (i1207) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, James William Stephen (i709), b.1870-
HILDERSLEY, Jane (i915), b.1866-d.1903
HILDERSLEY, Jane (i1168), b.1888-
HILDERSLEY, Jane (i2595), b.1863-d.1864
HILDERSLEY, Jane (marriage to David Whyte Hunter) (i915), b.1866-d.1903
HILDERSLEY, Jane Ann Morley (i1149), b.1885-
HILDERSLEY, Jean (i2536) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Jeanette Maureen (i1209) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Jemina Bryden (i1150), b.1891-
HILDERSLEY, Jessie (i1063), b.1883-d.1897
HILDERSLEY, Jessie (i1068), b.1861-
HILDERSLEY, Jessie (i1831), b.1901-d.1907
HILDERSLEY, Jessie (marriage to Edward George Dalley) (i1068), b.1861-
HILDERSLEY, Jessie Maud Mary (i750), b.1880-
HILDERSLEY, John (i794), b.1789-
HILDERSLEY, John (i1981), b.1898-d.1987
HILDERSLEY, John Francis (i868), b.1829-
HILDERSLEY, John George (i863), b.1859-
HILDERSLEY, John Gerald (i2142), b.1939-d.1941
HILDERSLEY, John Murray (i1172), b.1879-d.1912
HILDERSLEY, John Murray (marriage to Catherine Ramsay) (i1172), b.1879-d.1912
HILDERSLEY, John Parker (i1857) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, John William (i1856), b.1899-d.1974
HILDERSLEY, Jordan Lee (i2146) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, Joseph (i1571)
HILDERSLEY, Josephine (i30433), b.1881-
HILDERSLEY, Josephine (marriage to William Lynch) (i30433), b.1881-
HILDERSLEY, Joyce (i1220) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Julia (i234), b.1863-
HILDERSLEY, Julia (marriage to James Frederick Ball) (i234), b.1863-
HILDERSLEY, Julian R (i2583) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Julie Samatha (i1735) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, June Audrey (i1569), b.1932-
HILDERSLEY, Keith William (i1688), b.1933-d.1975
HILDERSLEY, Kelly Marie (i2085) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Kevin Andrew (i2509) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Laurence J (i2544) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Leah (i2123) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Leslie A (i1557), b.1925-
HILDERSLEY, Leslie Arthur (i1244), b.1913-
HILDERSLEY, Lilian Grace (i893), b.1902-d.1985
HILDERSLEY, Lilian Grace (marriage to John Condy Blair) (i893), b.1902-d.1985
HILDERSLEY, Lisa (i1210) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Louisa (i694), b.1825-
HILDERSLEY, Louisa (marriage to Robert Robinson) (i694), b.1825-
HILDERSLEY, Louise Alison (i2084) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Lydia Mary (i714), b.1878-
HILDERSLEY, Mabel (i857), b.1875-
HILDERSLEY, Malcolm (i2082) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, male (i1962)
HILDERSLEY, male3 (i1579)
HILDERSLEY, Margaret (i1071)
HILDERSLEY, Margery A (i2591) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Maria (i780), b.1830-
HILDERSLEY, Maria (i1341), b.1838-d.1881
HILDERSLEY, Maria (marriage to James Evelyn James) (i780), b.1830-
HILDERSLEY, Maria Frances (i732), b.1875-
HILDERSLEY, Marian Francis (i1778), b.1881-
HILDERSLEY, Marion Victoria (i2611) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Marjorie (i1281), b.1891-
HILDERSLEY, Martha Frances (i800), b.1814-
HILDERSLEY, Mary (i2011), b.1875-
HILDERSLEY, Mary Ann (i722), b.1829-
HILDERSLEY, Mary Ann (marriage to William Robert Barker) (i722), b.1829-
HILDERSLEY, Mary Annie (i864), b.1861-d.1881
HILDERSLEY, Mary Grant (i1511), b.1930-d.1990
HILDERSLEY, Mary H (i1212) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Matilda (i785), b.1833-d.1903
HILDERSLEY, Matilda (marriage to Richard George Swain) (i785), b.1833-d.1903
HILDERSLEY, Matilda Agnes (i1985), b.1884-d.1884
HILDERSLEY, Matilda Thamozen (i847), b.1849-d.1907
HILDERSLEY, Matilda Thamozen (marriage to Robert W Virtue) (i847), b.1849-d.1907
HILDERSLEY, Matilda Thamozen Bickle (i1257), b.1887-
HILDERSLEY, Maud A (i1517), b.1893-
HILDERSLEY, Maurice Frank (i1564) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Mawgan Daisy Victoria (i2081) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, May Alice (i1936), b.1896-
HILDERSLEY, May E (i1687), b.1933-
HILDERSLEY, Minnie (i1930), b.1897-
HILDERSLEY, Muriel W (i1673), b.1912-
HILDERSLEY, Nellie Alice (i1539), b.1908-
HILDERSLEY, Norman Herbert (i1551), b.1908-d.1986
HILDERSLEY, Pamela (i707), b.1874-
HILDERSLEY, Pamela (marriage to Arthur Henry Fardon) (i707), b.1874-
HILDERSLEY, Pamela A (i1561), b.1930-
HILDERSLEY, Paul (i2086) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Paul Richard (i2500) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Percy Alfred (i2734), b.1879-d.1879
HILDERSLEY, Peter (i1200) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Peter W (i1689), b.1934-
HILDERSLEY, Poppy J C (i1570), b.1932-
HILDERSLEY, qqa (i2785)
HILDERSLEY, qqq (i2574)
HILDERSLEY, qqq (i2783)
HILDERSLEY, Rebecca Mary (i2148) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Richard (i730), b.1856-d.1858
HILDERSLEY, Richard Donald William (i2153) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Robert Virtue (i1066), b.1890-d.1915
HILDERSLEY, Robert Virtue (i1158), b.1885-d.1885
HILDERSLEY, Roger Paul (i1247) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Ronald Stanley (i1246), b.1918-d.2001
HILDERSLEY, Rosa Clara (i1045), b.1852-d.1942
HILDERSLEY, Rosanna Ruth (i30282) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Rosanna Sarah (i724), b.1845-d.1889
HILDERSLEY, Rosanna Sarah (marriage to Henry J Hatfield) (i724), b.1845-d.1889
HILDERSLEY, Rose E (i1560), b.1927-
HILDERSLEY, Rose Emily E (i1576), b.1896-d.1898
HILDERSLEY, Rosina (i725), b.1831-
HILDERSLEY, Rosina (i796), b.1870-
HILDERSLEY, Rosina (marriage to James Bickle) (i725), b.1831-
HILDERSLEY, rqy (i2795)
HILDERSLEY, rrt (i2787)
HILDERSLEY, rrz (i2789)
HILDERSLEY, rzt (i2791)
HILDERSLEY, Samantha (i2523) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Sarah (i791), b.1798-
HILDERSLEY, Sarah (marriage to William Shephard Hale) (i791), b.1798-
HILDERSLEY, Sarah E (i2573) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Sarah Jane (i2145) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, Sheila (i2562) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Sophia (i1070), b.1863-
HILDERSLEY, Stanley H (i2814), b.1914-
HILDERSLEY, Stanley Hector Hamilton (i1122), b.1900-d.1992
HILDERSLEY, Stanley Kentfield Edwards (i1112), b.1892-d.1916
HILDERSLEY, Stuart Martin (i1256) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Suzanne (i1211) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Sydney Ernest Charles (i1518), b.1884-
HILDERSLEY, Sydney Ernest Charles (marriage to Francis R Hawkes) (i1518), b.1884-
HILDERSLEY, Tathra Alicia (i30316) (living status unknown)
HILDERSLEY, Thomas (i765), b.1788-d.1865
HILDERSLEY, Thomas (i778), b.1826-d.1878
HILDERSLEY, Thomas (i878), b.1868-d.1881
HILDERSLEY, Thomas Frederick William (i1125), b.1887-
HILDERSLEY, Thomas Millar (i1114), b.1876-d.1877
HILDERSLEY, Trevor Ignatius (i1445), b.1894-
HILDERSLEY, unknow (i2599)
HILDERSLEY, unknown (i2593)
HILDERSLEY, unnamed (i1266), b.1873-d.1873
HILDERSLEY, Veronica A (i1686), b.1933-
HILDERSLEY, Victor Hector (i901), b.1908-d.1934
HILDERSLEY, Victor William (i1568) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, Walter (i233), b.1860-d.1937
HILDERSLEY, Walter (i1924), b.1891-
HILDERSLEY, Walter (marriage to Sarah Ann Allen) (i233), b.1860-d.1937
HILDERSLEY, Walter Charles Frederick (i713), b.1876-
HILDERSLEY, Walter Charles Frederick (i1295), b.1895-d.1895
HILDERSLEY, Walter Stanley (i1050), b.1866-
HILDERSLEY, Walter Stanley (i1971), b.1892-
HILDERSLEY, William (i231), b.1824-d.1898
HILDERSLEY, William (i691), b.1801-d.1857
HILDERSLEY, William (i746), b.1849-d.1888
HILDERSLEY, William (i1169), b.1890-d.1890
HILDERSLEY, William (i1170), b.1895-d.1895
HILDERSLEY, William (i1931), b.1898-
HILDERSLEY, William (marriage to Mary Ann Bryson) (i746), b.1849-d.1888
HILDERSLEY, William (marriage to Rachel Rose Holloway) (i231), b.1824-d.1898
HILDERSLEY, William (marriage to Sarah Ann Plumbly) (i231), b.1824-d.1898
HILDERSLEY, William George (i748), b.1873-
HILDERSLEY, William George (marriage to Alice Brice) (i748), b.1873-
HILDERSLEY, William John (i731), b.1853-d.1919
HILDERSLEY, William John (i1535), b.1899-
HILDERSLEY, William Joseph (i2122) (still alive)
HILDERSLEY, William Morris (i1565), b.1907-
HILDERSLEY, William Taylor (i1164), b.1877-d.1877
HILDERSLEY, William V (i1559), b.1925-
HILDERSLEY, Winifred A (i2815), b.1917-
HILDERSLEY, xyz (i2526)
HILDERSLEY, zw (i2537)
HILDERSLEY, zyx (i2554)
HILDERSLEY, zz (i2522)
HILDERSLEY, zzzq (i2563)



Hildesley [Mrs]

HILDESLEY [MRS], Martha (i30870), b.1802-




HILDESLEY, Alfred Herbert (i872), b.1857-d.1939
HILDESLEY, Alfreda Josephine (i1969), b.1884-
HILDESLEY, Anne (i30335), b.1721-
HILDESLEY, Anne (i30545), b.1701-d.1701
HILDESLEY, Avis (i30555), b.1711-
HILDESLEY, bbb (i2759)
HILDESLEY, Bernard (i30556), b.1714-d.1717
HILDESLEY, Dorcas Amelia (i2758), b.1885-
HILDESLEY, Edward (i30548), b.1704-d.1716
HILDESLEY, Elizabeth (i30331), b.1723-
HILDESLEY, Emma May (i30865) (living status unknown)
HILDESLEY, Emma Rose Wade (i1043), b.1876-
HILDESLEY, Ethel Hawkes (i2737), b.1887-
HILDESLEY, Frances (i30546), b.1703-
HILDESLEY, Francis (i30501)
HILDESLEY, Francis (i30510), b.1692-d.1769
HILDESLEY, Francis (i30551), b.1705-
HILDESLEY, Francis (i30896)
HILDESLEY, George (i30552), b.1706-
HILDESLEY, Harold Vaugham (i2007), b.1881-
HILDESLEY, Hester (i30554), b.1708-
HILDESLEY, Joan Crompton (i2057), b.1901-d.1991
HILDESLEY, Joan Crompton (marriage to Harold Edward Swabey) (i2057), b.1901-d.1991
HILDESLEY, John (i30342), b.1692-d.1771
HILDESLEY, John (i30477), b.1661-d.1731
HILDESLEY, John (i30542), b.1697-d.1698
HILDESLEY, John (marriage to Catherine Martin) (i30477), b.1661-d.1731
HILDESLEY, Katherine (i2391), b.1909-
HILDESLEY, Kathleen Dora (i2387), b.1908-
HILDESLEY, Mark (i30499), b.1630-d.1705
HILDESLEY, Mark (i30513)
HILDESLEY, Mark (i30540), b.1668-d.1726
HILDESLEY, Mark (i30543), b.1698-
HILDESLEY, Mark (marriage to Joanna Masham) (i30499), b.1630-d.1705
HILDESLEY, Mary (i30334), b.1720-
HILDESLEY, Mary (i30480), d.1744
HILDESLEY, Mary (i30553), b.1708-
HILDESLEY, Mary (marriage to Samuel Dickens) (i30480), d.1744
HILDESLEY, Masham (i30509)
HILDESLEY, Masham (i30547), b.1704-
HILDESLEY, Percival Tressilian (i1968), b.1882-
HILDESLEY, Percival Tressilian (i2389), b.1882-
HILDESLEY, Percival Tressilian (marriage to Marion Trennan) (i1968), b.1882-
HILDESLEY, Peter (i30549), b.1704-d.1706
HILDESLEY, Phyllis Freda (i30586)
HILDESLEY, Phyllis Mary (i2649), b.1907-
HILDESLEY, Ralph Ernest Alexander (i1049), b.1866-
HILDESLEY, Rowland (i30544), b.1699-
HILDESLEY, Sarah (i30333), b.1724-
HILDESLEY, Sarah (i30557), b.1715-d.1715
HILDESLEY, Sidney Emile Christian (i1847), b.1892-d.1892
HILDESLEY, Sylvia Eileen (i1260), b.1894-
HILDESLEY, Thomas Bartholomew (i996), b.1855-
HILDESLEY, Thomas Bartholomew (marriage to Jessie Annie R Syer) (i996), b.1855-
HILDESLEY, Tobias (i30330), d.1730
HILDESLEY, ubs (i2738)
HILDESLEY, Walter Sidney (i1262), b.1861-
HILDESLEY, William (i30550), b.1706-d.1707
HILDESLEY, xxx (i2650)




HOAR, Mary (marriage to Richard Mark Dickens) (i30497)




HOBROW, Eric John Bentley (i1524), b.1891-
HOBROW, Eric John Bentley (marriage to Dorothy Violet Syer Hildersley) (i1524), b.1891-
HOBROW, Frederick William Chant (i2760), b.1859-d.1915
HOBROW, Hilda L (i2766) (living status unknown)
HOBROW, Mildred (i2764), b.1890-
HOBROW, unknown (i2765), b.1886-




HOLGATE, Thomas William (i568)
HOLGATE, Thomas William (marriage to Priscilla Losh) (i568)
HOLGATE, William (i569)




HOLLIDAY, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Losh) (i532)




HOLLOWAY, James (i2399)
HOLLOWAY, Rachel Rose (i285), b.1823-d.1875
HOLLOWAY, Rachel Rose (marriage to William Hildersley) (i285), b.1823-d.1875




HONEYBONE, Ashleigh Rae (i665) (living status unknown)
HONEYBONE, David John (i630) (still alive)
HONEYBONE, Georgina Emma Louise (i668) (living status unknown)
HONEYBONE, Julia Ann (i663) (still alive)
HONEYBONE, Louise Alison (i666) (living status unknown)
HONEYBONE, Mark David (i669) (living status unknown)
HONEYBONE, Michael Anthony (i664) (living status unknown)




HOOKER, Beatrice (i1863), b.1893-
HOOKER, Beatrice (marriage to Llewlynn Victor Davies) (i1863), b.1893-
HOOKER, Frank (i1060), b.1862-d.1939
HOOKER, Frank (marriage to Clara Hildersley) (i1060), b.1862-d.1939
HOOKER, Hildersley Annie (i1862), b.1899-
HOOKER, Leonard (i1934), b.1886-




HOPE, Jane (i572), b.1827-d.1916
HOPE, Jane (marriage to Samuel Losh) (i572), b.1827-d.1916
HOPE, William (i573)




HOPKINS, Joyce (marriage to Ernest Alfred Charge) (i2208)




HORNE, Ann (marriage to William Raine) (i523)
HORNE, Annie (marriage to Alfred James Mansbridge) (i843)




HOUGHTON, Thomas (marriage to Maud Collins) (i30472)




HOWARD, (marriage to Beaseley) (i2677)




HUGHES, Helen (marriage to Lauchlan McKenzie) (i335)




HUMMERSTONE, Joyce (i30838), b.1927-
HUMMERSTONE, Joyce (marriage to Norman Frank Mansbridge) (i30838), b.1927-




HUMPHREY, Catherine (i2729), b.1894-
HUMPHREY, Edward (i2730), b.1900-
HUMPHREY, Frederick (i2728), b.1892-
HUMPHREY, George (i2720), b.1867-
HUMPHREY, Isaac (i2715), b.1870-
HUMPHREY, Isaac (marriage to Frances Alice McKenzie) (i2715), b.1870-
HUMPHREY, Mary A (i2722), b.1872-
HUMPHREY, Robert (i2723), b.1874-
HUMPHREY, Thomas (i2718), b.1846-
HUMPHREY, Thomas (i2721), b.1871-




HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth (i30831) (living status unknown)
HUMPHRIES, Joyce (i30832) (living status unknown)
HUMPHRIES, Norman (i30833) (living status unknown)
HUMPHRIES, William (i30830), b.1913-
HUMPHRIES, William (marriage to Violet Mansbridge) (i30830), b.1913-




HUNT, Anthony David (i1233) (still alive)
HUNT, Christopher Edward (i1238), b.1986-
HUNT, David Edward Leney (i1231) (still alive)
HUNT, Edward Leney (i902) (still alive)
HUNT, Jon-Steven Patrick (i1237) (still alive)
HUNT, Julia (i903) (still alive)
HUNT, Katherine (i905) (still alive)
HUNT, Sandy (i1117) (still alive)




HUNTER, David Whyte (i1116), b.1859-
HUNTER, David Whyte (marriage to Jane Hildersley) (i1116), b.1859-
HUNTER, George Whyte (i1325), b.1865-
HUNTER, Jane K (i1322), b.1853-
HUNTER, John Whyte (i1323), b.1855-
HUNTER, Robert (i1320)
HUNTER, Robina (i1324), b.1857-




HURFORD, (i2695)
HURFORD, boy (i2696) (living status unknown)




HURST, Hazel (marriage to Alan Freeman) (i1601), b.1918-d.1999




HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth (i1076), b.1849-
HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth (marriage to Alexander McKenzie) (i1076), b.1849-
HUTCHINSON, Henry (i2050)
HUTCHINSON, Mary (i2359), b.1794-d.1871
HUTCHINSON, Mary (marriage to Ralph Dawson) (i2359), b.1794-d.1871
HUTCHINSON, Robert (i2362)
HUTCHINSON, Robert (marriage to Jane Chapman) (i2362)




HYLDESLEY, John H (i2331), b.1874-
HYLDESLEY, Joseph (i2330), b.1870-
HYLDESLEY, Sarah (i2329), b.1868-
HYLDESLEY, William (i2327), b.1835-




IRVINE, Susannah Emily (marriage to Andrew Elliott) (i308), b.1850-




IRVING, Eleanor (i267), b.1764-
IRVING, Eleanor (marriage to William Losh) (i267), b.1764-
IRVING, Elijah (i530)




Isabella (marriage to Andrew McAlster) (i1910)
Isabella (marriage to Henry James Hildersley) (i1740)
Isobel Edith (marriage to John Henry Younger) (i969)
Ivy (marriage to Alfred R Robinson) (i951)




JACKSON, Eliza Emma (marriage to Alexander Elliott) (i255), b.1845-
JACKSON, Elizabeth (i1654), b.1797-
JACKSON, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Cook) (i1654), b.1797-
JACKSON, Mary (marriage to Robert Aird Moffat) (i2467)
JACKSON, William (i2380)
JACKSON, William (marriage to Margaret Barkas) (i2380)




Jacqueline A (marriage to Peter W Hildersley) (i2587)




JAMES, Amy Maria (i1335), b.1854-
JAMES, Amy Maria (marriage to Charles Chapman) (i1335), b.1854-
JAMES, Arthur Edward (i1337), b.1864-
JAMES, Arthur Edward (i1973), b.1890-
JAMES, Arthur Edward (marriage to Mary Ann Liney) (i1337), b.1864-
JAMES, Eleanor Harriet (i1336), b.1858-
JAMES, Ellen F (i1975), b.1897-
JAMES, Eva Augusta (i1338), b.1867-
JAMES, Eva Mary (i1974), b.1894-
JAMES, Frederick Arthur (i1972), b.1888-
JAMES, James Evelyn (i1334), d.1881
JAMES, James Evelyn (marriage to Maria Hildersley) (i1334), d.1881
JAMES, Lillie Clarissa (i1976), b.1899-
JAMES, Louisa Elizabeth (i1339), b.1871-
JAMES, Mary Ann (marriage to James Hildersley) (i706), b.1847-d.1906




Jane (marriage to John Milhench) (i2044), b.1861-
Jane (marriage to Ralph Close) (i607)
Jane (marriage to Wheatley Foster) (i1881), b.1851-
Jeane Anne (marriage to Ralph William Raine) (i488)
Jeanette (marriage to John Syer) (i999)




JENKINS, Beatrice May (i99), b.1914-d.1985
JENKINS, Beatrice May (marriage to Sidney Ernest Dickinson) (i99), b.1914-d.1985
JENKINS, Elsie (i1587)
JENKINS, xx (i1586)




JENNER, Alma Florence D (i1664), b.1887-d.1922
JENNER, Alma Florence D (marriage to Harold George Dickinson) (i1664), b.1887-d.1922
JENNER, Doris (i2036), b.1900-
JENNER, Ernest (i2033), b.1889-
JENNER, George (i2031), b.1861-
JENNER, Lilly (i2035), b.1896-
JENNER, Violet (i2034), b.1893-




JOHNSON, Ada A (marriage to Stanley Nott Freeman) (i1545)
JOHNSON, John (i30264) (still alive)
JOHNSON, Percival Kerwin (marriage to Lilian Maude Freeman) (i43), b.1890-d.1970
JOHNSON, Sarah (i30265) (still alive)




JOICE, Mary (i30411), b.1692-
JOICE, Mary (marriage to James Leving) (i30411), b.1692-




JONES, Alfred W (marriage to Doris W Hildersley) (i1527)
JONES, Gwenyth Ida (marriage to Stanley Herbert Cunnington) (i1461)




Josephine (marriage to Joseph Faulkner) (i30211)
Joyce (marriage to Dennis Richard Hildersley) (i2615), b.1924-d.1986




JOYCE, Anne (i30425), b.1694-
JOYCE, Beatrice May (marriage to Frederick Henry William Robinson) (i933), b.1901-
JOYCE, Edward (i30430), b.1709-
JOYCE, Frances (i30426), b.1696-
JOYCE, John (i30415)
JOYCE, John (i30427), b.1699-
JOYCE, Richard (i30432), b.1714-
JOYCE, Sarah (i30429), b.1705-
JOYCE, Thomas (i30428), b.1702-
JOYCE, William (i30431), b.1714-




Judith (marriage to James Ashley) (i1614)




KEATINGS, Dorothy Stuart (i603), b.1903-
KEATINGS, George (i602), b.1870-
KEATINGS, George (marriage to Hannah Caruthers Stuart) (i602), b.1870-
KEATINGS, Phyllis Georgina (i604), b.1913-
KEATINGS, Phyllis Georgina (marriage to Albert Arthur Ellis) (i604), b.1913-




KENNEDY, Alice R (marriage to Thomas Frederick William Hildersley) (i2818)




KEY, Mary (marriage to Joseph Losh) (i539), d.1787




KING, Hilda Victoria (marriage to George William Archibald Boaks) (i2679), b.1901-d.1981




KISSELL, Edward (i2263), b.1843-
KISSELL, Ernest E (i2265), b.1868-
KISSELL, Flora M (i2266), b.1872-
KISSELL, John Victor (i176), b.1870-d.1941
KISSELL, Vera Margaret (i103), b.1904-d.1942
KISSELL, Vera Margaret (marriage to Ralph William Younger McKenzie) (i103), b.1904-d.1942




KLEINSTEIUBER, Natalie (i30840) (living status unknown)
KLEINSTEIUBER, Natalie (marriage to Norman Frank Mansbridge) (i30840) (living status unknown)




KNIGHT, Alice (marriage to Albert Charles Hildersley) (i2817)
KNIGHT, Ellen (marriage to Herbert Hildersley) (i2004)




KNOX, John Hildersley (i2338) (living status unknown)
KNOX, Mariella (i2339) (still alive)




KOUWENHAVEN, [?] Emily (marriage to Thomas Bartholomew Hildesley) (i2739) (living status unknown)




LAMB, Martha (marriage to William Charge) (i30368)




LANGLEY, Constance Cynthia (i30814) (living status unknown)




LARGE, John Arthur (i1287) (living status unknown)
LARGE, Maurice Edwin (i1293)
LARGE, Stephen John (i1294) (living status unknown)




LATHAM, Robert Arthur (marriage to Maria Hildersley) (i1102), d.1881




Laura (marriage to Victor Alfred A Sidnell) (i1788), b.1873-




LAURIE, Elizabeth (marriage to David Virtue) (i2098)




LEAN, Ephraim (i1121) (still alive)
LEAN, Jeremy (i1118) (still alive)
LEAN, Rebekah (i1119) (still alive)
LEAN, Rodney (i904) (still alive)
LEAN, Talitha (i1120) (still alive)




LEE, (i2706)
LEE, Arthur (i2708)
LEE, Benjamin (i2686), b.1885-d.1940
LEE, Benjamin (i2710)
LEE, Diane Margaret (i1397) (still alive)
LEE, Doris (i2702) (living status unknown)
LEE, Doris (marriage to John Box) (i2702) (living status unknown)
LEE, Douglas Norman (i48) (still alive)
LEE, Edith (i2682) (living status unknown)
LEE, Edward Thomas (i2687), b.1924-d.1962
LEE, Elizabeth (i2698)
LEE, Fanny (i2711)
LEE, Frank (i2688) (living status unknown)
LEE, George Henry (i2689), b.1900-d.1934
LEE, Harriet (i2709)
LEE, Ian David (i1401) (still alive)
LEE, James Price (i2680), b.1858-d.1942
LEE, Jessica Ellen (i1404) (still alive)
LEE, John (i46) (still alive)
LEE, John Joseph (i45), b.1896-d.1992
LEE, John Joseph (marriage to Violet Harper Freeman) (i45), b.1896-d.1992
LEE, Joyce Kathleen (i47) (still alive)
LEE, June (i2690) (living status unknown)
LEE, June (marriage to Brian Campbell) (i2690) (living status unknown)
LEE, Kathleen (marriage to Trevor Ignatius Hildersley) (i1446)
LEE, Lin (i2684) (living status unknown)
LEE, Norma (i2694) (living status unknown)
LEE, Norma (marriage to Hurford) (i2694) (living status unknown)
LEE, Norman (i2697), d.1916
LEE, Penelope Anne (i1403) (still alive)
LEE, Rosa Hilda (i2699), b.1901-d.1997
LEE, Sylvia Elizabeth (i49) (still alive)
LEE, Thomas (i2700) (living status unknown)
LEE, Thomas (i2712)
LEE, Vera M (i1394), b.1922-d.1928
LEE, William (i2707)




LEIGH, (i30320)
LEIGH, Claire Marie (i30319) (living status unknown)
LEIGH, Ryan Charles (i30322) (living status unknown)




LEVERET, Ann (marriage to Samuel Eaton) (i30451)




LEVING, Ann (i30414), b.1722-
LEVING, James (i30410), b.1686-
LEVING, James (marriage to Mary Joice) (i30410), b.1686-
LEVING, Joyce Livings or (i30396), b.1718-
LEVING, Joyce Livings or (marriage to Joseph Revell) (i30396), b.1718-




LEWIS, (i30324)
LEWIS, Harry Phillip (i30323) (living status unknown)
LEWIS, Harry Phillip John (i2151) (living status unknown)
LEWIS, Oliver (i2152) (living status unknown)
LEWIS, Oliver James (i30326) (living status unknown)
LEWIS, Phillip John (i2150) (living status unknown)
LEWIS, xx (marriage to xx Jenkins) (i2268)




LIGHT, Janice Frances (i945) (living status unknown)
LIGHT, Joseph Gilbert (i943), b.1910-d.1999
LIGHT, Raymond Howard (i944) (still alive)
LIGHT, Susan Elizabeth (i948) (still alive)




Lily (marriage to Robert George Younger) (i1379), d.1962




LIM, Li Kai (i166) (still alive)
LIM, Min Chia (i70) (still alive)
LIM, Min Ching (i167) (still alive)
LIM, Ti Ang (i62) (still alive)




LINEY, Clarissa (i30448), b.1863-
LINEY, Clarissa (marriage to John Sheen) (i30448), b.1863-
LINEY, Frederick (i30445), b.1831-
LINEY, Frederick (marriage to Mary Ann Eaton) (i30445), b.1831-
LINEY, Hannah Jane (i30449), b.1870-d.1930
LINEY, Hannah Jane (marriage to George Collins) (i30449), b.1870-d.1930
LINEY, Louise Rebecca (i30447), b.1861-d.1874
LINEY, Mary Ann (i1627), b.1867-
LINEY, Mary Ann (marriage to Arthur Edward James) (i1627), b.1867-




LISTER, Henry (i2367), b.1843-
LISTER, Henry (i2370), b.1880-
LISTER, Jane S (i2369), b.1876-
LISTER, John R (i1081), b.1877-




LIVERMAN, Alice (marriage to Robert Living) (i30413)




LIVING, Alice (i30422), b.1689-
LIVING, Elizabeth (i30419), b.1673-
LIVING, Hannah (i30424), b.1680-
LIVING, John (i30421), b.1671-
LIVING, Martha (i30420), b.1683-
LIVING, Mary (i30418), b.1677-
LIVING, Robert (i30412)
LIVING, Robert (i30417), b.1672-
LIVING, Thomas (i30423), b.1686-




LLOYD, Anne (marriage to William Eynon) (i995)




LONG, David William (i2748), b.1912-d.1980
LONG, David William (marriage to Doris Ethel Cooper) (i2748), b.1912-d.1980
LONG, Ruth Ann (i2749) (living status unknown)




LONGLEY, George Robert (marriage to Emma Susannah Ann Hildersley) (i1967), b.1838-d.1902




LOSH, Alexander (i598), b.1896-d.1965
LOSH, Ann (i288), b.1769-
LOSH, Ann (i526), b.1726-
LOSH, Ann (i545), b.1787-
LOSH, Anne (i286), b.1763-
LOSH, Beatrice (i594), b.1889-d.1912
LOSH, Beatrice (i611) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Beatrice (marriage to Alan Gray) (i611) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Beatrice May (i617), d.1921
LOSH, Craig (i1440) (still alive)
LOSH, Deborah Jane (i654) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Doreen (i627) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Elizabeth (i268), b.1802-
LOSH, Elizabeth (i293), b.1782-
LOSH, Elizabeth (i527), b.1727-
LOSH, Elizabeth (i560), b.1815-d.1888
LOSH, Elizabeth (i578), b.1854-
LOSH, Elizabeth Ellen (i601), b.1903-d.1983
LOSH, Elizabeth Ellen (marriage to Amos Almond) (i601), b.1903-d.1983
LOSH, Elsie (i620) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Ernest (i600), b.1901-
LOSH, Graham (i642) (still alive)
LOSH, Helen Louise (i656) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Henry (i618) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Hudson (i292), b.1777-
LOSH, Irene (i625) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Isabella (i229), b.1800-d.1876
LOSH, Isabella (marriage to George McKenzie) (i229), b.1800-d.1876
LOSH, Isabella (marriage to John Allsop Petty) (i229), b.1800-d.1876
LOSH, James (i271), b.1799-d.1869
LOSH, Jane (i290), b.1772-
LOSH, Jane (i538)
LOSH, Jane (i571), b.1857-
LOSH, Jane (i576), b.1851-
LOSH, Jane (marriage to Charles Stuart) (i571), b.1857-
LOSH, Jane (marriage to Edward Wilkinson) (i538)
LOSH, Jennifer Ann (i639), b.1948-d.1984
LOSH, John (i289), b.1771-
LOSH, John (i544), b.1784-d.1817
LOSH, John (i567), b.1837-
LOSH, John (i597), b.1894-d.1895
LOSH, John (i622), b.1899-
LOSH, John Geoffrey (i638) (still alive)
LOSH, John Gibson (i585), b.1861-d.1927
LOSH, John Gibson (i599), b.1898-d.1982
LOSH, John Gibson (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Collins) (i585), b.1861-d.1927
LOSH, John William (i609), b.1917-d.1997
LOSH, John William (marriage to Edith Annie Nell) (i609), b.1917-d.1997
LOSH, Jonathan (i565), b.1831-
LOSH, Jonathan (John) (i552), b.1799-d.1818
LOSH, Joseph (i270), b.1809-
LOSH, Joseph (i274), b.1764-d.1846
LOSH, Joseph (i535), b.1742-
LOSH, Joseph (i543), b.1781-
LOSH, Joseph (i562), b.1825-d.1865
LOSH, Joseph (i581), b.1865-
LOSH, Laura (i612) (still alive)
LOSH, Leslie (i610), b.1920-d.2005
LOSH, Martha (i540), b.1775-
LOSH, Mary (i287), b.1767-
LOSH, Mary (i525), b.1721-
LOSH, Mary (i541), b.1778-
LOSH, Mary (i564), b.1829-
LOSH, Mary (i574), b.1849-
LOSH, Mary (i580), b.1864-
LOSH, Mary (marriage to Roger Pope) (i287), b.1767-
LOSH, Mary Ann (i557), b.1811-
LOSH, Mary Jane (i584), b.1858-d.1863
LOSH, Mary Jane (i596), b.1893-d.1975
LOSH, Mary Jane (marriage to James E Winter) (i596), b.1893-d.1975
LOSH, Priscilla (i559), b.1813-
LOSH, Priscilla (marriage to Thomas William Holgate) (i559), b.1813-
LOSH, Rebecca (i583), b.1852-
LOSH, Sally (i291), b.1774-
LOSH, Samuel (i563), b.1827-d.1881
LOSH, Samuel (i579), b.1860-
LOSH, Samuel (marriage to Jane Hope) (i563), b.1827-d.1881
LOSH, Sarah (i536), b.1747-
LOSH, Sarah (i542), b.1780-
LOSH, Thelma (i624) (living status unknown)
LOSH, Thomas (i533), b.1738-d.1774
LOSH, Veronica (i619) (still alive)
LOSH, William (i266), b.1766-
LOSH, William (i269), b.1805-
LOSH, William (i272), b.1736-
LOSH, William (i276), d.1772
LOSH, William (i531), b.1796-d.1797
LOSH, William (i553), b.1801-d.1869
LOSH, William (i566), b.1833-d.1875
LOSH, William (i586), b.1864-d.1910
LOSH, William (i595), b.1891-d.1966
LOSH, William (marriage to Eleanor Irving) (i266), b.1766-
LOSH, William (marriage to Isabella Close) (i595), b.1891-d.1966
LOSH, William (marriage to Jane Barns) (i272), b.1736-




Louisa (marriage to George Jenner) (i2032), b.1861-




LYNCH, William (i30436), b.1871-
LYNCH, William (i30439)
LYNCH, William (marriage to Josephine Hildersley) (i30436), b.1871-




MACKAY, Agnes R (i700), b.1877-
MACKAY, Albert E (i701), b.1879-
MACKAY, Alfred Charles (i2113), b.1858-
MACKAY, Andrew Peever (i2115), b.1856-
MACKAY, Ann Peever (i2118), b.1852-
MACKAY, Annie M (i2017), b.1875-
MACKAY, Campbell (i2015), b.1845-
MACKAY, Frederick Arthur (i2117), b.1860-
MACKAY, Henrietta Peever (i697), b.1873-
MACKAY, Henrietta Peever (i2116), b.1863-
MACKAY, Henrietta Peever (marriage to George Buckler Fielder) (i697), b.1873-
MACKAY, Henrietta Rebecca (i2110), b.1850-
MACKAY, Henry Alexander (i2109), b.1847-
MACKAY, Henry E (i702), b.1880-
MACKAY, Jessie H (i2018), b.1876-
MACKAY, Margaret Catherine (i2114), b.1853-
MACKAY, Robert Peever (i696), b.1848-
MACKAY, Robert Peever (marriage to Agnes Hildersley) (i696), b.1848-
MACKAY, Robert Peevor (i699), b.1875-
MACKAY, Theresa Amy (i2112), b.1865-
MACKAY, William (i1929), b.1895-
MACKAY, William (i2013), b.1822-
MACKAY, William Alexander (i698), b.1874-
MACKAY, William John (i2111), b.1845-




MACLAUCHLAN, John (i161)
MACLAUCHLAN, John (marriage to G (Molly) Simpson) (i161)
MACLAUCHLAN, Moraig Nancy Isabel (i21), b.1923-d.2003
MACLAUCHLAN, Moraig Nancy Isabel (marriage to Percival Montague Dickinson) (i21), b.1923-d.2003




MACMILLIAN, Robina (marriage to Charles Bryden Hildersley) (i1837), b.1881-d.1939




MAGUINNESS, Alan Randall (i456) (living status unknown)
MAGUINNESS, Ken (i455), b.1943-d.1996
MAGUINNESS, Neil James (i459) (still alive)
MAGUINNESS, Robert John (i460) (still alive)
MAGUINNESS, Sarah Abigail (i458) (living status unknown)




MAIR, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Weir) (i2458)




MAISEY, Albert (i2355), b.1874-
MAISEY, Albert (i2357), b.1900-
MAISEY, Annie (i2049), b.1878-
MAISEY, Annie (marriage to Richard Watson McKenzie) (i2049), b.1878-
MAISEY, Charles (i2343), b.1868-
MAISEY, Edward William (i2344), b.1872-
MAISEY, Edwin (i2342), b.1847-
MAISEY, Fanny (i2353), b.1876-
MAISEY, Frederick C (i2351), b.1868-
MAISEY, Henry J (i2352), b.1880-
MAISEY, John (i2348)
MAISEY, Percy (i2345), b.1882-
MAISEY, Stephen (i2354), b.1870-
MAISEY, Thomas (i2346), b.1883-
MAISEY, Walter (i2347), b.1885-
MAISEY, xxx (i2350)




MANN, William (marriage to Maria Frances Hildersley) (i1067)




MANSBRIDGE, Alfred James (i842), b.1863-
MANSBRIDGE, Barbara (i840) (living status unknown)
MANSBRIDGE, Barbara Anne (i810) (still alive)
MANSBRIDGE, Clive Leonard (i814) (still alive)
MANSBRIDGE, Dawn Ellen (i817) (still alive)
MANSBRIDGE, Edna (i838), b.1920-
MANSBRIDGE, Elizabeth (i841), b.1922-
MANSBRIDGE, Elizabeth (i846), b.1864-
MANSBRIDGE, Frederick Gordon (i805), b.1924-d.2001
MANSBRIDGE, Helena (i30850), b.1914-
MANSBRIDGE, Hillary (i30839) (living status unknown)
MANSBRIDGE, James (i844)
MANSBRIDGE, Janet (i30835) (still alive)
MANSBRIDGE, Joan (i839) (living status unknown)
MANSBRIDGE, Kenneth Victor (i829), b.1911-
MANSBRIDGE, Kieran (i816), b.1995-d.1998
MANSBRIDGE, Norman Frank (i30826), b.1927-
MANSBRIDGE, Patricia (i30828) (living status unknown)
MANSBRIDGE, Raymond (i827), b.1887-
MANSBRIDGE, Raymond Arthur (i820) (still alive)
MANSBRIDGE, Ronald Jack (i30825), b.1916-d.1994
MANSBRIDGE, Valerie (i30829) (living status unknown)
MANSBRIDGE, Violet (i837), b.1913-






MAPPLETHORPE, Arthur H (marriage to Annie Rebecca Hildersley) (i2646)




MARCUS, Rebecca (marriage to Francis Hildersley) (i1298)




Margaret (marriage to Joseph Wearmouth) (i2433)
Margaret (marriage to Samuel Dickens) (i30495)
Margaret (marriage to Thomas Hildersley) (i917)
Margaret B (marriage to xx Mignon) (i2274), b.1838-
Margaret F (marriage to Edward Kissell) (i2264), b.1847-
Margaret Jane (marriage to Thomas Crawford) (i2194), b.1841-d.1895
Margery (marriage to Harold Percy Hildersley) (i2322), b.1915-d.2001
Marian (marriage to Percival Tressilian Hildesley) (i2390), b.1884-




MARKHAM, ?? (marriage to Muriel W Hildersley) (i1674)




MARRAN, Myra (i445) (living status unknown)
MARRAN, Richard (i444), b.1906-d.1990
MARRAN, Richard (marriage to Edna May Raine) (i444), b.1906-d.1990




MARSHALL, Mildred Bailey (marriage to Stanley Hector Hamilton Hildersley) (i1123), b.1895-




MARTIN, Benedict (i30511)
MARTIN, Catherine (i30478), b.1662-d.1744
MARTIN, Catherine (marriage to John Hildesley) (i30478), b.1662-d.1744
MARTIN, female (i30512), b.1662-




Mary (marriage to Allan Crathorne) (i30255), b.1826-
Mary (marriage to John Breckinfield) (i2442), b.1795-d.1886
Mary (marriage to John Caudle) (i122)
Mary (marriage to Joseph Breckinfield) (i2442), b.1795-d.1886
Mary (marriage to Joseph Thomas Rayner) (i2158)
Mary (marriage to Robert Allen Nott) (i2062)
Mary (marriage to Robert William Robinson) (i2837), b.1855-
Mary (marriage to Thomas Ringe) (i2295), b.1850-
Mary (marriage to Tobias Hildesley) (i30332)
Mary (marriage to William G Dickinson) (i2415), b.1846-
Mary J. (marriage to John Collins) (i593)
Mary? (marriage to Charles Dickens) (i30494) (living status unknown)




MASHAM, Elizabeth (i30506)
MASHAM, Francis (i30505), b.1646-
MASHAM, Joanna (i30500), d.1702
MASHAM, Joanna (marriage to Mark Hildesley) (i30500), d.1702
MASHAM, Margaret (i30508)
MASHAM, Mary (i30507)
MASHAM, William (i30502), b.1592-
MASHAM, William (i30504)
MASHAM, William (marriage to Elizabeth Trevor) (i30502), b.1592-




MASKELL, Brian (i681) (living status unknown)
MASKELL, George John (i685) (living status unknown)
MASKELL, Hannah Jane (i684) (living status unknown)
MASKELL, Keith John (i682) (living status unknown)
MASKELL, Lesley Jane (i686) (living status unknown)
MASKELL, Lesley Jane (marriage to Malcolm White) (i686) (living status unknown)




Matilda (marriage to Jonathan Appleby) (i1897), b.1825-
Matilda (marriage to William Dryden) (i1897), b.1825-




MATTHEWS, (i30662) (living status unknown)
MATTHEWS, Sarah (marriage to Francis Hildersley) (i870), d.1826




MATTOCK, Elsie (marriage to Albert Percy Baker) (i30252)




MAY, Elizabeth (marriage to ? Condy) (i1185)
MAY, Winifred Marle (marriage to John Rowland Claridge) (i30237), d.1989




MAYFIELD, Thomas A (marriage to Maud A Hildersley) (i1520), b.1891-




MAYLE, (marriage to Doris Winifred Hildersley) (i2823)




MCALSTER, Andrew (i320)
MCALSTER, Andrew (i1909), b.1863-
MCALSTER, John Rutherford (i1766), b.1893-
MCALSTER, John Willis (i319), b.1866-
MCALSTER, John Willis (marriage to Lillian McKenzie) (i319), b.1866-
MCALSTER, Mabel (i1767), b.1898-




MCBURNEY, Leslie John Robert (i1006)
MCBURNEY, Loretta Judith (i1011) (still alive)
MCBURNEY, Lynda Gail (i1007) (still alive)




MCCABE, Frederick (marriage to Caroline Doris Hildersley) (i891)




MCCLAREN, Matthew Armstrong or James Johnson (marriage to Sophia McBain Younger) (i2773)




MCEWEN, (i2671)
MCEWEN, Colin Ewen (i949) (still alive)
MCEWEN, Hannah C (i2856) (still alive)
MCEWEN, Jane (i2672) (still alive)
MCEWEN, Susan (i1289) (still alive)




MCGEORGE, Alice (marriage to John Dunkeld McKenzie) (i352), b.1898-d.1933




MCKENZIE, ?? (i690)
MCKENZIE, Alan David (i357) (still alive)
MCKENZIE, Alexander (i336), b.1781-
MCKENZIE, Alexander (i1074), b.1847-
MCKENZIE, Alexander (i1079), b.1880-
MCKENZIE, Alexander (marriage to Elizabeth Hutchinson) (i1074), b.1847-
MCKENZIE, Alice (i2403), b.1858-
MCKENZIE, Anna (i1761), b.1889-
MCKENZIE, Catharine (i382), b.1789-
MCKENZIE, Charles Hutchinson (i1697), b.1885-
MCKENZIE, Dalby "Dorothy" (i360) (still alive)
MCKENZIE, Donald (i358), b.1898-d.1949
MCKENZIE, Dorothy (i321), b.1910-
MCKENZIE, Elaine Irene (i356) (still alive)
MCKENZIE, Eleanor (i305), b.1833-
MCKENZIE, Elizabeth (i278), b.1839-
MCKENZIE, Elizabeth (i1696), b.1883-
MCKENZIE, Elizabeth (marriage to John Watson) (i278), b.1839-
MCKENZIE, Ethel (i1762), b.1885-
MCKENZIE, Frances Alice (i209), b.1868-
MCKENZIE, Frances Alice (marriage to Isaac Humphrey) (i209), b.1868-
MCKENZIE, George (i228), b.1808-d.1883
MCKENZIE, George (i279), b.1841-d.1894
MCKENZIE, George (marriage to Isabella Losh) (i228), b.1808-d.1883
MCKENZIE, George (marriage to Jane Ann Taylor) (i279), b.1841-d.1894
MCKENZIE, George Alexander (i246), b.1859-d.1863
MCKENZIE, George Taylor (i281), b.1866-d.1883
MCKENZIE, George Taylor (i348), b.1895-d.1965
MCKENZIE, Georgina (i387), b.1852-d.1924
MCKENZIE, Georgina (marriage to John Weir) (i387), b.1852-d.1924
MCKENZIE, Georgina R (i1698), b.1887-
MCKENZIE, Grace E. (i386), b.1880-
MCKENZIE, Helen (i337), b.1786-
MCKENZIE, Helen Fannie (i207), b.1861-
MCKENZIE, Helen Fannie (marriage to John Dryden Appleby) (i207), b.1861-
MCKENZIE, Henry Hutchinson (i1078), b.1877-
MCKENZIE, Irene Jane (i353), b.1920-d.1920
MCKENZIE, Isabella (i208), b.1864-
MCKENZIE, Isabella (i385), b.1878-
MCKENZIE, Isabella (marriage to Alfred Crathorne Foster) (i208), b.1864-
MCKENZIE, Isabella Losh (i283), b.1870-
MCKENZIE, Isabella Losh (marriage to John Andrew M Deans) (i283), b.1870-
MCKENZIE, James (i265), b.1810-
MCKENZIE, James (i1072), b.1837-
MCKENZIE, James (i1077), b.1875-
MCKENZIE, Jane (i1301), b.1841-
MCKENZIE, Jane (i2404), b.1861-
MCKENZIE, Janet (i261), b.1843-d.1893
MCKENZIE, Janet (i1763), b.1891-
MCKENZIE, Janet (marriage to Edward Raine) (i261), b.1843-d.1893
MCKENZIE, John Dunkeld (i351), b.1896-d.1969
MCKENZIE, John George Breckinfield (i383), b.1855-
MCKENZIE, Kenneth (i1017), b.1817-d.1880
MCKENZIE, Kenneth (i1700), b.1891-
MCKENZIE, Kenneth (i1764), b.1893-
MCKENZIE, Lachlan (i338), b.1792-
MCKENZIE, Lauchlan (i334)
MCKENZIE, Lilian Mabel (i363) (living status unknown)
MCKENZIE, Lilian Mabel (marriage to Leslie John Robert McBurney) (i363) (living status unknown)
MCKENZIE, Lilian Maud (i323), b.1916-
MCKENZIE, Lillian (i210), b.1870-d.1901
MCKENZIE, Lillian (marriage to John Willis McAlster) (i210), b.1870-d.1901
MCKENZIE, Marian Kate (i247), b.1872-d.1872
MCKENZIE, Mary (i339), b.1814-d.1890
MCKENZIE, Mary Isabella (i248), b.1858-d.1862
MCKENZIE, Maud (i40), b.1907-d.1909
MCKENZIE, Maude Mary (i212), b.1866-d.1920
MCKENZIE, Maude Mary (marriage to William Picken) (i212), b.1866-d.1920
MCKENZIE, Norman (i1765), b.1896-
MCKENZIE, Norman D (i362), b.1928-d.1947
MCKENZIE, Norman Stanley (i284), b.1872-d.1931
MCKENZIE, Norman Stanley (i354), b.1921-d.1985
MCKENZIE, Norman Stanley (marriage to Isabella Dunkeld) (i284), b.1872-d.1931
MCKENZIE, Ralph William Younger (i3), b.1906-d.1989
MCKENZIE, Ralph William Younger (marriage to Phyllis Kathleen Dickinson) (i3), b.1906-d.1989
MCKENZIE, Ralph William Younger (marriage to Vera Margaret Kissell) (i3), b.1906-d.1989
MCKENZIE, Richard Watson (i282), b.1868-
MCKENZIE, Richard Watson (marriage to Annie Maisey) (i282), b.1868-
MCKENZIE, Robert Hutchinson (i1699), b.1890-
MCKENZIE, Sidney (i38), b.1885-d.1919
MCKENZIE, Sidney (marriage to Elizabeth Anne Younger) (i38), b.1885-d.1919
MCKENZIE, Sidney (marriage to Ethel Annie Palmer) (i38), b.1885-d.1919
MCKENZIE, William (i263), b.1776-d.1842
MCKENZIE, William (marriage to Isabel Henderson) (i263), b.1776-d.1842
MCKENZIE, William (marriage to Janet Brown) (i263), b.1776-d.1842
MCKENZIE, William George (i211), b.1863-d.1917
MCKENZIE, William Losh (i221), b.1831-
MCKENZIE, William Losh (marriage to Ellen Elliott) (i221), b.1831-
MCKENZIE, Zoe Isobel (i350) (still alive)




MCLAREN, Jemina (marriage to Thomas Miller) (i1332)




MCMILLAN, Helen (marriage to Robert Scotland) (i2464)




METCALF, Francis Mary (marriage to Ernest Losh) (i623)




MICHAELSON, xxx (marriage to Florence Annie Blake) (i1667), d.1917




MICKLETON, Agnes (marriage to William Raine) (i521)




MIGNON, Barbara (i2627)
MIGNON, Charles Hildersley (i2248), b.1874-d.1874
MIGNON, Donald (i2629)
MIGNON, Dora Florence (i2623), b.1864-
MIGNON, Dorothy (i2626)
MIGNON, Dorothy (marriage to xx Preudhomme) (i2626)
MIGNON, June (i2628)
MIGNON, Margaret (i2275), b.1863-
MIGNON, Margaret (i2625)
MIGNON, Violet Hildersley (i2277), b.1878-
MIGNON, William Henry (i2276), b.1874-d.1965
MIGNON, xx (i2273)




MILHENCH, Jane Emma (i1704), b.1890-
MILHENCH, John (i2045), b.1863-




MILLAR, Isabella (i911), b.1856-d.1926
MILLAR, Isabella (marriage to Francis Hildersley) (i911), b.1856-d.1926
MILLAR, Kerry (i1222) (living status unknown)
MILLAR, Lisa (i1223) (living status unknown)
MILLAR, M Alec (i1221) (living status unknown)




MILLER, Terence (i1814) (still alive)
MILLER, Thomas (i1331)
MILLER, xx (i1813)




MILLICENT, Maud or (marriage to Herbert Hildersley Saunders) (i2667)




MILLS, Alison Victoria (i380) (still alive)
MILLS, Anthony Mackenzie (i304) (still alive)
MILLS, Arthur James (i303), b.1908-d.1997
MILLS, Arthur James (marriage to Mary Evelyn Raine) (i303), b.1908-d.1997
MILLS, Claire Elizabeth Louise Mackenzie (i381) (still alive)
MILLS, Helen Mary (i378) (still alive)
MILLS, Susan Mary (i376) (still alive)




MILLWARD, Annie (marriage to John Gibson Losh) (i621)




MOFFAT, Agnes (i1713), b.1801-
MOFFAT, Barbara (i1812) (still alive)
MOFFAT, Christian (i1720), b.1819-
MOFFAT, David (i1718), b.1815-d.1894
MOFFAT, Gavin (i1723), b.1824-
MOFFAT, George (i1811)
MOFFAT, George (marriage to Mary Ellen Elliott) (i1811)
MOFFAT, Helen (i1719), b.1817-d.1878
MOFFAT, James (i1715), b.1806-
MOFFAT, James (i2459), b.1739-
MOFFAT, James (marriage to Lilias Muir) (i2459), b.1739-
MOFFAT, Janet (i1716), b.1810-
MOFFAT, Jean (i1721), b.1819-
MOFFAT, Lillias (i1709), b.1808-
MOFFAT, Lillias (marriage to John Weir) (i1709), b.1808-
MOFFAT, Mary (i1714), b.1804-
MOFFAT, Robert (i1711), b.1778-d.1870
MOFFAT, Robert (marriage to Helen Watson) (i1711), b.1778-d.1870
MOFFAT, Robert Aird (i1717), b.1812-
MOFFAT, William (i1722), b.1821-




MOGENSEN, Ferdinand Emiel (i1040), b.1845-
MOGENSEN, Ferdinand Emiel (marriage to Ann Eleanor Rosa Hildersley) (i1040), b.1845-
MOGENSEN, Friderik (i1296)




MOOR, male (i1905)
MOOR, male (marriage to female Appleby) (i1905)
MOOR, Matilda (i1906), b.1871-




MOORE, Charles (marriage to Fanny Copeland) (i1877), b.1861-




MORGAN, Jane (i116), b.1817-d.1879
MORGAN, Jane (marriage to George Eynon) (i116), b.1817-d.1879
MORGAN, John (i1849)




MORISIN, Emily (i1194) (living status unknown)
MORISIN, Frank (i1192)
MORISIN, Madeline (i1193) (living status unknown)




MORLEY, Karen (i30717) (living status unknown)
MORLEY, Lee (i30715) (living status unknown)
MORLEY, Robert (i30714) (living status unknown)




MUIR, Lilias (i2460), b.1744-
MUIR, Lilias (marriage to James Moffat) (i2460), b.1744-
MUIR, William (i2472)




MUMFORD, Frederick (i2713)




MURPHY, (marriage to Minnie Hildersley) (i2821)




MURRAY, Jean (marriage to David Moffat) (i2468)




NATION, Kevin Richard James (i667) (living status unknown)




NEALLY, John (marriage to Sarah Losh) (i537)




NELL, Edith Annie (i635), b.1916-d.1987
NELL, Edith Annie (marriage to John William Losh) (i635), b.1916-d.1987
NELL, John (i636)




NEVES, Gorden H (i2262), b.1892-
NEVES, Walter Augustus (i2259), b.1860-d.1928
NEVES, Walter Augustus (marriage to Alice Maud Hildersley) (i2259), b.1860-d.1928




NEWMAN, Elizabeth (marriage to Edward William Hildersley) (i802), b.1824-d.1873




NEWTH, Alice Sarah (marriage to Ralph Ernest Alexander Hildesley) (i1261), b.1863-




NICHOLSON, Alfred Gorden (marriage to Jennifer Ann Losh) (i640) (living status unknown)
NICHOLSON, John Wagner (marriage to Dorothy Blanche Hildersley) (i1526)




NICKLEN, Marie Irene (marriage to Leslie Ernest Eynon Freeman) (i1361), b.1920-d.1998




NOLAN, Christopher (i30711) (living status unknown)
NOLAN, Gary (i30712) (living status unknown)




NORMAN, Charlotte (i1433), b.1820-
NORMAN, Charlotte (marriage to William Charles Allen Nott) (i1433), b.1820-
NORMAN, George Roe (i30841), b.1825-
NORMAN, John (i1438), b.1789-
NORMAN, John (i2240)
NORMAN, John (marriage to Jane Roe) (i2240)
NORMAN, John (marriage to Margaret Heap) (i1438), b.1789-
NORMAN, Margaret (i30842), b.1847-




NOTT, Margaret Sarah (i139), b.1846-
NOTT, Margaret Sarah (marriage to William Freeman) (i139), b.1846-
NOTT, Robert (i2063)
NOTT, Robert Allen (i1437), b.1803-d.1893
NOTT, William Charles Allen (i1436), b.1823-
NOTT, William Charles Allen (marriage to Charlotte Norman) (i1436), b.1823-




O'NEILL, Chloe (i819) (still alive)




OAKE, Emily Doris (marriage to James Henry Hildersley) (i1534), b.1899-




OATES, C J (i410) (living status unknown)
OATES, Jennifer (i409) (still alive)
OATES, John A (i407) (still alive)
OATES, John Kerr (i406) (living status unknown)




OGDEN, Matilda Elizabeth C (marriage to Charles Walter Bickle) (i1954), b.1877-




OSBORNE, Isaac (i30364), b.1778-d.1838
OSBORNE, Isaac (marriage to Joyce Watts) (i30364), b.1778-d.1838
OSBORNE, Joice (i30361), b.1803-d.1878
OSBORNE, Joice (marriage to John Charge) (i30361), b.1803-d.1878




OSBOURNE, Ann (i30385), b.1775-
OSBOURNE, Mary (i30387), b.1771-
OSBOURNE, William (i30383)
OSBOURNE, William (i30386), b.1773-




OVAL, Charles (marriage to Nellie Alice Hildersley) (i1540)




PALMER, Ethel Annie (i322)
PALMER, Ethel Annie (marriage to Sidney McKenzie) (i322)
PALMER, Isabella (i1143)
PALMER, John (i1141), d.1916
PALMER, Margaret (i1142)




PATERSON, (marriage to McEwen) (i2855)
PATERSON, Mary (marriage to Alexander Comrie) (i2732)




PATTERSON, James (i440)
PATTERSON, John Edgar (i439), b.1892-
PATTERSON, John Edgar (marriage to Margaret Sylvia Isabel Raine) (i439), b.1892-
PATTERSON, Lyris (marriage to William Henry Mignon) (i2624)
PATTERSON, Margaret (i442), b.1920-d.1995




PEEVER, Henrietta (marriage to William MacKay) (i2014), b.1821-




PELLING, Hollie Louise (i2621) (still alive)
PELLING, John Richard (i2622) (still alive)




PERKIN, Jane (marriage to Edward Raine) (i509)




PERKINS, Julia Eliza (i1780), b.1874-d.1955
PERKINS, Julia Eliza (marriage to Albert Arthur Hildersley) (i1780), b.1874-d.1955
PERKINS, xx (i2479)




PERKS, Arthur Herbert (marriage to Alice Louisa Hildersley) (i1989), b.1881-




PERRY, Eliza (marriage to Abraham Charge) (i30371)




PETTY, Isabella (i371), b.1827-
PETTY, Isabella (i1290), b.1845-
PETTY, John Allsop (i370)
PETTY, John Allsop (marriage to Isabella Losh) (i370)




PICKEN, Annie (i244), b.1856-
PICKEN, John (i318), b.1836-
PICKEN, Mary (i245), b.1868-
PICKEN, Myra (i1080), b.1893-d.1893
PICKEN, William (i241), b.1864-
PICKEN, William (i242), b.1834-
PICKEN, William (i316)
PICKEN, William (i1230), b.1895-
PICKEN, William (marriage to Maude Mary McKenzie) (i241), b.1864-




PIKE, Mary (marriage to William Bickle) (i1640), b.1865-




PILMOR, Annie Elizabeth (i1061), b.1863-d.1942
PILMOR, Annie Elizabeth (marriage to Albert Edward Hildersley) (i1061), b.1863-d.1942




PILMORE, ?? (i1310)
PILMORE, Ada (i1316), b.1874-
PILMORE, Albert Foster (i1314), b.1869-
PILMORE, Arthur (i1315), b.1872-
PILMORE, Beatrice (i1318), b.1878-
PILMORE, John Ernest (i1317), b.1866-
PILMORE, Lilian (i1319), b.1880-
PILMORE, Miriam (i1313), b.1867-
PILMORE, William Henry (i1312), b.1865-




PLUMBLY, James (i1963), b.1838-
PLUMBLY, James (i2392)
PLUMBLY, James (marriage to Elizabeth Hildersley) (i1963), b.1838-
PLUMBLY, Sarah Ann (i237), b.1842-d.1902
PLUMBLY, Sarah Ann (marriage to William Hildersley) (i237), b.1842-d.1902







POMEROY, Rosanna (marriage to Alfred Crathorne Foster) (i30241), b.1870-
POMEROY, Rosanna (marriage to Anthony Galley) (i30241), b.1870-




POPE, Martha (i554), b.1810-
POPE, Roger (i555)
POPE, Roger (marriage to Mary Losh) (i555)




POPKIN, Sarah (marriage to James Plumbly) (i2393)




POUARD, Mr (marriage to Gladys Hildersley) (i1672)




POWELL, Mary Ethel (marriage to William Losh) (i608) (living status unknown)




PREUDHOMME, daughter 1 (i2631) (living status unknown)
PREUDHOMME, Pamela (i2632) (still alive)
PREUDHOMME, xx (i2630)
PREUDHOMME, xx (marriage to Dorothy Mignon) (i2630)




Priscilla (marriage to John Hildersley) (i799), b.1788-d.1826




PRYATT, Elizabeth (marriage to John Charge) (i30378)




QUAYLE, - (i30900)
QUAYLE, Edward Hildersley (i2247)
QUAYLE, Mark Hildersley (i2250)
QUAYLE, Mark Hildersley (i2251), d.1804
QUAYLE, Mark Hildersley (marriage to Mary Wilson) (i2251), d.1804




RAIN, John (i401)




RAINE, Abigail (i393)
RAINE, Albert (i299), b.1877-
RAINE, Albert (i468), b.1819-
RAINE, Alice (i489), b.1867-d.1878
RAINE, Andrew (i388)
RAINE, Andrew (i392)
RAINE, Ann (i481), b.1831-
RAINE, Arthur (i300), b.1879-
RAINE, Arthur Mackenzie (i452), b.1913-d.1992
RAINE, Betty (i496), b.1786-
RAINE, Carla Janette (i465) (living status unknown)
RAINE, Charles (i495), b.1792-d.1870
RAINE, Edna May (i443), b.1907-d.1988
RAINE, Edna May (marriage to Richard Marran) (i443), b.1907-d.1988
RAINE, Edward (i262), b.1840-d.1913
RAINE, Edward (i504), b.1714-
RAINE, Edward (i508), b.1740-
RAINE, Edward (i511), b.1677-d.1738
RAINE, Edward (marriage to Ann Bainbridge) (i504), b.1714-
RAINE, Edward (marriage to Elizabeth Tinkler) (i511), b.1677-d.1738
RAINE, Edward (marriage to Janet McKenzie) (i262), b.1840-d.1913
RAINE, Elizabeth (i510), b.1738-
RAINE, Ellen (i1224), b.1869-
RAINE, George (i399)
RAINE, George Allen (i394)
RAINE, George Tallentire (i477), b.1877-d.1901
RAINE, George William (i435), b.1862-
RAINE, George William (marriage to Sarah Walters) (i435), b.1862-
RAINE, Gibson (i497), b.1783-
RAINE, Ian Edward Mackenzie (i461) (living status unknown)
RAINE, Isabella Losh (i298), b.1874-
RAINE, Jane (i398)
RAINE, Jane (i474), b.1843-d.1911
RAINE, Jeannie (i375), b.1886-
RAINE, John (i391)
RAINE, John (i482), b.1835-d.1882
RAINE, John (i500), b.1777-
RAINE, John (i506), b.1744-d.1783
RAINE, Jonathan (i390)
RAINE, Jonathan (i395)
RAINE, Jonathan (i400)
RAINE, Joseph (i404)
RAINE, Joseph (i498), b.1781-d.1806
RAINE, Joseph (i501), b.1775-d.1776
RAINE, Lily (i446), b.1906-d.1973
RAINE, Linda (i467) (living status unknown)
RAINE, Louisa (i470), b.1855-
RAINE, Margaret Sylvia Isabel (i438), b.1895-
RAINE, Margaret Sylvia Isabel (marriage to John Edgar Patterson) (i438), b.1895-
RAINE, Mark Ian Mackenzie (i464) (living status unknown)
RAINE, Mary (i397)
RAINE, Mary (i471), b.1867-
RAINE, Mary (i499), b.1779-
RAINE, Mary Ann (i368), b.1817-d.1884
RAINE, Mary Ann (marriage to George Taylor) (i368), b.1817-d.1884
RAINE, Mary Evelyn (i302), b.1908-d.1985
RAINE, Mary Evelyn (marriage to Arthur James Mills) (i302), b.1908-d.1985
RAINE, Nanny (i502), b.1771-
RAINE, Ralph William (i484), b.1858-d.1887
RAINE, Ralph William (i487), b.1861-d.1930
RAINE, Richard (i405)
RAINE, Richard Valentine (i295), b.1865-
RAINE, Robert (i297), b.1871-
RAINE, Robert (i480), b.1828-d.1863
RAINE, Robert (i518), b.1644-
RAINE, Robert Valentine (i490), d.1875
RAINE, Sarah Jane (i296), b.1867-
RAINE, Septimus McKenzie (i294), b.1882-d.1967
RAINE, Sylvia Ellen (i466), b.1914-d.1956
RAINE, Thomas (i403)
RAINE, Thomas (i478), b.1820-d.1875
RAINE, Thomas (i507), b.1742-
RAINE, Valentine (i485), b.1838-d.1896
RAINE, Valerie Mackenzie (i454) (living status unknown)
RAINE, Valerie Mackenzie (marriage to Ken Maguinness) (i454) (living status unknown)
RAINE, Walter (i2055), b.1896-
RAINE, William (i373), b.1789-d.1869
RAINE, William (i472), b.1822-
RAINE, William (i491), b.1745-
RAINE, William (i520), b.1617-
RAINE, William (i522)
RAINE, William (marriage to Barbara Gibson) (i491), b.1745-
RAINE, William George (i434), b.1862-
RAINE, William Jackson (i475)




RAMSAY, Catherine (i1174), b.1879-
RAMSAY, Catherine (marriage to John Murray Hildersley) (i1174), b.1879-
RAMSAY, Hugh (i1960), b.1852-




RAMSEY, Ann Herkis R (marriage to Henry James [aka Harry] Hildersley) (i1152), b.1862-d.1933




RAYNER, Joseph Thomas (i2157)
RAYNER, Joseph William (i2159), b.1833-
RAYNER, Mary Elizabeth (i861), b.1835-d.1916
RAYNER, Mary Elizabeth (i2161), b.1831-d.1835
RAYNER, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Henry Eleazer Hildersley) (i861), b.1835-d.1916
RAYNER, Thomas James (i2160), b.1837-




REARDON, Rosa Ann (marriage to Thomas Hildersley) (i871)




REDDICK, (i2849)
REDDICK, Carole (i931) (living status unknown)
REDDICK, Carole (marriage to Peter Stewart Blackmore) (i931) (living status unknown)




REDFORD, Lilian Frances (marriage to Ronald Jack Mansbridge) (i831)
REDFORD, Lillian Frances (i30834), b.1916-d.1997
REDFORD, Lillian Frances (marriage to Ronald Jack Mansbridge) (i30834), b.1916-d.1997




REDNALL, Chelsea Louise (i675) (living status unknown)
REDNALL, Darren Paul (i674)
REDNALL, Jack Cameron (i676) (living status unknown)




REVELL, Joice (i30389), b.1755-d.1828
REVELL, Joice (marriage to Richard Watts) (i30389), b.1755-d.1828
REVELL, Joseph (i30395), b.1717-
REVELL, Joseph (i30408), b.1742-
REVELL, Joseph (marriage to Joyce Livings or Leving) (i30395), b.1717-
REVELL, Thomas (i30406), b.1684-d.1728
REVELL, Thomas (i30409), b.1750-




RICKARD, xxx (marriage to Dorothy Louisa M Hildersley) (i1680)




RILEY, John (i1365), b.1793-
RILEY, Mary (i110), b.1786-
RILEY, Mary (marriage to John Freeman) (i110), b.1786-
RILEY, Richard (i111), b.1760-
RILEY, Richard (i1366), b.1790-




RINGE, "Sunny" (i2289)
RINGE, Alfred (i2281), b.1870-
RINGE, Alfred (marriage to Annie Rebecca Beard) (i2281), b.1870-
RINGE, Bertie Edward (i2283), b.1895-d.1918
RINGE, Chas (i2298), b.1836-
RINGE, Dorothy (i2286)
RINGE, Elsie (i2288)
RINGE, Florence Tamar (i2285), b.1899-
RINGE, Hilda (i2287)
RINGE, Nellie Mary (i2284), b.1897-
RINGE, Simon (i2296)
RINGE, Susanna (i2299), b.1834-
RINGE, Thomas (i2294), b.1831-
RINGE, Violet Ann (i822), b.1901-d.1992
RINGE, Violet Ann (marriage to Leonard Charge) (i822), b.1901-d.1992




ROBERTS, Elizabeth (marriage to James Jesse Hildersley) (i1264), b.1831-
ROBERTS, Irene (marriage to Harry Stanley Claridge) (i30225)
ROBERTS, Rebecca (marriage to James Mansbridge) (i845)




ROBERTSON, Charles (i776)
ROBERTSON, Charles (marriage to Harriet Jane Hildersley) (i776)
ROBERTSON, George (i2060)
ROBERTSON, William Henry (i1283), b.1841-




ROBINSON, Albert Leslie (i2844), b.1893-
ROBINSON, Alfred James (i957), b.1891-
ROBINSON, Alice Annie (i2838), b.1875-
ROBINSON, Arthur (i2840), b.1879-
ROBINSON, Arthur George Eugene (i936)
ROBINSON, David James (i2854) (still alive)
ROBINSON, David Kenneth (i938) (living status unknown)
ROBINSON, Elizabeth (i2836), b.1870-
ROBINSON, Emily Ada (i2839), b.1877-
ROBINSON, Florence Agnes (i925), b.1884-
ROBINSON, Florence Agnes (i942) (living status unknown)
ROBINSON, Florence Agnes (marriage to Joseph Gilbert Light) (i942) (living status unknown)
ROBINSON, Frederick Henry William (i932), b.1909-d.1984
ROBINSON, Frederick William (i923), b.1880-
ROBINSON, Harry Henry (i926), b.1888-
ROBINSON, Harry Walter Charles (i953), b.1918-d.1985
ROBINSON, Henry William (i960), b.1869-
ROBINSON, Jean (i955) (still alive)
ROBINSON, Keith Thomas (i935) (still alive)
ROBINSON, Leslie (i952) (living status unknown)
ROBINSON, Louisa (i2834), b.1862-
ROBINSON, Margaret (marriage to John George Breckinfield McKenzie) (i384), b.1857-
ROBINSON, Richard Alfred (i921), b.1856-d.1901
ROBINSON, Robert (i920), b.1828-d.1883
ROBINSON, Robert (marriage to Louisa Hildersley) (i920), b.1828-d.1883
ROBINSON, Robert Charles (i958), b.1892-
ROBINSON, Robert William (i2835), b.1851-d.1881
ROBINSON, Roger Alan (i940) (still alive)
ROBINSON, Ruby Jessie (i928), b.1906-d.1991
ROBINSON, Ruby Jessie (marriage to Ernest Alfred Blackmore) (i928), b.1906-d.1991
ROBINSON, Sheila H (i934) (still alive)
ROBINSON, William (i959), b.1859-




ROBSON, Daisy (i1746), b.1880-
ROBSON, Olive (i1748), b.1885-
ROBSON, Richard (i1745), b.1854-
ROBSON, Richard (i1749), b.1887-
ROBSON, Richard (marriage to Mary Eynon) (i1745), b.1854-
ROBSON, Violet (i1747), b.1883-




ROE, Edward (i2242)
ROE, Edward (i2245), b.1749-d.1753
ROE, Jane (i2241)
ROE, Jane (i2244), b.1758-d.1758
ROE, Jane (marriage to John Norman) (i2241)




ROOF, (i2600)
ROOF, Louisa Amelia (i1978), b.1863-d.1939
ROOF, Louisa Amelia (marriage to Daniel Hildersley) (i1978), b.1863-d.1939




ROWLAND, Ellen (marriage to Raymond Mansbridge) (i828), b.1888-




ROWLING, [Mrs] D (i150)
ROWLING, [Mrs] D (marriage to xxx Rowling) (i150)
ROWLING, Violet Morgan (i151)
ROWLING, xxx (i1350)
ROWLING, xxx (marriage to [Mrs] D Rowling) (i1350)




Sabina (marriage to David Turner) (i1801), b.1817-
Sarah (marriage to Joseph Edwards) (i1635)
Sarah (marriage to Walter Stanley Hildersley) (i1970), b.1865-d.1915
Sarah J (marriage to James Younger) (i853), b.1858-




SAUNDERS, Charles G (i2662), b.1872-
SAUNDERS, Herbert Hildersley (i2659), b.1875-
SAUNDERS, Robert C (i2660), b.1850-




SAWKINS, (marriage to Hildersley) (i30318)




SCHOFIELD, Elizabeth (i2094)
SCHOFIELD, Elizabeth (marriage to Peter Virtue) (i2094)
SCHOFIELD, Thomas (i2095)




SCOTLAND, Agnes (i2462), b.1751-
SCOTLAND, Agnes (marriage to James Watson) (i2462), b.1751-
SCOTLAND, Robert (i2463)




SCROGGIE, Claire (i834) (still alive)
SCROGGIE, John (i833) (living status unknown)
SCROGGIE, Suzanne (i835) (still alive)




SEARLE, Frank (marriage to Annie May Freeman) (i1308)




SECCOMBE, Frederick John (i2750) (living status unknown)
SECCOMBE, Michelle Denise (i2751) (living status unknown)
SECCOMBE, Paul John (i2752) (living status unknown)




SETTLE, Rose Mary A (marriage to William John Hildersley) (i1536), b.1902-




SEWARD, unknown (i30660) (living status unknown)




SHARPLES, David H (i1514) (living status unknown)
SHARPLES, Edith M (i2030), b.1877-
SHARPLES, Freda (i1515) (living status unknown)
SHARPLES, Jeffrey D (i1691), b.1935-
SHARPLES, Philip T (i1513) (living status unknown)
SHARPLES, Sylvia R (i1690), b.1934-
SHARPLES, Tom Hamilton (i1512), b.1883-
SHARPLES, Tom Hamilton (marriage to Rose Annie Dickinson) (i1512), b.1883-
SHARPLES, William (i1666), b.1855-d.1901




SHAW, Agnes Isabella Jane (marriage to Frederick William Chant Hobrow) (i2761), d.1953
SHAW, Iain (i30296)
SHAW, Matilda (marriage to John Caudle Freeman) (i2065), b.1840-
SHAW, Shane Iain (i30297) (living status unknown)
SHAW, Stacey Kay (i30298) (living status unknown)




SHEARER, Esther (marriage to Gavin Moffat) (i2471)




SHEEN, Clara (i30459), b.1896-
SHEEN, John (i30453), b.1859-d.1891
SHEEN, John (marriage to Clarissa Liney) (i30453), b.1859-d.1891
SHEEN, John William (i30458), b.1892-
SHEEN, Louise Mary Ann (i30455), b.1890-
SHEEN, Ted (i30460), b.1901-
SHEEN, Tom (i30457), b.1891-




SHILT, Mary (marriage to William Lynch) (i30440)




SIBLEY, Elizabeth (marriage to Henry J Hatfield) (i2767)




SIDDALL, Charlie George (i1225) (still alive)
SIDDALL, Eve Martha Mackenzie (i2396) (still alive)
SIDDALL, Kevin George (i2395) (still alive)




SIDNELL, Abraham (i1789), b.1843-
SIDNELL, Abraham (marriage to Lucy E Turner) (i1789), b.1843-
SIDNELL, Constance E (i1794), b.1871-
SIDNELL, David J (i1432) (still alive)
SIDNELL, Gerard (i1805) (still alive)
SIDNELL, Laura Elizabeth (i1791), b.1898-
SIDNELL, Leslie Victor (i1431), b.1907-
SIDNELL, Leslie Victor (marriage to Kathleen L Nott Freeman) (i1431), b.1907-
SIDNELL, Lucy M (i1793), b.1878-
SIDNELL, Phoebe M (i1795), b.1881-
SIDNELL, Reginald Victor (i1792), b.1900-
SIDNELL, Thomas (i1796), b.1884-
SIDNELL, Victor Alfred A (i1787), b.1874-
SIDNELL, xx (i1804) (living status unknown)




SIMMONS, George (i1777), b.1862-
SIMMONS, George (marriage to Caroline Hildersley) (i1777), b.1862-
SIMMONS, Salome Agnes (marriage to Richard Alfred Robinson) (i922), b.1857-
SIMMONS, xx (i2005), d.1901




SIMPSON, G (Molly) (i162), b.1900-
SIMPSON, G (Molly) (marriage to John MacLauchlan) (i162), b.1900-
SIMPSON, George Talyor (i421)
SIMPSON, John Illingworth (i420)
SIMPSON, John Illingworth (marriage to Margaret Taylor) (i420)
SIMPSON, Mrs M (marriage to Robert Simpson) (i189), b.1874-
SIMPSON, Robert (i163)




SLATTER, Anthea (i1590) (living status unknown)
SLATTER, xx (i1589)
SLATTER, xx (marriage to Esther Freeman) (i1589)




SMITH, Alfred F (marriage to Caroline L Turner) (i1803), b.1854-
SMITH, Alice (i1946)
SMITH, Alice (marriage to Jesse Bridge) (i1946)
SMITH, Daisy (marriage to Archibald Ayres J Hatfield) (i1637), b.1873-
SMITH, Elaine (i910) (still alive)
SMITH, James (marriage to Agnes Moffat) (i2465)
SMITH, Kathleen (marriage to Leslie Arthur Hildersley) (i1249), b.1911-d.1985
SMITH, Rosina Mary (i1612), b.1876-d.1924
SMITH, William (i2105)
SMITH, xxx (i909)




SOPER, (i2843)
SOPER, Emily Louise (i2842), b.1890-




SPAREN, Margaret (marriage to Henry Hutchinson) (i2051)




SPIDEN, Elisabeth (marriage to Thomas Henderson) (i2048)




SPOONER, Sarah (marriage to William Shepherd Barker) (i1642), b.1857-




SPRECKLEY, Frances (marriage to James Jesse Hildersley) (i876), b.1838-d.1869




SPURGEON, Louisa (marriage to Joseph Hatwell) (i2038), b.1855-




STEELE, Agnes Brydon Hildersley (i2640), d.2004
STEELE, Frank Hildersley (i2637), d.1989
STEELE, Isabella Hildersley (i2639), d.1981
STEELE, Isabella Hildersley (marriage to Thomas Sutherland) (i2639), d.1981
STEELE, Jane Anne (i2641), d.2002
STEELE, Mabel (marriage to Donald McKenzie) (i359), b.1898-d.1995
STEELE, Thomas Innes (i2638), d.1990
STEELE, Walter Hildersley (i2635), d.1930
STEELE, William (i2636), d.1988
STEELE, xx (i2634)
STEELE, xx (marriage to Isabella Alice Hildersley) (i2634)




STEVENS, Ernest Hamilton (marriage to Elizabeth Hildersley) (i2771), b.1864-d.1945




STEWART, John (marriage to Mary Sophia Storey) (i1817), b.1818-




STODDART, Ada Alice Gale OR Magaret Helen (marriage to Henry John G A Hatfield) (i2768)
STODDART, Ada Alice Gale or Margaret Helen (marriage to Alfred Andrew A Hatfield) (i2781)




STOREY, Elizabeth (marriage to John Henry Younger) (i1756), b.1870-
STOREY, Frederick A (marriage to Bertha Louisa F Hildersley) (i1678)
STOREY, Mary Sophia (i250), b.1817-
STOREY, Mary Sophia (marriage to Alexander Elliott) (i250), b.1817-
STOREY, William (i314)




STOTT, "Nell" Lillian (marriage to George William Freeman) (i1375)




STOVE, Emily Elizabeth (marriage to Walter Charles Frederick Hildersley) (i1055), b.1876-




STUART, Amy (i1874), b.1896-
STUART, Charles (i587), b.1854-
STUART, Charles (i1872), b.1889-
STUART, Charles (marriage to Jane Losh) (i587), b.1854-
STUART, Edith (i1870), b.1887-
STUART, Hannah Caruthers (i589), b.1878-
STUART, Hannah Caruthers (marriage to George Keatings) (i589), b.1878-
STUART, James Lister (i590), b.1881-
STUART, Jane (i2059), b.1887-
STUART, Lizzie (i588), b.1876-
STUART, Winifred (i1873), b.1890-




SUM, Adeline Yuenling (i89) (still alive)
SUM, Albert (i68) (still alive)




SURGEONER, Robert (marriage to Lorna Elizabeth Blair) (i1186)




Susan (marriage to Henry Greenshield) (i2020), b.1846-
Susan (marriage to Simon Ringe) (i2297)




SUTHERLAND, Frances (marriage to Alexander Elliott) (i30272)
SUTHERLAND, Thomas (i2642), b.1912-
SUTHERLAND, Thomas (marriage to Isabella Hildersley Steele) (i2642), b.1912-
SUTHERLAND, Thomas Stewart (i2643) (still alive)




SWABEY, Edward Thomas (i2740), b.1874-d.1968
SWABEY, Harold Edward (i2644), b.1905-d.1957
SWABEY, Harold Edward (marriage to Joan Crompton Hildesley) (i2644), b.1905-d.1957




SWAIN, Emily Matilda (i787), b.1865-
SWAIN, Emily Matilda (marriage to James Wells) (i787), b.1865-
SWAIN, Richard George (i786), d.1881
SWAIN, Richard George (i788), b.1867-
SWAIN, Richard George (marriage to Matilda Hildersley) (i786), d.1881




SWAN, (i2793)
SWAN, Agnes Elizabeth (i2792), b.1886-
SWAN, Agnes Elizabeth (marriage to Christopher Herbert Hildersley) (i2792), b.1886-




SYER, Brabner (i1001), b.1863-
SYER, Jeanette (i1000), b.1861-
SYER, Jessie Annie R (i997), b.1859-d.1901
SYER, Jessie Annie R (marriage to Thomas Bartholomew Hildesley) (i997), b.1859-d.1901
SYER, John (i998), b.1813-




TAYLOR, Christina (marriage to William John Hildersley) (i1162), b.1857-d.1928
TAYLOR, George (i367), b.1814-d.1887
TAYLOR, George (marriage to Mary Ann Raine) (i367), b.1814-d.1887
TAYLOR, James (i417)
TAYLOR, Jane Ann (i280), b.1839-
TAYLOR, Jane Ann (marriage to George McKenzie) (i280), b.1839-
TAYLOR, John (i418)
TAYLOR, John M (marriage to Marion Adelaide Cunnington) (i1503) (living status unknown)
TAYLOR, Margaret (i419), b.1840-
TAYLOR, Margaret (marriage to John Illingworth Simpson) (i419), b.1840-
TAYLOR, Mary (i422), b.1847-
TAYLOR, Patrick Gerald (i1239), d.1987
TAYLOR, Susan Catherine (i1232) (still alive)
TAYLOR, Thomas (marriage to Janet Moffat) (i2466)




TENSEY, "Sally" Kathleen (marriage to William John Allan Nott Freeman) (i138)




THATCHER, Minnie Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Thomas Swabey) (i2741)




THOMAS, Alice (marriage to William Eynon) (i1742), b.1860-




THOMPSON, Eleanor (marriage to William Losh) (i582), b.1835-d.1910




THOMSEN, Amalie (marriage to Friderik Mogensen) (i1297)




THORPE, Isaac (marriage to Ann Losh) (i528)




THUBREN, Isabel (marriage to William Gray) (i2074)




TILLET, Nora Edith (marriage to Arthur William Allen Hildersley) (i1243), b.1886-d.1976




TIMBY, John (i1916)
TIMBY, Laura (i1744), b.1876-d.1968
TIMBY, William Thomas (i1743), b.1850-
TIMBY, William Thomas (marriage to Ellen Eynon) (i1743), b.1850-




TING, Chong Cheng (i80) (still alive)
TING, Chong Ming (i75)
TING, Choo Eng (i73)
TING, Christina (i76) (still alive)
TING, Chuen Cheng (i59) (still alive)
TING, Dorothy (i61) (still alive)
TING, Jie Yuen (i170) (still alive)
TING, Song Yi (i169) (still alive)




TINKLER, Elizabeth (i512), b.1683-d.1736
TINKLER, Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Raine) (i512), b.1683-d.1736
TINKLER, John (i517)




TISCHLER, Alexander (i2140) (living status unknown)




TOD, female (marriage to male Hildersley) (i1855)




TODD, Hannah (marriage to Edward Raine) (i372), b.1864-d.1935




TOSS, Huldah (marriage to Charles Hildersley) (i30435)




TOURLAY, Mary (marriage to Francis Hildersley) (i1270), b.1863-d.1911




TOWNSEND, Mary Ann (marriage to Benjamin Ashley) (i1616), b.1856-




TRENNAN, George (i2769)
TRENNAN, Marion (i2386), b.1884-
TRENNAN, Marion (marriage to Percival Tressilian Hildesley) (i2386), b.1884-




TREVOR, Elizabeth (i30503)
TREVOR, Elizabeth (marriage to William Masham) (i30503)
TREVOR, Thomas (i30514)




TURNBALL, Richard (i1236) (still alive)
TURNBALL, Robert (i1235) (still alive)




TURNBULL, male (i1234)




TURNER, (marriage to Anna Maria Dickens) (i30491)
TURNER, Caroline L (i1802), b.1854-
TURNER, David (i1800), b.1809-
TURNER, Lucy E (i1790), b.1843-
TURNER, Lucy E (marriage to Abraham Sidnell) (i1790), b.1843-




UNWIN, Ernest Granville (i1367), b.1853-d.1928
UNWIN, Ernest J (i2235), b.1878-
UNWIN, Evelyn May (i143), b.1887-d.1950
UNWIN, Evelyn May (marriage to George William Freeman) (i143), b.1887-d.1950
UNWIN, Florence W (i2234), b.1880-
UNWIN, Henry (i2232)



Van Lody

VAN LODY, Adolphe Carolus (i30466), b.1888-d.1967
VAN LODY, Adolphe Carolus (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Ellen Collins) (i30466), b.1888-d.1967
VAN LODY, male (i30473)
VAN LODY, Yvonne (i30474) (still alive)




VIRTUE, Annie (i2099)
VIRTUE, Beatrice (i2100)
VIRTUE, Catherine (i2101)
VIRTUE, child of Matilda Hildersley (i2102)
VIRTUE, child of Matilda Hildersley (marriage to xxx Anderson) (i2102)
VIRTUE, David (i2097)
VIRTUE, Elizabeth (i886), b.1877-
VIRTUE, Matilda Hildersley (i884), b.1873-d.1907
VIRTUE, Peter (i883), b.1870-
VIRTUE, Peter (i2093), b.1814-d.1875
VIRTUE, Peter (marriage to Elizabeth Schofield) (i2093), b.1814-d.1875
VIRTUE, Robert (i885), b.1875-
VIRTUE, Robert W (i882), b.1842-d.1907
VIRTUE, Robert W (marriage to Matilda Thamozen Hildersley) (i882), b.1842-d.1907




WADE, Emma Josephine (marriage to Charles Thomas John Hildersley) (i1042), b.1851-d.1904




WADLOW, Daisy Elizabeth (marriage to James Richard Hildersley) (i1529), b.1901-d.1985




WALKER, Joseph C (i2726), b.1830-
WALKER, Margaret E (i2717), b.1865-
WALKER, Wilson C (i2727), b.1870-




WALSH, Aaron Maclean (i1010) (still alive)
WALSH, Andrea Kathleen (i1009) (still alive)
WALSH, Robert Stewart (i1008) (still alive)




WALTERS, David (i437)
WALTERS, Sarah (i436), b.1867-
WALTERS, Sarah (marriage to George William Raine) (i436), b.1867-




WAN, Foo Kok (marriage to Chong Ming Ting) (i227)




WARD, Callum D (i424) (living status unknown)
WARD, Frankie (i30230) (living status unknown)
WARD, Frankie (marriage to Michael Cox) (i30230) (living status unknown)
WARD, Geoffrey (i30229)
WARD, Geoffrey (marriage to Winifred Ellen Claridge) (i30229)
WARD, Mairi E (i425) (living status unknown)
WARD, William D (i423)




WATERS, Anne (marriage to John Dunkeld) (i347), b.1852-




WATSON, Agnes (i1130), b.1724-
WATSON, Agnes (marriage to William Butler) (i1130), b.1724-
WATSON, Alexander (i331), b.1872-
WATSON, Elizabeth (i343), b.1870-d.1881
WATSON, Elizabeth (i1134), b.1712-
WATSON, Elizabeth (i2437), b.1841-
WATSON, Gideon (i1135)
WATSON, Helen (i1712), d.1838
WATSON, Helen (marriage to Robert Moffat) (i1712), d.1838
WATSON, James (i328), b.1845-
WATSON, James (i330), b.1871-
WATSON, James (i1132)
WATSON, James (i2461)
WATSON, James (marriage to Agnes Scotland) (i2461)
WATSON, James (marriage to Sophia Elliott) (i328), b.1845-
WATSON, James McKenzie (i341), b.1864-
WATSON, John (i340), b.1833-d.1891
WATSON, John (i2434), b.1791-
WATSON, John (i30476), b.1873-
WATSON, John (marriage to Elizabeth McKenzie) (i340), b.1833-d.1891
WATSON, John Christopher (i2066), b.1899-
WATSON, Kate (i332), b.1875-
WATSON, Kenneth (i2064), b.1877-
WATSON, Mary (i2438), b.1845-
WATSON, Mary E (i329), b.1869-
WATSON, Matthew (i2435), b.1836-
WATSON, Sarah (i2436), b.1837-
WATSON, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Schofield) (i2096)
WATSON, William (i342), b.1866-




WATT, Alice (marriage to Arthur Mackenzie Raine) (i453) (living status unknown)




WATTS, Elizabeth (i30391), b.1775-
WATTS, James (i30394), b.1783-
WATTS, Joyce (i30365), b.1781-
WATTS, Joyce (marriage to Isaac Osborne) (i30365), b.1781-
WATTS, Richard (i30388)
WATTS, Richard (i30390), b.1773-d.1825
WATTS, Richard (marriage to Joice Revell) (i30388)
WATTS, Thomas (i30393), b.1783-
WATTS, William (i30392), b.1777-




WEARMOUTH, Elizabeth (i2337), b.1853-
WEARMOUTH, Joseph (i2432), b.1824-d.1899




WEBBER, Annie Eleanor (marriage to Walter Augustus Neves) (i2261)




WEBSTER, Walter (i1611), b.1872-
WEBSTER, Walter (i2027), b.1895-
WEBSTER, William (i2028), b.1900-




WEIR, Adam (i1724), b.1845-
WEIR, Adam (i1728)
WEIR, George McKenzie (i1695), b.1887-
WEIR, George McKenzie (marriage to Jeanie Owen Comrie) (i1695), b.1887-
WEIR, Helen (i2455), b.1840-
WEIR, Isabella (i2456), b.1841-
WEIR, James (i1730), b.1810-
WEIR, James McKenzie (i1694), b.1885-
WEIR, Jane (i1732), b.1813-
WEIR, Janet (i1731), b.1811-
WEIR, John (i1692), b.1851-
WEIR, John (i1693), b.1883-d.1952
WEIR, John (i1708), b.1813-
WEIR, John (i1726), b.1880-
WEIR, John (marriage to Georgina McKenzie) (i1692), b.1851-
WEIR, John (marriage to Lillias Moffat) (i1708), b.1813-
WEIR, Mary (i1710), b.1847-
WEIR, Mary Strang (i1733), b.1815-
WEIR, Robert (i2457), b.1849-
WEIR, William (i1734), b.1817-




WELFORD, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Younger) (i1753), b.1873-




WELLS, (marriage to Walter Stanley Hildersley) (i2810)
WELLS, Eliza (marriage to Samuel Robert Dickinson) (i2422)
WELLS, James (i1964), b.1864-
WELLS, James (marriage to Emily Matilda Swain) (i1964), b.1864-
WELLS, Kathleen Lilian (marriage to Arthur George Eugene Robinson) (i937), b.1907-
WELLS, Spencer (i1965) (still alive)




WESTON, Ann Esther (marriage to Ernest Granville Unwin) (i1368), b.1854-




WETHERLEY, Andrew (i30198) (still alive)
WETHERLEY, Antony Arthur (i30196) (still alive)
WETHERLEY, Emma Claire (i30195) (still alive)
WETHERLEY, Ian Paul (i2878) (still alive)
WETHERLEY, Kenneth Arthur (i2877) (living status unknown)
WETHERLEY, Kenneth Arthur (marriage to Josephine Freeman) (i2877) (living status unknown)
WETHERLEY, Laura (i30199) (still alive)
WETHERLEY, Mathew Ian (i2881) (still alive)
WETHERLEY, Sara Rose (i30194) (still alive)




WHEELER, Cyril (i652)
WHEELER, Derek (i463)
WHEELER, Janet Rosemary (i462) (living status unknown)
WHEELER, Jennifer Ann Hansell (i651) (living status unknown)




WHITE, Charlotte Lesley (i688) (living status unknown)
WHITE, Helen (marriage to Charles William Freeman) (i1416)
WHITE, Henry (Harry) Malcolm (i689) (living status unknown)
WHITE, Malcolm (i687)




WHITLEY, Diane Elizabeth (i30815) (living status unknown)
WHITLEY, Jonathan Andrew (i30818), b.1983-d.1993
WHITLEY, Linda Elizabeth (i30816) (living status unknown)
WHITLEY, Michael (i30819) (living status unknown)
WHITLEY, Michelle Elizabeth (i30817) (living status unknown)
WHITLEY, Philip (i30820) (living status unknown)
WHITLEY, Stephen Thomas (i30813), b.1954-d.1993
WHITLEY, Susan Ann (i30812) (living status unknown)
WHITLEY, William (i30811) (living status unknown)




WHYTE, Mary (marriage to Robert Hunter) (i1321), b.1827-




WILKINSON, Edward (i546)
WILKINSON, Edward (i548)
WILKINSON, Edward (marriage to Jane Losh) (i546)
WILKINSON, Elizabeth (i547), b.1753-
WILKINSON, John (i551), b.1765-
WILKINSON, Joseph (i549)
WILKINSON, Mary (marriage to William Jackson Raine) (i476)
WILKINSON, William (i550), b.1763-




WILLIAMS, Elizabeth (i412) (living status unknown)
WILLIAMS, Michael Harry O'Brian (i411) (living status unknown)
WILLIAMS, Michael Harry O'Brian (marriage to Patricia J Harrison) (i411) (living status unknown)




WILSON, Edward (i1424), d.2000
WILSON, Helen (marriage to William Sharples) (i2029), b.1855-
WILSON, Lilda (i1425) (still alive)
WILSON, Mary (i2252)
WILSON, Mary (marriage to Mark Hildersley Quayle) (i2252)
WILSON, Senhouse (i2253)




WILTON, (i30311)
WILTON, Barry Edward (i30310) (still alive)
WILTON, Gemma Theresa (i30313) (living status unknown)
WILTON, Sarah Marie (i30314) (living status unknown)
WILTON, Sonia Marie (i30315) (living status unknown)




WINDALL, Ann (marriage to John Joyce) (i30416)




WINDER, Elizabeth (marriage to John Losh) (i556), d.1835




Winifred (marriage to George Chapman) (i2108)




WINTER, Beatrice Henrietta (i614)
WINTER, James (i615) (living status unknown)
WINTER, James E (i613)
WINTER, James E (marriage to Mary Jane Losh) (i613)




WINTHORPE, Benjamin (marriage to Jane Losh) (i577), b.1850-




WITHERS, ?? (marriage to Constance M Hildersley) (i1670)




WOODCOCK, Thomas (marriage to Mary Ellen Elliott) (i1908)




WRIGHT, (marriage to Alice Maud Hildersley) (i30845)
WRIGHT, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Mark Dickens) (i30492)
WRIGHT, Elizabeth (marriage to William Cunnington) (i1455), b.1806-d.1879




XXX, Sophia (marriage to William Storey) (i315)




YATES, Derek Iain (i1593)
YATES, Faith Susannah (i1594) (still alive)
YATES, Joseph Connor (i30869) (still alive)




YOULDEN, Adelaide Beatrice Keenan or Ruby Marie (marriage to Robert Peevor MacKay) (i2779)




YOUNGER, Alan M (i1020) (still alive)
YOUNGER, Ann (i200), b.1838-
YOUNGER, Ann (i851), b.1865-
YOUNGER, Ann (i2450), b.1833-
YOUNGER, Ann (marriage to Thomas Baldwin) (i851), b.1865-
YOUNGER, Annie (i1755), b.1900-d.1901
YOUNGER, Annie (i2202), b.1895-
YOUNGER, Annie Isabella (i2170), b.1873-
YOUNGER, Catherine (i972), b.1859-
YOUNGER, Dorothy (i849), b.1857-
YOUNGER, Dorothy (i973), b.1865-
YOUNGER, Elizabeth (i1034), b.1874-
YOUNGER, Elizabeth Anne (i39), b.1886-d.1915
YOUNGER, Elizabeth Anne (marriage to Sidney McKenzie) (i39), b.1886-d.1915
YOUNGER, Ethel (i193), b.1883-
YOUNGER, Ethel (marriage to James Edward Carr) (i193), b.1883-
YOUNGER, Henry (i219), b.1836-
YOUNGER, Henry (i220), b.1775-
YOUNGER, Henry (i223), b.1804-
YOUNGER, Henry (i2448), b.1831-
YOUNGER, Henry (marriage to Jane Carse) (i220), b.1775-
YOUNGER, Isabella (i225), b.1810-d.1844
YOUNGER, Isabella (i850), b.1863-
YOUNGER, Isabella (i2451), b.1862-
YOUNGER, Isabella (marriage to xxx Bell) (i850), b.1863-
YOUNGER, James (i848), b.1855-
YOUNGER, James (i2449), b.1834-
YOUNGER, Jane (i196), b.1862-
YOUNGER, Jane (i202), b.1840-
YOUNGER, Jane (i224), b.1808-d.1874
YOUNGER, John (i222), b.1803-
YOUNGER, John Henry (i198), b.1872-
YOUNGER, John Henry (i962), b.1898-d.1963
YOUNGER, John Henry (i971), b.1857-d.1901
YOUNGER, John William (i2169), b.1871-
YOUNGER, Joseph Frost (i2171), b.1875-
YOUNGER, Margaret (i966), d.1901
YOUNGER, Margaret (i1759), b.1897-
YOUNGER, Margaret (i2201), b.1896-
YOUNGER, Margaret Jane (i1751), b.1884-
YOUNGER, Margaret Jane (marriage to Samuel Crawford) (i1751), b.1884-
YOUNGER, Mary Elizabeth (i967), b.1895-
YOUNGER, Ralph (i194), b.1832-d.1890
YOUNGER, Ralph (i963), b.1889-
YOUNGER, Ralph William (i191), b.1859-d.1938
YOUNGER, Ralph William (marriage to Dorothy Hunter Dawson) (i191), b.1859-d.1938
YOUNGER, Robert (i1757), b.1894-
YOUNGER, Robert (i2200), b.1893-
YOUNGER, Robert George (i964), b.1892-d.1974
YOUNGER, Sarah Ann (i974), b.1867-
YOUNGER, Sophia McBain (i2172), b.1878-
YOUNGER, Thomas (i199), b.1806-d.1855
YOUNGER, Thomas (i203), b.1846-
YOUNGER, Thomas (i965), b.1897-d.1915
YOUNGER, Thomas (i1033), b.1871-
YOUNGER, Thomas (marriage to Dorothy Gray) (i199), b.1806-d.1855
YOUNGER, Thomas Fenney (i197), b.1868-d.1928
YOUNGER, Thomas William (i1754), b.1897-
YOUNGER, Wayne (i2484) (still alive)
YOUNGER, William (i968), b.1902-d.1985
YOUNGER, William (i1657), b.1878-
YOUNGER, William G (i204), b.1833-
YOUNGER, William Henry (i852), b.1870-d.1874
YOUNGER, William Moore (i1035), b.1878-
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