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Selected Families and Individuals

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(UNKNOWN), Ann F b.1817 - Leeds, England
(UNKNOWN), Caroline b.1816 - Stannington, England
(UNKNOWN), Catherine b.1832 - Hilltown, Ireland
(UNKNOWN), Christine -
(UNKNOWN), Eliza b.1840 -
(UNKNOWN), Elizabeth b.1839 -
(UNKNOWN), Emma b.1843 - Leeds, England
(UNKNOWN), Hannah b.1819 - Sheffield, England
(UNKNOWN), Hannah b.1850 -
(UNKNOWN), Hannah b.1823 -
(UNKNOWN), Jane -
(UNKNOWN), Mary b.1926 -
(UNKNOWN), Mary A b.1834 - Ripon, England
(UNKNOWN), Moira b.1937 - Pendlebury, England
(UNKNOWN), Sarah b.1809 - Salford, England
(UNKNOWN), Sarah b.1821 - Wortley, England
(UNKNOWN), Sarah A b.1859 - Leeds, England


AKINDELE, Gerald b.1948 - Manchester, England
AKINDELE, Louis Tela b.1980 - London, England
AKINDELE, Michelle b.1975 - London, England


ANDERSON, Lynda b.1968 -


ARMITAGE, Diana Claire b.1947 - Selby, England


ASQUITH, Jane b.1767 -


BAXTER, Annie b.1887 - Salford, England
BAXTER, Charles b.1839 -
BAXTER, Elizabeth Alice b.1903 - Salford, England
BAXTER, Emma b.1889 - Salford, England
BAXTER, Gertrude b.1905 - Salford, England
BAXTER, John b.1873 - Salford, England
BAXTER, Samuel b.1907 - Salford, England
BAXTER, William b.1890 - Salford, England
BAXTER, William b.1865 - Salford, England


BAYLISS, Rachael Maree b.1969 - New South Wales, Australia


BENNETT, Eliza b.1833 -


BERRY, Elsie b.1904 - Bramley, England


BLACKSHAW, Gilbert b.1943 - Salford, England
BLACKSHAW, Gilbert John b.1971 - Salford, England
BLACKSHAW, Lee Anthony b.1968 - Salford, England


BOOTH, Martha -


BOX, Jane b.1821 - Stone, England


BRACKLEY, David b.1945 -
BRACKLEY, Jane b.1970 - Leeds, England
BRACKLEY, Peter b.1966 - Leeds, England


BROWN, Jane Ann b.1856 -


BURNS, Alice b.1921 - Salford, England
BURNS, Harold b.1900 - England
BURNS, May b.1923 - Salford, England
BURNS, Vera b.1932 - Salford, England


CABLE, Andrew b.1970 - Leeds, England
CABLE, Dawn b.1965 - Leeds, England
CABLE, Gary b.1969 - Leeds, England
CABLE, Kenneth b.1940 -


COAD, Brenda Lynn b.1967 - New Plymouth, New Zealand
COAD, Harrison James b.1998 - Melbourne, Australia
COAD, Ian Howard b.1940 - New Plymouth, New Zealand
COAD, Ian Steven b.1964 - New Plymouth, New Zealand
COAD, Lachlan Heng b.2001 - Cambodia


CRABTREE, James b.1779 - Felkirk, England
CRABTREE, James b.1853 - Barnsley, England
CRABTREE, Jane Ann b.1876 - Barnsley, England
CRABTREE, Joseph b.1778 - Felkirk, England
CRABTREE, Joseph b.1752 - Felkirk, England
CRABTREE, Marie b.1778 - Felkirk, England
CRABTREE, Thomas b.1825 - Barnsley, England


CROMACK, Bradley John b.1995 - London, England
CROMACK, Candice Tiffany b.1991 - London, England
CROMACK, Connor Shaun b.1998 -
CROMACK, Eileen b.1945 -
CROMACK, Jamie Jason b.1993 - London, England
CROMACK, Jason James b.1974 - Leeds, England
CROMACK, John Francis b.1945 - Leeds, England
CROMACK, John Michael b.1967 - Leeds, England
CROMACK, Jordon Jason Louis b.2000 - Croydon, England
CROMACK, Juliet b.1969 - Leeds, England
CROMACK, Katie b.2003 - Croydon, England
CROMACK, Stanley b.1920 - Leeds, England


CROMPTON, Joanna b.1962 - Bolton, England


CROOK, Charles b.1873 - Salford, England
CROOK, Charles b.1839 -
CROOK, Mary E b.1877 -
CROOK, Reuben b.1881 - Salford, England
CROOK, Thomas b.1880 - Salford, England


CROSSLEY, Brett b.1972 - Leeds, England


DANIELS, Eliza b.1892 - Salford, England
DANIELS, George b.1869 -
DANIELS, James b.1870 -
DANIELS, Jane b.1874 -
DANIELS, John b.1893 - Salford, England
DANIELS, John Richard b.1865 - Edinburgh, Scotland
DANIELS, Maggie b.1877 -
DANIELS, Maggie b.1896 - Salford, England
DANIELS, Marion b.1896 - Salford, England
DANIELS, Marrion b.1872 -
DANIELS, Mary b.1864 -
DANIELS, Richard W b.1837 -
DANIELS, William b.1879 -
DANIELS, Willie b.1900 - Salford, England


DAVISON, Hannah b.1762 - Armley, England


DAWSON, Damien Carl Anthony b.1986 - Salford, England
DAWSON, Elaine Anne b.1969 - Salford, England
DAWSON, Joan Frances b.1939 - Salford, England
DAWSON, John Anthony b.1942 - Blackpool, England
DAWSON, John Samuel b.1919 - Salford, England
DAWSON, Patricia Ann b.1947 - Salford, England
DAWSON, Sean Anthony b.1966 - Salford, England
DAWSON, William James b.1990 - Bolton, England


DEVINE, Paul b.1974 - Salford, England
DEVINE, Philip Vincent b.1972 - Salford, England
DEVINE, Vincent b.1945 - Little Hulton, England


DRAKEFORD, Alice b.1891 - Leeds, England
DRAKEFORD, Dyer b.1890 -
DRAKEFORD, Dyer b.1825 - Nuneaton
DRAKEFORD, John b.1903 -
DRAKEFORD, Miriam b.1888 -


DUDLEY, Alfred b.1846 - Salford, England
DUDLEY, David b.1842 - Salford, England
DUDLEY, Eleanor b.1853 -
DUDLEY, Martha b.1849 - Salford, England
DUDLEY, William Henry b.1843 - Salford, England


DUNWELL, Francis b.1766 - Farnley, England
DUNWELL, Hannah b.1792 - Wortley, England
DUNWELL, Jane b.1790 -
DUNWELL, William b.1745 - Farnley, England


ELLIS, Arthur b.1936 -
ELLIS, Arthur b.1900 - Holbeck, England


ENNIS, Richard -


FARNWORTH, Emma b.1898 -


FEENEY, Mary b.1955 -


FITZPATRICK, Jane b.1871 -


GILBERTSON, Joan Marie b.1928 -


GILL, Freda b.1920 - Bramley, England


GILLOTT, Ellen b.1908 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Emily b.1920 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, George b.1862 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, George b.1834 - Manchester, England
GILLOTT, Harriett Josephine b.1930 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, James b.1951 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, James b.1900 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, James Thomas b.1932 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Jeanne b.1966 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Julia b.1855 - Greenend, England
GILLOTT, Mary b.1922 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Mary Jane b.1911 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, May Ellen b.1864 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Nora b.1926 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Sarah b.1858 - Sheffield, England
GILLOTT, Susan Marguerite b.1962 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Thomas b.1924 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Thomas b.1895 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, Thomas b.1866 - Salford, England
GILLOTT, William b.1856 - Apperknowle, England


GODISON, Heber b.1858 - Stannington, England
GODISON, Helen b.1880 - Stannington, England


GOSLING, Ann b.1828 - Hunslet, England
GOSLING, Benjamin b.1793 -
GOSLING, Bethia b.1822 -
GOSLING, Daniel b.1829 -
GOSLING, Daniel b.1770 -
GOSLING, James b.1814 -
GOSLING, John b.1819 -
GOSLING, Martha b.1824 -
GOSLING, Sarah b.1816 -


GOUGH, Eileen b.1927 - Leeds, England


GREGORY, Elizabeth b.1844 - Stone, England


HALER, Percy James b.1877 - Hunslet, England


HARPER, Bernard John b.1919 - Leeds, England
HARPER, Jacqueline b.1947 - Leeds, England
HARPER, Kathleen b.1950 - Leeds, England
HARPER, Maureen b.1951 - Leeds, England
HARPER, Michael b.1948 - Leeds, England
HARPER, Tina b.1973 - Leeds, England
HARPER, Trudy b.1971 - Leeds, England


HARROP, Brian b.1939 - Salford, England
HARROP, Rhonda b.1959 - Salford, England
HARROP, Thomas Henry b.1907 - Salford, England


HATFIELD, George b.1861 - England


HINTON, Mavis -


HOLDEN, Winifred b.1941 - Manchester, England


HOWARD, Annie b.1880 -
HOWARD, James b.1879 -
HOWARD, Martha b.1877 -
HOWARD, Thomas b.1875 -
HOWARD, Thomas b.1855 -


HOWARTH, Marguerite b.1927 - Salford, England


HULME, Charlotte b.1821 -


HULMES, Anna -


INGRAM, Jane b.1822 - Barnsley, England


JACKSON, George Frederick b.1880 - Wortley, England
JACKSON, James Arthur b.1882 -
JACKSON, John Henry b.1877 - Wortley, England
JACKSON, Thomas b.1852 - Thornton Dale, England


KELLETT, Sarah b.1869 - Leeds, England


KINSEY, Margaret b.1932 - Leeds, England


LAW, Brenda b.1943 - Leeds, England
LAW, Harry b.1884 - Armley, England
LAW, Phyllis b.1912 - Bramley, England
LAW, Ralph b.1917 - Bramley, England
LAW, Stanley b.1929 - Stanningley, England


LAWTON, Ellen Peach b.1853 - Stoke On Trent, England
LAWTON, Joseph b.1851 -
LAWTON, Joseph b.1822 - Bromshill, England


LEWIS, William -


LINSDELL, Alan b.1965 - Walkden, England
LINSDELL, Anthony Robert b.1990 - Salford, England


MAGUIRE, Leah m.1996 - Salford Registry Office


MALIN, Edward b.1848 - Ireland
MALIN, George b.1857 - Ireland
MALIN, George b.1823 - Ireland
MALIN, Henry b.1854 - Ireland
MALIN, James b.1870 - Barnsley, England
MALIN, Jane b.1862 - Ireland
MALIN, John Cornelius b.1867 - Barnsley, England
MALIN, Mary b.1853 - Ireland
MALIN, Michael b.1858 - Ireland
MALIN, Owen b.1859 - Ireland
MALIN, Sarah A b.1864 - Ireland


MALLON, Jane -


MARSLAND, Alfred b.1860 -
MARSLAND, Alfred b.1921 -
MARSLAND, Amy b.1875 -
MARSLAND, Ann b.1861 -
MARSLAND, Charlotte b.1847 -
MARSLAND, Edward b.1855 -
MARSLAND, Elizabeth b.1850 -
MARSLAND, Elizabeth b.1890 -
MARSLAND, Ellen b.1848 -
MARSLAND, Ellen Ann b.1868 - Salford, England
MARSLAND, Emma b.1852 -
MARSLAND, Frank b.1926 -
MARSLAND, Frank b.1888 -
MARSLAND, James b.1846 -
MARSLAND, James b.1822 - Sale, England
MARSLAND, James b.1926 -
MARSLAND, James b.1869 -
MARSLAND, John b.1891 -
MARSLAND, John b.1844 - Sale, England
MARSLAND, John A b.1872 -
MARSLAND, Joseph b.1858 -
MARSLAND, Joyce b.1924 -
MARSLAND, Martha b.1856 -
MARSLAND, Mary F b.1884 -
MARSLAND, Robert b.1928 -
MARSLAND, Thomas b.1853 -
MARSLAND, Walter b.1914 -
MARSLAND, Walter b.1895 -
MARSLAND, Walter b.1879 -


MARTIN, Albert b.1896 - Salford, England
MARTIN, Clara b.1876 - Gorton, England
MARTIN, Edward b.1850 - Meanwood, England
MARTIN, Emily b.1899 - Salford, England
MARTIN, Ethel b.1907 - Salford, England
MARTIN, Florence b.1900 - Salford, England
MARTIN, Francis b.1878 - Gorton, England
MARTIN, Frank b.1906 - Salford, England
MARTIN, George b.1871 - Sheffield, England
MARTIN, George Edward b.1909 - Salford, England
MARTIN, Helena b.1911 - Salford, England
MARTIN, James b.1817 - Meanwood, England
MARTIN, James b.1845 - Leeds, England
MARTIN, James b.1902 - Salford, England
MARTIN, John R b.1848 - Meanwood, England
MARTIN, Lucy b.1874 - Gorton, England
MARTIN, Mary Clara b.1904 - Salford, England
MARTIN, Mary E b.1847 - Meanwood, England
MARTIN, Matilda b.1897 - Salford, England
MARTIN, Ruth Agnes b.1904 - Salford, England
MARTIN, William Francis b.1895 - Salford, England


MAWSON, Hannah -


MCCOY, Catherine m.1897 -


MEEK, (unknown) -


METCALF, Jessi Ann b.1869 -


MILNES, Mary b.1804 - England


MOLLOY, Sylvia b.1978 - Ireland


MORSE-EVANS, David b.1954 - Sydney, Australia
MORSE-EVANS, Harrison b.1998 - Sydney, Australia
MORSE-EVANS, Rhys b.1999 - Sydney, Australia


MUNDY, Max Scott b.1994 - Bundora, Australia
MUNDY, Sam Wayne b.1996 - Bundora, Australia
MUNDY, Steven Wayne b.1965 - Melbourne, Australia


MUTCH, Thomas b.1898 - Salford, England
MUTCH, Thomas b.1875 - Barton, England


NAYLOR, John b.1935 - Salford, England
NAYLOR, Lee b.1971 - Salford, England
NAYLOR, Mark b.1974 - Salford, England


NEWTON, Mary b.1700 -


OLDFIELD, Mary Emma b.1870 -


OWEN, Arthur b.1874 - Stone, England
OWEN, Edith b.1880 - Stone, England
OWEN, Elizabeth b.1873 - Tittensor, England
OWEN, George b.1877 - Stone, England
OWEN, George b.1842 - Stone, England
OWEN, George b.1820 - Stone, England
OWEN, Harriet b.1875 - Stone, England
OWEN, Harriett b.1876 - Stone, England
OWEN, James b.1869 - Stone, England
OWEN, Jane b.1867 - Stone, England
OWEN, John b.1853 - Stone, England
OWEN, Mary b.1872 - Stone, England
OWEN, Mary J. b.1878 - Stone, England
OWEN, Richard b.1880 - Stone, England
OWEN, Richard b.1849 - Stone, England
OWEN, William b.1879 - Stone, England


PARKER, Mary J -


PEACH, Ann b.1823 - Suntham, England


PEAT, Zilah b.1848 - Leeds, England


PICKARD, Mary Ann -


PORTER, Joan Ethel b.1963 - Australia


RATCLIFFE, Clifford -


RAYNOR, John -


READ, Gareth b.1982 - Salford, England
READ, Mark b.1979 - Salford, England
READ, Philip Frederick b.1953 - Salford, England


REDSHAW, Albert b.1898 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Albert b.1936 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Albert Smith b.1868 - Wortley, England
REDSHAW, Alfred b.1852 - Holbeck, England
REDSHAW, Amanda -
REDSHAW, Amy b.1898 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Anne b.1726 -
REDSHAW, Annie b.1890 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Annie Smith b.1902 - Bramley, England
REDSHAW, Antony b.1962 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Arnold Smith b.1925 - Bramley, England
REDSHAW, Arthur b.1856 -
REDSHAW, Arthur Smith b.1891 - Bramley, England
REDSHAW, Arthur Smith b.1865 - Moorside, England
REDSHAW, Barbara b.1930 - Beeston, England
REDSHAW, Benjamin b.1798 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Benjamin b.1871 - Holbeck, England
REDSHAW, Benjamin Joseph b.1985 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Bethany Claire b.1993 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Brian b.1932 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Catherine b.1899 - Chorlton, England
REDSHAW, Charles b.1890 -
REDSHAW, Charles b.1839 -
REDSHAW, Charles Brian b.1924 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Charles H b.1875 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Charles Vernon b.1903 - Chorlton, England
REDSHAW, Christine b.1945 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Colin b.1937 -
REDSHAW, Daniel Thomas b.1982 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Darren -
REDSHAW, David b.1962 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Doris Smith b.1897 - Bramley, England
REDSHAW, Edith b.1882 -
REDSHAW, Edith b.1893 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Edward Smith b.1895 - Bramley, England
REDSHAW, Eleanor b.1891 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Elisabeth b.1770 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Eliza b.1870 -
REDSHAW, Elizabeth Doris b.1902 - Chorlton, England
REDSHAW, Elsie b.1895 -
REDSHAW, Elsie b.1895 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Emily b.1887 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Emily b.1858 -
REDSHAW, Emily b.1897 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Emma b.1838 - Wortley, England
REDSHAW, Emma b.1838 -
REDSHAW, Emma Jane b.1997 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Ethel Smith b.1889 - Bramley, England
REDSHAW, Florence b.1869 -
REDSHAW, Francis b.1819 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Fred b.1887 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Gary b.1964 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, George b.1817 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, George b.1845 -
REDSHAW, George E b.1882 -
REDSHAW, George Wallis b.1849 - Wortley, England
REDSHAW, Gertrude b.1904 - Chorlton, England
REDSHAW, Gertrude b.1902 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Gillian b.1960 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Gillian b.1971 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Graham b.1953 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Hannah b.1792 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Hannah b.1821 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Hannah b.1866 - Manchester, England
REDSHAW, Harriet Ann -
REDSHAW, Harry b.1930 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Henry b.1854 -
REDSHAW, Henry b.1849 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Hilda b.1891 -
REDSHAW, James b.1859 - Wortley, England
REDSHAW, James b.1807 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, James b.1838 -
REDSHAW, James b.1793 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, James b.1792 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, James b.1760 - Batley, England
REDSHAW, James b.1940 -
REDSHAW, James b.1945 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, James Arthur Smith b.1904 - Bramley, England
REDSHAW, James Henry b.1877 -
REDSHAW, James Smith b.1829 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Jane b.1834 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Jane Ann b.1841 -
REDSHAW, Jane Elizabeth b.1871 -
REDSHAW, Jayson Antony b.1989 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, John b.1821 -
REDSHAW, John b.1767 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, John b.1858 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, John b.1827 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, John b.1859 - Holbeck, England
REDSHAW, John b.1880 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, John b.1936 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, John Mawson b.1819 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, John Smith b.1795 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, John William b.1860 -
REDSHAW, John William b.1876 -
REDSHAW, Jonathan b.1875 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Jonathan b.1831 - Holbeck, England
REDSHAW, Joseph b.1809 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Joseph b.1800 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Joseph b.1780 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Joseph b.1797 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Joseph b.1860 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Joseph b.1900 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Joseph b.1877 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Julie -
REDSHAW, Katie b.1967 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Kenneth b.1930 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Kieran Gary b.1996 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Kristofer David b.1986 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Lena b.1893 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Lydia b.1907 - Salford, Lancashire, England
REDSHAW, Lynne b.1955 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Mabel b.1898 -
REDSHAW, Mally b.1775 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Marissa b.1994 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Marjorie b.1933 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Martha b.1777 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Martin b.1953 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Mary b.1802 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Mary b.1834 -
REDSHAW, Mary b.1790 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Mary b.1875 -
REDSHAW, Mary b.1815 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Mary E b.1849 -
REDSHAW, Mary Elizabeth b.1862 -
REDSHAW, Matilda b.1880 -
REDSHAW, Maud b.1884 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Mavis b.1928 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, May Smith b.1888 - Wortley, England
REDSHAW, Mercy Smith b.1862 - Wortley, England
REDSHAW, Michael -
REDSHAW, Michelle -
REDSHAW, Minnie b.1877 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Minnie b.1884 -
REDSHAW, Nanny b.1765 - Batley, England
REDSHAW, Nicholas -
REDSHAW, Pauline b.1945 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Percy Smith b.1885 -
REDSHAW, Peter b.1960 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Philippa Jane b.1984 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Reuben b.1903 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Rhoda Smith b.1894 - Bramley, England
REDSHAW, Robert b.1700 -
REDSHAW, Robert b.1825 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Robert b.1762 - Batley, England
REDSHAW, Ronald b.1943 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Samuel b.1804 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Samuel b.1803 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Samuel James b.1990 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Sarah b.1799 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Sarah b.1796 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Sarah b.1799 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Sarah b.1790 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Sarah b.1817 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Sarah b.1862 - Holbeck, England
REDSHAW, Sarah b.1938 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Sarah b.1901 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Selina Smith b.1863 - Wortley, England
REDSHAW, Shirley b.1941 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Stephen b.1970 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Thomas b.1813 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Thomas b.1795 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, Thomas b.1730 - Batley, England
REDSHAW, Thomas b.1856 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Thomas b.1823 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Thomas b.1937 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Thomas b.1905 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Thomas Stephen b.1989 - Stockport, England
REDSHAW, Tina b.1955 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, Trisha b.1969 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Veronica b.1940 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Walter b.1895 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Walter b.1900 - Salford, England
REDSHAW, Walter b.1855 - Holbeck, England
REDSHAW, William b.1733 -
REDSHAW, William b.1812 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, William b.1798 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, William b.1772 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, William b.1794 - Armley, England
REDSHAW, William b.1879 -
REDSHAW, William b.1857 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, William b.1888 -
REDSHAW, William b.1851 -
REDSHAW, William b.1867 -
REDSHAW, William b.1825 - Leeds, England
REDSHAW, William b.1869 - Manchester, England
REDSHAW, William Lionel b.1922 - Leeds, England


RHODES, Mercy b.1791 -


ROLLINSON, Kathleen b.1940 - Salford, England
ROLLINSON, Maureen b.1940 - Salford, England
ROLLINSON, Thomas b.1918 - Salford, England


SENIOR, Mary b.1784 - Barnsley, England
SENIOR, William b.1762 - Barnsley, England


SHAW, Mandy b.1966 - Walkden, England
SHAW, Mary A m.1888 -


SIMPSON, Elizabeth b.1860 - Bradfield, England
SIMPSON, Emma b.1845 - Bradfield, England
SIMPSON, Hannah Matilda b.1851 - Bradfield, England
SIMPSON, John b.1819 - Bradfield, England
SIMPSON, Lucy b.1847 - Bradfield, England
SIMPSON, Margaret b.1850 - Bradfield, England
SIMPSON, Mary Ann b.1842 - Bradfield, England


SMITH, Jane b.1820 - England
SMITH, Marjorie -
SMITH, Sarah Dawson -


STANNIFORTH, George b.1694 - Dronfield, England
STANNIFORTH, Susannah b.1743 - Eckington, England


STATON, Eliza b.1834 - Dronfield, England
STATON, Emma b.1827 - Dronfield, England
STATON, Frederick b.1835 - Dronfield, England
STATON, George b.1824 - Dronfield, England
STATON, Julia b.1841 - Dronfield, England
STATON, Mary b.1826 - Dronfield, England
STATON, Matilda b.1832 - Dronfield, England
STATON, Thomas b.1802 - Sheffield, England
STATON, William b.1740 - Eckington, England
STATON, William b.1778 - Eckington, England


STEAD, Sarah b.1762 -


STEERS, Frederick b.1933 - Blackpool, England
STEERS, Paige b.1993 - Salford, England
STEERS, Paul b.1963 - Salford, England
STEERS, Sam b.1990 - Germany


STRETTON, Sarah b.1855 -


SULLIVAN, John b.1940 - Salford, England
SULLIVAN, Matthew -


SYKES, Hannah b.1852 - Leeds, England


TAIT, Laura Rebecca b.1986 - Australia
TAIT, Lloyd Robert b.1953 - Australia


THIRKELL, George b.1929 - Leeds, England
THIRKELL, Kim Diane b.1959 - Leeds, England
THIRKELL, Paul b.1956 - Leeds, England


THIRKELL-REVELL, Hayle b.1988 - Sydney, Australia


TRUEMAN, Ann b.1757 - Felkirk, England


VICKERS, Albert b.1921 - Leeds, England
VICKERS, Albert Baden b.1900 -
VICKERS, Douglas b.1924 -
VICKERS, Irene b.1923 -


VITTI, Anthony b.1926 - Manchester, England
VITTI, Maria b.1950 - Salford, England


WALKER, Julie m.1981 -


WALLER, Ann b.1743 - Eckington, England
WALLER, Ann b.1779 - Eckington, England


WATSON, Henry b.1829 - Glasgow, Scotland
WATSON, James -
WATSON, Lily b.1864 -
WATSON, William H b.1856 -


WELBURN, Annie b.1881 - Manchester, England
WELBURN, Evelyn b.1876 - Stannington, England
WELBURN, George S b.1874 - Stannington, England
WELBURN, Heber b.1879 - Manchester, England
WELBURN, Jno. Wm. b.1872 - Stannington, England
WELBURN, Lucy H. b.1868 - Stannington, England
WELBURN, Nancy b.1900 - Leeds, England
WELBURN, Vivian b.1867 - Stannington, England
WELBURN, William b.1843 - Thornton, England


ZUCCHELLI, Nadia b.1967 - Guernsey, Channel Isles


ZUCCHELLI-REDSHAW, Alexander b.2005 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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