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Hannapel Cemetery

Wayne County, MO

Note by Jordan Shearer: I don't know if you know where Holmes Cave is, but a lot of my Holmes relatives lived around there for a long time. It is now renamed Rebel Cave after the land was sold. The land was originally lived on by the oldest known ancestor of the Montgomery's in Wayne County, James Montgomery. He moved from Virginia to Wayne County with his wife, who was a Wallas (1789-1835, they married in 1819) and had 4 children with her (James, William, Louisa, and Angeline). He later had 6 (Sidney, Robert, Christopher, Elizabeth, Benjamin, and Marion) children with Elda Bennett, with whom he is buried. The cemetery at which he is buried is called "Hannapel Cemetery", and according to the sign, it was founded in 1860. It is located on a road near Rebel Cave road, though I don't know the name. It was the oddest cemetery I saw on my trip. The cemetery itself is very small, located in a small clearing right off of the road in a forest, and right off you can tell that it isn't much. It only contains one legible grave, that of James and Elda (Bennett) Montgomery. It was recently replaced. I believe there were three other normal stones, but they were not legible. The odd part of this cemetery , though, is the other markers. They are not stone, but look to be PVC pipes filled with cement. According to a Montgomery living near Rebel/Holmes Cave, they are markers of slaves, but I do not know the reason of the pipes. I only got a few photos, one of James and Elda's grave and of the sign. James lived from 1786 in Amherst Co., Virginia to 1865 in Wayne Co, and Elda lived from 1816 in Tennessee to 1896 in Bounds, Wayne Co. James is the son of Joseph Montgomery (1757 in Buck Creek, Amherst, VA to 1857 in Buck Creek, Amherst, VA) and Jane Woods. Elda's parents are unknown. 




Submitted by Jordan Shearer