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The Home Page of Whitney and Flavie Dartez
Published in Memory of our daughter and son

Charmaine Marie Dartez 1956-1996
and Gregory Stevens Dartez 1957-2002

If Tears Could Build A Stairway, And Memories A Lane, We Would Walk Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Both Home Again.
We Love You Both very Much

Also in memory of all our ancestors who died and the many who suffered gravely, attempting to preserve their simple way of life.


The INDEX below is a result of what I have learned about my ancestors in 40 years of research.

In 1960, I wrote down an agenda of what I wanted to learn about my ancestors. I have been researching the history of the Acadians ever since, and through the many books and articles I have read. I decided to write down what I was looking for.

All the history on the Acadians was handed down orally, except the minor excerpts in the school history books.

Due to people interested in genealogy, and after years of researching documents in Europe, Canada and the United States a number of good books were written on the history of the Acadians. I grew up knowing that I was of a different culture then the Americans (*1) living amongst us or the Creole from New Orleans. My uneducated parents could not give me the background of the Acadian people, except what was handed down orally. But so much is lost and myth and misconception replaces history.

James Domengeaux founder of CODIFIL wrote: The schools took French away from us. Moreover we are responsible for this, because it was our Acadian teachers who punished us for speaking French. They refused to teach us about our language and culture something that was within our right as free people living in a democratic society.

Acadia was a province or colony of NEW FRANCE. Geographically, the term was never clearly defined, but it always referred to at least part of today's Maritime Provinces of Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) and to part of Maine.

Given very little economic support by France and finding itself a pawn in the colonial power struggle among France, Holland, and Britain. Isolated from the heavily traveled sea- lanes to Boston and Quebec the colony had no choice but to become virtually self-sufficient. It lived off agriculture, fishing, and trade. Therefore helped to formulate the beginning of a distinctive Acadian identity.

(*1) To the Acadians anybody who would speak English and could not speak French were considered Americans.


In the article "Ancient Acadian" I used the begining of the colony of Acadia to the 1671 census. Since it is estimated that "three quarter" of the Acadian population of today is made up of the those names appearing on the 1671 census.

The CAJUNS: article is an attempt educate outsiders about the misconception that are printed and spoken about the Cajuns.

Development of Cajun Music is profiled in History .....

"The Dartez Family" Genealogy .

...An Acadian/Cajun GEDCOM that has 85,281 individuals and 26, 162 marriages in it. Wdartez at RootsWeb Most of the families in this Gedcom were researched from the beginning of Acaida through expulsion to the colonies and France and then to Louisiana up to the present date. At the time that this GEDCOM was started sources, history and notes were not very important, presently I am in the process of updating and correcting all sources. While an individual is searching this SITE if he or she should run across an error or want to add or remove just move down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Post-Em Note" and simply type in your concerns or corrections I will receive a notice that someone has placed a message attached to a person in the database.

Note!!! If anybody has problems with live data, I will gladly remove their family from the database. Most information on living individuals contained in this database can be obtained at numerous locations on the Internet, and in such obtainable documents as credit reports, telephone, birth and marriage records Please keep in mind that genealogy is names, dates, places and history of a particular family. This information is crucial for our descendants to research their ancestors.

BIBLIOGRAPHY .used to put the the research of this "PAGE" together.
The material on this Web Site is "Copyright" to Whitney Dartez any part of it can be used if credit is provided. No part of this site may be copied or used for financial gains.

BIBILOGRAPHY for the Dartez Database

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/ Traditional Cajun Dance Music ; by Raymond E. Francois

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The ancestors of the Louisiana Cajuns
From the beginning of New France to 1671 and the beginning of a distinctive Acadian identity.

By Whitney Dartez

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