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Will Transcription of Peter Lindesmith

I Peter Lindesmith of the county of Columbiana in the State of Ohio, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say
    First, it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debt be fully paid
    Second I give and bequeth to my beloved wife Susana Lindesmith her Dower to be Set of to her on the premises whereon we now reside her full dower for both farms, by seting of to her the mention house with all her full one third part of both farms in the one survey around the mention house as oforesaid, during her lifetime or widowhood, also all the personal property belonging to my estate to be appraised and set of as the Law directs so that she shall have her full share thereof during her natural life time or widowhood, and that at the death or marriage of my said wife, all the property hereby devised or bequeathed to her as aforesaid or so much thereof as may then remain unexpended, to be sold and equally divided between my children herein named (to wit, Daniel Lindesmith, David Lindesmith, William Lindesmtih, Isaac Lindesmith, Elizabeth Cresinger and Catharine Green and to their heirs and assignes forever.
    Third I give and devise to my Sons and Daughters aforesaid namely Daniel Lindesmith, David Lindesmith, William Lindesmith, Isaac Lindesmith, Elizabeth Cresinger, and Catharine Green, all the remainder of my estate to be equally divided between them, except two hundred dollars which sum is the be paid out on interest and there remain for Harvy Fletcher, Ammet Fletcher, and Elizabeth Fletcher, to be equally divided between them as they may arrive of age to them their heirs and assigns forever, and the said Daniel Lindesmith, David Lindesmith, William Lindesmith, Isaac Lindesmith, Elizabeth Cresinger and Catharine Green are hereby authorized all agreeing thereto by and with the consent of their mother Susana Lindesmith to sell or divide the eighty acres lying in Franklin Township whereon my son Daniel Lindesmith now resides, also the farm whereon I now reside all agreeing thereto as aforesaid there may sell and make a division equally among themselves as the Law directs, my beloved wife Susana reserving to her self her share as the Law directs or as they may all agree, the procedes to them their heirs and assigns forever.  Except my son William Lindesmith full share of my estate, I devise and will that his share be equally divided between Daniel Lindesmith, David Lindesmith, Isaac Lindesmtih, Elizabeth Cresinger, and Catharine Green, each one giving security for their faith feel discharge of the same in the following manner (to wit, that they do agree and lead? Themselves to pray over for his the said Williams support as he may actually need the same and when the same may be honestly expressed it is my will they may sustain him during his natural lifetime so that he may not become a township charge, fourth I will that therefore a sufficiency set of for the support of my son William and Elizabeth Fletcher along with my beloved wife for one year from the time of my decease.
And Lastly I hereby constitute and appoint John Wilyard to be the executor for this my last will and testament, and in case he cannot serve I wish the court to appoint one who is not of kind to any of my family, evoking and annulling all former wills by me made and ratifying and confirming this and no ther? To be my last will and testament, In Testimony whereof I have hereinto set my hand and seal this twelvth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three
Signed published and declared by the
above named Peter Lindesmith as                       (signed) Peter Lindesmith     seal
and for his Last will and testament
in the presence of us, who at his
request have signed as witnesses
to the same
    James Robertson
    Isaac Craig

Hanover November 1st 1844 - bet it remembered that since making the foregoing will I have sold to my son David Lindesmith forty acres of same which it to be in full for his share of my Laird Estate for which has given a quite claim relinquishing all further interest in my Laird estate, with the money mentioned within for my sons William support he the said David Lindesmith is released therefrom given under my hand and seal the date above and to be considered as a part of my will and to save any misunderstanding among my children I now do declare this suppliment and wish it to be announced? For that purpose
Signed sealed and                                                                (signed) Peter Lindesmith
Acknowledged as a suppliment
To the foregoing will in
The presence of ----
    Isaac Craig