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Submitted by Darlene Cole


From Obituaries unless otherwise noted, [note from NORA O. REED]

As stated before, the accuracy of these dates & names depend on how well the transcriptions were written and read.  Transcribed from micro-filmed newspapers published in S. E., MO, mostly Wayne County. 

Some marriage dates were checked against what Beulah (Twidwell) Davis, (BTD) listed in her Family Book, pub. in 1974 and noted if different.  I also included some marriage dates that I found in other states & counties if the family settled in Wayne Co., MO. Dwc


* Appears where the date is 1892 or later.  My comments are in brackets & italics.  Dwc


ABERNATHY, Rev. Phillip A.        to            SCAGGS, Lisa Jane Patterson                    14, Oct. 1888

1866 –1962, Masonic Cem.                            1861-1951, Masonic Cem.


ALDRICH, Wm. Claude                 to            MEADOR, Laura M.                                  09, Dec. 1888

1867 – 1906  [both bur. Little Lake Cem., behind Church] 1871 – 1957


ALEXANDER, R. W.                     to           BAIRD, Rebecca S.                                   01, Apr. 1885


ALLEN, Elias [Rev]                         to            O’DELL, Mary Lou                                    29, Jun. 1884

1861 – 1933                                                    1869 – 1936 both bur: New Liberty Cem.


ALLEN, Wm. [B.]                           to            (1) WARD, Mary                                       16, Oct. 1873

[Mary b. 15, Jan. 1853, MO & died 13, Feb. 1899, in MO.  Wm.B. Allen was born 

16 October 1853 in AL, and died 10, Oct. 1938 on Reeces Creek, Greenville, MO. 

He married (1) to Mary WARD, a twin to Dr. A. A. Ward & a d/o Andrew WARD, &  

Nancy WHITE, listed later.


*ALLEN, Wm B.                             to            (2) KIRKPATRICK, Adah Z.                    27, Aug. 1899


ALLISON, Elwood Baker                to            HARRIS, Nancy E.                                    15, Dec. 1889


ANDERSON, S. J.                           to            ________, Mary                                        About 1862


ATNIP, Bethaven                              to            MEADOR, Matilda A.                               22, Jul. 1852

(S/o Jacob & Rachel, B.T.D.  1829 - 1867)        (1836 – 1872, BTD)


ATNIP, Jacob                                   to            RISENHOOVER, Rachel                          About 1828

[in Warren Co., TN.  Jacob, b. ca. 1804 in Pulaski Co. KY; d. 01, May 1879, MO, a 

s/o Joseph & Barbary (Parkerson), BTD.  Rachel b. ca. 1801, SC; d. 19, Jan 1858, MO, 

a d/o Jacob S. Risenhoover)

Data here is from research by B.T.D. as well as myself, Dwc]


ATNIP, John A.                                to            TWIDWELL, Elizabeth B.                         19, Dec. 1867

(S/o Jacob & Rachel, B.T.D.)                                    (D/o Wm. & Gatsey (Heath), B.T.D.)


ATNIP, John R.  [Nora’s data]          to             OWENBEY, Melissa Jane                      09, Jan. 1886

ATNIP, John Robert [Beulah’s data]  to            OWNBEY, Melissa Jane                         09, Jan. 1887       

(These were Beulah Twidwell Davis’ maternal grandparents,  her mother, Rowena,  

was their 1st child, b. on the 20th, Nov 1887 & d. 08, Jul 1983, in Wayne Co., MO.  

Both bur. In Twidwell Cem., at Silva. B.T.D.)




BAILEY, Thomas G.                  to            HARSCHBARGER, Permelia A.                    __, ___. 1875


BARKER, James A.                   to            REEVES, Laura                                              01, Feb. 1885


BARKS, Christopher                  to            BARKS, Elizabeth                                         29, Oct. 1892

                                                                  D/o Jacob & Sarah (Nations) BARKS, (N.O.R.)


BARRETT, Wm. Benton             to            BESS, Pernecia Hannah                                 28, Dec. 1871


BARRINGER, Jerry                    to            HILL, Felicia                                                 05, Nov. 1873


BARRINGER, Jerry                    to            JENKINS, Miss Mary A. E.                         About 1859


BEAL, Francis                             to            FARRIS, Laura                                            17, Feb. 1870


BELL, James Eli                           to            HEFNER, Mary Angeline                            16, Aug. 1889


BENNETT, Benjamin H.              to            KETREL, MRS. May (Butler Co)                04, Mar. 1874


BENNETT, C. A.                        to             SHORT, Lucy Emily                                     __, ___. 1871


BENNETT, Frederick M.            to            WALLIS, Sara Elizabeth Freer               04, Jan. 1874


BENNETT, G. W. “Wash”          to            SMITH, Nancy E.                                        23, Dec. 1880


BENNETT, George Frederick      to            HUNTER, Laura Clementine                 29, Feb. 1880


BENNETT, Jas. T. “Tom”            to            WHITE, Rosa A.                                  02, Dec.  1878

                                                                        D/o Valentine & Columbia (Farmer)


BENNETT, James                        to            STANTON, Mary  (Iron Co)               15, Apr. 1874


BENNETT, James Andrew           to            HENDERSON, Rebecca “Becky”        03, Sep. 1874


BENNETT, James Andrew           to            WARD, Harriett E.                               13, Feb 1887


BENNETT, John H.                      to            DUNCAN, Lucinda Jane                      10, Sep. 1883


BENNETT, Perry Coleman           to            NEIGHBORS,  Nancy Jane                  12, Nov. 1882


BENNETT, Ransom                      to            FIKE, Mary (Stoddard Co)                   About 1867


BENNETT, Thomas Iverson          to            DAVIS, Mary Jane                               18, Dec. 1887


BENNETT, William                       to            WARD, Mary Jane                               11, Aug. 1847


BIGGERSTAFF, W. H.                 to            WILLIAMS, Martha C.                       04, Jun. 1865

(Tombstone Record, N.O. R. )[This couple is on the 1880 census of Wayne, Williams Twp., 

their oldest child listed was Ida M. 5 yrs of age, and  a 2 yr old Cassey]Dwc]


BILBREY, Wm. Campbell              to            FLEMING, Kessie                              22, Mar. 1871


*BILBREY, W. C.                          to            MARLER, Vicie                                  25, Dec.   1892

[Nora’s Book A, # 6, Wayne Co., 1892-1895, Dwc]


BLACK, Samuel                             to            JAMISON, Mary Jane                         15, Mar. 1842

[The 1880 census of Wayne, shows this couple in Logan Twp., Sam is 71, b. VA & parents 

too, and Mary was 60, b. VA & both her parents.] Dwc


BLACKWELL, John W.                 to            MARLER, Cynthia                               15, Oct. 1876

[The 1880 census of Wayne, Mill Spring Twp., shows this couple as J.M. 29, b. NC & both 

parents, and Cintha A., as 27, b. MO TN __ & they have a 3yr old Charles S., & a 4 month 

old Lily May]


BLANKENSHIP, Enoch Holland    to             LESTER, Elizabeth                               __, ___. 1867

[Listed in 1880 Mill Spring Twp., Enoch is 42, b. MO TN TN & Eliz., 43, b. MO MO TN, 

their oldest of 7 children, Sarah C. is 17, their youngest Wm. R. is 3 yrs.  2 LUSTER families 

lived nearby?]


BLANKENSHIP, Samuel               to            HUDDLESTONE, Martha                    __, ___. 1856


BOLLINGER, Henry W.                 to            BUNYARD, MISS Johnson E.             __, Apr. 1879

[See 1880 Wayne, St. Francois Twp., Family #84, wife listed as Evaline J.]


BOLLINGER, Jas Walter                to            TWIDWELL, Louisa “Lune”                 07, Oct. 1866

[Lune was a d/o Wm & Gatsey (Heath) she was b. 18, May 1848, Johnson Co., TN & 

d. 23, Dec 1876]


BOLLINGER, Phillip                        to            MABREY, Nellie C.                            03, Nov 1892

(Phillip was a s/o Jim & Lune, the couple above, per B.T.D.’s bk.,  pg. 42)


BOUNDS, Isaac M.                         to            (2) HENDERSON, Amanda L. (White) About 1876   

Isaac & Amanda both had children by previous marriages when they married. The 1880 

Wayne census in Lost Creek Twp.,Fam. #56,  shows them with 5 children, ages 8 – 12,

and with a 3 yr. old son, named John. W., suspect he was theirs?   Perhaps Amanda died 

ca.. 1885? See next marriage]


BOUNDS, Isaac N?                         to            SHULAR, Artimissa                            24, Jan 1886


BOWERS, Walter                             to            DAVIS, Nancy Jane                            __, ___.  1891

BOYD, James M. [W?]                     to            PIGG, MISS Mary M.                        __, ___.  1877

[Listed 1880, census, #78, Mill Sp. Twp., w/2 yr old Monroe & 8 mo., old Minnie C., 

A Westbrook couple & a Worley Family living with them, no relationships listed]


BOYD, Monroe                                to            BERRY, Maggie                                   12, Feb. 1890


BOYER, John                                   to            MARLER, Sarah Alice                          02, Sep. 1877

[Listed 1880 census,#42,  Mill Sp. Twp, ages 28 & 21 respectively, no children listed]


BOYET, Joseph J.                            to            WADLOW, Lucy “Lue”                        03, Feb. 1889

(D/o Wm. & Jane Wadlow, N.O.R.)

BRATCHER, Thomas A.                  to            MISSOURI, (sic) Rena                          __, ___. 1884


BREWER, George                            to            PARKER, Vina                                     20, May 1877

(Tombstone Record, Mile Cem., N.O.R.)


BRINER, John W.                            to            GUESS, MISS Mary                             __, ___. 1882


BROOKS, Rev. Isaac L.                   to            THORNBURG, Rowena                      23, Dec. 1874

[Listed 1880 Wayne, #162 Logan Twp., as I.F. Brooks, & Mary R., w/4 yr. old dau., 

Sarah, all b. IL]


BUGG, A. [Andy?]M.                      to            JACOBS, Louisa                                   17, Oct. 1866


BUNYARD, James                           to            _________?, Mary A.                           __, ___. 1859

[See 1880, Wayne, St. Francois Twp., #83]


BURCH, Sidney Johnson                  to            BROWN, Margaretta                            03, Jul. 1863

[A Sidney (36?) & Margaret Burch (43)listed 1880 Wayne, in Cowan Twp., Family #38]




CALDWELL, William                       to            MELTON, Mary E.                               12, May 1886


CARTER,  William                            to            BLACK, Alpha                                     04, Jan. 1884


CLARK,  George Washington           to            COPELAND, Catherine E.                   13, Apr. 1886


CLARK,  James E.                            to            TWIDWELL, Nancy Caroline              16, Jan., 1887

James, b. 15, Jan 1851, Bledsoe, TN;d. 10, Dec 1935, s/o Wm & Becky (Henderson). 

Nancy, b. 11, Aug 1862; d. 15, Nov 1937, MO.   Nancy was a d/o Rev. A.G. Twidwell,

& Elizabeth (Heath).   A.G., Elizabeth, James & Nancy are all buried at New Prospect Cem. 



CLARK,  David M.                          to            CHILTON, Charity Lucinda                    __, ___. 1883


CLEMONS,  John                            to             ATKINS,  Harriett                                 __, ___. 1875


CLINE,  John Wesley                       to            MATHERSON, Ellen Tennessee             __, ___. 1872

[John & Ellen listed 1880 Wayne, Logan Twp., Fam. # 174, 3 ch: Edwin 5, Geo. D.

3, Maude 1yr.]


CLUBB,  John                                  to            BERRY, Mary                                        __, ___. 1889


CLUBB,  J. Anthony                         to            ______?, Mary Ellen                               15, Feb. 1870

[Both Bur. Crossroads Cem.] Anthony 1864 - 1933 & Ellen 1869 – 1920]


COBB,  George W.                           to            McKENNIS, Ellen Lue                           __, ___. 1889

[Both bur. In the Paullus Cem.  George W., 1863 – 1949; Ellen L., 1865 – 1948]


COLLINS,  Thomas J.                      to            ________?, Lucinda                                __, ___. 1865

[The only Collins found in 1860 (Wayne) Benton Twp., w/given name as Thomas

was 6 yrs. old?]


COOK,  George Washington             to            MILLER, Margaret                                 13, Feb. 1875


COSTEPHENS,  Thomas                  to            SHULAR, Gizeal                                    17, Sep. 1863

These are the parents of George Costephens who md. Edith White, a d/o Alexander &

Nancy (Medders).  Alex identified his dau’s., in-laws, & stated Gazeal was a sister to Peter

Shular, in his Military Pension Application.


COWAN,  Richard                            to            ______?, Nellie                                      __, ___. 1856

[The 1860 Wayne census shows Eleanor as wife’s given name, they have 2 children

3 yrs and under.]


COWAN,  Richard Jefferson             to            MEYERS, Mollie Augusta                      14, Feb. 1884


CRITES,  Alfred                                to            BARKS, Barbara Adeline                       About 1865


CUNNINGHAM,  James Michael     to            HEADRICK, Orminta                            __, ___. 1891




DAFFRON, Isaac N.                      to            MILLER, Georgia Elinor                         23, Oct. 1887

(At Gordonsville, MO. N.O.R.)

DAFFRON, Thomas Edward          to            KELLY, Mary Jane                               08, Jul. 1885


DANIELS, Wiley T.                        to            GRAHAM, Harriett A.                          27, Nov. 1870

(Tombstone Record, bur. At Kelley Cem., on Otter Creek, N.O.R.)


DAVIDSON, Dr. Hugh C.               to            STEWART, Eliza M                             __, ___. 1869


DAVIDSON, Dr. Hugh C.               to            EPLEY, Sarah                                      __, ___.  1871


DAVIS, Francis M.                          to            KIRKPATRICK, Mary                      24, May 1857


DAVIS, Judge James E.                   to            FULTON, Nancy Jane                        08, Jan. 1851

[Listed on Wayne 1860, Logan Twp., Mary R. 7; John G. 5; Casander J. 3; Sarah E.

3 months.  Nancy d. 20, Dec 1880, bur., Rowland-Woods Cem., & James md. as his

2nd wife, Frances (Shearrer), d/o James & Catherine (Risenhoover) Shearrer.  “Frankie”

was a sister to my g-g-grdf. John L. Shearrer, Dwc]


DAVIS, James W.                            to            FREDERICK, MISS Melissa              17, Apr. 1877


DAVIS, John  A.                               to            ROBINSON, Mary Elizabeth             23, Jan. 1868


DEATON, Joseph B.                        to,             HARWELL, MISS ______?            __, ___. 1853

[1880 Wayne, Black River Twp., shows Fam. #24: John, (24) & wife, Frances (22)

oldest child 4yrs? Perhaps the son of the next couple, and it should read: “1875? No

Deatons listed in 1860 Wayne]


DEATON, Joseph B.                        to            DAVIDSON, Priscilla                        About 1857   

[1880 Wayne, Black River Twp., shows Fam. #25: Joe, (46) & wife, Percilla, (37)

oldest child, 14yrs.  No Deatons listed in 1850 or 1860 Wayne census]


DERUSE, Alexander                        to            SULLIVAN, Mary                            __, ___. 1869


DERUSE, Alexander                        to            TARLETON, Lizzie                            15, Dec., 1878

[Lizzie was a d/o Alexander Tarleton and Mahala (Ward).  Mahala was a d/o Meshack

Ward & Elizabeth (Wilson), listed on the 1850 & 1860 Wayne census, and from Goodspeed’s

Sketches of S.E. MO, pp.1149]  


DICKSON, John W.                       to            THOMPSON, Cecile                           __, ___. 1860


DONALDSON, W. H.                    to            BUNYARD, Harriett Louise (at Clinton, IL) __, ___ 1865


DUBOIS, W. L.                              to            KING, Mary L                                      __, ___. 1888


DUNCAN, Andrew A.                   to            MANN, Martha A.                                __, ___. 1862


DUNCAN, Henry Mc                     to            MEADOR, Emma Catherine                 04, Jun. 1881


DUNNEGAN, William                    to            SENSABOY, Geneva A.                      07, Oct. 1859

(Iron Co. Marr. Record)


DUNNEGAN, Thompson                to            FOQUAIDE, Sally E.                           14, Apr. 1880

(Iron Co. Marr. Record)




EDWARDS, A. C.                           to            WILKINSON, Mary C.                      15, Dec 1836

(in N. Carolina, N.O.R.)

ESTES, Phillip                                  to            PAGE, Lavina Belle                               25, Jul. 1891


ESTES, John Asa                             to            RAGSDALE, Orpha Jane                      20, Jun. 1886




FARRELL, Franklin                         to            WARMACK, Mary                              25, Feb. 1864

(War Record, N.O.R.)


FAULKNER, James Daniel              to            DUNCAN, Susan                                  About 1867   


FOX, William Thomas                      to            COOPER, Martha Roberta                    05, Jul. 1880


FREDERICK, William Radford        to            NEIGHBORS, Sarah Elizabeth               __, ___. 1861




GAFFNEY, Michael                         to            BROOKS, Nancy Susan                      10, Mar 1861


GLADDEN, Robert Bruce                to            COOK, MISS Louisa                           30, May 1880


GLOVER, Timothy H.                      to            VANCE, Jane M.                                  20, Dec. 1854

(in Tennessee, N.O.R.)


GOAD, Henry S.                              to            SMITH,  Rachel Elizabeth                      __, ___. 1872

(1840-1916) N.O.R.                                     (1855-1947) N.O.R.                                                 


GRAHAM, George Franklin             to            DUNCAN, Mary Catherine                  30, Jun. 1859


GRAHAM, N. B.                            to            CREASY, Mary Abigal                         06, Nov. 1879


GRAHAM, William “Berry”             to            TWIDWELL, Tabitha L.                       11, Nov. 1869

(A s/o George & Mary A. Graham, b. 2, Sep 1845, Madison Co., MO; d. 11, Nov 1909,

Tabitha a d/o Rev. A.G. & Elizabeth (Heath) Twidwell.  Tabitha was b. 18, Apr. 1849, Johnson

Co., TN; d. 3, Aug 1926, MO., both bur. Hickory Grove Cem., per BTD; Beulah Twidwell

Davis’s bk., page 96.)


GREER, Thomas Jefferson                to            BESS, Mary                                          __, ___. 1878


GREGORY, James Alexander           to            GLAVES, Masadonia                           __, ___. 1891


GRISHAM, James                            to            ANDREWS, Margaret Elizabeth           22, Dec 1857

[1860 Wayne Co., Logan Twp., shows this couple with a 2 yr. old son, Francis.]




HALE, Lysander Flynn                     to            TALLEY, Sarah Susannah                     __,___. 1877


HARRIS, Salathiel A.                       to            SPRINGFIELD, Nancy                         __,___. 1846


HARRISON, Isaac B.                      to            WIGGENS, C. E.                                 24, Aug 1868


HARRISON, Harry A.                     to            BOWERS, Sarah                                  __, ___. 1882


HAYNIE, Asa                                  to            FAUX, Estella                                     10, Oct. 1886

Tombstone Record, N.O.R. [Estella buried in Old Holladay Cem, Wm’sville, 1869 – 1896 



HEATH, T.C. “Bud”                         to            WHITE, Mary Alice “Sis”                   13, Jan 1878

[S/o J.W. Heath & Nancy Jane(Twidwell)   D/o Murphy White & Cassie (White)


HEATH, Chris C.                             to            (3) WHITE, Nancy Catherine              __, ___ 1880

[Same as above, s/o J. W. & Nancy Heath, and d/o Murphy & Cassie White.  “Crit” md.

(1) MinervaWhite, ca. 1876, d/o James & Elizabeth Ellington, she died 1877, he then md. her

sister, Cassandra White in 1878, & she died 7 mos., later, and he md. (3) Nancy Catherine

White during the year, per 1880 Wayne, St. Francois Twp., Fam. # 175]


HEDDY, Samuel Lewis                    to            ALLEN, Elizabeth Ann                        __, ___. 1887


HELM, James Henry                        to            HINKLE, Tempie                               03, Jun 1849


HENDERSON, James                     to            WHITE, Amanda L.                            About 1868

[b. ca. 1849, TN d. after 1870 census time, MO.            Amanda L., d/o Moses & Catherine

(Hardy) White,b. ca. 1846, TN;d. MO., after 1880, census time.  They were living next door to

Moses & Catherine, in 1870, Amandy & James had a 6 month old son, William.  Wm. m  later

md. Lillie (Lutes) d/o Wm. J. & Marg. (Smith)]


HENDERSON, Joseph                    to            (2)WHITE, LYDIA J/T?                       Before 1880

A Civil War Soldier, b. ca. 1829, TN d. after 1880, MO census time, may have been father

of James, above? Lydia md. (2) Isaac FOX.  1900 Wayne #183-188 shows her as Lydia

Fox, 58 yrs. & a widow.  1910 listed her as 67, widow and she stated she had never had

children.  She was a d/o Moses & Catherine (Hardy) White.


HENSON, David G.                        to            WOODSON, Emily                               __, ___. 1870



HILL, “Ben”jamin                             to             BARROW, Anna                                  __, ___. 1887


HINKLE, Peter B.                            to            HICKMAN, Nancy Small                     17, Nov. 1867

[This is an Iron Co., record in Bk. A – pg. 176.  Nancy was a sister to my g-g-gdm., Elizabeth

(Hickman) Shearrer, both were daus., of Wm Riley Hickman & Elizabeth (Joines) from Giles

Co., TN, Dwc]


HOLLADAY, George Wesley           to            LOWARANCE, Missouri R.                 30, Mar. 1845

(Tombstone Record)


HOOD, Sam Harrison Street              to            TWIDWELL, Sarah Catherine               12, Aug 1877

(S/o Robt.  1856-1926                               D/o Rev. A.G. & (Elizabeth Heath). 1855 – 1926,

B.T.D.)   Both buried at Sparks Cem.  (Obit)


HOVIS, George W.                            to            MOSER, Minnie Sophia                         30, Dec 1868


HOWELL, Thomas                             to            LONG, Mary Jane                                 __, ___. 1885


HUNTER, G.W. “Will”                       to            ADAMS, Louisa                                    15, Sep. 1887       


HUNTER, John Jr.,                             to            McGHEE, Laurena                                __, ___. 1866



IJAMES, William                                to            McADAMS, Martha Wallis                    __, ___. 1884



JONES, James H.                               to            LUPTON, Catherine Elizabeth              22, Mar. 1876


JONES, Geo. Washington                  to            LEEPER, Emily A.                                  26, Mar. 1857


JONES, Solomon T.                           to            STEVENSON, Margaret Louise            NO DATE?

He d. 1934                                                      & she d. 1948, per N.O.R.


J ONES, William T.                             to            GARRISON, Mary Ann                         12, Aug 1883


JUSTICE, Cornelius                            to            PATTON, Nancy                                   __, ___. 1848


JUSTICE, Jack                           to            _________?, Missouri Melvania        30, Sep. 1877




KELLY, Joseph Lafayte                      to            DUNCAN, Lydia Ann                            __, ___, 1883

KIGER, John Henry                            to            WARD, Martha E.                                 11, May 1884      

[S/o Geo. & Martha (Farley)                   D/o Wm. Raney & 1st wife Nancy Ownbey.]


KIGER, Stephen                                 to            WHITE, Sarah “Caroline”                       13, Dec 1885

[Family record of Wm. Pink White, Caroline was a d/o Pink & Sarah (Russell)]


KIRKPATRICK, Andrew J.               to            WILLIAMS, MRS. Sarah E. (Dupree)    22, Feb. 1877


KIRKPATRICK, Wallace                  to            COWAN, MRS. Nellie                            23, Apr. 1871



LANE, John                                       to            SHEETS, Nancy                                      About 1873


LEACH, Henry Marion                       to            BISHOP, Lucy Louisiana                        18, May 1859

(Family Record)


LESTER, John                                    to            KING, Sarah Catherine                          24, Mar. 1835

(In Ripley Co. N.O.R)


LESTER, Wm. Jasper                         to            GROSS, Laura Jane                              18, Nov. 1886

(Family Bible Record, N.O.R)


LIGHTFOOT, Rev. Thos. J.               to            NO NAME                                            04, Jan. 1849

(Journal Banner Record, N.O.R.)


LONG, Adam                                    to            POUND, Hilda                                       __, ___. 1884


LUCY, Henry Warren                       to            JOINES, Amanda Adelaide                    19, Aug. 1858

[Giles Co., TN Marriage record, Henry, b. 27, Jan 1832, Giles, TN; d. 26, Aug 1926,

St. Francois Co., MO; Amanda, b. 6, Nov 1833, Giles, TN; d. 22, Jul 1908, MO.  A d/o

Thomas.  She is bur. at Brunot Cem.]  Henry was a Civil War Soldier, he served from Giles

Co., TN]


LUCY, Ozra Clinton                           to            MANN, MISS Alice                              02, Apr. 1890

[S/o Henry W. Lucy & Amanda (Joines) from Giles Co., TN., Amanda, d/o Thomas, sister

to Elizabeth (Joines) Hickman-Nichols Dwc]


LUTES,  Joe [Joesph Benson]            to            PAYNE, Sarah [Amanda]                      __, ___. 1847

In TN., per N.O.R.  [probably Smith Co., TN.  I believe Sarah was a d/o Josiah Payne Sr.,

& his 1st wife, Fannie (Burris) and a half-sister to my great-great grandfather Josiah Payne Jr. Dwc

Joe d. 28, Feb 1915                            Sarah d. 02, Apr. 1897, both bur. Mt. Pisgah Cem.]


LUTES, John Wesley                          to            HAMMACK,  Harriett Ann (in TN)        About 1845

[John d. 19, Dec 1865                                 Harriett d. 05, May 1865, in Wayne Co., MO

John W. a full brother to Joe, above and to Sarah Evelin (Lutes) O’Dell, and f/o Wm J. Lutes] Dwc




MABREY, Rev. Henry Y.                 to            GREEN, MRS. Lafayette                    12, Nov. 1863


MADDOX, James M.                       to            BROOKS, Martha J.                          02, Feb. 1877


MAUK, David                                  to            WREN, Sarah Alice                            __, ___. 1882


MAUK, David Edward                     to            HACKWORTH, Sue M. J. Keathley   21, Nov. 1889


McADAMS, George                         to            WALLIS, Martha C.                           __, ___. 1880


McADAMS, Monroe                        to            _________?, Amandy                          __, ___. 1858

[1860 Wayne, Logan Twp., #8-9, shows Jas. M. McAdams, 36, wf, Amanda, 22, both

b. KY w/2

children, Adelia, 2, & Thos. J. 5 months, both b. MO]


McCORMICK, Theodore                 to            SPARKS, Malinda                             26, Mar 1868


McGEE, Daniel Sylvester                   to            STEPHENS, Laura Rosa                      __, ___. 1887


McGEE, Thomas Columbus               to            EVELSIZER, Martha E.                       __, May  1881

[Martha appears to be the d/o David & Mary F. Evelsizer, on 1880 Wayne, Jefferson Twp., #106]


McGEE, Uriel W.                              to             CARLTON, Kate                              05, Mar. 1890


McGHEE, James B.                           to            GILL, Elmira                                      12, Sep. 1866


McGHEE, James B.                           to            HUNTER, Mary Jane                         22, Oct 1822


McGHEE, John                                  to            CHILDS, Louella                               __, ___. 1888


McKEE, Edward                               to            McGEE, Sandra/Catherine?                 __, Jan. 1883

[1861-1955]                                                    [1862-1936] Both bur. McGee Cem. near

New Hope.


McGINNIS, William                         to            WHITE, Eliza Jane                               25, Oct. 1891

[Family record of Wm. Pinkney White, Eliza was a d/o Pink & Sarah (Russell)]


McLEARY, John T.                         to            SKYROCK, Virginia C.                       __, Jan. 1890


MEADOR, (Rev.) A. R. L.              to            DICKSON, Cecile Thompson              __, Sep. 1874

[1880 Wayne, Benton Twp., #326, shows Austin & Cecilia Meadows, Austin was md.

(1) to Barthena Howard, a d/o Elias & Atheliah (Risenhoover).  Atheliah was a sister to

my G-G-G-Grdm., Mrs. Catherine Shearrer, w/o James. Dwc]


MEADOR, Henry Robert               to            TAYLOR, Myra Tempa                        __, ___. 1886


MOORE, Dan                                 to            TARLETON, Susan Anne                    NO  DATE

(Susan was the d/o Alexander & Mahala (Ward) Tarleton, N.O.R.)]


MOORE, William D.                       to            WHITT, Martha Alice                          __, ___. 1875

[Listed 1880, Black River Twp, #42,  a 4 yr old John R. & 2 yr old, C.R.N, (male) and

Sarah, b. Dec 1879]


MORRISON, Lt. Col., T.B.            to            PETTIT, MISS Jennie                          __, ___. 1884


MOSER, Able A. F.                        to             RHODES, Susan                                23, Aug 1875

MOSS, John J.                                to            EADS, Sarah Ellen                               08, Aug. 1880


MULLINS, James Edward              to            McCUTCHEN, Sarah                          __,____. 1880




NEELY, (Rev.) F.C.                        to            MABREY, Sarah Frances                    02, Jun 1887


NICHOLS, U. R..                            to            _________?, Susana                           __, ___. 1869


NICHOLS, Isaac                             to            HICKMAN, MRS. Eliza[beth]             01, Apr. 1862

[Elizabeth (Joines) was the widow of Wm. Riley Hickman, d/o Thomas, of Giles Co., TN.  

An Iron County Marriage Record, Bk A, pg. 62]




O’DELL, Albert W.                          to            PAYNE, Elizabeth                             02, Mar. 1861

[A Bible Record, but probably in Wayne Co., MO.  Albert was the oldest son of Benj,

G. O’Dell & Sarah Evelin (Lutes), Elizabeth was the d/o Josiah Payne Sr., & his 2nd wife,

Heroda (Campbell).  Both Albert, d. 1907 & Elizabeth d. 1910 are buried in Farmington,

St. Francois Co., MO.]


O’DELL, James F.                           to            FARRIS, Mollie T.                              29, Oct. 1885

[This was a Reynolds Co., Marriage Record, they were lisited in Reynolds Co., MO in 1880,

unmarried, but he was boarding with the Farris family. The next listing here, was James F. Odell,

he was listed in 1880 Wayne, Cedar Creek Twp, # 93, under initials J.F. Odell.  Dwc]


O’DELL, James Franklin                 to            CARTER, Martha J.                              About 1875

[This James F. was a bro., to Albert W., and Mary J. Payne, Thomas, George, & Margaret

E. Shearrer.   This Jas. F. was b. in 1852, in GA as were the rest of Benj. O’Dell & Sarah

E. Lute’s children.  Jas & Martha had a 2 yr. old dau, Minnie, Nettie, 4 mos., and Rhoda

Payne 18, a niece, to James F., Rhoda was my great grandmother.] Dwc    



George Washington,                         to            PHELPS, Lenora Frances                      07, Aug. 1887


OWENBY, James Franklin              to            COLLINS, Opal Irene                           NO DATE


OWENBY, James Wilson                to            SYLVESTER, Hannah                           NO DATE

(As listed by Nora O. Reed, then again in her 2nd marriage bk., she listed:


*OWENBY, W. J.                          to            BERRY, Hannah A.            #279B          04, Oct. 1896 



*OWNBEY, James Wilson              to            BERRY, Hannah Silvester                       About  1896

(This same? Couple, listed on pg. 11 of B.T.D.’s book listed also as md. -ca. 1896)




PATTERSON, George R.                to            SETTLE, Martha E.                                27, Mar. 1887


PAYNE, Josiah [#3]                         to            O’DELL, Mary J.                                   10, Mar. 1861

[From Goodspeed’s 1888 sketches, pgs. 1140, 1141.  He m. (2) Elizabeth Kimbal by 1870

census time, and md. (3) 05, Jul 1875 to Telitha Bennett, d/o James Bennett.  Mary J. O’Dell

b. ca. 1842 in Walker Co., GA and d. ca. 1869 in Wayne Co., a d/o Benjamin O’Dell & Sarah

Evalin (Lutes)]


PAYTON, Mitchell                           to            BROWN, Sophia Emma                         __, ___. 1880


PIGG, Matthew                                 to            CREASY, Easter Annie                          28, Mar 1866

(War Record, N.O.R.)


PIGG, Stephen P.                              to            WARMACK, Mary Ann (In TN)           30, Jul.1830

(Family Record, N.O.R.)




RANDALL, Murray A.                    to            HOOPS. Nancy J.                                  12, Sep. 1886


REESE, James H.                              to            GLOVER, MRS. Jane (Vance)               12, Jul. 1866

(See G’s above)

RHODES, Christian                           to            WHETSTINE, MISS Lizzie                    __, ___. 1867


RHODES, John Franklin                    to            McGHEE, Sally Adeline                          22, Jun. 1879


RHODES, Matthew                           to            FARRELL, Nancy P.                             __, ___. 1851


ROWLAND, Cornelius B.L.              to            ANDREWS, Louisa Jane                      12, Sep. 1861


ROWLAND, Levi Percy                    to            CARDEN, Mary A.                              08, Jan. 1838


RUBOTTOM, Charles                       to            EDWARDS, MISS Lila                        About 1891


RUBOTTOM, Lafayette                     to            CREASY, Martha A.                           07, Feb 1850


RUBOTTOM, Thomas                       to            COX, Mary                                          __, ___. 1851


RUBOTTOM, Thomas                       to            CREASY, Delilah                                  __, ___. 1858


RUBOTTOM, Thomas                       to            McGHEE, MRS. Melissa (Ham)           early 1890s  





SECHREST, Andrew [Sr]                  to            WHITE, Mary                                       13, Sep. 1814

[Guilford Co., NC Marriage Bond date.  Mary was a d/o Luke White & Nancy (Bland)

Andy was s/o Thomas & Susannah (Sink) of Davidson Co., NC.  Andy d. 27, Apr. 1883

& Mary died in September of 1886.  Burial place unknown, but probably Mt. Pisgah Cem.]


SECHREST, Andrew J. [Jr]              to            CARTER, Vanessa Roe                           28, Dec. 1865

[Military File, b. 1844, NC- d. 1912, Carter Co. MO.  Son of Andy Sr. & Mary (White)

Vanesy d. 1931, both are buried at White’s Mill Cemetery in Carter Co MO.]


SECHREST, Daniel Romules             to            (1) BENNETT, MRS. Catherine (Atnip) __, ___. 1867

[Military File, S/o Andy & Mary.  B. 1846, NC – d. 3, Feb 1924, Carter Co, MO.  He

md. (2) Mary E. Boyer, *17, Jan. 1900]  Their surname is also spelled as SECREASE.   


SETTLE, E. P.                                   to            WALLER, Martha Helen                        03, Dec. 1857

(Bible Record, N.O.R.)  [Must have md. in another area, no Settles found in Wayne in

1850/1860, Dwc]


SETTLE, Edward Prebble                  to            GILES, Martha Frances                          02, Oct. 1873

(Settle Bible Record, N.O.R.)  This couple listed on Wayne 1880, Greenville, E.P. listed

as circuit clerk.


SETTLE, John H.                               to            HARRIS, Isabella                                   __, ___. 1851


SHARP, Charles Bruce                      to            WIGHT, Willa Franklin                           __, ___. 1876

SHARP, George Joshua                     to            TINSLEY, MISS Mary                          23, Sep.1890


SHEARER, James                              to            RISENHOOVER, Catherine       [IL]     04, Dec 1834

[Johnson Co., IL Marriage Bk. 1830-1857, James, b. 2, Feb 1813, Johnson Co., IL ;

d. 25 , Aug 1884, Wayne MO., s/o David & Esther (Bowman) Shearer.  Catherine,

b. 18, Mar 1813, Warren Co. TN, d/ of Jacob S. Risenhoover.  The Shearer surname

was originally spelled Scherrer, James’ grdf.  came from the Ottweiler area of Germany. 

James descendants of Wayne Co., MO is the only branch of this family that put back the

double rr but not the c.  My G-G-G-grdpts. Dwc]


SHEARER,  John L.                       to            HICKMAN, Elizabeth                       17, Mar. 1859

[Iron Co., record, Bk. A, pg. 22.  John, b. 15, Apr 1838, Johnson Co, IL ; d. 6,

Aug 1911, a s/o James & Catherine (Risenhoover).  Elizabeth, b. 7, Mar 1835, Giles

Co., TN; d. 26, Jun 1926,  d/o Wm Riley Hickman & Elizabeth (Joines). Both bur. in the Rowland Woods Cem].


*SHEARRER, David “Elmer”         to            McKENNIS, Laura Lee                    12, Jan. 1898

[Madison Co., Record, s/o J.L. & Elizabeth.  Laura, d/o John & Mary of Madison Co.

MO.  Elmer & Laura moved to Poteet, TX about 1909, raised 6 children and died there.]


SHEARER, Joel Franklin                to            O’DELL, Margaret Elizabeth              __, Jan? 1874

[b.2, Feb 1852, MO-d. 12, Aug 1926, s/o James & Catherine (Risenhoover).   Margaret,

b. ca. 1854, GA – d. ca. 1881?  She was d/o Benj. O’Dell & Sarah E. (Lutes) Joel F.

md. 2 more times, (2) to a Julia Sullivan and (3) Mary (Bennett) all before the first existing

marriages records of Wayne Co. MO.   All are buried in the Rowland-Woods Cemetery.  Dwc]


SHEARIDAN, John                        to            HEWETT, Carrie                               27, Jul. 1890


SHEETS, DR. Chris C.                    to            STOWELL, MISS Phoebe A.           08, Oct.1890

[1880 Wayne census, he appears to be the 12 yr old son, b. ca. 1868 in NC, of David & Mary, next.]


SHEETS, David S.                           to            FORRESTER, Mary C.                   12, Feb 1854

[Not listed in 1860 Wayne,1880 Wayne, St. Francois Twp., #56, shows David, (59), & Mary, (42), both b. in NC & pts., so they probably md. in NC]


SHEETS, REV. Merritt M.               to            DUNCAN, MISS Maggie                 __, ___. 1889

[1880 Wayne census, #56, in St. Francois Twp., show Merritt as 18, b. ca. 1862 in NC,]


*SHOEMAKE, James                     to            SECHREST, Jennie  (d/o Henry H.)    02, Jun 1907


SHRUM, Jacob                               to            _________? Nancy                             __, ___. 1831


SIMPSON, Albert Q.                      to            EASON, Emma                                     __,___. 1866


SMITH, Alexander (“Doc”)              to            WRIGHT, Catherine (Macon Co., TN) __, ___. 1844


SMITH, William R.                           to            FRANCIS, Mary                                  __, ___. 1875

[A 22 yr old Wm. R. Smith living w/C.T. Huntington in 1860 Jefferson Twp. Fam. #19, 680A]


SMOOT, John H.                            to            DAVIS, MISS Mary                            13, Nov. 1856


STEPHENS, Finis                             to            WIGHT, Mary Lucretia                        NO   DATE



STEPHENS, Finis A.                        to            WRIGHT, Ellen J.                                 __, ___. 1874

[The marriage year, & couples names are from Goodspeed’s 1888 sketches of S. E. MO pg. 1146]


STEVENSON, John H.                     to            EVANS, Nancy Jane                          __. ___. 1872

STOKELY, A. J.                               to            HANNAPEL, MISS Louisa                27, Oct. 1875


SULLIVAN, Alfred Ransom              to            WHITE, Rowena Adilee                      15, Dec 1889

[Family Record, Mrs. Marsha Long, Norman, OK, Alfred was s/o Ransom & Elizabeth (Smith)]

Rowena, “Adalee” was a d/o Murphy & Cassie (White) White.  They had moved to Wagoner by

1910, they were on the 1910 census in Wagoner Co., OK.]


SULLIVAN, Bennett M. Sr               to            SLAVENS, Nancy [TN]                      03, Mar. 1818

[Davidson Co., TN Marriage Records, parents of Ransom V. Sullivan]


SULLIVAN, Lysander Hale               to            WHITE, Nancy K.                               29, Oct. 1882

Family Record of Donna (Sullivan) Thomson, her g-g-grdpts.  Lysander, b. 14, Apr 1856;

d. 12, Jan 1899   S/o Ransom & Elizabeth (Smith).  Nancy, b. 28, Jan 1860; d. 16, Oct 1903,

they had 3 children.  Nancy was a d/o Charles Wesley  & Ursley (Halford) White-Harper, Nan

md. (2) John H. Rainwater, 23, Apr. *1899, no children.  Charles Wesley was a s/o Moses

White & Catherine (Hardy).


SULLIVAN, Ransom V.                   to            WELCH, MRS. Elizabeth (Smith) About Mar. 1855?

[Ransom V. was s/o Bennett M. & Nancy (Slavens).  Sources: 1860 Wayne Census,

St. Francois Twp. & Freda (Sullivan) Tucker]


SULLIVAN, Timothy C.                   to            WHITE, Amanda Arminta                     20, Aug 1887

[T. C. “Buck” b. 1858, MO;d. 1932, MO was a s/o Ransom & Elizabeth (Smith); Amanda

was a d/o Murphy White & Cassie (White) White, b. 21, Jan 1867, MO; d. 1936, MO. 

Both buried Mt. Pisgah Cem.]


SULLIVAN, Zensus F.                     to            BENNETT, Jerusha                              10, Mar. 1870

(War Record, N.O.R.)

SWEAZEA, Wm. Andrew                to             FARRIS, Myra Lucinda                       04, Apr. 1874




TARLETON, Alexander                    to            WARD, Mahaley                                 __, ___. 1855

[Mahaley was a d/o Meshack Ward & Elizabeth (Wilson) See Goodspeed’s 1888

sketches, pg 1149]


TARLETON, John M.                       to            BLACK, Clara Belle                            22, Jun. 1884


TAYLOR, John                                 to            McGLOTHIN, Margaret                      __, ___. 1871                                           

TAYLOR, Joseph Harvey                  to            CROW, Lillie “Lulu”                            21, Dec. 1890


TAYLOR, Mark A.                           to            WARREN, Elizabeth                           21, Mar. 1854


THOMAS, C.A.                                to            MOSS, MISS Cumi                             About 1881


THOMPSON, Jos. David                  to            BUNYARD, Mary Jane                       24, Nov. 1885


TWIDWELL, Alson Gray                  to            HEATH, Elizabeth                                21, Jan. 1844

(Johnson Co TN record, BTD’s Bk, pp. 95). Rev. A.G. Twidwell, b. 13, Oct. 1824,

Davidson Co., NC; d.  03, Mar 1909, MO, a s/o Obediah & Elizabeth (Kenneday). 

Elizabeth Heath, b. 5, May 1821, Ashe Co., NC; d. 29, Apr 1894, MO; was a d/o Rev.

Levi Heath & Mary Wilson. Both Alson & Elizabeth buried at New Prospect Cem.  Dwc]


TWIDWELL, O. E.,                          to            BOLLINGER, Margaret E.                   01, Feb. 1875


TWIDWELL, Obediah E.                  to            BOLLINGER, Margaret Stone            21, Feb. 1875

(B.T.D., pg. 98 Twidwell Bk.) (“Edgie” as he was called, b. 30, May 1851, Johnson Co

TN; d. 05, Oct. 1914, Clubb, MO – s/o Rev. A.G. & Elizabeth (Heath).  Margaret, b.

24, Feb 1858, Wayne MO; d. 04, Sep. 1914, MO; d/o Phillip Bollinger & Margaret

Stone (Bennett).  Both bur. in Clubb Twidwell Cem)


TWIDWELL, Wm Franklin                 to            HEATH, Gatsey                                 08, Oct 1843

(Johnson Co., TN marriage record.  Bill,  a brother to Alson, was b. 4, Oct 1822, Davidson

Co., NC; d. 20, Sep 1909.  Gatsey, a sister to Elizabeth, b. 18, Sep 1824, Ashe Co., NC;

d. 9, Jan. 1888, MO.  Both buried in the Twidwell Cemetery at Silva, MO.  BTD)  pp. 33,

Twidwell Bk. 




VANNOY, David M.                          to            POWELL, Sarah Lou                         04, Nov. 1886

[1866 – 1951], both buried in Cowan Cem., on Andy’s Creek? [Per Ruby Peters Cemetery Bk. pub. 1982]      


VAVAK, Josef W.                               to            WHITE, Sarah Jane                           __, ___.1882  

[b. 05, Sep 1852, in Bohemia; d. 07, Nov 1891, MO., buried at Vavak Cem., near

Bounds Creek Sarah was the oldest child of Rev. J. “Wilson” White & Elizabeth Mary

(White).  She was b. 30, Dec. 1866, Bounds, MO; d. 1, June 1911, MO and is buried

at Des Arc Cem. in Iron Co.  This Wilson was a s/o Moses & Catherine (Hardy) White,

Elizabeth was a d/o John L. & Martha (Twidwell) White.   Vavak Family Records.




WAGNER, Luther M.                        to            WHITNER, Mary Emmeline B.            16, Mar. 1879


WAKEFIELD, S. Brant                     to            WHITE, P. Elmandy                             21, Aug. 1892

[Family record of Wm. Pinkney White’s, Mandy was his daughter]


WALLIS, Charles W.                        to            DUNCAN, Mariah J.                            01, Jan. 1883


WAMACK, Francis M.                    to            SULLIVAN, MRS. Jerusha (Bennett)   28, Aug. 1873

[See Sullivans above]


WARD, Albert Andrew, (MD)           to            VAVAK, Mari Parlee,                          __, ___. 1884

[Mari P. Vavak b. 4, Aug. 1861 in Bohemia; d. in 1907, MO. A  d/o Frantesek & Kartrine

Vavak.  A. A. b. 15, Feb 1853, MO; d. 6, Aug 1920, MO., he md. (2) 25, Feb., 1908, to

MRS. Mary Josephine (Dunnegan) Cox.  A d/o Wm. Dunnegan & Geneva A. (Sensaboy),

& Albert A. was a s/o Andrew Ward, & Nancy White, see below]


WARD, Alexander                             to            WYCOUGH/WYCOFF Margaret        10, Sep. 1829

[Lincoln Co NC, marriage record]           


WARD, Andrew                                 to            WHITE, Nancy [NC]                            03, Nov. 1843

[Date on Marriage Bond of Guilford Co., NC, Andy b. ca. 1821, NC; d. 23, Aug 1857, MO.  

Nancy b. ca.1821, Chatham Co. NC; d.  3, Feb 1858, MO.  A d/o Luke White and Nancy

(Bland).  Andy & Nancy were # 429-441, on the 1850 Wayne Census, pp. 213-B]


WARD, Andrew J.                             to            HOVIS, Lucretia                                     __, ___. 1850

[S/o Lawson & Eliz. (Turner).  And a d/o Moses. They married before 1850 census time,

#480-493 pg. 213-B]


WARD, Andrew J.                              to            LORANCE, C. L. [Catherine Lucinda]   10, Oct. 1842

[Lincoln Co., NC Marriage Record, listed on both 1850 & 1860 Wayne census, s/o Charles

& Sarah Ward   #431-443, pg. 213-B]


WARD, Charles                                   to            WARD, Sarah [E.]                                 20, Jul. 1819

[Lincoln Co. NC Marriage record, Charles b. 1800 NC; d. 1884, MO.  Sarah b. 15, Feb 1800; d. 22, Feb 1860, Wayne Co., bur. Bear Creek Cem. 1850 census of Wayne,  #434-440, 213-B.  Sally’s middle initial came from her obituary in the “St. Louis Advocate,” found in “MO PIONEERS,” VOLUME XXX.  Chas & Sally were the parents of Andrew J; Johnston W; Jonathan Freeman; William C.L; James Monroe; Geo. “Wash”; Mrs. John A. Olive Elvira Ward; Polser M. G. and Chas. Pinkney Ward.  Some of this data was from Don P. Ward] 


WARD, Charles Pinkney                       to            SKELTON, MRS. Charlotte (Bevins)   02, Jul. 1863

[in Anna, Union Co., IL.  S/o Chas. & Sarah, b. 6, Aug 1841, NC; d. 25 Jun 1915, bur. Patterson Cem]

Data from Donald P. Ward.


*WARD, A. B. or E.B?                         to            COLLINS, Nancy E.                            12, Nov. 1893

(N.O.R.)                                                          (d/o Thomas.)


WARD, Geo. W. “Wash”                      to            WARD, Oliff  M.                                 __, Nov. 1860

[1835, NC – 1923, MO]                              [1840, TN – 1915, MO] both bur. Twidwell Cem. at Clubb.

S/o Charles & Sarah E. (Ward) Ward.  Ollie, a d/o Wm Ward & Sarah (Turner)]


WARD, James Monroe                         to            WATSON, Telitha M.                           30, Jul. 1865

(A Perry Co., MO marriage record, data from Donald P. Ward) S/o Chas. & Sally (Ward) Ward)



WARD, John Alex.                               to            WARD, Olive Elvira                               30, May  1858

[1831 – 1904 s/o Lawson & Eliz. (Turner) Ward. Olive, b. 1837, was d/o Chas. & Sally. Data from Donald P. Ward]


WARD, Jonathan Freeman                   to            LAWRENCE, Harriet                           __, Mar. 1850

[Son of Charles & Sarah E. (Ward) Ward, they were listed on the 1850 census of Wayne as newly md.

Jonathan Freeman dead by 1856.  Data from Donald P. Ward]


WARD, Jonathan W.                           to            COLLINS, Irene Jane                         07, Mar. 1885


WARD, Kip C.                                   to            MEADOR, Minnie                              15, Aug. 1885?

(N.O.R.  Then in her 2nd Marriage Bk., Nora listed:

*WARD, C. C.                                   to            MEADOR, Minnie                              29, Aug. 1895?


WARD, Lawson                                  to            TURNER, Betsey                               11, Jun. 1825

[Lincoln Co., NC marriage record]




WARD, Lawson H. “Peter”                 to            HOVIS, Lucinda Hanna Catherine        20, Oct 1875

(Data from Donald P. Ward)


*WARD, Lawson Lee                         to            WARD, Mary Elizabeth                        02, Nov. 1893

(S/o A.J. Ward & Lucretia (Hovis).            D/o “Wash & Ollie (Ward) Ward, N.O. R.)


WARD, Meshack                                to            WILSON, Elizabeth                              __, ___. 1825

[Goodspeed’s 1888 Sketches, pp. 1149.  Perhaps Meshack was related to Andrew & Rainey

Ward of the 1860 Wayne Co. census?  Meshack was also born in Orange Co., NC in 1804] 

The Goodspeed sketch says that Meshack’s parents were Wm & Delilah (Compton).  No

marriage record was found for them in Orange Co., NC, but there was one found for a Shadrick

Ward to a Delilah (Compton) 10, Sep 1818 and I’ve wondered if maybe this Shadrick Ward 

and Delilah were the parents of Andy & Rainey, and a brother to Meshack?  I just didn’t find

any Obendigo Ward. Ha!  Both Andrew & Rainey named their first-born Wm., and both of their

families named one son with the middle name of Shadrick.  Dwc  Does anyone know?


WARD, Polser M.G.                           to            DORSEY, Sarah Elizabeth                      25, Dec. 1858

(By John Holmes, J.P. in Clubb, MO.  Polser, b. 1830, NC & d. 13, May 1900, a s/o Chas.

& Sarah (Ward) Ward, buried in Ward Cem., at Clubb, MO.  data from Donald P. Ward)


WARD, Rainey                                   to             WHITE, Rutha                                       05, Dec. 1850

[Military Application papers, Rainey b. ca. 1820, Orange Co., NC; d. 01, Mar 1864,

Jackson, MS a Union Soldier, he & Ruth were md. by C. C. MONTGOMERY, J.P., in

Wayne Co.  Parents of Wm. Franklin; Lewis Leroy; Francis Marion; Alexander H. & 

twin, Thomas B. Ward.  Ruth was d/o Luke  White & Nancy (Bland), she was b. ca. 1824,

Chatham Co., NC & d. 2nd Nov 1889, bur. Ward Cem]. 


WARD, Thomas A.                             to            WYCOFF, Mary (“Polly”)                     26, Apr. 1821

 [Lincoln Co., NC Marriage record.    Thomas & Polly were listed on the 1860 Wayne Census in St. Francois Twp., #76-76]


WARD, Thomas Benton                      to            (1) ____?,  Mary                                   17, Jul. 1887

[This couple’s divorce was final 01, Aug. 1888]


WARD, Thomas Benton                      to            (2) HENDERSON, Lydia Catherine       About 1891   

[S/o Rainey Ward & Rutha (White)          D/o James Henderson & Amanda (White) Henderson-Bounds.  She was a sister to “Aunt Cassie” White, do Moses & Catherine (Hardy)]


WARD, Thomas H.                             to            MONTGOMERY, Eliz. Elvira “Lizzie”    11, Sep.1860

[S/o Thos. A. & Polly Wycoff, b. 1837, NC]; Lizzie, d/o C. C. & Ruth (Wallace)

Montgomery, BTD


WARD, Washington “Att”                   to            WHITE, Nancy                                       About 1891

S/o John A. Ward & Olive E. (Ward).  [D/o Jas. “Henry” White & 1st wife, Sarah



WARD, William                                  to            TURNER, Sarah                                     20, Jun. 1839

[Lincoln Co., NC Marriage Record, this couple listed in 1860 & 1870 Wayne census].


WARD, Wm. L. C.                             to            WARD, MRS. Harriet (Lawrence)          30, May 1858

[S/o Chas. & Sarah E. (Ward) Ward.  Harriet was his brother’s (Jon. Freeman Ward’s

widow]  Data from Donald P. Ward.


WARMACK, Francis M.                    to            BROWN, Nancy Jane                           11, May  1866

(War Record, N.O.R.)


WARMACK, Geo. Lafayte                 to            HART, MISS Martha Taylor                 13, Feb. 1866

(War Record, N.O.R.)


WARMACK, William W.                    to            McGHEE, Jennie                                   25, Dec. 1881


WARREN, Martin Sims                       to            BLACK, Mary Susan                            17, Dec. 1868                   

WARREN, Wm. Newton                    to            ABSHEAR, MISS Lottie                        __, ___ 1865


WHITE, Alexander                              to            MEDDERS, Nancy Ann                        18, Jan. 1863

[From Alex’s military pension application, he also named all of their children & their birthdates. 

Nancy was a d/o Thomas & Sarah Medders.


WHITE, Alson                                     to            (1)__________, Sophronie                   About 1879

(N.O.R.)[Listed 1880 Wayne, St. Francois Twp., Fam. #159]


WHITE, Alson G.                                to            (2) MASON, Mary S.                           Recorded 06, Mar. 1895

[A Madison Co., MO Marriage Record, Rev. L.A. Roach performed the ceremony.  The 1900

census of Wayne showed Mary with 3 children and she stated she was a widow?  Dwc]


WHITE, Daniel Wilson                        to            REECE, Alice                                      28, Jan. 1877

[S/o Hampton White & Susan (Wakefield) Hampton was a bro., of James, John L.,

Mary Sechrest, Nancy Ward, Rutha Ward, Murphy White & Luzina Ferguson]


WHITE, Geo. Murphy                        to            ATNIP, Amy Eva “Ever”                      14, Apr. 1883

[S/o James, 1814-1866 & 2nd wife, Elizabeth (Ellington) b. ca. 1825, NC & d. 2, Sep 1882]


WHITE, James [Sr]                            to            (1)TEAGUE, MRS? Elizabeth               08, Aug. 1834

[Davidson Co., NC Marriage Record.   Jas. md. (2) Elizabeth (Ellington) ca. 1843 in NC,

also Alex stated on his Pension Application, that his mother had a daughter that was not his

father’s that died young.]


WHITE, James Romules                     to            EPLEY, Eliza Jane                               __, ___. 1868

[Son of James [Sr] & 2nd wife, Elizabeth (Ellington)]


WHITE, James. Madison                    to            WARD, Sallie                                     15, Jul. 1878

[b. 03, Mar 1860, MO; d21, Aug 1921, MO.  Sallie, b. 12, Mar 1859, TN/MO?

d. 02, Sep 1940, MO.   S/o Murphy White & Casander (White).  Sallie appeared to

 be a d/o Wm Ward & Sarah (Turner)in 1870?] Both buried at White Hollow Cem.


WHITE, Joseph Wilson                      to            BENNETT, Naomi Elizabeth               09, Nov 1890

[b. 4, Nov 1869, MO(twin to Lydia), d. 1933, OK. Naomi b. 28, Apr 1873, MO; d. 1943, OK

S/o Murphy White & Cassie White, both buried in Elmgrove Cem. in Wagoner, OK]


WHITE, Valentine                              to            FARMER, Columbia                           17, Jul. 1861

(Goodspeed’s  1888 Sketch on Prof. James U. White, naming his parents) Page 639. 

Valentine was s/o James White & 1st wife, MRS. Elizabeth Teague.  Columbia was d/o Jesse Farmer.


WHITE, Wilson                                 to            WAKEFIELD,  Ruthie A.                    __, ___. 1887

[S/o James Jonathan White & Eleanor (Franklin).  Nephew of Casander (White) White,

Rev. Wilson White & Wm. Harrison White, etc.]


WHITE, Wm. Pinkney                       to            (1)RUSSELL, Sarah Jane                    10, Mar. 1867

(Pink’s record in his Journal) [Son of John L. & Martha Twidwell]


WHITE, Wm. Pinkney                       to            (2)WILLIAMS, MRS. Sarah (Wagner)  21, Aug 1926

(Pink’s  record in his Journal)   


WHITT, C. C.                                   to            _______?, Elizabeth                             __, ___. 1883


WHITT, R. A. “Boy”                         to            BETTIS, Mary Elizabeth                       NO DATE

( Per N.O.R.  a d/o John Overton Bettis, Mary d. 1947, aged 88.  In 1880 Wayne census

Richard & Mary are listed in Black River twp., #40, they have a son born in Dec of  1879.

So md. about 1878? 


WIGHT, J. C.                                    to            PICKARD, Sarah                                19, Oct 1888


WILKINSON,  Arthur Neal              to            COLE, Sarah A.                                   16, Sep 1868


WILKINSON, Arthur Neal               to            GREER, Sarah Jane                              28, Dec. 1890


WILLIAMS, Thomas P.                    to            DUPREE, Sarah Emily                          16, Mar. 1864

*                                                          [Sarah md. (3) Rev. A.G. Twidwell                    07, Mar. 1895


WILLS, Watson P.                            to            MAYHALL, Cynthia                           __, ___. 1877


WILSON, James                               to            LAMBERT, Emma Alice                     __, ___. 1886


WILSON, William                             to            MORRIS, Arminta                              08, Jan 1889

(S/o Tilman Wilson, N.O.R.)


WINDER, James R.                          to            CLAYTON, Frances C.                      31, Aug. 1874


WOOD, Lincoln                                to            BIRMINGHAM, Myra Jane                25, Jun. 1883


WOODS, James M.                          to            SITZE, Luvina                                     30, Dec 1856




YANCY, Joel                                   to            TAYLOR, Alice                                   22, Oct 1858


YATES, John C.                               to            McMURTERY, Sarah                         __, ___. 1847


YATES, John C.                               to            WILLIAMS, Nancy Elizabeth              __, ___. 1879

[No surname of YATES was found in the 1860 or 1880 Wayne Co., MO., census? 

Possibly these marriage ceremonies occurred elsewhere?  Yes, found a date for this couple

in Iron Co, MO.            09, Apr. 1879 ]