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William Ventres


Descendants of William (HADDAM FOUNDER) Ventres


 Generation No. 1


1. WILLIAM (HADDAM FOUNDER)1 VENTRES was born Abt 1623, and died July 02, 1701 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. He married ELIZABETH.


From CT Probate Records, Volume VIII, 1700 To 1710.

Ventrus, William, Haddam, aboth 78 years of age. Died 2 July, 1701. Invt. 237-16-00. Taken 10 July, 1701, by Daniel Brainard, Nathaniel Spencer and Joseph Arnold. Part of William Ventrus' inventory is as followeth:

The house and homestead which he bought of Wiatt,            30-00-00

Two lots in the Cove meadow, which is at Moodus,                    30-00-00

all the right which he bought of Wiat, one lot excluded,           25-00-00

All the right that he bought of Wiatt which lyeth upon the

plain over against 30-mile Island on the east side of the

river,                                                                                    03-00-00

A lot of 16 acres that he bought of Wiatt,                            02-00-00

All the right of Wiat's beside what is above written,

both divided and undivided, on the west side of the

Great River.                                                                            08-00-00

Will dated 21st March, 1699-1700. I, William Ventrus of Haddam, being very aged and crazy of body, do make and constitute this my last will and testament: I do hereby ritify and confirm the deed of guift or sale formerly made to my son Moses Ventrus. I give and bequeath to my son John Ventrus, forever, that house and homelot which I purchased of John Wiat, and the upper and lower lot in Cove meadow, and a 100 right on the west side of Connecticut River, which I purchased of said Wiat. And in case John Ventrus hath no issue of his own body, or said issue decease before it comes to age, that it shall go and fall to Moses his child or children. I give unto my wife Elizabeth Ventrus 40 shilings per year in provision pay, to be paid her yearly during her widowhood by my son John Ventrus upon consideration of what i give him; and also I give my wife liberty to dispose of what estate she brought with her that is yet left. It is my will that my two sons John and Moses Ventrus pay unto their sister Susanna Brainwood, my daughter, each of them 5 in provision pay, two full years after my decease, as her portion from me, and this legacy of 10 to be all she shall expect. I do give and bequeath all my whole right and rights, lands and privileges on the east side of the Cove and Great River, on Machamoodus, to my two sons John and Moses, to them and their heirs forever. I appoint my son Moses Ventrus executor, and appoint Mr. William Eely and Mr. John Smith of haddam to be the overseers. Wm. X VENTRUS.

Witness: John Smith

William Scovill.

Court Record, Page 18-6 September, 1701: Will proven.

Children of William Ventres and Elizabeth are:

i. MOSES2 VENTRES, b. February 18, 1654/55; d. September 20, 1721, Farmington, Hartford, CT.

ii. JOHN VENTRES, b. December 08, 1657, Farmington, Hartford, CT; d. January 03, 1736/37, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; m. LYDIA SPENCER, 1694.

2. iii. SUSANNAH VENTRES, b. 1669, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. January 26, 1754.



Generation No. 2


2. SUSANNAH2 VENTRES (WILLIAM (HADDAM FOUNDER)1) was born 1669 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT, and died January 26, 1754. She married DANIEL (JR) BRAINERD 1688 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT, son of Daniel Brainerd and Hannah Spencer.

Children of Susannah Ventres and Daniel Brainerd are:

i. SUSANNAH3 BRAINERD, b. August 09, 1689.

ii. DANIEL (III) BRAINERD, b. September 28, 1690.

iii. HANNAH BRAINERD, b. June 12, 1694; m. JOSEPH GATES.

3. iv. NOADIAH BRAINERD, b. April 04, 1697, Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

v. STEPHEN BRAINERD, b. February 27, 1698/99.

4. vi. BEZALEEL BRAINERD, b. April 17, 1701, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

vii. MARY BRAINERD, b. September 10, 1703.



Generation No. 3


3. NOADIAH3 BRAINERD (SUSANNAH2 VENTRES, WILLIAM (HADDAM FOUNDER)1) was born April 04, 1697 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. He married HANNAH CONE.

Child of Noadiah Brainerd and Hannah Cone is:

5. i. HANNAH4 BRAINERD, b. 1725, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. February 03, 1748/49.


4. BEZALEEL3 BRAINERD (SUSANNAH2 VENTRES, WILLIAM (HADDAM FOUNDER)1) was born April 17, 1701 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT. He married (1) MARY GATES, daughter of Thomas Gates and Hannah Brainerd. He married (2) ELIZABETH WARNER June 17, 1744.

Child of Bezaleel Brainerd and Elizabeth Warner is:

i. DANIEL4 BRAINERD, b. March 17, 1745/46, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT; m. DORCAS DIMMOCK.



Generation No. 4


5. HANNAH4 BRAINERD (NOADIAH3, SUSANNAH2 VENTRES, WILLIAM (HADDAM FOUNDER)1) was born 1725 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT, and died February 03, 1748/49. She married WILLIAM SELBY December 27, 1744, son of Jeremiah Selby and Susannah Dutton.

Children of Hannah Brainerd and William Selby are:

i. JEREMIAH5 SELBY, b. December 09, 1745, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. September 15, 1811, Pultneyville, NY; m. SARAH CONE, March 29, 1769, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT.


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