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This list is by no means exhaustive ~ I simply transcribed several 'snippets' having to do with Week St Mary.
All those beginning with the words "FILE" are from the records for the Parish of Week St Mary ~ the others have their parish of origin listed.

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FILE - Female child of Priscilla Courtis of Week St. Mary, singlewoman - ref. P248/16a/1 - date: 20 June 1755

Father: Theophilus Pethick of Week St. Mary.
Surety: Wm. Pethick of Trevalga.
* *
FILE - Agreement for weekly payment - ref. P248/16a/2 - date: 22 Mar. 1768

Joseph Jordan to Eliz. Short, both of Week St. Mary 2/- weekly until Eliz. S.'s son Wm. is 7 and dau. Eliz. is 7; also 5/- yearly for three years for buying wood.
* *
FILE - Justices' order - ref. P248/16a/3 - date: 17 Oct. 1777

Rich. Rundell of Week St. Mary to pay 1 guinea towards lying-in and 10d. weekly towards maintenance of male child of Joanna Cheeseworth of Week Orchard, and 5d weekly so long as child is chargeable to parish.
* *
Reference: P248/16a/5
Female child of Philippa Brook of Week St. Mary, singlewoman

Creation dates: 29 May 1779

Father: Samuel Smale of Knowle Bridgerule, Cornwall.
Surety: Jn. Bickel of Bridgerule.

Reference: P248/16a/6
* *

Justices' order to apprehend Samuel Smale of Bridgerule, father of child of Philippa Brook of Week St. Mary.
Creation dates: 3 Aug. 1779
* *
Reference: P248/16a/7

Justices' order to constables to convey Samuel Smale to House of Correction to be kept in custody until he gives security to indemnify parish against maintenance of Philippa Brooks' child.

Creation dates: 4 Aug. 1779
* *

FILE - Justices' order - ref. P248/16a/4 - date: 1 Nov. 1779

Joseph Jordan of Week St. Mary, yeo., to pay 1/2 weekly towards maintenance of female child of Mary Rundle of Week Orchard, and 7d. weekly so long as child is chargeable to parish.
* *
Church of England, Modbury Parish, Devon

Samuel Fisher - ref. 269A/PO 71 - date: 1784

Believes he was born in Mary Week or otherwise Wick St Mary's [Week St Mary] situated by the river Tamar, on the western side there of. His father and mother lived there in a house he believes was his father's property, which he has since sold. He lived in the parish until he was 5 yrs old, when his father, having entered the Cornish Militia, took him to Camelford in Cornwall, where they lived for 2 yrs, then they went to Egloskerry, Cornwall where his father went to serve as a hind, lived there 7 yrs. Then he removed to Exeter with his father, who went there to work as a sawyer. He lived with him for ¼ yr, then left him, being about 14 yrs of age. Since then, he has lived at diverse places, and is now a discharged soldier from the 58th Regiment. Never served any apprenticeship etc., nor had his father rented lands and tenements etc, since leaving Marywick. To his knowledge and belief he does not know whether his father is living or dead.
* *

FILE - Application by Week St Mary re bastard born in Bodmin on 11 Sept. 1788, mother Ann Buckingham, single woman, father John Uglow of Marhamchurch, cooper: John Uglow to pay Week St Mary 16d. and Ann Buckingham 8d. weekly; also J. U. to pay £6 lying-in charges.

Item: Sessions held at Bodmin - ref. QS/1/6/13-25 - date: 9 October 1788
* *
Indemnity bonds and certificates

FILE - Eliz. Phillips, wid. of Jn. P., residing in Week St. Mary "for the Better Mayntanance of her Family", settlement in North Tamerton - ref. P248/13/1/4 - date: 13 Apr. 1788
* *

FILE - Frances Rundle Ayres to Rich. Pearse of Jacobstow for his estate in Week St. Mary (housewifery) - ref. P248/14/26 - date: 6 Apr. 1790
* *

FILE - Justices' order - ref. P248/16a/8 - date: 14 Sept. 1797

Nicholas Penfound of Week St. Mary, labourer, to pay 7/- charges and 1/- weekly maintenance for female child of Jenny Heard, singlewoman, and 6d. weekly so long as child is chargeable to parish.
* *
FILE - Rich. Pearse "now intruding in the parish of Week St. Mary" - ref. P248/13/4/1 - date: n.d. 18th cent

Born in Week St. Mary where he lived until 14, then lived in divers places, went a covenant servant with John Corry of that part of Bridgerule which is in Devon, for a year.
* *
FILE - Justices' order - ref. P248/16a/9 - date: 30 Dec. 1800

Simon Clifton of Week St. Mary, labourer, to pay £1-4-6 lying-in expenses and 1/4 weekly towards maintenance of male child of Margaret Eliott, singlewoman, and 8d. weekly so long as child is chargeable to parish.
* *
Removal orders to Week St. Mary

FILE - Thos. Colwill (6), Henry Colwill (4), children of Thos. C. late of Week St. Mary, labourer, decd., and Ann his wife, also decd., from Stoke Damerel, Devon - ref. P248/13/3/5 - date: 5 Dec. 1803
* *

FILE - Justices' order - ref. P248/16a/10 - date: 4 Dec. 1821

Thos. Hennings of Week St. Mary, labourer, to pay £1 expenses, 8/8 costs, and further 6/- towards maintenance of female child of Mary Jewell, singlewoman, and 9d. weekly so long as child is chargeable to parish.
* *

Stratton Parish, Cornwall

Deed of release - ref. P 216/25/288 - date: 29 Jan. 1841

(1) Philip Symons of Bodmin, tinman, and w. Mary Ann, nee Prust, Joseph Prust of Stratton, tanner, George Balhatchet Prust of Week St. Mary, carrier, Thomas Prust of Poundstock, tanner, and John Perkin of Week St. Mary, maltster, and w. Jane, nee Prust.
* *
Church of England, Stratton Parish, Cornwall

Blanchminster Charity - Bude

Release of trusteeship - ref. P 216/25/289 - date: 8 Apr. 1844

(1) George Balhatchet Prust of Week St. Mary, carrier, and Thomas Prust of Poundstock, shopkeeper
(2) George Balhatchet of Stratton, yeo.
Inheritance paid by (2) to children of Thomas Prust, decd., all of whom are now over 21.
- - - - - -

Reference: P248/13/2/1
Wm. Mollon, w. Mary, s. Jn. (4), dau. Mary (2), to Poundstock

Creation dates: 20 Apr. 1774
* *
Reference: P248/13/2/2
Hannah Rendle and her child to Pyworthy, Devon

Creation dates: 13 Apr. 1778
* *

Reference: P248/13/2/3
Henry Sutton, w. Hannah, dau. Mary (5), sons Henry (3) and Rich. (6 mths.), to Poundstock

Creation dates: 14 Nov. 1780
* *

Reference: P248/13/2/4
Leonard Bickle, w. Eliz., and sons Thos. (3) and Rich. (1), to Boyton

Creation dates: 21 Apr. 1780
* *

Reference: P248/13/2/5
Wm. Cory and w. Mary, dau. Eliz. (3) and 2 daus. about 2 weeks old not baptised, to North Petherwin

Creation dates: 7 Feb. 1783
* *

Reference: P248/13/2/6
Jn. Lawrence to Pyworthy, Devon